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EDGE Lists The World’s 50 Greatest Developers


Renowned UK video game publication EDGE has listed the world’s 50 greatest game developers in the latest edition of the magazine. Some of the developers listed may come as a shock, whilst others shouldn’t really be too surprising. Nintendo EAD came in third with Valve and Mojang taking first and second place respectively. What do you think to the list?

1. Valve
2. Mojang
3. Nintendo EAD
4. Platinum Games
5. Naughty Dog
6. Rockstar North
7. Bungie
8. FromSoftware
9. Arkane Studios
10. Riot Games
11. Epic Games
12. Media molecule
13. Dice
14. Kojima Productions
15. Irrational
16. ArenaNet
17. Blizzard
18. Rocksteady
19. Ubi Montreal
20. Bethesda
21. Double Fine
22. Terry Cavanagh
23. Thatgamecompany
24. Gearbox
25. 343
26. Firaxis
27. EA Canada
28. Bioware
29. Eidos Montreal
30. Playdead
31. Sony online entertainment
32. Crytek
33. Redlynx
34. Vlambeer
35. CCP
36. Telltale
37. Id
38. Ninja theory
39. Quantic Dream
40. Codemasters
41. Criterion
42. Mossmouth
43. Harmonix
44. Sony Santa Monica
45. Capybara
46. Creative assembly
47. Halfbrick
48. Wayforward
49. Jagex
50. Relic

356 thoughts on “EDGE Lists The World’s 50 Greatest Developers”

    1. true, idk whats so good about Minecraft. I’ve played it, build shit, get mineralshit, kill zomshit. ID get it. IDK whats the main goal of the game. I’d take Valve first then Nintendo EAD second. Mojang should be 10s or in 15s. Rockstar then third.

      1. That is the worst list ever. Fuckinf Mojang Number 2 ? Minecraft ? Minecraft ? Minecraft ? ITS NOT THAT FUCKING GOOD! That is a pathetic list.

        I will take IGN’s List thanks. Nintendo number 1.

        1. Platinum games Number 4 ? I know they’re good , but sheesh. They don’t deserve to be in the top 15. This list is really bad , it’s been written by some ass hole.

          Just ignore this , Makes me Embarassed to be English. EDGE is shit anyway.

          1. No bioware ? KOTOR and Mass effect trilogy Don’t count as Games ? They’re some of the best games of the last 2 gens.

            This list is a horrible disaster.

        2. Valve deserves the #1. Nintendo USED to be a good game developer company. But they haven’t made quality games in a while, and they too frequently reuse shit (Mario, Zelda, etc.).

          Granted, Zelda games rarely disappoint, but they’re not innovative at all. And Mario games are pretty boring these days. Even Galaxy was meh once you got over the novelty of the round levels and such. I got bored after 30 mins and never played it again. It’s no Mario 64, that’s for sure.

          Maybe I’m just getting old. But Portal, for example, is a brilliant game not only in concept, but in the design, the story, the characters, the puzzles, etc. Portal 2 even more so.

          And that’s just the tip of the Valve iceberg…

            1. Half life 3. There have been 2.

              How many Mario & Mario-themed games have there been in the last 5 years alone?

              Yeah. Not exactly the same thing. 2 games Vs dozens.

              1. Also, half life games have a running storyline. Mario games? Not so much. Zelda games? Not so much.

                They have the same story EVERY time: princess gets captured, bad guy wants to rule the land, Mario/Link saves the princess. The end.

                1. You really need to play zelda a bit more if you think the story is repetitive. OK the game is repetitive, but the story… no.

                2. Zelda games has not so much story line? I think you better check yourself a little bit, my friend.

                  I agree with the Mario Games, but The Legend of Zelda is a frickin’ trilogy, it has its own timeline, just look at the Hyrule Historia.

                3. Don´t talk shit. Boy. Nintendo sells a lot more and have many sucessfull franchises. Valve has just Half Life and nothing else. And games are about gameplay and design, not story. If gamers wanted to watch a story instead of playing it they´d go to the movies.

              2. And?
                Yeah, the New series is shit, but every other Mario game is different. How many 3 Dimensional Mario games are there? 4. Since the N64. And one of those is just glorified DLC.
                Sure, the Mario BRAND is overused, but that doesnt change the fact the games are all different. Anyone who plays the 2D, the 3D, the RPG’s, and the racing games and says, “derrr all the same”, is just a moron. Even the RPG games are different.

                And no offence, anyone who got bored of Mario Galaxy is clearly not worth listening to.

                  1. Yes you do.

                    Nowadays, games should at least try to have a damn good story to keep the player interested (because flash news: not all gamers are too lazy to pay attention to the plot). If there is next to no story elements, then the gameplay sure as hell be nearly perfect (IE Team Fortress 2) which is NOT the case with what Mario has been doing lately. Uninspired rehash of New Super Mario Bros.

