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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Release Date Announced… For South Korea

animal_crossing_jump_out_artNintendo of Korea has announced the release date for Nintendo 3DS-exclusive Animal Crossing: New Leaf, also known as Animal Crossing: Jump Out, which released in Japan on November 8th, 2012. The life simulation game launches February 7th in South Korea. Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be released later this year in North America and Europe.

120 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: New Leaf Release Date Announced… For South Korea”

  1. Just like Pokémon this game will be gobbled up by dumbass kids and pedophiles. Give us something hardcore like an awesome, new Metroid. Animal Crossing is for furries.

    1. Games like Animal Crossing are the reason Nintendo lost the hardcore gamers. Nintendo needs to abandon the underpowered Wii U and become a third-party developer.

      1. You fail to realize what a true gamer really is. Its not casual kids who flood Xbox for COD, its not macho men who only play games filled with gore,sex,drugs,top notch graphics. A true gamer is someone who is kind, generous, someone who can appreciate the hard work that went into a game. Good video games like Animal Crossing are like art. Bad games like Cod and your “hardcore” games are like fake copies of said Art. Games like Mario Galaxy are leagues ahead anything you’re (cough, hardcore games cough) can manage to achieve. So you enjoy you’re games that may not bring you fun but make you look cool. You while a simple troll are no gamer.

        1. I liked Super Mario Galaxy, but it would have been better on PS3 and Xbox 360 rather than the gimmicky, underpowered Wii U.

                1. Back in the 90s I liked Nintendo because their systems were top of the line and catered to the harcore. But after that it started to go downhill. The GameCube was a decent console. but lacked online and third-party support. Then came the Wii and after that Wii U, both cheap, gimmicky, and weak.

                  I had hope when Nintendo first announced Wii U they were going to be hardcore again. But nope, it comes out and it is underpowered and lacks features of current gen systems. The third-party support is good initially, but believe me it will fade away once the new consoles from Sony and MS come out.

                  All I want is Nintendo to become a third-party developer. Don’t get me wrong, Nintendo has alot of great hardcore franchises like, Metroid, F-Zero, Zelda, Smash Bros., and Bayonetta. But those franchises are suffering on Nintendo’s underpowered consoles.

                  Believe me, if Nintendo becomes a third-party dev and drops the childish bullshit, they will be respected by the gaming community again.

                  1. I cannot wait for the disappointment on all of your delusional bullshit. You have no sources what so ever that this will be the case. It’s just another biased opinion based on no facts what so ever. All of the rumours so far point to the next Playstation being 2-3 times more powerful than the Wii U and the next Xbox being 4-6 times more powerful than the Wii U. That is nothing.

                    Have fun spending $500+ if your delusion comes true. LOL.

                  2. The fuck is “unpowered” supposed to mean? The fuck with this “hardcore” shit?

                    Just the fuck. That’s all I can say.

              1. Do you have a droplet of brainpower in your head? Nintendo doesn’t give two shits about graphics or how under powered their systems are. Their sole purpose is to make fun games and systems. So what the wii u is under powered? I prefer under powered systems with fantastic games rather than a console with unbelievable graphics and shit games.

                  1. The world isn’t full of only “hardcore” gamers. Why can’t one company cater to those who aren’t? There are plenty that do, after all. Hardcore games suck, no matter what system you put em on. They create rage filled idiots who don’t know a storyline when it smacks them in the face. That is my opinion though, I do not care for repeats of the same old same old shooters and rpgs with no elements, but the label “hardcore” stamped on it. It sounds like you just hate the recent Nintendo systems more than anything. Let the casual gamers have their games, and you can have yours, alright? There is no reason to bash fans of certain games, just because you don’t like them, or you see the idiots that EVERY genre attracts having fangasms or raging over release dates, ect ect.. well you should get my point. You see AC fans as immature, but I don’t see them saying “FUCK YOU” or “SUCK MY DICK MOTHERFUCKER” or teabagging anyone simply because Tom Nook isn’t done harassing you for house payments. I’ve never seen a good side of hardcore gaming, not much anyway.. just as you’ve probably not seen the good in ours. This doesn’t mean either of us know jack diddly squat, and that is okay, but all the more reason to keep it to yourself, buddy. We all like what we like.

