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Pokemon X And Pokemon Y Legendary Pokemon Named


Nintendo of America has revealed the names of the two Legendary Pokemon which will feature in the forthcoming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y for the Nintendo 3DS. The Pokemon X Legendary is called Xerneas, which is pronounced Zurr-nee-us. The Pokemon Y mascot is called Yveltal, which is pronounced ee-vell-tall. Pokemon X And Pokemon Y launch globally sometime in October.

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94 thoughts on “Pokemon X And Pokemon Y Legendary Pokemon Named”

      1. Well yeh , But some of those were more like 9’s in my opinion. Pokemon X and Y looks to be sending Pokemon right back to the top. BW2.

        My expectations for Pokemon X and Y is a Metascore of about 96 with a Load of 10’s from all the best reviewers…..

        1. By the “best reviewers” you mean weaboo Pokephiles. The Pokemon games are so bad they don’t even deserve to be reviewed.

          1. Well there is always gunna be people who have that little thing called an opinion. Your opinion does not stop The pokemon franchise form being one of the worlds greatest however.

            1. It’s not one of the greatest, it’s one of the best-selling. But that’s only because little kids and pedophiles gobble it up.

              1. Could say the same about all the other games you think are good retard.

                Stop trolling , Pokemon is a deap and complex RPG. Your horrible opinion is irrelivant.

                  1. Exactly bro.

                    If something is commonly known as as amazing , let’s use Uncharted trilogy as an example. Nobody cares if you come along and say ”the Uncharted series ir horrible and overated” because that is simply untrue to the masses of people and critics who loved it.

                    It’s like someone saying ”Cheeseburgers are horrible you should eat Veggie Patties” – Who is gunna take that guy seriously ?

    1. I gotta agree with you, i hated D/P/P and B/W (i havent played the sequels) but this seems like itll bring me back to the pokemon series, it just… looks…. amazing.

      Still, i gotta hold on untill i play it.

        1. i found them boring, the stories never caught my attention like the R/B/Y, G/S/C, or R/S/E versions did, B&W and D&P felt like a chore to complete.

          but that was just me, i hope Y&X comes out amazing, cause it already does.

    1. Me too! For the first time ever, I actually want to raise a legendary!!! Usually I think it is cheating… but Xerneas is GORGEOUS!! Can’t help myself!!! ^.^

  1. Those are fucking awkward to pronounce.

    But like all Pokemon names, I’ll hate them at first but inevitably warm up to them as they become more familiar.

      1. Seel and Dewgong aren’t even proper names, the game just tells you straight out what the Pokémon is supposed to be, lol.

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  3. Off-topic: Can the 3DS play all of the DS Pokémon games? I heard that there’s an issue with plaing certain games.

    I’m familiar with the differences in DS models, but may get the 3DS due to this release. Thanks.

    1. The 3DS plays pretty much every single DS game. I haven’t heard of a DS game it can’t run. It has a DS built into it which is just as good a …….. DS .

      The 3DS is amazing compared to DS bro..

      1. Yes, I believe I read something like that when looking at the Nintendo site and it compares products for you. I have an opportunity to purchase a new DS from a friend which she just got as a gift and incidentally doesn’t want it, but was thinking of waiting out for the 3DS instead. I missed out on the series since GBA and would like to get caught up.

        1. Here is something really interesting for you. The 3DS is actually better at being a DS than the DS is.

          You can actually use the 3DS’s circle pad to controll ANY DS game. Remember on Super mario 64 DS when you thought ”I wish this game had analog controll like the N64 , this touchscreen and D-pad controll just isn’t quite good enough” although they worked OK.

          Well now you can controll all your favorite DS games with the Circle pad , Mario 64 DS works beautifully with the Circle pad giving you full Controll so Does mario kart DS as examples….

            1. You always have to correct me sir!!! It can’t play doctor kawashima’s brain training :) too. It works on every DS game that uses the D-pad .

              GTA china town wars works great with it so does most games…

      1. As I understand theres also platinum, pearl and soulsilver as well? I saw them all used online and considered grabbing them.

      1. Yeah a little bummed about that. I heard there was some global online trading for the DS games? If that’s true, it possible to find older gens on there?

        1. Yes it is, but I think you have to have seen the Pokemon you want before and have it in your Pokedex before you can search for people trading one online.

      1. you’d think, yea. but you’d also think pokemon white would have contained the white pokemon, and black the black one, so you really can’t be sure yet.. ^^

  4. Must… buy…. pokemon soon! P.S. Wouldn’t it have been funny if instead they were named pokemon x and pokemon o?

  5. Not crazy about the names, but the designs of the Pokemon are “flawless.” I’m sure I will get used to their weird pronounceation… I mean everyone got used to Gyarados!!! lol!

  6. Pathectic. Anybody thinking this piece of shit Pokemon rehash is going to be any good is in for a big suprise.

  7. I miss the days when a legendary Pokemon actually meant something. There’s SO many legendary Pokemon these days that it makes me question, “what does legendary even mean”?

    1. well legendary is… well… hmm… its!!… no.. hmmmmm…. its the animal on the Box Cover, thats legendary.

    2. My guess is that their definition for “Legendary” is just, a Pokemon that has much more power than a standard Pokemon. But I wonder who would win if you threw all the legendary Pokemon together and made them all battle?

  8. I’m not sure about Yveltal, but Xerneas is the first pokemon mascot since Ruby and Sapphire to not be a dragon type. :D

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  10. To those who say Pokemon is a kids game or for paedophiles… They must not have played the games at all…

    Granted, it isn’t James Patterson in gaming form, but there are definite disturbing undertones in the Pokemon franchise, particularly Pokemon Black and White 2.

    1. Ghetsis actually tries to KILL you in this game, not merely defeat you like most Pokemon villains I have encountered so far.

    2. If you have ever visited the Strange House and the Old Chateau… Well, it doesn’t need an explanation, but I’ll give one anyway.

    a) Old Chateau is the ‘haunted place’ in the Gen 4 games. You see human ghosts, which disturbing enough; not to mention the creepy potrait in the upstairs back room that follows you with its eyes! The musical score gives you the willies big time.

    b) Strange House is probably one of the scariest places in the Gen 5 games. It’s an abandoned house with broken windows and run down fences. You go inside and theres ripped banners all over the frickin’ walls. Furniture moves around of its own accord. The description of the place mentions something about a horrible incident. Whilst exploring, you go up onto the upstairs balcony. A ghost of a little girl appears, much like Gen 4, except the ghosts in Gen 4 don’t talk. This one does. She cries out for her family, not knowing where they are. Add to that the incredibly unnerving music and suddenly Pokemon isn’t so innocent after all…

    3. Lostlorn forest is a little unnerving, partly due to the music and partly due to the Zoroark that scares the living daylights out of you the first time you visit.

    4. This is trivial, but if you go down underneath the Village Bridge you find an extremely depressed, possibly insane man muttering about how much he hates his life. ‘Bridge’, ‘depressed man’? Am I the only one getting a little distressed about this?

    5. Some of the Pokemon are a little scary too. The likes of Cofagirus and Chandelure (and associated pre-evolutions) are terrifying concepts.

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