                    Even worse, they insisted with the belief that ”you do NOT need a story in a game” in the last Paper Mario (Y’know, one of the only Mario spin-off that had decent storytelling), which is unforgivable.

                    Zelda, on the other has been delivering pretty well on the story aspect since Ocarina of Time, especially with Skyward Sword. Ironically, I didn’t find the story in Half Life to be that great.

                    1. No. You don´t need a story in a game. Does Angry Birds have a story at all ? And Minecraft ? And SimCity? and Tetris ?

              3. Let me count the Mario games in the last 5 years:
                Super Mario Galaxy 2
                NSMB Wii
                NSMB U
                NSMB 2

                No where near dozens.

                I also feel I should mention that there are only 2 or 3 main Mario games per system. This is an unfair time to say that, since they’ve released 2 new systems in the past couple years.

                Not to mention Pikmin, Zelda, Earthbound/Mother, Pokemon, Metroid, Golden Sun, Xenoblade and The Last Story combined kick Half-Life and Portal’s ass to the curb.

                1. hey dumbass those are not from the same console, there only one 2d mario and nintendo say that they will not make any 2d mario games on wii u or 3ds because its one per system, and how the fuck is super mario galaxy 2 a 2d game if its not the same game.

          1. Valve does not deserve number 1. Anyway Nintendo Came 1st on IGN’s top 50 developers and Valve didn’t come in the top 5. Nuff said kidder.

            1. I don’t trust IGN countdowns for crap. Saying their top 50 developers is better just because Nintendo is on top shows a blatant bias from your part.
              Both Nintendo (for pretty much shaping the video game industry) and Valve (for having the best business practice and relation with their fans) deserve to be ranked high. Nuff said kidder.

              1. Nintendo did make number 1. On IGN’s much more important list. EDGE isn’t even important at all , it’s a shitty British Game mag that hardly sells. IGN is the biggest Gaming site on the web and the most revered reviewer in the world.


                Listen , NIntendo not being at their deserved number 1 spot isn’t even my main issue. The entire list is a disaster from start to finish. Some key developers are missing. Square Enix , Capcom , Bandai , Konami , Intelligent systems , Gamefreak are not even on the list. It’s a fail.

                And it’s not important , nobody cares about EDGE. But i’m actually angry that someone who worls for a magazine came up with that list.

                1. Whilst they are among the largest, I don’t really believe that IGN are one of the most revered, as former employees of IGN have publicly stated that some IGN reviews are purposefully skewed in favour of whichever company has ‘funded’ them.

                  Also, you have to understand that this list is the author’s opinion. It’s not based on influence, revenue, relevance, software sales, employee satisfaction or any other thing besides the author’s own opinion.

                2. I dont understand why those dumbasses are so relutant about the obvious: Nintendo is the biggest and best selling videogame company, it was in the past and it still is. Every other major company envies Nintendo success, as much as they don´t admit it, everyone would like to have a super-seller franchise like Pokemon or Mario, but most companies only manage to have one high seller, when they have one. People may not like Nintendo games, but denying that it is the most important videogame company we have today is just dumb.

          2. and valve hasn’t been using the same engine for 2 years now right? and nintendo makes great games. sure they use the same franchises, but every game is better than the last. both valve and nintendo are AMAZING developers and they both deserve the top spot.

        3. Calm down man. I agree that this is a bad list, but there is no need to start bashing on other games and game developers. Every top 10 or top 50 list in existence is solely based on opinion or veto. As for my opinion, I really do think mojang are one of the best developers out there and that minecraft is a genius game. However even I agree that they shouldn’t be in the top 10.
          My top 10-
          1.Nintendo EAD
          8.Namco Bandai
          10.Sony online entertainment
          Ok, make it a top 15

          1. I feel like making my top 10, but they’ll be in no particular order because I’m too lazy to rank anything. So instead I’ll just right down my personal favorites, or studios I respect:

            Nintendo EAD
            Intelligent Systems
            Pre-DLC Capcom
            Squaresoft/Square Enix
            Pre-Microsoft-Rare/Retro Studio (I place them together because Retro was basically founded by developers who left Rare)
            Arc System Works
            Namco Bandai

          2. You’re list is very very very good compared to EDGE’s shit hole of a list. I expect better from EDGE , but they’re no the EDGE they used to be in the PS2/GCN/Xbox era , they’re shit now.

            Nice list I agree with almost all of it :)

              1. No !!! Nintendo at 3 is fine I suppose (even though they do deserve to be number 1)

                The list is entirely pathetic. Where’s Capcom and Namco bandai ?

                It looks like it’s been written by a 10 year old tard who has no appreciation for Gamings heritage.

