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Here’s An Awesome, New Trailer For Monster Hunter 4 On Nintendo 3DS

Capcom’s Monster Hunter 4 for the Nintendo 3DS will be released Summer 2013 in Japan. There’s no word on whether the action role-playing game will come to the West; however, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS launches this March in Europe and North America.

Thanks, Tilmen.

246 thoughts on “Here’s An Awesome, New Trailer For Monster Hunter 4 On Nintendo 3DS”

      1. Yeah dumbass Nintendo needs to abandon their shitty, underpowered hardware. The 3DS awful graphics will ruin the monster hunter series.

        1. Have you ever tried playing anything on the 3DS? Guess not. Why did you even come on here? Go back to playing on your shitty ps1… -_-

          1. I tried playing Zelda: OoT. One of my favorites from when Nintendo was hardcore. It sucked ass, tarnised tne game’s legacy. I also played NSMB2, to say it quick, it was another Mario cash-in.

            1. N64 OoT is the exact same game as the 3ds one. Same boss, same character, same weapons, same EVERYTHING. Only thing that changed is the graphics, and those hint things. But is that really a turn off?

              1. I’m guessing Robson Jr. was just miffed OoT’s visuals weren’t Twilight Princess-ified. There’s just some folks out there who believe Nintendo wanted to make Zelda look like that but didn’t have the tech, and they were disappointed to find out that was the look they were going for all along: A timeless one (makes the name appropriate, I suppose). Though personally I had a good time w/ Twilight Princess I refuse to believe that’s the sole “Zelda look.”

        2. You think Nintendo is dumb? When you make something that sells 10 million within 2 years, then you can call Nintendo dumb

            1. What the hell are u smoking vita hasn’t sold 4 million do your research, those are joint sells with ps3 this year. Sony has been too embarrased by vita solo sells to give a figure by itself. What’s even worse Is the system just hit 1million sells alone back in Oct. IN ITS OWN NATIVE LAND!!! how long has vita been out again?

              1. No, the Vita has sold over 4 million systems now. Still, that pales in comparison to the 3DS’ sales. Regardless, that topic did not need to be brought up in these comments. Those guys are just trolling. Ignore them and move along.

        3. Are you and ikno smoking something? I don’t care about this series, but I do know that the graphics look GOOD. Go back to Xbox and Playstation land.

            1. This is “MyNintendonews.” we’re in “Nintendo Land.” We play Znintendo Land. YOU came HERE.
              Damn, what’s with the third grade comeback.

              Either a.) you don’t really like gaming on any console.
              2.) Your so bored with your Vita, that this site is the only site it’s underpowered browser could handle.

        4. ooh the 3ds sucks for having awful graphic, derp derp derp…
          Kids these days….
          Graphic > Gameplay … RIP gaming industry…

      2. LOL!!!! No , no it doesn’t. Ps1 looks like dog shit compared to MH4. The original DS has better graphics than the PS1. The 3DS has better graphics than wii.


        3DS has terrible graphics , that’s why Resident evil on 3DS looks better than some Vita games and runs in 3D , lol.

        1. Running away from the truth like a typical Nintendork. This game would be much on the Vita. Admit it. The only reason it’s on 3DS is because Capcom is being a greedy, money hungry asshole. It wants to put it on 3DS because it has better sales because hoardes of little kids and pedophiles gobble the crap system up.

          1. Hey you 2-faced whore. Capcom’s not being greedy. Have you seen that the Vita sales are worser than free effing Android games? The Vita’s great. Did you know you can play this game on it where you are an effing hungest orange running around eating zombies in FULL LOW DEF?!?!?! Well you’re missing out!

          2. “The only reason it’s on 3DS is because Capcom is being a greedy, money hungry asshole. It wants to put it on 3DS because it has better sales”

            …..yeah…. and your point is….?

          3. Yes it’ll look much better on Vita or why not go a step further? It’ll look much better on the new tegra 4 tablets that are coming out. What’s your point? There is obviously a bigger install base on the 3DS than Vita so Capcom decided it is in their best interest to develop for the 3DS. Also you can’t seriously tell me that this looks like PS1 graphics, it’ll look like PS2 at worst and between Wii and Xbox/PS3 at best.

          4. Lol. “Running away from the truth”? You couldn’t even comprehend the facts. Trust me if Vita was doing so good, they’d be getting games by now. They’ve been out over a year and PSP is outselling it in Japan. And no Wii U and 3ds is not in same category.

