New Nyko Wii U Power Pak Triples GamePad Battery Life


Nyko has just released new details regarding its Power Pak for the Wii U GamePad. The peripheral manufacturer says that the Power Pak, which retails for $24.99, actually triples the Wii U GamePad battery life. Nyko also says that the Power Pak fits entirely into the existing GamePad Battery compartment – no additional bulk. Here’s some details via the product page.

  • Triple the capacity and play time of the original GamePad
  • Includes mini screwdriver for easy installation
  • Works with the existing Nyko and first party charging solutions
  • Fits entirely into the existing GamePad Battery compartment – no additional bulk
  • CE and EL certified high quality lithium polymer battery


      1. LOLZ man, ya heard? I want a new one for mii wii u, man, ya heard? That bomb sh*t, y’all nigg*s gone all day, to ride in yo’ sh*t with, man, ya heard? the gamepad is da bomb!!!!

      2. Yep!

        I really like the Wii U. It’s cool. I like Miis too. The gamepad is quite exemplary.

      3. hey yo son …they gotta 9.3 indash dvd to go with it knowwhatimtalmbout?

        that game pad dies on me after a couple hours too ya digg?

  1. Skyrim is really good!3DS will never get it, because it sucks, and this is not me hating it, its just a fact, no 3rd party titles on it!

    1. Skyrim would only ever show up on HOME consoles… So Skyrim never really was going to go on 3DS. Also, the 3DS doesn’t suck (hence it’s great sales) and what determines a console’s “greatness” is not how many 3rd party titles are on it….

    2. Skyrim?? Are you sure you have the right article? How much more battery life will you get if you put Skyrim in the battery compartment?

      1. My point is that there are no games for the 3DS, even the first party titles are getting old, and to say different would be wrong!

      2. Lol. I see your point. It just seemed a little random. That’s all. It’s ok…

      3. When you come talking about Skyrim not being in a handheld on an article about the Wii U Gamepad its really hard to take seriously any “point” you think you have.

      4. Are you mad bro ? There is fucking tons of games for the 3DS. Like tons and tons and tons.

        I’m not even gunna give you the honour of writing my big ass list of 3DS games.
        You’re not worthy.

      5. I don’t see why you’re bothered about first party only ?
        But OK…

        Ocarina 3D
        Starfox 3D
        Kid icarus uprising
        Mario 3D land
        Mario Kart 7
        Paper Mario sticker star
        Mario tennis open
        Mario and sonic at the olympics
        (all entirely different genres of Mario and some amazing some good games)
        Pilot wings resort
        Steel diver
        Pokemon Rumble blast
        Dillons rolling western
        New art academy
        Sakura Samurai
        Potzols / Ketzals corridors
        The 3D classics games

        And more.

        Now for third party

        Resident evil revelations
        Resident evil Mercenaries
        Kingdom Hearts Dream drop distance
        Street fighter 4
        Dead Or alive dimensions
        Tekken Prime
        Tales of the abyss
        Rythm thief
        Theatrythm final fantasy
        Cave story
        Zero escape virtues last reward
        Professor Layton and the miracle mask
        Metal gear solid 3
        Scribblenauts unlimited
        Ghost recon shadow wars
        Crimson shroud
        Liberation maiden
        Shin megami tensei – devil survivor
        Nano assault
        Ridge Racer
        Sonic Generations
        Rayman Origins
        Ace combat
        The lego games
        PES 2012/2013
        Heroes of Ruin
        Code of Princess
        Adventure time
        Harvest moon – a wonderfull life
        Harvest moon – a tale of two towns
        Night sky
        Fluidity spin cycle
        Art of balance touch

        I could go on and on and on….

      6. Lol , no way i could afford all those lol. I have 28 Boxed 3DS games and a load of Eshop and virtual console games for 3DS all bought since launch..

      7. So I guess Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Animal Crossing, Ridge Racer, Street Fighter, Zelda, Paper Mario, Kingdom Hearts and the upcoming games like Pokémon X/Y, Luigi’s Mansion, Castlevania, Monster Hunter 3 and Fire Emblem doesn’t count, huh? I’d *love* to hear your logic here.

      8. I dont even list half those games and the list is still bigger.
        Kid Icarus: Uprising, Resident Evil,Dead or Alive, Blazblue CSII, Code of Princess, Samurai Warrior Chronicles, Kingdom Hearts 3D, SMT Devil Survivor Overclocked, Fire Emblem:Awakening, Virtues Last Reward, Tales of the Abyss 3D, Monster Hunter 4, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, Prof Layton and the Azran Legacy, Ace Attorney 5, Prof Layton Vs Ace Attorney,Castlevania LoS:MoF, Shin Megami Tensei: Soul Hackers, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Etrian Odyssey IV , Unchained Blades,Luigi Mansion DArk Moon, Super Mario 3D Land,Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D, Animal Crossing New Leaf(Following games are Japan only ( Fantasy Life, Bravely Default Flying Fairy,Project X Zone, Ex Troopers,Time Travelers,Inazuma Eleven,Terrys Wonderland 3D ect ) . Hell the thing has 4 fighting games on it already (Between Tekken DOA, Street Fighter and Blazblue and we have Super smash brother coming )And you also have the massive DS library with things like Infinite Space, The World Ends With You SMT Strange Journey, Pokemon BW2 and all the great titles you can download off the Eshop and the Ambassador VC titles.