                1. Capcom have destroyed series I have loved. In my opinion, they should be classed in the top 50 worst developers :) Namco though, I like there games, they deserved better.

                  1. If we’re talking best developers of all time , then Capcom is at top 5 . They have done more for the industry and made more great games than pretty much every developer out there. Okay , so they fucked up a few times. They did awesomely many many many times before though.

      2. because Nintendo sucks compared to Mojang, Nintendo doesn’t go out of there way to be in touch with the community like Mojang and Valve do (it’s not only about what they’ve made its about how hard they try to improve what they’ve done). Truthfully it shouldn’t have been that high up the list anyway besides that where is Rockstar.

    2. yea, Minecraft was good and really brought some new ideas into the development world, but come on…. place 2 really is too much..

      1. People give minecraft WAY too much credit. I see more creativity from its users than I do from the actual game. Mojang has no business being on that list.

        1. Why can’t you provide an actual counter argument, rather than 2nd grade insults?

          It’s true: there are many PC based devs on the list. You’re so blindly die-hard Nintendo that your instant reaction to that is to attack others?

          It must really be horrible having allegiance to only one platform/company. I guess when you’re like 15 and can’t afford ALL the consoles and great games, though, you don’t have a choice do you? Majority of the people on this site are very young and thus don’t have the personal means to acquire multiple platforms, and you’re too insecure to admit that anything but the console you own is any good, so you attack others for having them.


          1. Dude,do you know how much I stretch that I have a ps2 which is 2nd favorite console?You must be probably new(and that means all your doing is “instantly replying”).You should really be more careful about who your accusing of things.

            And really,a second grade insult?I don’t see it being that since seven year olds don’t usually know what self-concious is or don’t usually even care about manliness.

            And great,I just wasted my time.But com’mon,let’s not start fighting,et’s just end it.

    3. Minecraft is one of the most overrated things of this generation. Right next to dubstep.
      Sure it’s creative (or at least, allows a lot of creativity), but seriously people: you’re telling me you’d rather play Minecraft than Team Fortress 2, Ocarina of Time or Xenoblade Chronicles ? See what I mean?

    4. Id take minecraft over zeldaa anyday. Its jsut down to opinion. Minecraft let’s you do so much that a zelda game won’t let you! Like multiplayer, incerdible creativiity and freedom to do what you want.But zelda games have epic written adventures with ACTUAL characters. You just have to decide what fits you best! And for me that’s the adventures I’ve had in minecraft!

    5. The list is about the best developer, not who’s primary game is the best. Mojang is way better at customer relations than Nintendo.

    6. lol Mojang. They only made one single game in their whole time of existence, how can they be even in the top 50? I call that a one hit wonder. They will probably never get such a succes again. Nintendo or Sega on the other hand, showed more than 30 times that they are the greatest developers.

    7. No matter how much I love Nintendo, and that’s A LOT (as in I will buy both consoles each gen no matter what), I think a lot of people who have played their games can agree that Valve deserves the number 1 spot. They really know what their community wants (Except for TF2 hats), and they give hundreds of free updates and free DLC every year.

      1. Nintendo EAD is completely separate from Retro and Intelligent Systems, who are just first party, and Game Freak is second party, so not even close. I just fail to understand why Game Freak, who created the 2nd best selling game series of all time failed to make this list.

        1. Sadly, seeing the amount of scumbags on this website (Aeolus, Robson Jr, just to tell a few). I doubt there is such a thing as ”banning” here.

            1. SHUT UP MEG,we all know that Aeolus is king of the trolls and ness is the runner up.You and robson are just wannabes.

              1. I’ve been on this site a long time ago. Aelous was d original troll, ness second. Robson and Bill ate just wannabes. So shut up.

            1. I haven’t been banned on this site in well over a year and once Sickr realized it was a futile effort that can be evaded in mere seconds, he stopped.

            2. “Find a way to get back”?

              It’s not exactly rocket science dude. This site has ZERO security. It’s a WordPress site. One that doesn’t even have a customized WP theme. It just uses the default WP setup. Hardly an iron gate of defense.

          1. Honestly that Aeolus character just expresses his opinion that just happens to not be “zomg NINTENDO IS DA BEST EVAR!”

            Why you people can’t handle that is beyond me. It’s as if you can’t accept that Nintendo makes mistakes. Frequently. Every dev does, but you’re just so opposed to the idea that you think anyone that isn’t 110% for Nintendo is a “scumbag”.

            It’s a bit sad.

            1. Well,it would have been fine but your missing key factors like the fact that he has proven himself to hate nintendo fanboys and probably the fact that he does retaliate so he basically looks like a Sony/Microsoft/apple fanboy.

              1. He hates Nintendo fanboys because you’re all so blindly sucking on their teat and can’t admit Nintendo isn’t all that anymore.

