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Professor Layton And The Azran Legacies Trailer For Nintendo 3DS

A brand new trailer has been uploaded for the final game in the Layton prequel trilogy, Professor Layton And The Azran Legacies. The game appears to take the famous puzzle-solving professor and his enthusiastic assistants all the way from London to the US and Russia. Professor Layton And The Azran Legacies is due to be released on the 28th of February in Japan.

15 thoughts on “Professor Layton And The Azran Legacies Trailer For Nintendo 3DS”

    1. Same. I love the Layton series. I have been playing it since The Curious Village first came out. I can’t wait for the rest of the games (including the Phoenix Wright crossover) to be localized!

  1. i love professor layton!! :D the games just keep building off of each other and getting better and better, so i can’t wait until the azran legacies comes to america. also, it would be really cool if randall were in this next game a little bit because, after the last game, he became one of my favorite professor layton characters. :)

  2. Really want to know when the English trailer is released cant find one :( I’ve been searching about this new professor Layton and the azran legacies as soon as I completed miracle mask which lasted only 3days hehe but that was at Christmas so about January I’ve been searching this I’m a bit of a professor Layton ADDICT no joke think I need rehab

  3. I will buy every Layton game till the end of time! Hope they make more games after this one, even if Professor Layton is not the main character.

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