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Nintendo Stock Rises Due To Wii U Profits


Nintendo’s stock price has rose the most in almost four months after the console generated more revenue in the United States than its predecessor, the Wii. Stock for the company rose by 5.6 percent to close at 9,070 yen, which is its biggest gain since September 18th. Wii U sales in the United States in the first 41 days after the console made its debut on November 18th were more than $300 million. The original Wii sales were $270 million at the same point after release.

“The U.S. sales report prompted investors to jump on Nintendo. Still, “the gain may be short-lived unless it can sustain sales momentum.”

Makoto Sengoku, a Tokyo-based market analyst at Tokai Tokyo Securities Co.

74 thoughts on “Nintendo Stock Rises Due To Wii U Profits”

    1. I wouldn’t be celebrating too much. It’s an unfair comparison to make saying the Wii U has generated more revenue that its predecessor, it’s more expensive! $50 more for Basic & $100 more for Deluxe (in the US). Numbers show that it has sold less units than the Wii. Don’t interpret it the wrong way, I absolutely love my Wii U, but there was software that was promised at launch date that was pushed back. Virtual console should have been available at launch. Certain things Nintendo should have done differently. I really waiting for that HD Zelda & Metroid and 3D Mario

      1. …Yes, because the utterance of a single word is celebrating far too much.

        I’ll be sure to tone it down in the future.

      2. For investitors, what really matters are the profits. If Nintendo can sell a quarter of the original sales of Wii and still profit more than that, it´s all that the investidors will actually care about.

    1. For a bit, yes, but nothing severe they couldn’t handle with all the money they got.

      It could have been worse; they could be like THQ or Sony. Even now Nintendo’s Market Cap is higher than Sony’s (not by a lot, but still, a simple video game hardware/software manufacturer has more money rolling in than a major multi-division company).

      Nintendo’s Market Cap (as of today): 12.96B
      Sony’s Market Cap (as of today): 11.15B


  1. Good news for Nintendo and it’s gamers. “show me the money” they said. Well the money has been shown! No excuses now.

  2. U know why. Because wii u has games we actually want. Now if only they do this for 3ds third person and first person shooters nintendo will dominate gaming again.

      1. That’s not necessarily true. Resident Evil: Revelations allows you to change the camera into 1st person perspective

        1. I’d say a metroid 3ds would be awesome or a CoD game. I like FPS games and having it on a handheld(vita or 3ds) is welcomed.

  3. Thats what happen when u release games people in the states want. Not layton and ace what ever its called. Now all they need is some hard cire shooters ir adventure games for the 3ds and nintendo will pretty much own the states.

    1. Ir, y’know, they could release ALL those games. I see no reason the hard cire shooters, layton, and ace whatevers cannot all coexist harmoniously under the same publisher.
      The audience exists for all those games.

    1. There is an OTC market of Nintendo stock derivatives in USA (NTDOY). Their market price is a bit disconnected from the real stock listed in Nikkei, but in the long run has been following it and also dividends are paid. The actual stocks need to be bought from Japan and the stock unit is too large for a regular human being, so unless you are rich, it is not an option.

    1. So I’m guessing you haven’t read the article… also Microsoft sold 1.5 Million units world wide whill the Wii U sold 2.2 million… problem?

      1. Lol, bro he was just mimicking blaise the guy who says “it’s over Nintendo is finished” the only problem here is your misunderstanding.

  4. Yet again Nintendo proves Sorny trolls and Microshit slaves how wrong they always are.
    What accusations will you come up with now noobs? >)

    1. Well this really means nothing. The Wii U cost 50 dollars more (the popular Deluxe which sold more, is 100 more) So of course that the wii u needed to sell less than the wii to create more revenue. And We still don’t know how much profit (if any) they actually made since it is being sold at a loss.

      1. Stop discounting advantages of certain consoles. OBVIOUSLY it costs more which means it needs to sell less. That is a basic marketing strategy. Also, You are forgetting that some people this time around did NOT purchase a Wii U simply because it “was” more expensive. That is basically why it sold less in the first place. So the point you are trying to make is pretty much canceled out. As in it doesn’t really matter.

    1. If Pachter says anything positive to Nintendo and/or its risen stock, hell is gonna be frozen. I kid, I kid. Nintendo Co., Ltd. have done an excellent job on the Wii U sales in the United States. Japan is gonna pick up more steam (no pun intended) on U sales hopefully.

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  7. I do worry about how Nintendo is going to compete as more and more devices tap into the Casual gaming market. Recently, it seems like Nintendo is making the bulk of their profits from that market, and if the market shifts in a different direction, they’re going to be in a world of hurt. Nintendo got to this point by innovating, and I wonder if they’ll continue to do so as gamer preferences change.

    1. As long as Nintendo continues making games and selling more U units, the more we see more profits gaining by us gamers. We’re waiting patiently for Pikmin 3, Lego City: Undercover, and The Wonderful 101.