                You go nuts when someone even expresses a distaste for a Nintendo game; I see it on literally EVERY news story: someone calling someone else a “fucking douchebag piece of shit!” Because they say they think the Wii U sucks or something… as if NOBODY is allowed to NOT like the Wii U.

                Being a Nintendo fan doesn’t mean liking EVERYTHING they do. You people need to learn that.

                1. First off,where do you get that i’m a nintendo fanboy at all.And there the things ,people like you thinks that the whole site is nintendo fanboys(i’m just here because this is the fastest news for the 3DS,will not lately since the whole wiiu and pokemon x and y.) and if anyone acknowledges that a game is good on the wiiu or 3DS,the people who doesn’t like nintendo goes crazy.Look at Aeolus lately,he calls people faggot and tells them that there not “true gamers” for acknowledging that the 3DS and WiiU is good.And i’m not defending the fanboys either,There just like Aeolus.

            2. From what I’ve witnessed, he didn’t exactly expressed his opinion so much as whining about every single thing that was announced and blindly insulting everyone who liked Nintendo, despite being on a website that’s obviously a Nintendo fansite.

              There are respectful and disrespectful way to state your mind. Aeolus mostly fell under the latter.

    1. A simple sandbox game? Let me tell you it WAS simple, but look what it is now. You can create ANYTHING! People have made graphing calculators on it! That work!!! And I have had some great times online in the servers building worlds andgovernments and just a bunch of other things too! Its not as simple as you may think it is. Does it deserve second place? Maybe not, but it deserves to be in the top 25 of that list in my opinion.

        1. Attention, just like almost every other user out here. This site’s community has honestly become nothing more than a cesspool of hatred, unnecessary conflicts, and childish quarrels that makes commenting on this site seem more like bait for a bunch of rabid simians to go after with unnecessary force.

          For the most part, I just come here for the news and NOT for the community, hence why I rarely comment. There are other communities I could happily converse with that aren’t filled to the brim with arrogant, self-righteous, intolerable, simple-minded, and overall malevolent human beings who feel a strong sense of superiority behind their computer/smartphone/ect.

          Take this statement what you will, for those who fit my descriptions to a T, for in my eyes, you’ll just be proving my point if you decide to reply the way I believe you might.

  1. Valve really does deserve to be #1

    Why the actual fuck is Mojang #2?? They just started out in the industry not too long ago…

    Surprised Retro studios and HAL aren’t on the list

    1. It has flaws, but so does most list.
      I would agree that Valve and Nintendo do deserve their spot, even though I haven’t been very impressed with the latter lately. They both generally listen to their fans and give them what they want…or at least try to (looking at you, E3 2012…seriously what the hell was all that?)
      However, Mojang doesn’t even deserve to be on the list.

  2. if one game is able to beat all other studios then i really laugh at the idiots that made the list. all credibility of edge magazine is lost. will never watch one of their reviews ever again

              1. Rare (the old rare that is) should be up there, I also think guerilla games should be there too and the team behind the ssb series witch i think was project sora witch was also behind kid icarus uprising and minecraft is stupid no body plays it.

  3. Agree with this list mostly apart from Mojang. Sure, Minecraft is freaking amazing, but they have only made one really famous game, and that’s not enough to earn them above Nintendo, and definitely not Kojima.

          1. Nope, they said Nintendo EAD, who make Zelda, Mario, basically every Miyamoto game, as well as early Metroid.

            Everything else is other developers.

            1. Oh well, the list is really bad anyways, bungie deserves their place, but I think nintendo belongs in 1st or AT LEAST 2nd, sure they are sucking at the moment, but their past games are always quality and have had a TON of games that people claim to be the best. And mojang, I think maybe they belong down at 25 somewhere below that. They made a great game, but they haven’t proven themselves worthy yet. Also same flr 343, why are they on there??? They have made only 2 games, 1 was made by bungie so forget CEA, they made Halo 4, I thought it was amazing, but they didn’t innovate or create the best game ever, so why they are on that list just plain confuses me…

  4. Edge, come on.

    Ok, i love Valve, i love Portal, i love Half Life, i think TF2 is fun, and i hate L4D, but you’re talking about the best developers EVER. Not in the past 5 years or anything, all the way back since Pong.
    Nintendo automatically deserve the number 1, thats not because i love the games, they literally shaped the game industry, it’s just something that no-one has done.

    But Mojang? Really? I suppose Rovio deserve Number 1 for Angry Birds now, right? No.
    I’m indifferent on Minecraft, but you seem to be this on sales and recent awards, rather than, actual fact.

    Good to see Platinum Games so high up though

    1. Also, Valve’s contribution with Steam has nothing to do with game development, which i think alot of people are clouding their judgement with.

