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Nintendo Network ID Will Be Deleted If Nintendo Finds Out A Minor Is Using That Account Without Parental Consent?

nintendo_networkThe Nintendo Network ID of NeoGAF member suikodan was apparently deleted, because his or her young niece posted a drawing onto his or her Miiverse account. Because the niece wanted to get credit for her drawing, she asked suikodan to specify the drawing was made by her, a 10-year-old.

Apparently, after Miiverse moderators saw the girl’s post, suikodan’s Nintendo Network ID was deleted, as “children need parental consent to create an account online.” After the incident, the NeoGAF member explained what had happened to a Nintendo representative, who assured that he or she will be able to re-download games that were previously purchased in the Nintendo eShop via that account.

139 thoughts on “Nintendo Network ID Will Be Deleted If Nintendo Finds Out A Minor Is Using That Account Without Parental Consent?”

            1. He must not have tried to redownload the items, since the items are not tied to your account, but to your system itself appearently lol

                1. my 3ds is now also on my network id meaning whenever i go to the eshop I have to put in my password. so if ever my network ID were deleted i would not be able to access any of my games on the eshop to re-download for my 3ds for example. I don’t think it is as clear cut anymore as in tied to the hardware even though technically it is. I would like other peoples thoughts on this.

        1. the account allows iligal and perental unwanted access there for REMOVING TGE ACVOUNT IS FARE DUMB FUKS IF U WANT ADULT CONTENT THEN DONT DO A CHILDS ACCOUNT OR STATE YOUR A CHID MORONS!!!!

        1. If you want free for all, the Xbox is that way. Im surprise people seem surprised at Nintendo. Its as if you dressed up in Lady Gagas bloody meat dress and jumped in a pool full of sharks and being all shocked when the sharks try to eat you. Nintendo will always be strict and use the banhammer with extreme prejudice. With Nintendo, you know what you are signing up to. Dont pretend its something its not. Love it or leave it.

          1. I haven’t signed up yet. It’s good the Miiverse isn’t full of screameing losers & Hackers, just why not ban instead of deleting accounts? That’s what I don’t get.

      1. You definitely can and should blame Nintendo. I commented: “This player sucks (sarcasm)” on one of the New Super Mario Bros. Super Play Videos and BAM! I get my post deleted for hateful/bullying content! Honestly, do you think the director of NSMBU (who posted the video) or anyone else in that matter, would be even the slightest bit offended by my comment?! Come on Nintendo! You’ve turned something that should be fun into an overmoderated police state!

        1. I like it , it forces to you think outside of the box when speaking negatively of something. So instead of the obvious ”This level is fucking shit” you have to write for example ”Not too happy with this level , Not happy at all…” .

          It’s Refreshing that it forces people to use their brain before commenting . No hate on the miiverse… It’s just a big happy , drawing community.

          Aeolus and Robson JR wouldn’t last 5 seconds on miiverse…

          1. Why wouldn’t I last 5 seconds? Because I would tell Nintendorks the harsh truth about their beloved company and that would make them cry? They would ban me for that? Shut up, Nintedward! You’re the kid with the big dirty mouth and uncreative jokes!

            1. Nope that’s you . You’re the troll with dirty mouth . I’m a Nintendo fan on a nintendo site. You’re a troll with nothing better to do.

        2. I like it too. I don’t want to see ‘This player sucks’ on comments, even if it is sarcastic. The comments on Miiverse often made me smile when they pop up in Nintendoland, I want it to stay that way, no malice, no bitching, no fanboyism, no negativity, it’s a refreshing alternative to the angry kidfest that Xbox Live can be.