        2. By the way, I hate CoD it’s such overrated series. Like Animal Crossing it’s supported by a fanbase of immature morons.

          1. Once again you baffle me with your wisdom. If anything, Animal crossing fans are probably the least immature morons in gaming. Animal Crossing Community is one of the nicest community forums you’ll see, and quite frankly they don’t have to deal with trolls like you very often.

        1. In Japan, that is. There are other games who have sold more globally, but AC still has to release outside of Japan.

      2. What good would it be if Nintendo only makes games? They would still come out either way. They don’t care about all that power because if they really did they would make it themselves. They care about making fun games. They actually do it for their fans with the amount of content in there games

      3. What games did Nintendo ever have that catered to “hardcore gamers”? Is your requirement that the graphics suck and the gameplay is shallow?

      4. Are you stupid? The Wii U isn’t under-powered and they obviously aim for the market where they can make the most money, moderate gamers are where Nintendo makes their money and they will be rejected easily if they try to get into the hardcore market. They are taking another shot with the Wii U but we have jackasses like you thinking that the most powerful system until late 2013 is under-powered. I am a hardcore gamer but I like the moderate games like Animal Crossing every once in a while. Now stop whining because places like on iPod’s and Tablet’s app stores are making a lot of money. You act as if it is so easy, go make a game company and do it then.

      5. Pokemon and Mario have a way bigger fan base anyway.. Besides during the console wars who won, oh ya it was Wii. Wii sold 2 million more then Xbox 360 each year. So please explain to me why Nintendo needs to “become a 3rd party developer”.

      6. There’s many reasons why your fantasy will never happen. One, Nintendo is making money with both Casuals and the Hardcores who stayed to play Zelda and Metroid (They even got treated with Xenoblade). Two, cause your a self-proclaimed “Hardcore Gamer” doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy casual games, If you can’t sit down and enjoy a casual ever now and then, then I feel sorry for you. Three, Nintendo said they would sooner go out of business then let there work land on another console.

        A.K.A. NO 3rd PARTY…..EVER!

    2. Animal crossing is a reason why nintendo is succeeding…have you not seen those 3ds sales ever since animal crossing came out? If it were on the wii u it’d be doing the same damn thing too.

        1. They’ve already said that City Folk should’ve been much different with many more differences, so they probably will not do what they did with Wild World into City Folk on the Wii U.

            1. I liked City Folk more than WW just because of the fact that it was an improved version of the game, but people didn’t seem to like it.

        1. You want a challenge??? Does any other fucking game on the planet actually cause gamers to set an alarm for 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning simply to check the game to see if even the conditions are right to catch a dame Coelecanth? Hell, I bet you couldn’t even catch one. 9 times out of 10 you wake up and the conditions aren’t right, but you do it again the next night. And the next. All because of the CHALLENGE brought forth by the game. Ever chased a Banded Dragonfly? I’d wager it would take at least 30 not catches for you to even get one. You want a challenge? Fill your museum. Hell, fill your catalogue. That alone should take more than a year. Seems like it’s a bit more challenging than you ever thought. The concentration required, and the reflexes needed to be successful in that game are unheard of. So you can go suck a dick, Tom Nook for president.

            1. I don’t think you understand what the community in this game’s online is like. It’s possibly the kindest and greatest community of any game I have ever played. There is a difference between substituting real friends for virtual ones and playing a game. Yeah, in games like Mass Effect, there’s still virtual talking people, but they don’t replace your real life friends.

    3. Patience is a great virtue. We have 97% of the female gamers in the world on Nintendo; thus games like Animal crossing are mostly for them. Metroid is coming soon and we shall be gunning.

        1. He’s just stating that Nintendo most likely have the most female gamers out of the big three, because Nintendo actually make games specifically for them, as opposed to Sony and Microsoft. It wasn’t meant to be any proper statistic, just exaggerating his point to get it across more effectively.

        2. Agreed. 3ds is all fuckin jrpg and puzzls. Where the hell are the third person shoots and first person shooters. But I will say wii u to me is like the n64 rite now

        3. Whether its a fact or not I believe most female gamers would enjoy the relaxing and enjoyable non-bloody games they produce. Sure you have that country girl that is addicted to COD but thats quite rare, as the 3% margin states.