    2. But seriously…

      Game Freak
      Retro Studios
      Intelligent Systems


      Why arent these even on the list?

      1. The last 3 years Capcom has slaughetred pretty much every major franchise they have other than Monster Hunter and, Resident Evil (almost) Streetfighter (sorta.) The only good new IP they’ve made is Dragon’s Dogma. With shit like the new DMC coming out, it’s pretty obvious Capcom is losing it.

        1. I know Capcom are shit now, i hate them, but that doesnt change the fact they did make Mega Man, and Street Fighter, and Resident Evil, and all those great games.

          If this was a “best developer of the past 5 years”, it would make…slightly more sense, but it’s not. Capcom were the fucking bomb, and at least deserve to be remembered so.

          1. If it was for the last 5 years, Nintendo shouldn’t even be on that list.

            They haven’t exactly innovated games themselves, and barely “innovated” the console platform. Wii wasn’t exactly a game-changer for most major game franchises. It was a party console; a console people got to play casual games with friends.

            If we’re talking strictly GAMES here, Nintendo hasn’t done anything innovative since Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time.

            1. True but that’d Cuz they inspired many people to go to the gaming business and they got creative with games. So you can’t blame Nintendo or oth classic game companies not be as innovative as before.

          1. Who cares? Nintendo fan boys, if Nintendo don’t get number one, all hell breaks loose and they start insulting whatever they see. Honestly, I agree Valve should be number one, Nintendo EAD should be second, but then the list gets a bit weird.

        1. I know.
          I mean, 343?
          Are they fucking serious?
          So a developer, that did nothing but take an existing franchise, and play it safe, add nothing new, nothing innovating, nothing what so ever, gets that high in the list?
          Utter BULLSHIT.

          1. Yeah , looking back Halo 4 only excelled in one area – High quality cut scenes and a cinematic feel to the campaign , Other than that it’s just fuckin Halo 3.

            BTW – Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge gets my seal of approval. If you’re not interested in Story line and just want a Hack and slash game . It’s shitty but I kinda like that about it. It’s Japanese cheeseyness with a sprinklle of awesomeness. Lot’s of new and improved stuff going on here. 4 characters for example.

      2. Have you been living under a rock for the last few years? Capcom has been shooting themselves on a foot on daily basis ever since they discovered DLC.

    3. True, Valve is awesome but Nintendo deserves this spot. For them to have placed it below Mojang is an insult. Basically saying that Minecraft, which is good, beat out all the games Nintendo EAD has developed.

      1. I’m not denying that Minecraft is a good game, and it’s had a massive impact, but we’re talking about the people who MADE SUPER MARIO.

        I mean, Capcom aren’t on here…
        Seriously? Yeah, i mean, they suck now, but they only made Resident Evil, Mega Man and Street Fighter, 3 of the biggest franchises ever -___-
        This list is just dumb.

        1. but Nintendo also has thousands of IPs (LoZ,Metroid to name a few).other than mario.

          Also Capcom not being there is inexcusable.

          1. I know. I mean, ok, if someone has their opinion, and think Minecraft is better, or Portal is better, thats fair, i would disagree, but it’s an opinion.

            But seriously, it’s Nintendo.
            They made the idea of moving in a 3D environment. The made the D-Pad. They opened up the market to new levels.
            How many Nintendo games are argued as the greatest games of all time? Almost every Zelda game, every main Mario game besides 2, Sunshine and New series, Super Metroid and Metroid Prime, it’s undeniable dominance.

            Yeah, if this was based on “developers of the year”, Nintendo wouldn’t always be first, but this is based on ALL TIME.

            1. No,i agree with your first thought that Nintendo shouldn’t be under the minecraft creators,it’s just that you only mentioned mario and i was like “but there also famous for other accomplishments”.Also,Where the F*** is SEGA,My inner fanboyism doesn’t approve the fact that SEGA isn’t there.

  5. a bit surprised some developers aren’t on that list like intelligent systems, and others like retro studios and HAL laboratories because some of these developers have only made 1 or 2 games while the developers i’ve just listed have made multiple critically acclaimed games, of course everyone is entitled to their opinion though so I can’t be mad about these devs not being recognized. Though overall I really dont think it’s that great of a list IMHO

    1. In a normal situation, id say “but they’ve only really made one or two games”, but then i see Mojang up there….
      I respect Mojang, but Metroid Prime Trilogy wipes the floor with Minecraft

  6. no idea why mojang is in that list among all the other experienced developers that have been around for a long time..
    have to agree with the consensus here.. we’ve seen a single mojang game so far
    they have to earn their spurs first before appearing in a list like this

    also rockstar in 6th place.. yeah.. not after the kind of bullshit they’ve pulled with the LA noire and GTA IV ports.. and on top of that there’s frequent reports of their employees being treated like cattle
    definitely no material for one of the greates developers

  7. lol what a list… totally fake and motivated. Valve no… EA no… bethesda should be in number 1, as they made 2 games of the year in a raw… Ubisoft also… Gearbox… Look the placements they gave them. Ubi is not in the last at all.