          1. I agree…it’s nice to go on Miiverse and not have to read dumbass people’s comments about others or crude language…I’m not offended by any of it, and I don’t take it personally, but let’s be real, so far this is probably the most laid back relaxed community type forum I have yet to have seen, and whining because Nintendo is maybe over-moderating seems pointless. Because, if they weren’t over-moderating, they would be under-moderating, and seeing how Nintendo can never really win with anybody(like, why didn’t they make this game that way…*Nintendo takes notes following time, makes game that way*…god, why didn’t Nintendo make some other game? Truth is Nintendo can’t ever really win with people), the facts remain: If Nintendo didn’t over-moderate, someone would be bitching that Nintendo isn’t moderating enough, and how “I used to like Nintendo, but this new strategy of caving to ‘hardcore’ just isn’t right, it’s over, Nintendo is finished, blah, blah, blah”…It never ends. While this may be over the top, and Jelly has a point that a ban would probably be fine, why does everyone get their panties in a bunch over it? If you want to hear every thirteen year old online telling you how they just ‘pwned you’, or I f*$%#* your mom last night’, or whatever else it is that those mature children say these days, you don’t have far to jump to find them, they litter xbox live(I mean just the few times I have played Halo or Gears online at friends houses they are always there talking smack, cursing, acting like the ‘mature’ children that they are). So that’s my opinion. Nintendo isn’t perfect. But I think their approach creates the best and friendliest environment.

        3. I think that is extremely offensive and you should not say that. Even to an adult, if you say it long enough or if several people do it can get I to your head. I think you need to watch what you say to people you don’t know.

      1. I know! Those Miiverse Admins won’t even take the time of day to write a personal message to people who break the ridiculously strict code of conduct. Instead you just get a generic, automated message. It really pisses me off.

        1. Long lost father of Aeolus

          Sa,e thing happens on xbox live, My wife has been banned 4 times. Last time around was because she had a joke about “belly button secks” in her profile.

  1. It has to do with COPPA rules. I’m sure there are rules when you create an account stating that you must be over a certain age to have an account and writing that you’re “10 years old” is enough proof to show that you’re a minor (even if you’re really not).

  2. A company that used to own whore houses is now trying to protect little kids to the point of being a dictatorship full of censorship lol

  3. Wait… People(kids/teens) actually put their age? I remember back then when people just lie about their age just so they could have full access…meh oh well.

  4. Wow. Nintendo. Wow.
    Guess you better not let you children touch your wii u when it’s logged into your account.
    How the heck can they justify this! Ultimately it’s the parents decision what a child can or cant do with something they own. Imagine if somebody broke your guitar because you wernt playing it right or set fire to your house because it had a mouse inside.
    Sony don’t give a fuck. They aren’t being told off!
    Mircosoft don’t give a fuck. They aren’t being told off!
    Somtimes I think nintendo believes that if a child looks at a naughty word they will explode.

        1. Go click the part that say neogaf and you will understand. 1 the player is not 10 years old was a misstake.3 who says this is true.

          1. Okay, so the Uncle posted the pic stating it was drawn by his 10 year old niece, Well then this is even worse than it already was. Shouldn’t be an issue. At least he get’s his stuff back, but what a hassle.

      1. Yep what happens if a person do the same thing a crazy dude did on xbla that found the addres of a kid and went to his house and gave him a beating?

    1. Because even the the slightest bit of moderation and enforcement could set off the ticking time bombs called the common human population’s mindset. =/

  5. Why is everyone taking this as though he’s telling the truth? I mean, not saying it isn’t…. but this seems rather fishy, and people can put anything they want on the internet, true or not.

  6. Oh, Nintendo. Why must you act so childish. Seriously why make a social network if your going to delete half the posts? Just quit, Nintendo. You have some really good franchises, but you just can’t make decent hardware anymore. Oh, Nintendo. What have you done?

  7. The good part is no ragers, hackers, cheaters, ect.

    Bad part is its kinda over the top i mean a temporary ban would be better. Besides who puts there real age >_> idc about this, just means no ragers and no hackers.

      1. Hey put the age of his Niece who he claimed was Using his account… Nintendo shut it down because a 10 year old was using te account. It wasn’t “His” age it was “Her” age…

  8. Gotta keep my wii u away from my little bro. I remember how the little guy once deleted my fire red file years ago, and started a new game with a female trainer name “Aaaaaa” , and saved it. Its pretty funny when I look back on it, bun I most surely don’t want a ban from MiiVerse.

    1. I have a Cousin with ADHD (god bless him) and I got really into Ridge Racer on 3DS. The campain is about 40 Hours long. And I was about 30 into it. I switch it on to find the one and only profile on the game is titled ”Ah\hdljhbfl” and the clever little bastard has even used the front camera on the 3ds to take a picture of his naughty and annoying face….

      I was sooooooo angry.