        1. Is not the amount is the quality have you see how cute those girl gamers are on YouTube? A good reason to use the video chat.

      1. Woah what? Lol 97%? Yeah you pulled that out of your ass. 97% of little girls maybe. I only play Nintendo games anymore for the series I used to play as a kid like Pokemon, LoZ and Animal Crossing. Me and all of the gamers that I know that are chicks pretty much moved to the 360 or PS3. They’re not so much “girl games” as they are little kid games. A “girl game” doesn’t mean much seeing as most of us are playing stuff like Mass Effect, L4D, Halo, etc.

        1. *cough cough* excuse me but if you actually check out the Animal Crossing forums and websites, you’ll see ALOT of girls not just that but there is a good bit of guys too AND THEY ARE ALL mostly STRAIGHT
          Anyways can’t we just play both??? I play CoD and AC and no one I know seems to care… all I’m trying to say is WHY THE HECK ARE ALL OF YOU ON A NINTENDO WEBSITE IF ALL YOUR GONNA DO IS TROLL!! JUST GET OUT OF THIS DARN PLACE IF THATS ALL YOU”RE GONNA DO!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Ok kid go back and play your COD and battlefield. There’s more to gaming than just first person shooters. Don’t tell me your like one of those girls that go “I play COD so im a gamer” because if you do that’s just sad this franchise is and always will be way more original and special to gamers worldwide. So go shove your COD up your ass while I relax and play some animal crossing

    5. i’m not a pedo or a kid and i love animal crossing so go f*uck yourself. everyone has different tastes when it comes to games.

    6. For anyone scrolling down stop here, there’s a troll with nothing better to do throwing out bullshit. Who thinks Nintendo is only for casuals, voiding many of nintendo’s respectable series and titles. (Zelda, Metroid, Fire Emblem, Earthbound, ect…) Claims only 30 year only pedophiles play any Nintendo game, completely ignoring the obvious ones on PSN and XLive. Claims Nintendo fans are all immature, but ignores that every fanbase has retard who try to start and fight the fanbase’s battles. Also he thinks “Hardcores” can’t enjoy casual games…..

      There I just saved you a lot of useless reading, and saved you about 20 minutes of your life.
      If you don’t count my paragraph as 20 minutes of your life XD

    1. I can’t say I’ve seen any games come out in SK before NA and EU…maybe it was just announced now since it’s daytime there? Here’s to hoping the 10th brings news for NA and EU too, and around then or before for the date!

      1. All you do in Animal Crossing is walk around and talk to a bunch of friendly animals. That’s what makes it childish.

            1. I fail to see how this statement relates to animal crossing.
              Oh! Where you wounded as a child by what one of the characters said to you?

        1. Actually, it’s psychologically proven to be a happiness boosted because of the dopimine it produces. Honestly, I’m turning eighteen, I know people in their 30s that play. It’s healthier than most games to play and it is meant for the enjoyment and relaxation of the one playing. Yes, I play COD, Assassin’s creed and games as such, however this game is meant for all ages, hence the rating “EVERYONE”. To be honest, the only thing childish about this, is you.

          1. Animal Crossing can be an addicting game for anyone who tries to play it. Some may say its childish, but it is a fun and relaxing game like he just said. So let the people who like it like it, and if you dont like it, there is no reason to come on this page and mindlessly troll the people who enjoy this game for what it really is. It can be a child’s playground or a relaxing game for older people. If you dont like it, get over it and go play a game you enjoy.

    1. “Critics who treat ‘adult’ as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves.”

  2. Fml fml fml :((( I just bought wild world recently again for like the sixth time and this time is to hold me off for new leaf. It’s kind of working but damn it’s so hard not to think about it.

      1. Ahha When I bought It my little brother wanted it also so I just gave him my copy. I then bought the game again and my little sister wanted the game as well and I gave her the one I bought. I eventually bought a third game and When I moved cause i Forgot my game and they couldn’t find my game when I asked for it to be shipped. I bought animal crossing for the wii and it was pretty much the same game as wild world and sold the ds version. Like two years later I found wild world at a used game store for $10 and just got it. Then my gf saw me playing wild world and she fell in love with the game and again I decided to just give it away. After a while I just got the game used again to play with my girlfriend but I wasn’t into the game and I sold it fast. Now since I’m really excited for new leaf I got wild world used again to help kill some time and im into the series again.