    1. I agree Square Enix is like the best RPG developer they are here since the NES days but Minecraft, Minecraft is of course better than all those hundreds of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider and Hitman games right.

      1. Can’t agree. Why the hell is Mojang there. It’s just a Minecraft maker. And it cannot win all the Final Fantasies and my second(or first, can’t decise) favorite series, Kingdom Hearts! Just as fact. Mojang has made 1 great game, Square Enix Dozens.

  8. Considering “The Orange Box” is ranked below 4 Nintendo titles on Gamerankings, I don’t think Valve should be that high. If this is greatest devs of all time and not recently, then rare should be somewhere in at least the top 20.

    1. The Orange Box is also on Game Rankings…twice -.- and in the top 20.
      Same with Resident Evil 4, but the ps2 version sucks, the GC and Wii versions are the best ones, but its still the same game.

  9. Minecraft is the most overrated game ever, Spore is the same but better and yet people didn’t care for it, pathetic.
    I would even play Halo before that crap

    1. uhm.. no, spore has nothing, really nothing in common with minecraft, and minecraft was a far better game. but still: #2 is not deserved.

  10. Mojang place…2!i!!ii!!!?!?i?!?
    Only be cause of one popular game??? If is the case then where is gamefreak(Pokémon)?

  11. Though I like Minecraft, Mojang should no way be number 2. Also if this was my list I would of had SEGA, Game Freak, Intelligent Systems, Retro Studios, Square Enix and Level-5 somewhere, though that is just me.

    1. Plus I think Capcom, HAL Laboratory and if this was my list only I would have Sonic Team but that’s just because I’m a huge Sonic fan plus I like the Phantasy Star games as well that they have made.

      1. No Retro or Intelligent Studios either. Looks like Valve paid somebody to put out this article and build buzz for them before they release the Steam Box.

        1. If you knew Valve a little better, you’d know that they deserve their spot and therefore wouldn’t do something that shallow.

        2. I’m pretty sure you don’t realize valve is pretty much universally loved. They are considered the Pixar of the game industry. Trust me, they didn’t have to bribe anyone to be put this high on the list.

          1. In my opninion i think Nintendo should be first however am still glad Valve got first. Valve has pretty much shaped the future of PC gaming with Steam. Also they make some pretty awesome games. Now for that Half Life 3, i know people gets irritated by the fans wanting that game but they should see the cliff hanger in Episode 2.

          2. But to what extent is Valve’s amazement caused by Steam…which has nothing to do with gamd development?
            In terms of game COMPANIES, it would be hard to not put Valve so high up, but this is about game development, and Valve havent made that many games. I love Portal, love love it, but i mean, Half Life is awesome, but dated as hell, i think L4D is horrible, TF2 is more of a love or hate kinda game, and i’ve never played Dota.
            Other than the Source engine, they havent really done anything industry breaking, other than Steam, which isn’t game development.

      2. What? There are a handful of Sony devs in that list. >.>

        Naughty Dog, Media Molecule, Sony Online Entertainment, Sony Santa Monica are all owned by Sony. Plus a few other studios that make games almost exclusively for Sony are also on the list.

  12. Where is:
    game freak
    Square enix
    intelligent system
    But EA made it… Whew!! Angry birds, fifa and CoD…
    But mojang gets number 2 for one game…
    Game freak also only made one decent game (Pokémon) and I cannot find it anywhere on the list…

    1. Capcom are terrible. They do not deserve to be on any list. The rest I’d like to know where they are, especially Game Freak :I

      1. Ace attorney… Mega man… Resident evil… Ghost trick (one of my favorite games ever) and moster hunter…
        I dislike them kinda but you can’t ignore thouse games.

  13. ninja theory,double fine, and tell tale is on the list but not retro, rare, or HAL? and mojang being 2 is rubbish. valve is a great dev but are overrated and should be at 5-3 but not at 1. no credibillity.

  14. Valve is only good if you like first-person shooters, otherwise it shouldn’t be that high. And Mojang has only made Minecraft last I checked, which is a game I haven’t even played.

    Nintendo has made a wider range of games in a variety of genres, including shooters. Nintendo deserves #1. Just their 80’s stuff alone (Super Mario Bros, Legend Of Zelda, Donkey Kong etc…) can arguably earn them that spot. And if you take their SNES and N64 era (90’s) production into account, it’s just incredible how above and beyond the field they are.

