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Pokemon X And Pokemon Y Aren’t Reboots Of The Franchise; They’re An Evolution

yveltalAccording to The Pokémon Company’s International director of consumer marketing, J.C. Smith., Nintendo 3DS-exclusives Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are not ‘reboots’; they’re an evolution of the franchise. Smith said the games’ developer, Game Freak, has been hard at work producing Pokémon X and Pokémon Y for the Nintendo 3DS. Also, Smith confirmed that Pokémon series producer and director Junichi Masuda is working on the two projects.

“There’s never been a conscious decision to reboot. There’s always been an evolution of the look and feel; it just happens to be that we played Black and White, and Heart Gold and Soul Silver, and Diamond and Pearl, and Platinum — all of those games on the same platform. So it feels like it’s been a long time in the same way. But between the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color, and moving up into the DS now, it’s always had that change.”

“There’s never been a conscious decision to reboot, it’s just a decision to try new things and express the world in a new way.”

“This game has been a long time coming. Obviously, Game Freak wanted to make sure that when they created this new universe on the 3DS, that it looked fantastic; both in the polygonal style and also when people are able to see the 3D effects as well. It’s really exciting to see the Pokemon come to life a little more.

“They’re always working hard to make sure the games are as slick and polished as possible. But with the new expression of that game — they’ve had the DS for three generations of games now, so I’m sure it took some getting used to to fully utilize the 3DS. But even in this early stage of development, it’s looking really cool.”

“[Pokemon series producer and director Junichi] Masuda is still working on this project, and has been working on Pokemon games since the beginning. Moving to the new platform and having a new look and feel they decided that they wanted to pursue, just opened up their ideas to doing something a little different.”

124 thoughts on “Pokemon X And Pokemon Y Aren’t Reboots Of The Franchise; They’re An Evolution”

    1. I wouldn’t say so. It’s not like NSMB series, this has actually been a big step up from 2D sprites (Which I found to be extremely stale now). I’ll make my final judgement as I find out more details though, but right now, My Girlfriend and I want them badly, we already pre ordered.

      1. If you say so. I say the trailer. It look like same old Pokemon. The only improvement from older games was the visuals.

        1. I saw the trailer too. Of course they will keep the same formula’s for a lot of aspects, but there will be some new features probably added (hopefully), I want to see what they turn out to be.

          1. not really there’s a part in the trailer where you can see that the sprites are actually 3d sprites and not 2d (so they could save work and size), i guess we can’t notice them because we saw the 2d trailer.

      2. What one did you get.
        I’m waiting to see if my predictions about customisation (witch was proven in the trailer with the female character wearing 2 different kinds of dresses and the male character loosing his sunglasses) and multiplayer are correct before pre-ordering X.

        1. I’m pre ordering both, then my Girlfriend will probably get first pick like always and I’ll be stuck with whatever is left. I’m hoping to get X though.

        2. Actually, the glasses were left behind, you can see them floating above the other platform. As for the female character, before what I assume is the Psychic Gym, we only see her from the side with her bag covering her upper body.

    2. It’s like your saying every game sequel ever created is a rehash -_- COD, Ass Creed, Halo, Mass Effect, GTA etc. They all use the same gameplay and stuff, but no one complains about them. Here we have a new Pokémon which is completely different visually, has a brand new story, Pokémon and characters, and is adding a ton of new features which no one knows of yet. This is a more advanced sequel than most franchises these days, so your opinion is invalid.

    1. Well, it’s a welcome change from the pointless articles they were posting :P This time it actually relates to Nintendo :P

      1. Black and white 2 wasn’t exciting news , it was ”great news” the first true 3D polygonal Handheld pokemon RPG announcement is as big as anything for me. Only Smash bros , Zelda Wiiu , 3D mario could beat this for me.

        GTAV is up there , but this is way more exciting than GTAV for me personally.

        1. I agree, this is very exciting news for me, as Pokemon has long been my favourite game series. I’d be pretty excited also for Smash Bros, Zelda WiiU and 3D Mario, but one of the games that I can’t wait for is the new Mario Kart that will most likely be announced between now and 2014.

          1. Absoloutly agreed. A wiiu Mario kart would be up there with what I listed too… I’m a huge Mario kart fan , Love Mario kart 7….

            1. Despite not being rated as well as Mario Kart Wii in general and my friends believing Mario Kart DS is better, MK7 is probably my favourite of all the series, possibly excluding MK64.