  3. Childish did you not hear that this game attracted a wide range of ages like in both male and female. I only follow about 2 japanese devs (kamiy and masuda) and 1 day after its release they retwitted alot of pics of the game that some people played and twitted them.

    1. They might announce it later, It’s almost 1:00 AM in the east coast while it’s afternoon there. Then again, that’s pure theory. Don’t see how SK is getting something before NA/EU

      1. The Korean translation team is probably working harder due to the relative success of the other Animal Crossing games in SK and want to release it there sooner.

  4. I am nearly 30 years old and I am far from immature. I play a vast array of video games (including your cookie cutter FPS games) and I still highly enjoy the Animal Crossing series. To say Nintendo should stop making consoles or stop making this game series shows your complete lack in marketing knowledge. I love it when teeny boppers hop up on their ridiculous soap boxes and try and wax pseudo intellectual and attempt to warp their ill gotten opinions into supposed fact. You aren’t the only market out there so quit your whining. Your games are equally simplistic, you just want to feel elitist. You aren’t elite, there is nothing special about being classified as a “gamer.” Perhaps in the future you will grasp that the world is much larger than you.

      1. I love it when I can watch someone grasp at straws to save face. Your pride sustained itself before based on nothing, no doubt you will bounce back.

  5. ” Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be released later this year in North America and Europe.”

    Wtf? I thought they said it would be released in the first half of the year

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  7. Bloody hell Nintendo, you promised us a January Release! AND A SEPTEMBER RELEASE BEFORE THAT!!
    Bugger off and finish localizing the game and stop pushing the fucking date forward!

  8. I just turned 20, and I’m still as excited to play New Leaf as I was when I got animal crossing for the gamecube. Its games like these that make you want to come back for more. They hold memories of better times when life wasn’t horrible. Its the old gaming companies like nintendo that made games fun and have continued to refine what’s fun in a game. Now don’t get me wrong. I love the mess out of playing some cod and skyrim on higher graphic producing consoles but I will always have a special place for nintendo games. Even if they decide to go back to 8 bit graphics.

  9. Anybody who hates Animal Crossing can go die in a hole! I love this game and it is not just for kids! Just because a game doesn’t have blood and swearing doesn’t mean it’s childish. Mario is the greatest selling game series of all time, so go ahead and have a tantrum.

  10. Animal Crossing is a game I want to play when I want to unwind
    If I want Action, it’s straight to Arkham Asylum for me

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  12. I think Nintendo are trying to tease us so their sales increase rapidly like in Japan.
    But there’s a line between making us pumped and waiting too long.

    1. Absolutely ridiculous that people are taking time out of their day just to sit here and preach about how Animal Crossing is “childish.”
      If you’re really that obsessed with being seen as a “hardcore gamer,” (you know, because the ladies and the potential employers are so into that title) you should open your mind a little to the fact that other genres can be enjoyable too.
      Since when does a game have to be bloody and intense to be fun?
      If you don’t like Animal Crossing, don’t buy it! This is an option you know. There are so many more productive things you can do with your time than sit here and tell us we are all stupid for having a different opinion than you.

      1. I Think the debate of hardcore and casual games is stupid. You can take a “hardcore” game like call of duty and play it casually like: playing a couple online games once in a while. And at the same time you can play any “casual” game like super Mario and animal crossing and play it non stop. Also is a game determined hard core by its rating??? Since when did a M game automatically become hardcore and an E or E-10 game become casual.

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  14. I don’t really get why there’s a “war” going on in the comments. If you don’t wanna buy this game because it’s too “childish” or whatever, why bothering checking these kind of things. For the people who’re just as excited as I am; Let’s buy this game and play the shit out of it :D My life is gonna be complete. I really can’t wait to play this ^^

    1. I was referring to the old console wars because he said that the Wii shouldn’t exist.That Nintendo should become third party and that no one plays it when in fact its the most bought system.

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