      1. This is a crazy, sensationalist comment! You’ll start a riot with this propaganda! This truth must never be uttered again!

  1. Fuck nintendo, fuck this piece of shit, the game is all pixaleted and blurry, they should’ve put it at least to the wii u, i know the 3 remake is, but why do nintendo and capcom do so stupid choices

        1. Yeah Nintendo should just become a third-party dev and put their games on hardware with decent graphics. The underpowered 3DS and Wii U are clown consoles.

            1. Oh my god you guys are so pathetic , You’re probably one mother fucking troll all posing as different people.

              you can’t judge 3DS graphics on a big blow up Youtube video you fucking asshats. You have to see it on the small 3DS screen in 3D. This game will have immense graphics for 3DS anyway with a Huge world . Monster Hunter Ultimate looks awesome on 3DS in 3D and so will this.

              You just mad because this is way better than any game the Vita will ever get. PSO2 may give it a run for its money , but I doubt it….

              Monster Hunter 4 >>>> PS vita games (all of them ever)

              1. Fortunately, I am not Nouvione. He is just a fellow harcore gamer. By the way, you’re just scared to admit this game would be unbelievably better on the Vita.

                1. Yeh but guess what , It’s never coming to vita. Because Nintendo is the King of Portable gaming not fucking Sony. It’s nice to be theoretical about things , but the truth is always much more real.

                  Whining about graphics , really this game wouldn’t even look THAT much better on the vita. Not enough for any normal person to care about and it would not be 3D on the Vita.

                  1. Wouldn’t look as good on the vita?wow, you really know about the hardware on both platforms to even say that shity-ass statement.

                    1. ”wouldn’t even look THAT much better on the vita.” – Which part of that didn’t you understand ? Seriously go and masterbate over Wipeass 2048 ….

                  1. On the Vita it would have better graphics and online. Plus if you wanted to play in dual analog you wouldn’t have to attach a boat to the system. Foolish Nintendork being a butthurt fanboy.

                2. I dont really care for graphics so this being on 3ds doesnt bother me, is there any other reasons why it’ll be better on the Vita cus i cant seem to find any..

              2. Nintendward is right, it will look different on the actual screen, in 3D. Youtube is a good indicator of the general quality of game footage, but it’s not 100% accurate due to compression, resolution, frame rates etc. 3D does make a huge difference to some games, Pilot Wings for example, the 3D effect in that game really makes the graphics pop. I hope Youtube do provide 60fps upload options in the future, we could really see what some games look like then with regards to frame rates.

            2. Dude, of course it’ll look better on the wii u. I’m discussing right now. It’ll 100% look better. Unfortunately this one is on the 3ds. Maybe they’ll release MH4U…lol

        1. Yeh capcom doesn’t agree though because they know the 3DS is better than Vita and it’s what the people want. People don’t want overpriced Memory cards and a rear gay touch panel.

              1. The PS3 is six years old so it has has many price drops. The $599 launch price is justified because the PS3 is such a quality console, unlike the wimpy Wii U that can barely run current gen games.

                1. That’s why CoD looks better on Wiiu on PS3 , So does Assassins creed 3 , Mass effect 3 , Trine 2 , Sonic Racing , and all the rest.

                  The wiiu is is a beast compared to Ps3 with A tablet controller.

                  Wiiu makes Ps3 look like old shit…

                1. You’re in Australia? I used to feel the UK had the worst software and hardware prices, then I read some posts about Aussie prices that were even worse!

                  1. Yep! :P That’s why I actually import a lot from the UK, sometimes your games are half the price we have here :P

      1. a nice idea for some, but a total pipe dream. the vita’s underperforming even by sony’s lowered expectations. the smart move is to go for 3DS where the game will sell like hotcakes (and the 3DS also will as a result). it’s almost too bad capcom doesn’t want to take risks by going with sony, probably due to sony’s screwups over the past…. well, generation. this is a game that could’ve saved the vita, at least in japan. c’est la vie, i suppose

        1. There are what? 8-10 Monster Hunter games on Sony platforms and something like 5 on Nintendo platforms?

          It’s purely a business decision. Who knows what kind of deal Nintendo and Capcom worked out? There’s no guarantee that MH wont appear on Sony platforms again in the future.