      2. I actualy like you jellybean wen you are talking about Pokémon have never see you this excited about a game ever.

  1. All these great 3ds games coming…It’s great if your under 18 and use handheld consoles. Where’s the WiiU support though, I want luigis mansion U, Fire emblem U, Castlevania U, Pokemon U, im starting to get bored of my WiiU already, dont even have dlc to play coupled with no achievement system(they promised one) removes all replayability, I even need to have my xbox on so i can chat with friends while we play. The WiiU is the last console I will ever buy, lets forget the 3ds and focus on the WiiU please.

      1. I know some of you might perceive me as a Nintendo hater. But let me reassure you I’m not. I really like many of Nintendo’s franchises and want them to be successful. But many of the decisions they’ve made over the past few years make me want to chuck my Wii at the wall and toss my DS in a blender.

        1. Dude , Toss your wii at the wall put your DS in a blender and get a 3DS and Wiiu then :)

          Graphically the DS and Wii were behind. But they were innovative and fun you cannot deny them that. The DS and wii both have many many many many excellent games too.

        2. So instead you enjoy acting like those “EXPOSED messengers” on Youtube and display the negative news to bring nothing but sorrow and disarray about the Wii U’s future over and over and over again (as proven by your daily posts on almost every last article)… which we only know as far into as March/April this year minus Bayonetta 2 and Smash Bros (only some examples, no need for “certain” users with superiority complexes saying something along the lines of “you forgot these titles, you idiot. Do your research!”).

          The problem with users like yourself is that the lot of you like passing judgement FAR too early on the WIi U, believing it’s a failure/the end of Nintendo( like we haven’t heard that song and dance before.), hence why you are usually perceived as a Nintendo hater. If this community could be alright with Sony and Microsoft’s rocky starts into HD, why can’t Nintendo (and if someone says “well Nintendo should have learned EVERYTHING from its competitors,” do prove that Nintendo spent this current generation stalking their competitors; there’s a difference between competing against others and watching over the others like a hawk)?

      2. Ya that’s a shame, I can understand a few of those games not coming but that many is ridiculous, the WiiU is a great console but with the lack of support im starting to think, wtf is going on.

        1. It’s way to early to tell. I believe the Wii U will get some of the current gen third party games that are coming out this year. I will start to get concerned if the Wii U started missing out on the next third party games when the PS4 and Xbox 720 come out. I don’t expect shit from EA and maybe a couple of other game developers who don’t like Nintendo because their head is stuck so far up their ass.

      3. Ok lets put together what you and tripod dude said, third party support and focus on Wii U, Nintendo 3ds started bad, then it began to rise up, until it was the number one on the list every damn time. Now, say Nintendo does the same with Wii U, and they have to, so they wont lose followers and gain new ones too just like the NIntendo 3DS did, so you think this is what NIntendo has to do with Wii U???

        1. Is Nintendo going to have games like luigis mansion or pokemon on their home console is the real question, what about kid icarus and castlevania and lots more, just look at the 3ds library it is awesome, much better then the wii’s library. I doubt Nintendo will remake these games for the U, which removes sooo many key games from their home console. The need to decide what’s more important the 3ds or the WiiU, and do it soon.

          1. Ok, i wouldnt mind if NIntendo gives 3DS a break, 3DS will be fine by itself, focus now on Wii U, E3 is in 6 months, good time for Nintendo to start deciding what’s their next move on Wii U and plan some games for us, Smash Bros. will be revealed(better show somehting or so help me i will kick their asses), Retro Studios hopefully started working on something that we didn’t know about or thought of and they reveal that too, Nintendo by now should have something in mind, new Kid Icarus, Mario Kart, Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, F-Zero, Earthbound, Kirby, and give us the news, i really hope so, that’ll make me happy during E3 Press Conference. Third party support and more IP games from Nintendo on Wii U, is going to make Wii U successful!!!

          2. Dude , 3DS library was SHIT for about the first 6 months. Only when Ocarina , Starfox , 3D land and Mario kart arrived did that Platform officialy start to do anything significant. From that point things went nuts and it’s now growing really really fast.

            The Wii library is much older and has more better games than 3DS , The 3DS in only 1.5 years old though. I will agree the 3DS is on course to have a much better library than wii after 6 years….

            But The wiiu is building a great library up if you haven’t noticed and has many killer games coming this year and many yet to be anounced for this year.

            Not even 2 months since wiiu launch. I seriously feel more positive about wiiu now than I did with 3DS less than 2 months after it launched.

            You know what games I bought at 3DS launch ? Pilot wings , Steel diver , Ridge racer and Ghost recon. They were the best 3DS launch titles.