      1. You have it easy my nephews deleted my 4 gamecube phantasy star online caracters and they all where level 117 and on ultimate:(

        1. Holy shit lol. That’s like 200Hours per character….

          I used to be like that , i admit I never got to level 200 Legit , But did on My cheating files where I would accept all those hacked weapons of people online.

          Lavis cannon and Red saber the best weapons :)

          1. Arrg the special weapon is not the sad part for me was the rare frames and armors whit 4 slots takes alot of time to make those.

            1. Indeed. did you play Legit or did you accept fake items or use an action replay to cheat ?

              I had a Legit character and a fake character. But My legit char was the one that got my time.

              Yeah 4 slot frames were the best. With GOD power , GOD MIND , GOD ability slots. Or if legit something like Angel mind , or whatever..

              Absoloutly loved that game , one of the best games ever made in my opinion!

                1. Online was amazing , Only if you played with Other Legit players though. People would come onto your game and start dropping Red boxes / rare items all over lol.

                  I play it localy on the gamecube sometimes with my little brother these days , All legit . Found some really rare stuff legit :)

  9. I agree that Nintendo is being very Strict with this & too strict on a number of not-too-serious subjects, But it’s also the reason we have the Most Positive Online community As well as No Trolls, or ignorant postings by immature Children or Haters. (Of course it’s not Perfect).

  10. why be mad at nintendo for doing what parents arnt doing. thats why these kids now days so damn bad cause they play call of duty and parents arn’t even looking or listing to what there kids are even doing. hell some parents doint even know what xbox live or playstation network or nintendo id even is. i have seen some kids actually use there parents saved credit cards to buy games then the parents look like WHAT u mean i didnt pay my bill on time all the money was there. come to find out 60 bucks just bought someone a new mario bros U or call of duty or uncharted. see what i mean

      1. Nintendo is just covering its ass. Given a choice between saving themselves from lawsuits or hurting someones feelings because they cant curse like sailors or draw penises on Miiverse, Nintendo will save itself each time. Only a strong banhammer and the will to use it will teach the slow kids and their stupider parents that Nintendo wont fuck around. I commend it. Sometimes, you need a strong pimp hand or they will walk all over you.

        1. The kid drew a picture, uploaded it, and said a 10 year old drew this. Getting banned for that is a dick move. End of story.

            1. Hey, it was on the terms of service. If they have to make an example so that people pay attention for the legally binding stuff they agree to, an adhesion contract that WILL hold up in court, do be it.

              1. All there doing is giving themselves a terrible hardass image. I’m all for moderation, but they went way overboard.

      1. You’d get a discount for Nintendo consoles and game.

        But I wouldn’t want to do customer service.

        Two Reasons: Trolls, and uninformed people

  11. I like the Nintendo network, because it keeps people from being so nasty. You can still leave negative messages, just without the cussing. However, if this story is true, it would’ve been nice if someone from Nintendo contacted him before deleting his account.

  12. lol these comments
    “omg!!!1! nintendo following their OWN TERMS OF SERVICE???!?! BLASPHEMY! NINTENDO IS SO STRICT!!!”

    Obviously the user got banned? Underage users aren’t permitted on Miiverse without parental consent??? it’s in the ToS, why is this such an appalling issue to everyone

    1. Because it was the guy’s account he just let his nephew draw a thing and then he posted himself saying “my ten year old nephew drew this” The reason he got his account deleted:

      ““children need parental consent to create an account online.””

      It doesn’t even make sense it was not the child account, it was his, second if he was speaking on behalf of the girl wouldn’t that my by all logical process of thought he was very well aware of the nephew using the account and gave his goddamn consent?

  13. SherlockHolmesWillFightBilbo

    Holy crap, people, look at it from Nintendo’s perspective: A SUPPOSEDLY adult user has revealed that he/she is in fact a 10-year-old girl. That’s against the policy, so we must delete her account.
    Now it’s easy for you all to say it’s a d*ck move but that’s because you know what really happened. Nintendo was protecting themselves given they didn’t know what really had happened. If Nintendo knew what had happened, they obviously wouldn’t have done it. What if it really was a 10-year-old girl’s account and they deleted it? Most of you wouldn’t be complaining right now, you’d be agreeing with them as they made the right decision. Nintendo made the right move.