      2. Graphics will be better but online functionality could be the same. Why not just get a 3DS? It’s only about $170. The Vita is unfortunately failing and the COD that was suppose to be the console selling game was a big flop (Thanks to that horrible developer Nhilstic(?). I don’t understand why Activision didn’t oversee the development of this game, I was looking forward to buying it. Also why in God’s name is Sony not releasing any mem card bigger than 32GB?

        1. I have a 3DS. And ugh, don’t remind me about that CoD game -_- Biggest failure I’ve seen in a long time. Also 32GB memory card is fine. I have a crap load of stuff on there and it’s not filled yet.

          1. Yeah the same developers that brought us Resistance Burning Skies and that game was okay at best. Can’t believe I passed the game let alone played online which I have to admit was good albeit very bare bones. As for memory card, I think it’s just personal preferences because I like my games digital (Steam showed me the light) and so the only cartridge game I have is Uncharted and the rest is on my 32gb. I’m just saying that it wouldn’t hurt to bring out a bigger memory card for us who prefer digital contents.

            1. Same here man. Love digital. I want all my games to go digital (Wishing Nintendo would not make digital so damn expensive).

              1. Yeah, it’s very convenient to just go to the homescreen and switch games from there. I don’t buy digital retail games for 3DS because of the limited space and I’m too lazy to go through the process of transferring games to a bigger SD card. Eshop games are awesome though.

                1. I just copied and pasted all the contents of one SD card to the other, takes all of 5 seconds :P Gotta admit the eshop games are pretty cool, Liberation Maiden is still my favourite. I’m interested to see how the Steam box goes, hopefully it syncs with my steam account so I don’t have to rebuy my games xD

                  1. Haha it’s that simple? Okay I kinda assumed it’ll be hard knowing Nintendo. eShop games are awesome, just purchased Gunman Clive today and that game is very good and was meant to be played in 3D. Steam Holiday Sales just recently ended and those deals were very tempting.

                    1. Steam Sales I go ballistic on xD I’m actually looking at purchasing a few eshop titles, I’ll wait for the shop to update (Which should happen tonight).

      1. Play Mario Tennis then say it’s good. It was a lag fest for me and every other person who I knew owned it. (And no, it wasn’t the internet connection)

        1. I was playing Kid Icarus online and it was decent. I have horrible internet and the game was very playable online. Also it was fun for the time being.

          1. That would be the only 3DS game i’ve played that has decent online and I’ve played a lot online for 3DS. Hopefully Nintendo has upgraded there servers.

  2. I’m excited about this game :) I hope we can get it outside japan, too bad for sony the capcom gotta have their reason for not publishing in vita might be sales in japan right now

      1. the 3DS is printing money and selling more consoles globally every week than any other system on the market right now, due in part to its great sales in japan, where monster hunter is most popular. so please explain to me why a BUSINESS like capcom is making a bad move by putting monster hunter 4 on the 3DS

      2. Bad move for the fans of other consoles maybe but good move for them business wise. 3DS sells and if you’re a business man or woman you’d probably go with their choice too.

    1. Looks fun? The graphics were so fuzzy I couldn’t even tell what was going on. Go back to your cave stupid Nintendork.

      1. Really? I was able to see pretty well. It might be your computer screen. Also, it’s recommended you go to the eye doctor once a year. I mean, it beats anything I own

  3. I wish you guys would shut the fuck up about these graphics. I’m surprised no one bothered to retaliate against you bastards. “PUT THIS ON VITA!!”, “PS1 GRAPHICS!!” SHUT UP. The Vita is a FAIL. Why do you think it’s not on there? I would respect you more if you were literate fuckers with brains.

      1. It doesn’t , that’s just what you want to believe. The 3DS has Better games.
        Your opinion and the other 4M who own a vita doesn’t matter.

        A dual analogue console and it hasn’t even got a fucking decent online shooting game yet. Kid icarus is a better online ”shooter” than anything the vita will ever get lol…

        Poor vita. Just accept the 3DS is more relevant and better than the Vita.

        1. It isn’t better, 3ds sucks, and yeah, it sells alot, but where are hardcore games for it, all i can see is fuckin’-ass, shity-ass, stupid-ass games, AND IM NOT PAYING 50 $ for a 5 hour game

        2. The only reason the 3DS has better sales is because Nintendork losers like you buy it. 3DS is trash. Even Ocarina of Time, one of the best games ever, sucks on 3DS.