    And keep in mind Mario is the best-selling franchise of all time and is almost synonymous with gaming. There are very few gamers out there who haven’t heard about or played Mario. Even non-gamers and old people typically know who Mario is. If they don’t, and you show them a picture, they would probably recognize it

    Although Nintendo has been losing rigor recently. They haven’t been able to keep up with the times as well as some other developers. Nintendo was still very strong post 2000’s. In 2006’ish they were still arguably the best, but once you go a few years beyond that and you start realizing how old Nintendo really is. Nowadays many people even dub them irrelevant and say their place is in museums; and they do have a point. They’ve been lacking vision recently, and they’ve failed to capture the hearts and minds of new gamers like they used to.

    They’re always attacked nowadays by the rise of indies/mobile/Android/iOs developers and also free2play models, something that in 2006 wasn’t much of an issue yet for them.

  15. I love Nintendo, but I would have to agree with Mojang getting a higher place. Minecraft is of course a genius game, but Nintendo’s overall accomplishments would overshadow it. However, it’s Mojang’s development strategy — constant updates, personal connection with the community, etc. — that puts them higher.

    1. ….
      Great, let me know when Minecraft stop a video game crash, and doesn’t have 4-5 games in best selling games of all time, and about 10 games in the top 30 on Game Rankings

  16. Ok so valve has put out one game with the exact same style and control for over a decade. Nintendo has been in houses for 27 years and has changed gameplay completely every 5-6 years.

    also blizzard pretty much wrote the book on online services with battlenet. That deserves way more credit than #17

      1. *Posted too early…

        Half Life and Portal are not even close to the same game. So what if they use the same perspective?

        If that’s the case, everything Bintendo did in the 80s and most of the 90s is irrelevant because they were almost all 2d sidescrollers.

        Your argument is invalid. And stupid.

    1. Also, Blizzard didn’t write the book on anything. The original XBOX Live, specifically Bungie’s Halo 2, wrote the book for online multiplayer. Before that it was only PC, and even then it was clunky and not even close to streamlined. Halo 2 made it simple and easy, and blew the online gaming population up to where it is today.

      You need a history lesson kiddo.

      1. A history lesson is I was playing Warcraft 2 online like 8 years before Halo 2 came out. I lived your history lesson.

        And as for doofus, half life: aim with mouse, fire with mouse buttons. Portal: aim with mouse, fire with mouse button.

        80’s nintendo: mario, excite bike, and punch out are all completely different games with different styles of graphics and different controls.

  17. Hey, all I wanna know is…who invited Mr. Wonderful to this party? I literally lol’d for about half of the comments, lol…

  18. Mojang is definitely way too high. I wouldn’t even put them on the list unless they have a second game that’s any good. Minecraft could easily be a fluke, it’s certainly not popular due to being well-programmed. I would definitely pick Rovio over Mojang. Otherwise it seems like a pretty good list although maybe too Western centric. Valve deserves being near the top, as does Nintendo EAD. I’d like to see Retro Studios on there. And I’d expect something from Capcom.


      1. are you using a script or are you actually investing that much time?

        i would recommend streamlining your production process through automation :O

  19. Sounds about right. Although Bungie would be in my top 5, and 343 wouldn’t be on there at all; Halo 4 is amazing and all, but it’s ONE game. They’re a new company.

        1. Hardly “ages”. And its still ONE GAME.
          I’m denying that it’s a good game, although i personally get bored, unless i play a user generated game with people, like Minecraft Hunger Games or whatever, but it’s hardly worth the NUMBER 2 spot.
          They should probably be in the top 10, yeah, but 2? Nah.

    1. Yeah about the smae for me, 343 made an amazing game. But Bungie MADE the series, Revlutionized the FPS, popularized console online play, gave us that awesome story, and just overall invented halo. 343 is awesome, but they shouldn’t be on this list, and if I made this list it would be bungie on top!!!

      1. Maybe after the new trilogy is finished, and if 5 and 6 are as good or better than Halo 4, THEN I’d be okay with them being on the list in the middle or near the end. Because it takes a lot of skill and good thinking to pick up a beloved series like they did, and also to revitalize it (which Halo definitely needed not only because of Call of Duty and such, but also because Halo: Reach left a bad taste in a lot of fans’ mouths.

        I’m excited now, though, for the future of the series :)

      1. I have no idea, and it was their favorite number before halo so its not BECAUSE of 117, I think they just added the 7 becaus e they liked the number, but to solidify their love of the number, on 7/07/07 they became independent from microsoft. Alll they had to do was finish the last of the games they had to make and leave the halo rights to microsoft. Now they are making us destiny! But them liking 7 must have to do with their older games maybe like “gnop,myth,oni,marathon,etc”

      2. If you play all the Halo games, they LOOOOVE the number 7. Obsessed even. Dunno why. Lucky 7? It’s always been a lucky number for a lot of people.

