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Fantasy Life Becomes A New Series For Level 5

fantasy-life-nintendo-3dsDue to the immense success of Fantasy Life for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, developer Level 5 is now thinking about creating the next game in the series. Famitsu is reporting that Fantasy Life will be an ongoing franchise for the developer, saying that they intend for it to be the first game in a larger series. The game which is co-developed by Brownie Brown and Level-5 has yet to receive a Western release.

81 thoughts on “Fantasy Life Becomes A New Series For Level 5”

  1. T^T Level-5, PLEASE Make another *Rogue Galaxy*! D; It’s like 1 of my Favorite RPGs of All Time. That’s a Game that should Definetly become a series even if SCE of Japan owns the rights to the Original, I doubt they plan to do Anything with it. ToT

  2. The sofware library of the Nintendo 3DS is laughable. Aside from the occasional decent first-party release, it’s nothing but shitty JRPGs and shovelware. Only thing the 3DS has got on the Vita is sales.

        1. i disagree i love my vita but the 3DS has mini games related to the pedometer, puzzles and video service that updates weekly always offerring a new clip to watch. Plus TheatRhythm Final Fantasy and ALOT of downloadable games from gameboy, gameboy color, gameboy advance, NES and FULL COMPATIBILITY with DS cartridges which SONY has dropped the ball on with their PSP games that are only partially compatible.

          Like I said before I LOVE my PS Vita for what it has but the 3DS does have alot more going for it than the Vita has especially if you own a 3DSXL.

          1. Honestly, game wise, I prefer my VITA, but with the impending release of Pokemon X & Y, my 3DS will get a whole lot more usage :)

          2. Does the 3DS have an HD screen? Does the 3DS have 3G? Does the the 3DS have user accounts? Does the 3DS have voice chat? Does the 3DS have console quality games? Does the Vita need a boat attached to it to have dual analog? Does the Vita have a shit battery life? The answer to all those questions: NO!

            1. Does the vita have console quality games ? No , No it doesnt. Don’t tell me it does , because the vita is about Half of a Ps3 graphically , if that. Which is better than 3DS for sure , but no where near what the 360 and ps3 pump out. People seem to enjoy lying , But uncharted GA looks like SHit compared to Uncharted on Ps3.

              The 3DS has better games that are more suited to Handheld Gaming , System Seller franchises such as pokemon , Resident evil , Mario , Zelda , Kingdom Hearts , etc.
              Has an Optional 3D screen which does make some/most games look better. Has a second screen to take all the shit off of the top screen and act as touch inventory , Has a stylus so you can send Hand written messages on Swapnote and Use Art applications such as Colors 3D , New art academy. Is backwards compatable with the highest selling game system of all time the Nintendo DS. Has Pokemon X and Y on the way.

                1. Actually NFSMW on Vita is missing LOADS of shit from the console versions. It’s a good effort , but a lot of the vehicles and environment are missing from the game.

                  Ofcourse EA would spout there usual BS. See the IGN reviews and comparisons. It’s a Good effort on PS vita , but it’s about 60% of the console versions…

              1. Also, swapnote isn’t much to brag about when Vita has skype and group messaging. Still a pretty fun application none the less. And Vita has paint park.

            2. 3G is shit though on it, waste of space. 3DS has voice chat (Not great quality imo) And well, you’re right on the rest. The CPP is pretty comfortable though.

                1. Haha yeah, Thankfully I have a laptop bag/sachel type thingy I can put it in, but even then I don’t take it around with me that much xD Either the Vita or iPad comes with me.

                1. In game voice chat (only for some games) I know I was talking to a mate when I was playing a few games. It was weird.

                  1. For recordings on the Nintendo 3DS Sound App for example.
                    Actually I was hoping for the ability to chat with friends through the 3DS, not having to be through a specific game. One can dream right?

              1. You’re such an idiot. If EA says something about the Vita being the the other versions it’s true but if there is only a little thing about the Wii U that doesn’t fit to you pro Nintendo mind it’s totally bullshit. Next the Vita HAS console.wuality games like Wipeout and All stars battle royal but those games don’t matter because all stars battle royal is a smash bros rip off, Wipeout is an F-Zero rip off and need for speed is an Mario Kart rip off.

                1. Well What EA said Must of been wrong , Because whilst it is the same in gameplay , there is lots of details and objects missing from the Vita version of NFSMW. Not debatable.

                  The vita has ”console like” quality games. That doesn’t mean they’re on par , that means they’re a pretty good shot at representing Ps3 , 360 quality games.

                  But I’m sorry , I have played the vita exstensively and it is not on Par with a ps3. It’s like a dramatically watered down ps3 at about 50% .

                  It is THE most powerfull portable graphics in the world , but Sony fans can’t say it Matches the Ps3 and 360 graphically. If it did then everyone would be porting PS3 and 360 games over to vita , But instead you get Black ops declassified and Assassins creed liberation etc.

                  1. Portability. Plus Sony is introducing a cross buy thing which I thought was pretty cool, e.g. buy PS All stars on PS3 and get a free digital copy on Vita :D

                    1. I think is great but sony needs to give diffrrnt experianse betwen both consoles that way they can get the people who owns a ps3 more easily you atleast had to agree on that.

