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Nintendo-Published Title Becomes The Very First R18+ Adult’s Only Game In Australia

The director of the Australian Classification Board, Lesley O’Brien, has announced that Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge is the first video game to receive the adult’s only rating, R18+, in Australia. Throughout most of the continent, it is illegal to sell R18+ games to minors.

In North America, Europe and Austrailia, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge is published by Nintendo. For comparison’s sake, the original Ninja Gaiden 3 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which is published by Tecmo Koei, is rated MA15+ in Australia.

“Under the Guidelines for the Classification of Computer Games, R18+ computer games will have a high impact and it is for this reason that these games are not suitable for under 18s.”

“Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge contains violence that is high in impact because of its frequency, high definition graphics, and emphasis on blood effects.”

-Director of the Australian Classification Board Lesley O’Brien

98 thoughts on “Nintendo-Published Title Becomes The Very First R18+ Adult’s Only Game In Australia”

    1. AELOUS ..If this kid was dying in the street calling for help..i would turn the other way and keep playing my 3DSXL

      He is by far the biggest scrub / bum / he would probably scream and run if he was touched by a girl and yell for his mommy…… MOMMY MOMMY SOME GIRL KEEPS TRYING TO TOUCH MY WIENER …MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYY



        1. It’s actually the truth.

          There is no legitimate reason to buy this console and banking on their slowly weakening first party IPs (and overdone for that matter) is a poor excuse. Bunch of late ports and mediocre exclusives that nobody would actually give a shit about had they not been on that console (I’m looking at you ZombiU).

          This console can’t even demonstrate anything noticeably better than either of the aforementioned consoles, and it’s entry price is $300.

          Yeah, let’s shave off like $100 then maybe we can start talking. Good luck against Steambox and the incoming gen, Ninty.

            1. It’s funny when pepole pretend Nintendo is only Mario & Zelda, yet they ignore their other franchises like Fire Emblem & Sin & Punishment.

          1. Oh and by the way, for the strange people who did rush and purchase of one of these whilst owning a 360 or a PS3…

            …What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you guys have that large of a boner for every 2D Mario/NSMB title ever (NSMBU) or a glorified Gamepad tech demo called Nintendoland?

            Were those tarted up ports of available titles worth the extra $$$ over the standard versions?

            How’s that Mass Effect collection? Oh wait…


            1. I bought a ZombiU wiiu bundle – £329
              – NSMBU – £40
              – Nintendo Land – £40
              – Batman – £40
              – Blops 2 – £40
              – Sasrt – £30
              – TTT2 – £35
              – ME3 SE – £35
              – AC3 – £40
              – Trine 2 – £11
              – Nano Assault – £8

              It’s called having money.

              And it was 100% worth it , Cus The console will last me 5-6 Years. And every single one of those games is amazing on Wiiu. They all have Unique features that other consoles Don’t offer. And Off screen play has changed the way I think about games.

              Still looking to buy Darksiders 2 , Scribblenauts , Ninja Gaiden 3 , Mighty Switch force. So it’s not a bad launch at all.

            2. Actually I am loving my Wii u. More so than my 360. I like Halo but I like Scribblenaughts, Nintendoland, and the backwards compatibility with Wii. And I can agree about overused Ips, but the Wii had no third party support, so Nintendo had to fill in gaps in the library. And with some actual third party support , Nintendo’s Ips can finally take a breather.

            3. NOPE…as being in the video game biz for 28 years..I can tell you as an investor…NINTENDO products are made to last…a vast strong library of games..Nintendo knows how to sell their products.and NINTENDO SAVED THE VIDEO GAME WORLD….but you were just an idea at that time…….like… Hey hun let’s have a kid..kinda idea

            4. I bought a Wii U since I wanted to play Nintendo Land (which is a ton of fun, and the most unique game I’ve played in a LONG time). And I also bought it for the upcoming games such as Pikmin 3, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (didn’t play the Wii version), Lego Undercover and maybe Rayman Legends. Not only that, but the games that will come at a much later point in time. I know for sure there’s a new Smash Bros. game coming, and there will always be a new Zelda.
              With the exception of the NSMB series, Nintendo always re-innovate their franchises, so they never become stale.