            1. Yeah. Fuck Nintendo. I thought maybe with Wii U they were going to be hardcoe again. But what do I get? A shit, underpowered console that can barely run current gen games. Pathetic effort, Nintendo!

              1. Please explain to me how the Wii U can barely run current gen games? GPGPU isnt even being used to assign tasks the CPU would normally do, and games like Mass Effect 3 run better than the PS3 version and right under the Xbox 360 version.

          1. Losers? So everyone who buys a 3DS is a loser? Whether they also have a vita or what not? All those sales numbers the vita has is from losers? Vita has such a low sale rate cause??? I guess there are just not enough hardcore gamers that love the vita? Is that it? In which case you’re saying you guys the (Cough Hardcore Cough) gamers are the majority. So I guess most gamers are just losers. And only Hardcore gamers buy and support stuff thats failing and continiously say a failing device is better simply do to its hardware?

            When will people learn. In gaming HARDWARE MEANS SHIT. You want top notch specs? Hears an idea you can buy this thing called a PC. Video games were NEVER about graphics. There MAIN PURPOSE IS A FUN HOBBY.

            Sony could come out this E3 and at the end say okay we have 1 final huge announcment. (Everyone gets on the edge of their chairs cause they think its the PS4!!!) The dude says “Okay…sigh…We have been having a rough few years and it is our unfortunate that we have to reveal this but we are filing for Bankruptcy. We will finish our products that are planned for 2013 but by January 1st 2014 Sony will no longer exsist. No PS4 sorry guys.

            Then he walks off stage people all shocked. Then comes back on and says on 1 last thing. For all the people who compare us with Nintendo, you can stop that. Nintendo beat us. They have been better then us for quite some time. And we wish Nintendo best of luck.

            But even if Sony said that you people would still claim something stupid like gaming is dead the great sony is gone we only have kid games left. Thank god for the XBOX which is okay.

            Ironiclly what I stated is my prediction for this E3 for Sony. Anyone who actually does abit of research would know Sony is in a fucking mess. Literally they need a miracle to survive more then more 2 years.

                1. Sony have stated they want to make it powerful but more affordable than the PS3 at launch. Seems they learnt a lesson.

                  1. Thats good. But i also recall the launch price to be pretty high for the PS3. Hopefully their definition of affordable is the same as mine :p

              1. I know that. But Sony lacks the money for it to be a huge massive system that you Sony drones think will happen. PS4 will be ever so slightly more powerful then the Wii U just cause it will be out a year after.

                1. “But Sony lacks the money for it to be a huge massive system that you Sony drones think will happen.”

                  Lol k. Stop being a Nintendo drone. And stop assuming.

                2. No reasonable gamer is expecting a system to be leaps and bounds ahead of the current gen, but the specs will no doubt be better than the PS3. Sony has already stated that they are working to make the system more affordable at launch than the PS3 was.

                  They have the money to do it. Don’t let the media hype, sensationalism, and doom & gloom articles deceive you. Sony Corp is still a multibillion dollar multinational conglomerate and has the ability to launch the next gen PlayStation as gaming is one of the major focuses for Sony now. Their electronics division has been in a bit of trouble, and yet they are able to develop and produce 4K TVs that cost what? $20,000 each? They can surely develop and produce a next-gen PlayStation that will probably cost somewhere around $400.

        1. -Uncharted Golden Abyss
          -PS: All Stars
          -Gravity Rush
          -Sound Shapes
          -Unit 13
          -Persona 4
          -Zero’s Escape: Virtues Last Reward
          -MGS HD Collection
          -New Little Kings Story
          -NFS: Most Wanted

          Plus I can keep going if you’d like :)

            1. He/She said just name 10 games, so I did. Besides, I don’t see anything wrong with ports if they get released along side the console it is ported from (excluding MGS HD Collection because well, of course that is a port of an older game). But the VITA has a solid line up of games coming. Soul Sacrifice, Killzone Mercenary, Sniper 2 Ghost Warrior (Apparently), Tearaway, Sly Cooper, plus many more. The problem the Vita has is:

              A) Third parties are more still developing for PSP.
              B) Memory card prices, the system’s price is fine.

          1. 5 out of 5 games in that list I know of and out of THOSE 5 games none are worth buying a Vita for.. IMO
            ps Ive played those 5 games..

