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High Resolution Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon US Box-Art


Nintendo of America has provided a high-resolution box-art for the forthcoming Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the Nintendo 3DS. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is currently scheduled to be released sometime in the Spring in North America. The game has also been pencilled in for a March release in Europe. Are you a fan of the box-art?

72 thoughts on “High Resolution Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon US Box-Art”

      1. It won’t be on the physical box art. For some reason, Yoshi and Luigi’s coloring always show up weird on pictures of the box art.

      1. I think DLC, possibly. But that is interesting, with the whole “Online actions not rated by the ESRB”. I’m really not sure how they could put multiplayer in this kind of game.

  1. Iguess the reason Luigi’s hat is the brightest is because Next Level Games wants more people to know that Mario has a brother, and his name is LUIGI. :D

  2. Mario has been an utter chain of disappointment to me for the past few years. Hopefully his brother will do a better job!

      1. I think he means 2012 for Mario. Paper Mario, MTO, NSMB2, and NSMBU aren’t that great. Although 2011 was pretty good for Mario with MK7 and SM3DL.

        1. The hell is a MTO?
          And you’re more or less right. Though I actually meant everything since NSMBW/SMG2.
          Mario Kart 7 was okay, but I had to force myself to keep playing 3D land.

      2. Yes, I’ve beaten both of them 100%. Super Mario Galaxy was a fantastic game and one of the best of its generation. Super Mario Galaxy 2, however, was a carbon copy of the first one with no soul; at least the first one had a somewhat deep story (by Mario standards).

        Most people on this website bash games like Call of Duty for just doing the same shit over and over again (Note, I also hate COD)… but turn a blind eye when Mario does the exact same thing. And don’t get me started on all the New Super Mario Bros games…

        1. Super Mario Galaxy 2 was actually my favorite out of the 2. Sure, there was a much more simple, if not non-existant, story in #2, but I don’t think it’s ever really been about the story in Mario games, just about the fun. I liked 2 more because it improved upon things that were in the first one, and added certain things that just made it like an ultimate version of SMG! Sure, maybe it was the same thing, but it was only one sequel, and it was still fun. New Super Mario Brothers, sure, it’s a lot of re-hash, but games like SMG aren’t straying too far from what most franchises do, and it wasn’t even the worst of it’s kind. ANYWAY, everyone has their own opinions. I’m glad you recognize SMG as a generation defining game, and I am sorry we do not share the same thoughts on it’s sequel, but hey, everyone’s different.

  3. at my local GameStop sd that Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is set to b release on Feb 4, 2013!!! i dnt knw wat to think!!

  4. I’m really excited about this game (and Animal Crossing). I just feel sad that it’s only on 3DS. You can’t share the excitement of a game with others when it’s only a handheld. Not to mention you can’t record playthroughs or previews of the game. But I’m still looking forward to this. But I gotta get a 3DS XL first. I will NOT play this on my regular sized 3DS. I wanna see this on a bigger screen. Unfortunately, I made a vow not to buy the 3DS XL until a special edition is made. So I don’t see me getting this game on launch. *sigh*

  5. I would like a nintendo Direct right after Fire Emblem is released. For Release Dates, and the Ninty Network thing.

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