              But seriously, you’re acting like a kid. I’m not questioning your age, but acting all hateful over someone else’s opinions and interests is just completely immature.

            5. Maybe people want new consoles, which show another 7 years ahead of them, as opposed to just having a console which is most likely going to be replaced in a year anyway.

              By the way, are you the real Aeolus, because you sound too stupid.

          2. it must be rough being a sad pathetic insect with nothing better to do but express petty hatred. I suggest you burn yourself to death and end it.

                1. I sure hope this port’s performance isn’t as ribbush as the other lazy ports. The Wii U has way too many dung-poor ports shoved down its throat at the moment that it seems almost too painfully reminiscent of the PS3 s early days.I wonder how well Bayonetta 2 ‘s performance is going to be VN:R_U [1.9.17_1161](from 10 votes)

              1. WE NEED TO FIND A GIRL FOR THIS ALEOUS KID……..WHATS BETTER THAN PLAYING VIDEO GAMES…PLAYING WITH A NAKED GIRL…think about it AELOUS….you can get your shit wet for the first time…it will be like PS5 virtual reality but real………

          3. I’d much rather have a WiiU then a 360 or PS3. They both lack games that differ completly. If you like nothing but FPS’s and kids that talk like they wope their ass with their tounge, then I completly agree that a 360 and a PS3 is for you. It’s become so repetative and unenjoyable that the WiiU offers something alot more fresh and tastefull.

            Best solution: PC+WiiU = Variety

            1. “They both lack games that differ completly.”

              Factually incorrect. But it’s okay if you want to believe that stereotype, especially for PS3.

              You’re probably a Nintenyearold.

            2. I agree with you, PC+WiiU were my choice, because I can’t afford all consoles, and I prefer to spend any rest of money on games.

          4. Nothing Noticeably better ? Why is everyone so Ignorant. It runs 2 screens at once , has a big tablet controller with no latency. That’s what you fail to consider as usual though.
            Trine 2 is graphically superior in every way and runs 2 screens asymetricaly allowing you to do touch controlls on the gamepad. Rayman Same thing , is 1080p 60FPS.
            NSMBU , same thing 720p 60FPS , Nintendo Land Same thing .
            It does things that you CANNOT DO on shitty old consoles , wake the fuck up.

            And why are you looking at ZombiU ? It’s a really great , Unique game and highlights what the wiiu is all about. Experiences that couldn’t exist on Ps3 and 360.

            You know how Blops 2 is shitty and stale on ps3 and 360 ? Well try dual screen multiplater on Wiiu . If you have any friends which I probably doubt , You can fight each other with no screen peeking or enjoy online games together with a screen each. It’s revoloutionary.

            There is so much stuff I could talk about on Wiiu that sets it apart from OLD CONSOLES.
            Sure it has a lor of launch issues such as some rushed ports , Slow OS . But they will soon be things of the past.
            But I will stop there , Because you’re an ignorant fake gamer who only cares about graphics.

            1. I wouldn’t bother with big explanations, ignorant moron probably got bored on line 3! I own and love the PS3, I own and love the PS Vita, I own and love 3DS XL, and now own and love the Wii U. Im lucky and have the money to buy and own all of these systems. I have the choice of exclusive software on each system. Thats enough reason for me, I wont justify what ‘I’ spend ‘my’ money on to anyone. Most haters of things are those that cant afford to own anything other than what they currently do own. Pipe down tramps. Nintendo = innovation. Gaming today is the result of 90% what they came up with. Games that define genre’s 1st appear on Nintendo systems. Go get a gaming history lesdon you tool, sorry, a tool is useful.

              1. Destroyed…what? He brought up his usually wall of fanboy babble that does nothing to counter the post he replied too.

                The ass kissery is so strong in here, I wonder if you guys even talk to girls.

                1. You are getting the wii u when the better games come out right? (however long that takes).
                  Im waiting to see what the later wii u games look like…tho im sure il buy it anyway when the next zelda comes out. I agree with you that almost all of the wii you games out at the moment are not really werth it…but im very picky (sry about the spelling).