            3. vita’s battary life is aprox the same as the 3ds lol
              vita has no hd screen
              with that being said the vita and the 3ds line up is super underrated so no need to hate on a nintendo website about a vita your simply wasting your own time lol

    1. You can’t be serious, it’s plain and simple RPG, butt hurt over that atrocious attempt of an RPG fable? lol. Fable is so awful even sony fans don’t mention it lol. And the Vita really? The 3DS has a library as big and as diverse as even the Playstation 3, at the same period of the PS3s existence in time. So troll harder lol. Enjoy the fact that when it comes to gaming the Vita has been out gamed.

      P.S remember when the Vita was deemed the handheld to sink the 3DS? Wow! Where are those pundits now?

      1. First of all Fable is a Microsoft franchise. Secondly, comparing the 3DS library to that of the PS3 is absolutely ridiculous.

        1. He said the PS3 at the 3DS’s time after release. Meaning that seeing as the 3DS is about 2 years old, he’s saying the 3DS library is probably better than the PS3’s library 2 years after the console’s release. While I’m not going to say it is just yet, after this year and some of the top Nintendo platform games coming out like Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem and Pokemon, the 3DS library will probably sit among the best for it’s time after release.

  3. The new Wii U!

    SUPPORTS (so it won’t happen) 1080p and HDMI

    Radical new control sheme through an iPad with buttons

    Third party support for the next six months

    Fully backwards compatible with the two Wii games you own

      1. Question for you, did the 3DS lose third party support, even when the more powerful Vita in raw grunt, but not in intelligence or wisdom release? Save yourself heart ache, nintendo has big third parties on their side, yes bizarre titles like Castlevania will skip it, and good they are phew! don’t cry when your beloved multiplats on the PS4 and Xbox720 also are on the Wii U ( 3DS is a testament to this ).

        1. Wii U will explode in flames if it tries to run some of the mulltiplats that will be on PS4/Xbox720. Now go lick Iwata’s asshole, Nintendork.

          1. Well even if it did, it would still be running the games better than the other consoles because they haven’t actually been completely made yet.

    1. The 3DS survived a Tsunami ( my prayers still for the victims of that and others on our planet ), a mis-priced launch; even a minuscule launch library. Today the 3DS is handling all comers of the real gaming console like the true champion it is. Nintendo learnt from the 3DSs abysmal release and restructured for the Wii U’s debut. Game after game after game, propelled the 3DS to the top of generation 8. Nintendo has grand games and 3rd party titles that shall do the same for the Wii U. Remember the big 5 publishers are already backing the Wii U ( even Origin denied by Nintendo service EA are on board ), Monster hunter 3 Ultimate alone can keep over 5 million nintendo, Sony ( yes Sony fans love monster hunter ) and gamers alike tuned into the Wii U for two to three years. Then Monster Hunter 4 is coming, Aliens Colonial marines and then some. Ubisoft is gunning for pole position on everything nintendo. I am telling you this to prevent your meltdown when Nintendo provides two more exclusives you never expected the Wii U to receive :).

      1. BioShock Infinite, Crysis 3, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear: Rising, GTA5. That’s just a short list of a few of the amazing third-party games that Wii U will be missing. Third-party support my ass.

        1. Bayonetta 2 , Monster Hunter Ultimate , Rayman Legends , Lego City , Wonderfull 101. A short list of games the PS3 , 360 , 720 and ps4 will be missing….

          1. I want Lego CIty and Rayman oh so god damn badly. If Nintendo impress me at E3, I will be picking myself up a Wii U, heck the rate it’s going, it could be a lot sooner.

            1. You said ONE game that is relevant and that is Bayonetta 2. The wonderful 101 is the biggest waste of time, money, development teams, raw.materials for the plastic case, space for the digital version. Monster hunter is uninteresting to me. I don’t play shit like Rayman. And Lego City are you serious? It’s just a cheap replacement for GTA 5 which had to be suitsbke for Kids.
              Do you really prefer those games over Watchdogs, GTA 5 or Bioshock?

            2. Oh believe me Jellybean , Nintendo’s E3 is gunna be Nuclear. Retro’s Game , Miyamoto’s Game , Smash bros , More pokemon X and Y details , Most likely a Zelda Announcement for 3DS or Wiiu ,Bayonetta 2 footage and release date etc etc etc.

              Nintendo have been saving everything for this years E3 because it wasn’t ready enough last year

          2. Three of those games will be published by Nintendo. Monster Hunter is a remake. Rayman Legends looks awesome, but it definitely won’t make hardcore PS3/Xbox720 (pre-pubescent pricks and high school CoD jocks do not count as hardcore) go out and buy a Wii U.

        2. Project Cars, Aliens colonial marines, Randy Pitchford has stated, and I quote almost verbatim ” shigeru Miyamoto calls me, and borderland 3 is going to be on the Wii U.”
          Need for Speed Most wanted, FIFA 14 ( it’s bigger than madden and NBA 2k everything combined ), All things Ubisoft, new projects from Capcom, team Ninja, Namco Bandai, SEGA ( AAA title ) etc.

  4. Fantasy life, the newest IP created by yet another nintendo masterpiece, the 3DS. still Haters grumble and remain needing preparation H. Envy and unjustified trolling shall cause you guys stress lol.

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