            Wiiu has NSMBU , Nintendo Land , ZombiU , Scribblenauts , Ninja gaiden 3 razors edge , Trine 2 , AC3 , Batman , Blops 2 , etc etc etc……

            1. Ok, this is me now; Wii U has great games right now, Arkham City, Assassins Creed 3, Mass Effect 3, and so on, i never bought this for other consoles because i knew ill be buying the new Console and play these awesome games on the Wii U, i see those other games coming, Tomb Raider, Dark Souls 2, Metal Gear Rising, Castlevania, and many more. But those developers, will either ignore the Wii U, or think about it but wont release a Wii U version because they’ll say they couldn’t think of anything on how to incorporate the gamepad with their games(this is either lack of imagination or laziness), do developers have to think of ways to use the gamepad? No, but hey! anything is possible with the Gamepad. Nintendo has to step up too you know, Mario is not the only one, they have Link, Samus and Fox who can aid the Wii U, let me tell you something im tired of Mario taking over wether is the 3DS or Wii U. These titles and new games from Nintendo itself, would make the Wii U even more successful, im not saying is not right now, because i think it is, i saw the number of players online playing black ops2 increase after Christmas.

            2. Finished with those games already, with nothing to look forward to besides Aliens for the next little while, ZombiU surprised me, was really good. Nintendo Land …. meh played it twice so far, Nsmbu I finished in a week great game though. Bought scribblenaughts out of curiosity, played it once, def not for me. Ng3 I played on xbox, not sure I want to spend another $70 on that one…Ac3 Im working on still, somethings off though, not keeping my attention for long. I play Blops2 still but nobody plays the game modes I want to play, it’s basically TDM or nothing, I like TDM but cmon play some wager matches ppl! Trine2 is probably the best game WiiU has to offer.

                1. just today, i was playing mass effect 3 multiplayer and i didnt know you didnt needed a mic to chat with others because the gamepad was the mic, and i didnt notice this because i play most of the time on the gamepad and this option is available only when playing on the tv screen, and i thought that was kinda cool!!!

                  1. I agree, it’s great to have gamepad mic support, wish Trine was like that, might be a patch coming though to address that and some other things.

    1. I’m 33, and maybe you’re not keeping up on current event’s, pal, but the handheld market, including the 3DS is dominated by far more than 18yr olds.

      I’m ADHD, work a complex job, that I love, work out, take care of my dogs, and cram 3DS and WiiU gaming into every last spare second.

      It’s not age, it’s what you find fun. I find Nintendo knows what “Fun” really is. Sure not every game is a system seller or a revolution, but they hit the nail on the head more often than most.

      Look. i got through a whole post without using the word, “Fuck!” I should get a medal.
      … Oh wait… Damn. :(

      1. You must be married then, so that might work for you but Im still on the “prowl” and can’t afford to be caught with a handheld video game console, that would ruin some opportunities, ya know? Maybe you don’t but allow me educate you, No woman would give you the time of day if caught with a handheld video game.

        1. Holy fuck what am I reading? O_O Dude, if a woman thinks less of you because you have a handheld console, then she really isn’t the one for you.

          1. Don’t believe me, try this. Bring your 3ds to a bar sit down and then start playing it you will see how much of a chick magnet your 3ds is.

                1. Why would you be playing a handheld device while trying to pick up a girl at a bar in the first place? If a girl suddenly doesn’t like you because you have a 3DS then that’s her problem and I’d say she’s not the one for you as well.

                    1. So what you’re implying is when picking up a girl anywhere you have to be playing a gaming handheld?

                    2. “You don’t only meet woman at bars or parties…”

                      I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.

                    1. Was stating I wouldn’t want to get “caught” with one at the wrong time. At least read what I said before commenting.

                    2. @Tri-Pod. Sorry misread. If I was planning to pick up a girl though I wouldn’t be playing a gaming handheld.

            1. Why would I do that? I bairly go to any bar. Too busy with my Job and volunteering. Plus I have a girlfriend anyway.

            2. friendly stranger kenichi

              Try finding girls in other places. A bar is the last place I’d go to find a nice girl to settle down.

              1. Im looking spartan-type woman, you obviously don’t fit the bill, sorry. Watch the movie 300, and pay attention to the queen for reference to Spartan-type.

        2. friendly stranger kenichi

          Where the heck do you live? If they can’t understand your tastes why the heck would you go out with them? They should understand you?

          Maybe you are still in high school or something, because it is not like that in college.

          1. Not looking for a wife just yet, but ya never know who you will meet, if she doesn’t want me to play video games..I don’t think that’s such a bad thing to be honest.

            1. You’re going to bend over backwards and drop your interests/hobbies? Honestly most women don’t care if you play games. What matters is you being able to put it down when you need to. You’ll be surprised how many wouldn’t mind even trying it out or joining you in co-op or vs gameplay.

