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Big “Surprise Scoop” On “Long Awaited Title” In Next Famitsu


The next edition of Japanese gaming publication Famitsu will include a surprise scoop on a long-awaited title. The magazine says “The silence is broken on a long-awaited title. Information will be revealed at last.” The magazine will also have a “Huge Capcom Project” and Sony Computer Entertainment interview. What would you like to see revealed in the next issue?

143 thoughts on “Big “Surprise Scoop” On “Long Awaited Title” In Next Famitsu”

      1. Your comprehension skills needs some work. Where in the article does it say it’s only a Capcom game being announced?

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        1. Why are people saying “Dead Rising 3?” I don’t even know what that is….?? I hope it’s Super Smash!!!

        2. I hope it isn’t, i hate that series.
          “Hey, here’s a ball full of zombies for you to mess up, we got axes, chainsaws MegaMan busters, al the good stuff!”
          “But you have to do a boring story, or worse, go back and give your dumb kid Zombrex FOREVER!”


    1. I really hope so but capcom is so stupid to realize what the fans want. I’m glad they messed up with street fighter x Tekken.

          1. The article is teasing a LONG AWAITED GAME which could be smash bros . It then also says it’s teasing a Capcom game and a SCE anouncement…………

            The LONG AWAITED GAME could be anything. My money is on Mother.

          2. adarazz…. the article will have INFORMATION about the “long awaited game.” So if it is Smash Bros, we might learn somthing new about it. The article isn’t just going to announce something. It will talk about it as well… -__-

  1. It’s either more details about Monster Hunter 4, or a Megaman title.

    Hopefully it’ll be a Megaman game. The blue bomber has been neglected for way too long.

  2. I hope it is gummy bear adventure on 3DS. Seriously, how can people hope for 3DS games? I hope it is the new mario or zelda adventure on WII U ofcourse!

        1. Well anyway, it’s silly to think those games are going to be announced. I’m quite sure they would save titles that big for E3.

          1. Nintendo doesn’t seem interested in E3 anymore. They like to have more control of their announcements through their Nintendo Direct videos. But more importantly, do we even know if the long awaited title is Nintendo related?

  3. If Capcom and the mystery title is NOT connected I bet it’s The Last Guardian that’s the long awaited game and the capcom game is… something else… i don’t know. ^_^

  4. . . . mega man legends 3? please? it is a “long awaited project” and before it was cancelled it was a “huge capcom project”. It will most definitely be a “surprise scoop”.

  5. don’t get your hopes up nintendorks this game going to come to pc and the other to consoles not current gen wii u with it’s shitty ass cpu. this time next year you weaboos shitendo lovers will be in tears cause the only 3rd party support you gonna get is shovelware. all the serious devs will move to ps4/xbox720. admit it. ya know it’s true. nintendo should quit now and become third-party dev. maybe then people will respect them more cause they won’ have to play on their shitty consoles for wimps that 7th power.

    1. Trine 2 director’s cut says hello, I can only run on an eighth generation console the Wii U, even at my simple construct the PS3 and Xbox360 can’t run me.

    2. Also please study the new era of GPGPU processing. The PS4 might be getting a GPGPU as well. Guess which big brother of theirs showed them the way? Let’s see, Crytek had crysis 3 running on the Wii U easily. Then we got shanked by EA and Nintendo because of the origin mess. Crysis 3 is pushing the PS3 a beast to it’s max, the Wii U breezes when running Crysis 3. The Wii U and PC have the Unity 4 engine that has direct X11 features, only Wii U, PCs, new IOs devices; and I suppose the PS4 and Xbox720 will also have capabilities to run it. Moving on.

      1. “new era of GPGPU processing”


        it’s not a new era either, since it’s been done for a few years now

        also, a GPGPU is a setup, not a fucking specialized GPU like you’re insinuating

        why are nintendolts so technologically inept pretending to know what they’re talking about

  6. I smell the Wii U revving up as the 3DS did upon embarking on it’s current momentous growth. Games games games sales consoles. We know the Wii U is seating pretty, and it’s one Monster hunter 3 Ultimate away from catching those jets streams of an eagle. Famitsu better be unveiling a true gem or three. Digdug 3DS won’t cut it lol.

  7. A long awaited title… Well it can’t be TOO big if it is Nintendo because they will want to save those for E3 so they can compete with the news about the next gen consoles. (assuming they are announced)

  8. A new Batman.
    A guy can dream can’t he?
    Seriously though, I’m hoping for some kind of Earthbound announcement. I don’t really have the time (or nerve) to play a ROM…

      1. Why would they make Fzero?
        I like Fzero, but it has no depth, its just a track racer in space vechiles, anyone can make it.

  9. Why is everybody thinking it’s a new unnanounced game? I’m sure it’s more info on Bayonetta 2. Hideki Kamiya posted on Twitter that we’d get more news of the game ON A MAGAZINE =3

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  11. a new mother game? kingomd hearts 3 for wii u? half life 3 for wii u? a new megaman title? a new starfox? a new f-zero? zelda wii u?

  12. In terms of Nintendo’s title, it’s ONE of these 3: Starfox, F-Zero, Smash Brothers U. With the first 2 weighing much more. Nintendo knows fans want those 2 titles, so if it’s “long waited” then seems to be in that direction since neither had a game on Wii. Smash Brothers is still in its infancy and likely not ready to be shown anything at this point in time.

    1. Probably not sence Pokemon X and Pokemon Y were just revieled. Black 2 and White 2 are still hardly even out in the US so that would be 3 game’s launching close together for Pokemon. Well… 6 if you count each version.

    1. More details on the Pokemon games sounds reasonable. They were just announced, and for Pokemon fans, a main series game on 3DS was very long awaited.

  13. The only thing I want to hear is that a sequel to Eartbound / Mother is coming to North America as a retail title for the Wii U (don’t ruin it by making it only a 3DS game). SOOOO many games and never no freakin’ Earthbound. It really gets old.

  14. Hmm…
    I have no idea xD
    As for Capcom, i’m guessing some old frnachise that isnt Mega Man, or Resident Evil 2 remake or something.

  15. My first was Final Fantasy Versus XIII and as for the Capcom announcement I was hoping for MML3 but highly doubt it’s that. I think it would be awesome if we could have Okami 2 on Wii U because it would be such a great fit but once again I highly doubt it.

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