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Skylanders Franchise Hits $500 Million In US Lifetime Sales


Toys For Bob and publisher Activision should be extremely pleased with the sales of the incredibly popular Skylanders series in the United States and the United Kingdom. The Skylanders franchise has reached $500 million in the United States, and the series has become the 3rd best-selling franchise of all time in the United Kingdom.

“Just a year ago, the concept of bringing toys to life in a virtual world was an untested play pattern that Activision and Toys For Bob believed in. Now the category has been established in the market and embraced by parents and kids everywhere.”

“We’re humbled by the continued support and acclaim from parents, kids and critics alike, but more importantly, it’s gratifying to see kids excited about the adventures that await them both in the digital and physical worlds.”

– John Coyne, VP of Consumer Marketing at Activision

35 thoughts on “Skylanders Franchise Hits $500 Million In US Lifetime Sales”

      1. even if it that wasn’t true, it would have been an interesting question. mainly because most of those 500 millions probably come from the toys, not the games themselves. those could be considered either merchandise (which wouldn’t count in that list) or expansions (which would)…

    1. well, this is, after all, first and formost, a collectible game. and just like pokemon cards and the like, those are expensive as hell. one could argue that the game is the gimmick to those collectible figures, not the other way around ^^
      and at least in this case you don’t have to buy packs without knowing whats inside them.. :)

    1. You are on some extreme fucking drugs if you think Spyro is better off in this game.

      But seeing who you are now, a dumb weeaboo faggot, I’m not surprised you’d post this and think it’d take off well or something.

    2. Oh and by the way, Spyro was never a Sony franchise character.

      what a dumbass, you don’t even know your gaming history.

      1. Same here, bro :D
        I think i was about 8, not sure, i just remember running around charging into sheep.
        It’s actually upsetting, we probably won’t get that type of game ever again, and in Europe we don’t have Spyro on the PSN store :(

        1. That is extremely weird, we have Spyro in Aus PSN Store, and usually UK and AUS get the same games generally around the same time.

  1. Its a pretty clever idea, you sell toys, but they are not just toys, they are these creatures in a story in a video game. You know it could’ve been trading cards but instead they thought of something more attractive and so ended up with this. Pretty Cool, unfortunately i haven’t played it…

  2. Impressive just imagine if nintendo did this with pokemon figures or pokemon cards for a pokemon game on the 3DS or wii u

    1. yuck! As long as it doesn’t REQUIRE you to pay for a specific Pokemon, that would be awful. Scenario: “I want to raise a Vaporeon, Oh well I gotta go to the store and buy a Vaporeon figure for $5.00 Not to mention the game itself is $40 on the DS!!!!”
      “Okay, now I want to raise a Victreebel, Articuno, Flygon, Emboar and a Wigglytuff… Now I gotta pay $25.00 just to have a full party of six… Oh! and legendaries would probably cost more. So Articuno would maybe be $8.00…” < Do You Know How Bad This Would Suck!!!?

      1. I agree. It would be ridiculous to do al that, although I see the appeal of the toys vs the cards. The cards are fun to collect and trade (and play for some people) though they didn’t have real toys when they became a hit. I only remember little keychains and such so having toys that are of better quality and also you can carry with you and pop them into a friend’s game with the same current stats is a much cooler feature. I understand it’s pricey, but I see the appeal and it applies to Pokémon in the sense that you can carry it around everywhere. If I had kids, I’d like them to play both Pokémon and Spyro/Skylanders franchises.

  3. My younger brother is OBSESSED with the Skylanders things.. he is like 6 and I swear he cares more about the figurines than the actual game -__- Ive played the game too… very, VERY geared towards kids. People complain about Kirby and Pokemon being for kids… Not in the slightest, especially when compaired to Skylanders.

  4. This game’s concept sickens me. It’s the definition of taking advantage of a child’s want to get them all
    to get every character it costs $750.

    1. I think the concept is genius (From a business perspective) plus it gives consumers who enjoy this a chance to collect the toys (kind of like collecting cards). Of course it will cost a lot, but there are far worse concepts out there than this.

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