      9. *No games for the 3DS*.
        Then I guess all those people who are making it sell so well are just buying it because it’s a really nice paper weight, amirightgaiz?
        Look, you can hate on it all you like, but it’s a successful system with good games.
        Your personal opinion of it can’t change the fact that it’s selling well because it’s got games that many people consider beyond just “good”.

    3. Just cause you can travel to a mall or use the outside your public library dosnt mean the 3ds had no games.

    4. 3DS does suck. I agree with you. It is a pos with crappy battery life and horrible 3rd party support.

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    5. Why are you talking about that crappy buggy game in the handheld section and whats this about the 3DS having no 3rd party support? the 3DS has tons of games. And the DS library is freaking massive.

    6. why would you want a portable skyrim? vita isn’t getting skyrim either, because it sucks, and it’s not me hating it, it’s just a fact, no 3rd party titles on it!

  2. No brainer for me. Wow, if it delivers on the promise it’s going to really help things out. I use my Gamepad a LOT.

  3. Lol this is how it should’ve been from the start. However, I’ve had little to no problems with my gamepad battery. Just alter the lighting (drop it down to 2) and put on power save mode. Gives you roughly 2 to 2 1/2 more hours if I’m not mistaken.

    1. I just discovered how to do this like 2 nights ago. Starting today it will be on a fresh charge so I’m eager to see how long it lasts. I don’t know why Nintendo insists on putting the brightness on max, hurts the eyes in the darkness. Turned the 3DS down as well (but a long while ago)

  4. Sounds pretty good! Reasonable price too! Nintendo should partner with Nyko and sell some of these Wii U controllers with the expansion battery power INCLUDED!!

      1. True , but Don’t USA have different Voltage and stuff ? People have been known to Fry their devices abroad….

      2. No the AC adapter is different in each reigons. All batteries are the same around the world.

      3. But Don’t like American Plug sockets and UK plug sockets give out a different amount of power so say My UK plug socket could fry the US Nyko power grip or would it just take longer to charge ?

        If it’s not being released in Europe then I’m ordering one off Ebay asap. 3 times the power with no bulk ? SOLD!!!!!

      4. Here is some of the basics you need to understand

        US and most of america get 120 Volts of voltage on your normal electricity outlet.
        Europe gets 240 Volts on the normal outlets.
        Both of them give a current known as AC.

        Batteries on the other hand, give a type of electricity known as DC. Rechargeable batteries need to be feed with DC to charge.

        Most of the electronic devices that we use today (mostly chargers) don’t use that amount of voltage. Even so, they use a lot less than that (the usual numbers vary between 5 and 12 volts). Also, a lot of devices use DC instead of AC.

        You can see in pretty much all of todays devices a “brick” on the power cord. What it does is convert both the ammount and the tipe of electricity to the type needed for the device.

        If you live in europe, and buy the battery from the US, the problem you could have is that the battery would get more power that the ammount that it needs because the power cord was not designed to be used with the ammount of electricity that you get in Europe, with that comes the possibility of damaging the battery.

      5. uk 240 usa 120 or suming and europe 220 i think uk has three pin plugs too not those 18 th centery 2piners that kill u

      6. No ive seen it and surprisingly it’s less than one-half the size of the gamepad

  5. If I could take my GamePad anywhere in my house, I would use it a LOT more, and therefore want to get this. But I can’t even make it to my stairs before it starts beeping >_> There’s no range in my house at all.

      1. What I mean is that if I could take my GamePad around, I would use it a lot more than I do now. If I use it more, the battery will run out, so this would be a nice accessory.

  6. If I ever have to replace my Wii U battery i’ll get this. But for now i’m fine since my charger is so close to where I play anyway.

      1. That’s how it plugs into the inside of the Gamepad. If you open it up, you’ll see what I mean.

      1. They have two models, one you clip on to the gamepad that can act as a stand and fits righti n in the charging cradle, i and the one that goes inside. The clamp only doubles the battery life though

  7. I don’t know if I can trust Nyko. I have the Nyko Wii charge station, and the rechargable batteries that comes with that goes dead in just a few minutes. And they never seem to fully charge. I even bought a NEW Charge Station because I thought that maybe there was something wrong with the one I had, but the new one was just as bad. Not worth buying. Regular batteries last probably 10 times (or more) longer than the charged batteries do.

  8. Ive had two Nyko batteries for my Xbox controllers and they have lasted several years now. (Longer than any of the three consoles I have owned)

    Nyko makes good stuff

    1. They are selling at a loss and its a manageable issue. Tthat’s why they left a big ass space in the controller, just like they did with the data models


    now were is my step son

  10. Believe it when I see it, Nyko was suppose to make pro grip power for 3DS, it was a add on that had 2nd circle pad and batter power and protective case, and they cancelled it.

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