              1. uncharted was terrible, this coming from someone who loves the uncharted series and gravity rush got old pretty quick and lost interest midway through the game and so was little king’s story which i prefer the Wii version over, MGS HD is good but not worth buying a vita over for just it, well hopefully vita gets more games that interest me cus right now its collecting dust..

                1. D: Those were some of my favourite games though!

                  Aw well, if you didn’t like them, you didn’t like them. Hopefully the Vita pumps out some stuff you like soon :D

          2. Uncharted was good, kinda stale on the ‘WTF moments’ but for what it was(handheld game) it was good. Gravity Rush was good but i honestly thought it got repetitive with it’s missions/side missions and stopped playing it(upgrade system was cool though). Okay sound shape is just awesome, gonna buy the DLC and start playing it again real soon. That deserves to be on everybody’s Vita list. Played Unit 13 Demo thought it was just okay. New Little Kings Story is good but the lag was a bit of a problem. The rest of the games on this list seems pretty legit. Vita does have good games but I think it doesn’t have that console selling game like Nintendo’s AAA games.

                  1. We need more big name companies making Vita games. Media Molecules and their Tearaway game looks like a very interesting game. Now we need Santa Monica to develop for the Vita.

                    1. Santa Monica has developed a few of the Vita games in conjunction with other studios (like Sound Shapes and PS All-Stars).

                      But I expect we’ll hear about some real Santa Monica games this year ;)

                  2. Also if they port over Battlefield 1943 over to Vita I will definitely buy it again. That game is perfect for Vita.

        2. For games already released, I’ll give you more than 10 –

          Persona 4 Golden
          DJMax Technika Tune
          Ultimte Marvel vs Capcom 3
          Unit 13
          Virtua Tennis 4
          Escape Plan
          Frobisher Says
          Treasures of Montezuma Blitz
          Rayman Origins
          New Little King’s Story
          Uncharted Golden Abyss
          Gravity Rush
          Jet Set Radio
          Ragnarok Odyssey
          Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath
          Super Crate Box
          Aqua Kitty
          Samurai Beatdown
          Retro City Rampage
          Street Fighter X Tekken
          NFS Most Wanted
          LittleBigPlanet PS Vita
          WipEout 2048
          Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
          Mortal Kombat
          Sine Mora
          Sound Shapes
          Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward
          Lumines: electronic symphony
          Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

          Looking forward to more games coming out this year too like Guacamele, Tearaway, Killzone, Kickbeat, and a few others I can’t talk about right now. :)

        1. Its instinctual. They’re trolls who are so used to being the minority that they automatically assume a general insult is aimed towards them.

  4. I have to say that Capcom knows how to make good games on 3DS. Those graphics looked impressive to me for 3DS and I’m really looking forward to the gameplay. Now if only the cancerous growth of Capcom (the corporate part) will do the right thing and bring this over to the West.

      1. who gives a fucking fuck?

        Dude as much as I try to love the vita, I can’t. I’m enjoying more my 3ds right now but that may change if the vita gets more appealing games. Love your system and stop spreading hate :).I would love it if Microsoft made a portable gaming system to have a wider variety and more competition. Also halo and gears on the go would be beast! A system seller for me.

      1. who gives a fucking fuck?

        agreed but it was probably because of the closed enviroments that they had more polygons to work with.

  5. who gives a fucking fuck?

    Graphics don’t look that great but I bet game play is amazing. I wish we could have an option to turn off 3d an in exchange we get more fps or better graphics for games. Still loving my 3ds though :)

  6. Mother fuckers who like the Vita+ this argument= the most epicly failed come-back. Admit it. Why didn’t capcom make it on the Vita? CUZ IT’S FUCKING SHIT! Got it? Now Piss off.

    1. Are you made little Nintendork? Would you like Pikachu to jump into your pants and give you a blow job? Would that calm you down?

  7. I may get hate for this…But art wise or graphically wise….this looks the exact same as MH3U for Wii U…I have never played a Monster Hunter game. Was going to get MH3U for Wii U but changed my mind after watching that 1 hour gameplay video. Cause I got so bored. I guess MH just isnt for me. Make no mistake im not bashing the game. Im not a graphics whore so it looks good for what its going for. Just looks boring to me. I didnt smile once during this trailer lol. Hope you all enjoy it though.

