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This Is How You Pronounce The Names Of The New Legendary Pokemon In Pokemon X And Pokemon Y

xerneasPokémon fans asked The Pokemon Company how to pronounce the two, new Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon X and Pokémon YXerneas and Yveltal. According to the company, the English phonetic spellings for the new legendary Pokémon are Xerneas: ZURR-nee-us and Yveltal: ee-VELL-tall. The two games will launch worldwide in October 2013 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

47 thoughts on “This Is How You Pronounce The Names Of The New Legendary Pokemon In Pokemon X And Pokemon Y”

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  1. Hey guys, I was thinking about buying a 3DS but I’m not sure which one should I get (3DS or 3DSXL) is it really worth paying extra for the 3DS XL?

      1. The vita doesn’t look too bad, but not really in the market for those kind of games on a handheld. Why would you want full fledged cinematic console games on a little portable when you can do that better on a television with a better console? Handhelds seem to be better for simpler games that you can put down or pick up at any time. Plus it’s a little more pricey than I prefer.

        The PSP wasn’t too bad, but didn’t care too much for the games offered at the time and unfortunately shortly thereafter it broke so I gave up on it. I don’t think the Vita is a terrible product, but just doesn’t have the best library for everyone.

    1. As far as I can tell from the website, the only differences are color variety and screen size. I myself am considering the smaller to save money, though would like more color choices.

    2. Yes. I will give you the pro’s and cons in my opinion as I have both . I gave my original 3Ds to my lil bro. They’re both fantastic , but the XL is better.

      3DS original
      + More pixels per inch than than the XL , giving it a slightly more crisp screen , although the resoloution is the same so there is no real difference.
      + Some people think the Aesthetics of the original 3DS are really slick
      – Screens are small
      – Leaves lines on bottom screen when shut
      -Stylus goes in back of system

      3DS XL
      + Huge PS vita size top screen which makes 3D effect easier to see makes some games look more impressive just by being bigger.
      + Becuause of the bigger screens You can hold the system further away from your face which is more comftorble.
      + The slightly bigger XL is much more comftorble to hold than the original 3DS and has smooth rounded edges which are way better for long play sessions
      + Louder speakers , Longer Battery
      + Stylus goes into the side of system

      – Slightly lower PPI than original 3DS makes the screen look a little more pixelated , not a problem though , Most agree the XL makes 3DS games look more impressive.

  2. It really worth the extra money though? With the announced games later in the year, I was thinking of holding out to see if one or the other will go on sale. Does seem like a pretty hefty fee for a handheld.

  3. This comes out in my birthday month!!!!! YEEEEE!!! I’m probably gonna go for X because the legendary has those sharp eyes that older Pokemon like Charizard have and I’ve always loved the look of those triangular, sharp eyes <3 I hope theres another Eeveeloution in this game! Imagine a Dragon-type eevee!! An Eevee with little dragon wings and scales! How CUUUTE!! (and badass? hehe~)

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