      1. Yes, but gamers profiting from a good line of games and a company profiting enough to stay in business are two entirely different things. ;) That being said, with the sad attempts Microsoft and Sony are making in the gamer market, I don’t worry too much about Nintendo.

    2. Those stupid Ipad games and Phone games are just $0.99 junk. You honestly think Nintendo faces trouble from that? Lol This is Nintendos 124th year of being around they will out last anyone in gaming.

      1. They don’t face trouble from it NOW. But I can easily see the market shifting in that direction in the future. Why buy expensive hardware when you can do the same thing with an emulator or a similar game on your android tablet or phone? Nintendo won’t lose the gaming market. But they might stand to lose the casual gaming market, one that has made them a LOT of money in the past few years. Like it or not, things like Angry Birds and Words With Friends are taking over the casual market, and Nintendo stands to lose something to them. Even if they are $0.99 junk.

        1. Angry Birds… maybe? NOT Words With Friends. The average person doesn’t play that game for more than a couple of weeks. If people want to play a greater “value” of game say, AAA worthy? They will have to get a home console. You just can’t get a perfect quality game for $.99.. its IMPOSSIBLE and that will never change. People realize that now and will realize that later too… Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony aren’t going ANYWHERE.

          1. Oh my goodness, you could at least READ my reply before typing your own nonsense out. I KNOW they’re not going anywhere. I’m saying they’re going to lose money to the tablet market. Losing money does not equate going out of business. And honestly, do you really think it has to do with value? People understand they get what they pay for, but the people who purchase the $0.99 game and the $59.99 game ARE NOT THE SAME GAMERS. They’re a completely different market. Casual gamers aren’t looking for a 60 dollar experience. They’re looking for a game they can play in short bursts of free time. And as the same group of people who grew up with video games ages and loses more free time? They’ll continue to look for quick gaming satisfaction, not immersive gaming experiences like you’re talking about. Want an example of why quality doesn’t matter? Nintendo’s been burying other companies by producing games with sub-par graphics. Why does this work? Because the games are fun, and it’s much easier to pick up a game of Mario Kart than to start a brand new game of Skyrim, Final Fantasy, or Assassin’s Creed. Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony aren’t going anywhere, but their casual gaming market might be.

            1. Casual gamers will exist for as long as gamers do, and so long as Nintendo can provide good games, they’ll get revenue from that portion of the community just as much as they will from the hard-core market once the Wii U’s third-party title list is fleshed out later on this year.

              1. Agreed. I’m not worried about the Wii U per se. I’m not really worried at all. I’m just wondering what Nintendo might decide to do to get the same gaming market that currently flocks to Angry Birds (pun not intended) and other phone-based games, if anything. They might decide that those gamers aren’t worth the investment, or they might do something similar to Microsoft’s SmartGlass technology. Even the WiiU is a step towards getting a market that is increasingly addicted to tablets and phones. Not trying to start a flame war here. I was trying to start a discussion, but apparently people fanboy too hard for that to happen. =/

          2. Tablets and phone techs are progressing at a very fast rate. Before you know it they’ll be able to have current gen power running on it if they haven’t already. You can turn a blind eye all you want but tablets and phones are a threat to consoles and especially handhelds. It may not be a big threat now but eventually it will.

            1. According to , Nintendo’s stocks have went up at 480 yen per share, 5.59% and closes at 9,070 JPY. I’m sure the global president and CEO of Nintendo of Japan is more than happy to hear great news.

            2. the wiiu is at least very least a 500 gflop gpu running extremely efficiently with a MASSIVE BANDWIDTH and edram

              the very very very best tablet gpus are about 75gflops and completly starved of bandwidth and totally un optermized like a games console more so a nintendo games console tablets will reach wiiu wen wiiu is being replaced about 5 years plus there far far behind

              even the latest phones dont match res evil revolations etc there miles behind and weak gpus and no bandwidth can never fill a HD screen its to weak to do it it wil take years to match x360 yet alone wiiu

            3. So true. Anyone who disagrees with this and doesn’t have the intelligence to think through the thought process that leads to this conclusion should look at this post:
              Nintendo was trying to compete with the darn tablets before they were even in their prime. The WiiU is Nintendo’s acknowledgement that they need to do something to compete with tablets before it gets out of hand. So true, JustAnAnon. =)

  8. oh look who just got found out telling lies all the analysts and gaming sites it had a weak start and it has flopped how can that be the Nintendo stocks went up not down hhhhhmmmmmm maybe someone or two or three are telling lies ,and its all based on DOWS SYNDROME I LOVE DUALSHOCK MONG FREAKS who actually think there gamers LOL

    the weak wiiu with a gpu with compute like rsx xenos and hollywood combined with ease lol and 32mb edram and 2gig of main ram its all weak tho that disc drive that loads 2.5 x faster than ps3s is soooo weak

    you sados will clutch on to any hope you can sony filth

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