                2. No, I have no need to talk to girls as im happily married with kids. So as a ‘gamer’ and not a fan boy of any one system, what I said is factual. Prove wrong what I said!

            2. although I agree with the comments on the blur efefct, but I chose the Xbox 360 version because of the analysis. It runs a lot better on the Xbox than the PS3. If you disagree then see the analysis. More consistent frames and less screen tears on the Xbox.VN:R_U [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)

          5. So Animal Crossing is slowly weakening? Fire Emblem is weakening? I mean come on, dude. You’re pretty much the only person on here that goes against Nintendo that I actually respect because you make decent points. But you can’t say the first party IPs are weakening just because they have barely pushed any of them on to their most recent consoles like Star Fox and F Zero. Of course they should really make them, but they’re not weakening one bit, especially major names like Super Mario and Zelda. I think Nintendo have a decent chance this generation, possibly even more so than the last generation of the seriously underpowered Wii and DS, which proved to be extremely successful.

            1. Don’t mean to pry…but which “point” of his would you consider decent? All I read was typical jealous nonsense and clearly he’s a poser that doesn’t own a WiiU to begin with.

              1. To be honest, he made some fair points awhile back, such as the Wii U possibly suffering from the limited CPU which was replaced mostly by the GPGPU. While I often disagreed, he made the comments fairly and not stupidly like Adarazz (I think) and most others do on here.

          6. Emiliano Rodolfo Rosales-Birou

            Goddamn, F-Zero is so overdone, you’re right. And they’re shoving Mother down our throats like fuck!

          7. What? Lol! Get a grip dude, go outside once in awhile. Are you by any chance that fat pig on you tube that spaz’s all the time? You know we arn’t laughing with you we are laughing @ you, just something you should know.

          8. Hey AEOLUS..I’m a 28 yo gamer…old nope…37 is the average gamer….
            I just want to say…your the biggest scrub that i have came across in a long time…you remind of the days of the arcade, where you find that ONE kid talking shit, thinking he is the arcade king. But to only find out that the KID is a weak, pathetic, morsel who has no life but a life in the arcade..

            Your sad kid..

            AELOUS IS A SCRUB…AND A BUM…….he can triple repeat himself for all I care…but your fucking dumb bro…..NINTENDO will always be NINTENDO…I think NINTENDO knows what makes them successful… NOT YOU!!!!!!!

      1. What a retard. Exposed . I have all three , because I can afford all three.

        And it’s really nothing Like a PS3 or 360 , The experience is totaly different.
        Im playing through Mass effect 3 on Wiiu now (yes I already own all three for 360 and sold ME3 to buy ME3) And the experience is much better than that of the xbox version of 3.
        – Touch screen Map where you can touch to send your squad , A feature that is AMAZING and absoloutly enhanced the experience.
        – The sound of your guns , footsteps comes out fo the gamepad speakers aswell as TV speakers which is really satisfying
        – Touch screen Shortcuts for your Powers etc
        – Remote play

        I know the trilogy just came out on Ps3 and 360 and that sucks for wiiu. But this just demonstrates how a simple port on Wiiu can be.

        All you Sonydrones and Xbots care about is graphics. But the overall experience of wiiu feels space age compared to Xbox and Ps3 . I haven’t touched my ps3 or Xbox ONCE since 29th of November. I lied , I’ve played a little Skate 3 on 360.

        1. If you find the internet to be any sort of place, chances are you live on it and don’t actually have an outside life to begin with. :P

          1. Hey AEOLUS..I’m a 28 yo gamer…old nope…37 is the average gamer….
            I just want to say…your the biggest scrub that i have came across in a long time…you remind of the days of the arcade, where you find that ONE kid talking shit, thinking he is the arcade king. But to only find out that the KID is a weak, pathetic, morsel who has no life but a life in the arcade..

