Pink Nintendo 3DS XL Was Limited Edition, No More Coming


A Nintendo of America representative has confirmed that the immensely popular Pink and White Nintendo 3DS XL console was limited edition, and that the company has no plans at this precise moment in time to issue a re-release of the console. The Pink Nintendo 3DS XL is apparently completely sold out in North America, so eBay would be your best bet if you want one.

Thank you for taking the time to write to us about the Pink Nintendo 3DS XL. I can confirm that this color was a limited edition, and at this time there have been no announcements regarding its re-release or the release of additional colors. I certainly understand your thoughts on this matter and want you to know how much we appreciate you sending them in.

Update: The Pink Nintendo 3DS is still available to purchase at GameStop. Thanks, Andres

Thanks, Phillip


  1. It didn’t even say special edition on the box like the Zelda one or even have a logo on it. I don’t see why they would stop selling it if it’s popular unless they have another pink coming out

  2. Oh man… I am going to the us for a year in summer… I want to buy a new 3ds xl so that I do not have to import all game from Europe and I wanted pink!!!
    I just do not know why I did not get a ntsc version the 1st place… It is way cheaper…
    Oh I remember… Wireless play region locked… I FUUUUING HATE REGION LOCKING!!!

  3. I bought one just now at Wal Mart, and a lot of Best Buys still have them in stock too. Where is all this “North America is sold out” information coming from?

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