  8. If I was sickr or alba, I would block people like Robson Jr. and a few others for posting anti-Nintendo comments and blasting their idiot hatred on a NINTENDO website. After all, isn’t this called MY NINTENDO NEWS? GET THE HELL OFF OF NINTENDO WEBSITES IF YOU HATE NINTENDO!!!! What do people get out of doing that?

    1. No point. They can’t get rid of them. They’ll proxy. Also, people can post anti-Nintendo stuff, just as long as it isn’t obvious trolling.

    2. They should be happy I’ve got their article over 100 comments. Stupid Nintendorks going on the defensive because the 3DS has shitty graphics!!!

          1. Yes, cause clearly you are right in front of me physically. Science has made computers that you can put your hand through the screen and it’ll appear out of another computer. *rolls eyes* And I like to be called Bob

  9. LOL at the comment section. You people argue about the same bullshit on every post. I feel sorry for you. Get a life.

        1. Eh all good, I love what I do :) , I’ve realised I’ve been a pretty big dick on here so I’m going to change that, plus Nintendo is starting to win me back, I’ll still support the Vita though :P

          1. yeah man, vita is a really good handheld and i mainly bought cus i just got have it in my but im waiting for THAT game so hopefully it’ll comes soon.. :)

  10. This game looks awesome. I’ve never played a Monster Hunter game before. I will be sure to try it out on Wii U or 3DS or maybe both.

    1. If it’s like the other MH’s you’ll like it. The series though is starting to feel stale for me though, I’ll get it (hoping it’ll change my view)

            1. Did I say 3DS sucks on this article? Neither sucks, I just believe the Vita (As a console) is better is all.

              I’ll be getting it, hoping that it will be getting me back into the series.

              1. Based solely on handhels I have to agree with you that Vita is better but not by a stretch. 3DS despite it’s low specs is a good handheld and I think coupled with it’s features (3d included) it can almost go toe to toe with Vita. IMO.

    2. Monster Hunter games aren’t for everyone (unless you’re in Japan lol) but they are pretty good games. I’d say, if you’re unsure about playing these games, try an older Monster Hunter title, maybe one you can find used/cheap and see if it’s for you.

      I like some of the games. The ones coming up look pretty sweet too.

    3. Same. wondering whether i should get MH3 ultimate or wait for 4…? i mean ultimate has cross platform saves…thats so legit x.x

  11. This is game looks fine, I’m getting it for local multiplayer which I hope they have. Never really gotten into any MH games because it’s very time demanding but I’ll still get this one. On an unrelated note; anybody got Earth Defense Force for Vita yet? If so how is it? I’m thinking of adding it to my Vita collection but I wanna know if it’s worth the memory space. Seriously Sony, bring out at least a 64gb memory card.

      1. I like the EDF series, but I’m not getting EDF 2017 for Vita because of the fact that it’s a port of a game that is something like 6 or 7 years old, it’s downloadable only, AND they’re charging $40 for it. No thanks.

    1. This isnt really the time and/or place to ask this, because as you can see we are in the centre of Gaming World War 3 :3

          1. BTW Jellybean, are you going to get Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for 3DS and Wii U or just one and why. I haven’t played a Monster Hunter game yet. I wanted to try this, but now it’s not as appealing. Any thoughts.

            1. At this stage, probably just 3DS (Haven’t got a Wii U yet, waiting for Nintendo to win me back on the Wii U with E3 more than likely). Honestly at first I loved the series, huge replay value, but isn’t for everyone. As more releases came out, it started to feel stale, I’ll keep buying it though, hoping some differences occur.

              1. I thought Nintendo’s e3 last year was disappointing. Sure Pikmin3 and other 3DS games were there but I wanted to see what Retro Studios was up to, also there were no surprises. Hopefully Nintendo will pull all the stops and bring it’s A game (pun intended) to this years e3.

  12. Why are Nintendo haters on a Nintendo site again? I can’t find the actual comments with the actual, honest, non-trolling, non-unnecessary-swearing opinions on whether the game itself is good or not, in its entirety, with graphics as a factor but not the sole factor…

  13. “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” with that being said im really just looking forward to trying the game out for myself to see if i have a genuine enjoyable experience with it. im not a gamer that plays for the statics of the console or the graphical aspect of a game. id rather focus on what really matters the game play an what new features have changed the game an possibly enhanced or evolved over the length of the series. as a long time gamer i own both a vita and a 3ds but i don’t stack em up against each other like a competition its easier to just play the games an have fun.

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