    1. Why not just ban the god damn account? Is it that hard for Nintendo to implement? It’s a dick move, because it is extremely over the top.

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  15. I love Nintendo to death, but this is kind of stupid….. I love Miiverse otherwise. It’s nice to not have trolls all over a Nintendo related internet group.

    1. I don’t see why people are defending it :/ It’s a dick move, and as you said they’d cry foul if it happened to them.

      Aw well, I hope I don’t suffer the same crap when I get my Wii U.

        1. You’re an idiot. Lets delete someones account for putting up a picture and saying his 10 year old drew it! Yeah, because consumers are so going to love that >_>

  16. nintendo is getting even more weirder its time… If they rob you, thieves can have your games, if you draw something, you get deleted, if you watch something many times, you get banned.. then it shouldnt have eshop and services at all…lol

  17. I kinda agree with this, they are protecting themselves because people are out to get them of how successful they are.

  18. Well, I wouldn’t be suprised. Lately there’s been a lot of issues regarding violence and stuff with children and now parents are blaming the video games for such. Nintendo is taking severe cautions about these issues.

    fuck, whatever happen to “responsibility rest with the parents”.

    1. Precisely…responsibility might rest with the parents, if in fact the parents took responsibility for their kids, but alas, many do not. In fact, it is a growing trend in America(not sure about everyone else) for people to sue for anything and everything possible, and it only takes one person to blame Nintendo with an uncle or a brother-in-law or whomever thats a lawyer who will prosecute for nothing to bring a nice big bill to the front door of Nintendo. I don’t blame them one bit. Better to be over cautious and not go belly up from losers suing you, than to not be cautious enough.

  19. Honestly, Nintendo is just trying to cover the legal side of their business. It isn’t all about enforcing a police state or ‘taking away the fun’. They’re trying to prevent lawsuit. People will sue for just about anything nowadays, and the ’13 and up’ policy is in place to prevent said lawsuits. They’re not doing it to be mean, or stupid. They’re a business. Like it or lump it.

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  21. This is one of those very bad sign that shows Nintendo is probably the most strict company ever which sadly makes people to hate Nintendo because of that. (I’m still kind of a Nintendo fan) I agree that this is a huge crappy move, and yet doesn’t even make sense.

    As for COPPA, I thought that was already declared unconstitutional? Or I’m looking at the wrong one.

    Again, I don’t think I ever seen a company make such a stupid move, as others don’t even much do this.

  22. My nintendo id is deleted too because i trolled any tails fans i do hate tails because his shoes is copied by converse shoes. I shall called tails Jared because you remembered a roblox (that i quitted) usernamed jared2valdez4 that he copied things.

  23. I’m amazed, I must say. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s equally educative and amusing,
    and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head.
    The issue is something that too few folks are speaking intelligently about.

    I am very happy I came across this during my search for something regarding this.

  24. I know this post was made 2 years ago.

    I’ve been banned twice on Miiverse.I’m not saying I did nothing wrong, I did break the code of conduct.

    I’m on their side for making things strict but also not.For example YouTube has explicit stuff and you need an account that proves you’re 18 or older.12 year olds get past that and they could if Miiverse had something like that too.

    But its ridiculous how they banned him for it and if he BOUGHT something he should get it back free of charge.

    Even though, how might they know someone might not have had parental consent? Its like pulling a name out of a basket and saying they committed a crime.

  25. Nintendo sucks. Personally, I believe children are exactly the same as adults and they restrict the use of information obtained by the children so adults can control them. I hate child protection laws and think it’s a horrible move by Nintendo.

    And even so, they have absolutely NO PROOF that there was no paternal consent anyway. My 2nd account was deleted because of this ridiculous rule. (Luckily it was just my 2nd) I need to be cautious because of this.

    And child protection laws have been getting more strict over time as the internet develops. In 2010 ANYONE could make a Gmail account regardless of age. Then it became necessary to be over 13, and now you need to use a credit card and spend 30¢ as proof. (similar to Nintendo)

    As technology increases and children are gaining intelligence adults need to realize that we are becoming closer to the same intelligence as them and children should get rights. But adults have done the exact opposite by making the internet more restricted.

    In conclusion, Adults need to give us more rights and Nintendo has made a horrible move.

    I’m 11.

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