        They hide secrets throughout all the games with 7 being a basis of finding them, cracking them, or sometimes they just use 7 a lot in certain instances. It’s their “thing” lol.

  20. I see that neither Game Freak or Retro Studio isn’t on that list and why is Naughty Dog at number 5 when they haven’t made a good game since Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.

    The list is stupid and I refuse to accept it.

  21. I seriously disagree with 2, 4, &8. Mojang has made one game and that’s it. They got way too much credit. 4 is platinum. Their games are ok but they shouldn’t be that high. Also from software the only games people like from them is dark and demon souls. Their front mission games aren’t really good.

    1. Finally! A sensible response that doesn’t accuse this list of being bullshit and acting like a fanboy! UNation, I tip my hat to you good sir :D

    1. What is so great about retro studios? Sure metroid prime is awesome, but what else have they made? I don’t know a lot about them so can you tell me what makes them so special?

      1. They’re appreciated for making a worthy Metroid trilogy after years of nothing. When you’re playing, you feel and see the care that they put into the games, which typically impress on all levels (although Echoes was… painful at times). They also did Donkey Kong Country Returns, which isn’t my glass of wine, but high quality. That’s why I and others are really looking forward to anything they’re working on.

  22. If American says ” wonderful” one more time, i swear i’m going to chop his dick off and feed it to the dogs!!!!!!

  23. Mojang number 2? Geeeeeez, these guys have barely proven themselves. They made one good game, and yes, it was a beyond smash success, but they haven’t done anything notable since then. They certainly haven’t proven themselves worthy of a #2 slot.

  24. My main problem with this list is that (aside from Nintendo, and maybe Platinum games) all the developers are American (I know some might be from Europe or Canada but you know what I mean). But well, it seems that all gaming media is heavily biased this way.

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  26. While I agree Valve deserves the #1 spot, I disagree with Mojang being number 2. They’ve made one popular game, a very popular and great one, yes, but one game does not mean it should be listed this high up on the list

    1. Minecraft’s an ok game that has been blown right out of proportion by its insane popularity. One game shouldn’t make Mojang #2, though, no matter how popular it is.

    1. Atlus would have deserved a spot on this list. It’s a good company with a good variety of games that has a good relationship with their fans. Platinum games…well they did make some good games but isn’t #4 a bit exaggerated.
      Also, love the Monet profile pic :D !

  27. How can Mojang who only developed around 3 or 4 games be a much better developer than Nintendo who made games for decades. Nintendo made Mario, best selling videogame franchise of all time, Zelda which games are considered the best in history, Metroid, Pikmin… Mojang made Minecraft and…. Scrolls which I heard about when Bethesda sued them (long story) and actually even Valve only made like 4-6 games (Team Fortress and Counterstrike were mods made by others than bought by Valve so they do not count) Half Life, Half Life 2 and Portal and Portal 2 and a zombie game Left for Dead 1 and 2… and thats all. Those are all good games but still these are relatively newcomers to the industry. Valve has been in the videogame industry for more than a decade but even so Super Mario 3 is still the best selling video game in history, Zelda is still the best in the history so Nintendo is pretty much number 1. Mojang is even like 4 years old, or at least their only big franchise Minecraft isn’t. Valve’s 3 main franchises did a lot for the industry, Mojangs game is a very fun and Beautiful but … all these games were made in the industry that reborn thanks to one company after the great video game crash from the ’80 and they’re games are simply the best.

  28. How can Mojang who only developed around 3 or 4 games be a much better developer than Nintendo who made games for decades. Nintendo made Mario, best selling videogame franchise of all time, Zelda which games are considered the best in history, Metroid, Pikmin… Mojang made Minecraft and…. Scrolls which I heard about when Bethesda sued them (long story) and actually even Valve only made like 4-6 games (Team Fortress and Counterstrike were mods made by others than bought by Valve so they do not count) Half Life, Half Life 2 and Portal and Portal 2 and a zombie game Left for Dead 1 and 2… and thats all. Those are all good games but still these are relatively newcomers to the industry. Valve has been in the videogame industry for more than a decade but even so Super Mario 3 is still the best selling video game in history and it more than 25 years old, Zelda is still the best in the history so Nintendo is pretty much number 1. Mojang isn’t even like 4 years old, or at least their only big franchise Minecraft isn’t. Valve’s 3 main franchises did a lot for the industry, Mojangs game is a very fun and Beautiful but … all these games were made in the industry that reborn thanks to one company after the great video game crash from the ’80 and they’re games are simply the best. And that company is Nintendo ”Leave luck to heaven”

  29. Cant take it seriously. My top 5 might be something like
    1. Nintendo
    2. Squaresoft
    3. Blizzard
    4. Namco Bandai
    5. Capcom

    I really think Valve and creators of Minecraft are not so great honestly