              Yeah you may outgrow gaming or whatever else at some point in your life, but don’t stop having fun unless it’s a danger to yourself or others.

              Also don’t go to any place you’re planning on meeting women with a device (hint:turn them off!) and even reading material is questionable. You’ll look either unapproachable, uninterested or as if you’re meeting someone there. Playing with devices in front of company is also considered rude.

              Good luck

              1. Hrmm, pretty sure this entire topic started when I said I do not play handheld gaming consoles because it would affect my….forget it, im tired now.

      2. Lol. This ^

        I go for fun and Nintendo is the best at that for me. I love a load of the content on 360 and ps3 , PC . but Nintendo’s Handhelds and consoles are where I spend My time. I’m 21 and I don’t see my self ever growing out of Gaming whether it’s Nintendo or something else.

        By the time I am 50 You will ly on a bed and put plugs on your head and game ”matrix style” Porn will be like having real sex with the chick of your choice in a virtual world.

        1. I wonder if they will make a handheld like that actually, a portable version of the VR sex machine Sylvester and Sandra tried to use in “Demolition Man” something like that.

          1. They will call it the ”Headphuck” :) . A VR sex device needs to happen soon. The future looks bright as long as we don’t end up wiping are asses with clams like in Demolition man….

            1. I agree, the 3 sea shells might be complicated I think. Also, not sure about Taco Bell being the only restaurant though with that kind of ass wiping system anyways.

    2. The games you’re asking for are ridiculous. There is no reason for Nintendo to release Wii U versions of those games. Wait for the Zelda and 3D Mario and Metroid and whatever else to be announced, and play Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends until then. Don’t claim a console is dead when it’s only been on the shelf for a few months.

      1. I didn’t claim it was dead, I was only saying im getting bored, I even went and bought scriblenaughts for fucks sakes, I want some next gen excitement, its been 2 months and they havnt lived up to “my” expectations…yet. It’s just my personal opinion.

          1. I get it dude, A mario, A Zelda, a smash bro’s etc, But it’s like ive been waiting for years for Nintendo to “bring the games” I am running out of patience. 3ds is getting all the love, these games shoulda been made for the U.

            1. The 3 ds is just now getting love i have my 3ds early this year and they where almost no games till summer.Nintendo never abandons his products even the virtual boy saw love.

    1. heard that when cooked right… it tastes like chicken. Not entirely sure though…. I’ll have to ask Aeolus about that next time he’s on. Him/Shim will know.

  2. it’s clear they aren’t a reboot. the jump from 2d to 3d alone is a massive evolution and I’m sure there’s plenty more evolutions within the game hahaha.

  3. Well i hope this is a great game. last game i bought was soul silver, i just hated black and white, and 2. I just found gen 5 terrible every way. i loved the first 4. i might as well get it

  4. @gamer.
    Np. However, That was what this was all about, I am always going somewhere I can pick up woman, only reason I leave my house other than work.

      1. Not sure what else I would be doing, I dont “hang outside” anymore, I go out with a purpose, be it girls or sports, nowhere to actually play a handheld gaming device without looking like a tool, try playing hockey and on the 3ds or whatever handheld you use at the same time.

        1. Want some advice? Don’t go out with the sole purpose of finding a girlfriend. Just go out, make friends and just go with the flow. Eventually something will happen, I can guarantee there is a high chance that if you go out with the intention of getting a girlfriend it wont end well.

          1. It ends well 2 times a week bro at least, But im not going out looking for a girlfriend im looking for girls, which I find in abundance , a GF would have to be a special lady, which is what I meant when I said “on the prowl”. “Go with the flow” thats my Indian name “GoesWithFlow”.

  5. They said this ‘evolution’ will also reach the tv series. I’ll keep this one short:
    1. Let [ insert Ash and/or Pikachu here ] evolve.
    2. Start the new show ahead of the game’s release, which shows those looking to buy X/Y what to expect from the new generation (giving us some incentive to tune in).
    3. More battles!
    4. Let Ash win! How can we believe in or root for a loser?
    Hopefully, history will repeat itself and they’ll take more of my ‘pointless’ advice.

    1. You know, Pikachu will have to evolve at some point, Ash! let me tell you something about ash, ive seen him since the very first episode of Pokemon series and there’s no way in hell someone can live like 5 or 6 generations of pokemon and still be that tiny, childish boy. I mean come on! make ash older and taller for god sakes. The new series has to change everything, by now Ash shouldve been a pokemon master, and follow the story of this other boy setting on an adventure like ash did years ago.

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