Jason Michael Paul Productions have confirmed that The Legend Of Zelda Symphony Of The Goddesses is coming to London. The spectacular event will be held at the Hammersmith Apollo with a date scheduled for 23rd May 2013. Tickets will become available via the venue’s website from Monday 14th January at 10am.



  1. And once again its to London while the rest of the country misses out. Do these people think that everyone in the UK lives in London or something? Of course judging by the way the Kid Icarus events were handled the North/North East would still be ignored even if they did more venues


    • It’s not just London, they can’t do performances in every city, they try to pick the largest ones. This applies to the US and other regions too. They didn’t go to every state here in the US, only the largest ones like California, Florida, New York, etc. Then there, just the major ones like LA, San Fran, Miami..


    • Even you are ignoring us from the northwest haha, I’m asking my boss for time off now I’m not missing this! Also London comiccon the day after!!!


  2. “Dear Nintendo,
    there are more countrys in Europe than England. There might be some people that can’t efford travelling 500 miles to see this event.”

    Why again London? Why does London need two concerts? I’d go to Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam – even Prague :(


  3. Ew.. music without words. GIVE ME RIHANNA!!!!!! and T-Swift and Nicki Minaj and Christina Aguilera and all those other pop-star bitches… they are great. ^__^


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