            Your sad kid…like many others i have a JOB..and i work hard in life.. i work hard in life so i can buy x360/ps3/wii/3dsxl, Wii U….I have every exclusive, 2nd, 3rd party games…

            Xbox360— CONS

            I use to pay so much to play the FULL GAME
            60$ a yr for LIVE
            RED LIGHT OF DEATH
            KINECT…..and now this new Tech for the new It will only work in a dark room..GIMMICKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK and the games look like ps1 graphics..<< thats a AELOUS term…

            PROS– HALO…that's it

            PS3– CONS
            Shitty games…over priced console , The internet sucks, and I lost my CC info to a bunch of hackers…

            PROS— Blue Ray which i never use because i stream movies on the ps3 shitty internet

            AELOUS IS A SCRUB…AND A BUM…….he can triple repeat himself for all I care…but your fucking dumb bro…..NINTENDO will always be NINTENDO…I think NINTENDO knows what makes them successful… NOT YOU!!!!!!!

            1. I’m all for opinions, so here is mine, you are by far the stupidest person I have seen on this site and I’m worried this is how a 28 year old structures his sentences.

      2. Who’s actually sitting there for 7 years saying, ” oh man…ps3 or 360? Shit i cant decide…”

        This might shock you, so you know…brace yourself..ready? People can buy multiple consoles. I know i know i know, calm down, it’s difficult to understand, i mean, why aren’t taking sides like they’re joining a war for false supremecy?

        End of the day, i’m the one who’s gona be sitting here enjoy the God of War Ascension Beta, and Nintendo exclusives, and you’ll be the guy too busy complaining like a bitch to do either.

      3. I seriously think you would be an outstanding employee for Sony or Microsoft, in the PR department Aeolus, you’re wasted on here!

      4. core gamers machine FACT thats aimed at ALL GAMERS FACT young and old



    1. This game is out today in UK, Is it good for Wiiu ? I got money to buy it but I’m on the fence… That Metascore isn’t exactly spectacular.

      1. I find the game extremely entertaining. The reviews had me worried as well. But in the end it turned out to be like Zombi U in the sense that reviews are wrong! Gameplay is solid and there is a lot of replayablility. Certainly with online co-op and versus. Published by Nintendo! You can’t go wrong! Club Nintendo points if bought new.

        1. Sounds good. Never bought the original NG3 because of the horrible critical reception. This one has faired much better so May give it a go …

          1. This is the first 3D NG I have played so I really can’t compare it to the other ones. I’m very pleased with it, though. I played it mostly on the gamepad. So great.

              1. I too was on the fence and was going to ask that same question. Tanks for asking it! Will go buy it as soon as I can now :D

        2. Well the original NG3 got a lot of slack because it got rid of alot of features that made the first 2 great. Razors Edge put them back in, so it’s the same as the other 2, which is about a 8-9 depending on which review you read

    1. **Same here, I love Nintendo And GTA, and there’s No Good reason GTA V shouldn’t be on the Wii U. (The Wii U port should at least come out the same time as the PC Port) (;

  1. Just one question !
    Ive played a lot to Mario 3D Land ( and enjoyed it a lot ) but I have a choice to do !
    Layton and the mask of miracles or 3D land ?
    Thanks for answers !!!

    1. Up to you, they’re totally different games.
      I found Miracle Mask to be a bit weaker story wise than previous games, you see the twist coming from a mile away.
      But its still good.

      Again, 2 different genre games so it’s up to you.

      1. Ok thanks again ! Ill probably choose later … Im a huge fan mario series but Layton have really good reviews …
        Thinking again !

  2. Will probably get this when i buy my WiiU, love me some Ninja Gaiden :3
    Hopefully Rayman will be out too, and fingers crossed, Pikmin 3

    1. It’s not worth the cost. R rated video games became legal on Jan 1 2013, which means Valve could have easily resubmitted Left 4 Dead 2 to the Classification Board prior to the Winter sale and enabled the game on Jan 1, but clearly never bothered.

      Here’s an interesting article which talks about the Classification process:

      It looks like it could also be down to time. The game would need to wait 2 years (how old is L4D2?) before being resubmitted.

      I’d say Valve is just being lazy.

  3. Aelous has a mental health problem. The hospital was looking for him everywhere. They found him at last the drug store and asked him where the heck you have been. He answered, I was joy riding.

    Aelous, get a life. Your troll isn’t working here. I bet no one entertains you at the PS and Xbox forums to listen to your tiny thoughts. You’re just jealous of Nintendo. That’s all, I can tell.

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