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Naruto Powerful Shippuden Release Dates Announced

Naruto_Powerful_Shippuden_charactersNamco Bandai Games has announced the release dates of Naruto Powerful Shippuden. The brawler launches on the Nintendo 3DS in North America on March 5th and in Europe On March 8th.


      1. Try PlayStation All-Stars. Not as great as Smash Bros, I’ll admit. But still an amazing game.

      2. In contrast to being a blind troll like yourself… You are like Ray Charles of the Troll world.

      3. I’m more a neutral person. I love Sony, PC and I’m starting to regain respect for Nintendo, especially with the new pokemon games coming out which I can’t wait for! :D (Don’t judge :P )

      4. Trust me, only a few are what you call “fanboy” A lot of people here play other systems. Trust me, im your father.

    1. I went through a Naruto faze when it first started is was a great Anime.

      I had this Japanese Naruto Game for my Gamecube it was a fighting game and it was awesome!!!!

      1. And if you’re me, it’s both ;) Believe it or not, me and my girlfriend first met because of our love for Clannad xD

    2. I dont like the series much cause it suffers from dragonballities wich is 1 episode action 5 episodes talking.

    1. It’s a shot for people who say they watch anime, but just watch Naruto, and think other anime is stupid.

      Go watch good anime -.-

      1. Well that’s a film, rather than anime show.
        Also Studio Ghibli have their own animation which is almost seperate from “anime” altogether, you watch any anime show, 90% of the animation is similar to another, mainly in the character designs, eyes ect. Ghibli aren’t really like that.

      2. One Piece is good, Bleach is kinda overrated.
        I’ve actually never watched Fairy Tail, i keep meaning to, but never have the time.
        I tend to watch shows that have really good writing and emotion, rather than “oh no, i cant beat Devil Horn’s, oh wait, i just remembered the secret Tishubito technique my mother taught me all those years ago. GO!”.

        You should watch Elfen Lied, i love that show. It’s gory, but it’s never really in bad taste, but its great.

      3. I’ve watched a lot of anime, most of it is awesome, so is naruto. One piece, Bleach, Naruto and Dragonball are like nintendo, xbox and playstation, many people just like 1 or 2 and hate the others just because, well I don’t know why. Just enjoy them and stop being a dick

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