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Platinum Games On Original Bayonetta For Wii U eShop


Twitter user Linkyshink asked Platinum Games designer Hideki Kamiya whether or not the original Bayonetta will come to Wii U for those that haven’t already played it. Kamiya said that it’s entirely down to SEGA and Nintendo whether the well-received game will be made available on the Wii U eShop. Would you consider purchasing it if it was made available?

It’s up to Sega or Ninty. RT @Linkyshink: PG should consider a technically proficient eShop release of Bayonetta 1 on Wii U.

134 thoughts on “Platinum Games On Original Bayonetta For Wii U eShop”

          1. Nobody said he was a loser for being American, just that American is a loser (most probably for saying ”wonderful” too much).

    1. Sloppy how?
      I haven’t noticed any issues with framerates or graphics. Did it skip on some features or something?
      If not, then I’m gonna have to say I disagree on the “sloppy” comment, because I own it for PS3 and it’s still great.

      1. I own it on PS3 too and it’s not sloppy.I owned it on Xbox 360 before before i completely sold the console and all the games didn’t seen any difference.Before the install patch on PS3.The xbox version was superior but now,the’re both similar.Both suffers of some screen tearing but not a big deal.I’ll buy it on Wii U if it’s between 10-15$ just to have the complete collection of Bayonetta 1-2 on Nintendo’s console ;)

  1. Really good idea, lots of Nintendo fans have yet to play the origional. I know I bought it and an Xbox to play it in anticipation of the new one. GO 4 It NINTY!

  2. Bought Bayonetta for Xbox and loved it. Its a really good game. One of my fav XBOX games(cuz there isn’t much for that console..) So I say put it on e-shop, they’ll make a quick buck.

    1. There isn’t much for that console? There’s much more than there was on the shitty Wii.

      360 > >>>>>>>>>> GameCube>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PS3>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Every system ever>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Wii

      1. Lol that must be why my 360 only gets turn on once a week, and the majority of the times is by accident while im switching out games out my ps3 XD

        Stupid tray sensor XD

  3. I LOVED THIS GAME SO MUCH ON THE XBOX, I Bought it again on PS3 for cheap, and I wouldn’t mind buying it again for a 3rd time on Wii U if the price is reasonable, definitely an awesome game!

  4. I would buy it defiantly as I haven’t played the game yet. It would also be a good way to kind of promote the game, that is if they release it before Bayonetta 2. Also guess what, I was just thinking about something like this the other day.

  5. i’d love that. i played it on 360 already though – would totally buy it again for the wiiu if the pricing is right…playable on the tablet…in bed!!!

  6. It definitely makes a lot of sense to port the original to Wii U so that no one’s lost when it comes to the sequel. Being on eShop though, that’ll be a tough sell.

  7. Would definitely purchase…though I would always prefer a physical version, this is a game I would definitely purchase digitally just to have and play…please bring it!

  8. If it’s possible to up the graphics and have it run in 1080p…I think that it will sell through the roof and get the Wii U’s rolling out the door!

    1. You’d think so…
      I think the rights are in a weird limbo state at the moment. I think Sega still owns Bayonetta, she’s a downloadable character in Anarchy Reigns, they just wouldn’t fund Bayonetta 2.
      But i think the rights will eventually end up in Nintendo’s hands, which is good.

          1. Ignorant motherfucker right her ^^^^^^^

            lol….AMERICAN as in the person who replies to every post– WONDERFUL

              1. Humph,im not sure he’s american,look like more of a chinese tard.A kind of tard just like the one in Ip man 2.The one who got to much hit on the head by others!

      1. Nintendo is only publishing one game you stupid fucking idiot.

        SEGA still owns the Bayonetta IP and has no signs of getting rid of it. You just want it to be in Nintendo’s hand, you jerkoff.

        1. Yeah, because SEGA clearly give a damn about Bayonetta.

          Same way Sony gave a damn about Spyro and Crash, and Metal Gear Solid.

          Grow up, i’m just being realistic. SEGA are so close to just dying. I mean they’re licensing SONIC PORN to make money. PORN. The idea that they’d not only be able to keep hold of Bayonetta, but ever release a Bayonetta game, is just VERY unlikely.

            1. Yeah, but doesnt change the fact it was one of the titles that made the ps1 and 2 worth buying, and even the ps3 when 4 came out, although i thought it was disappointing.

              But now it’s multiplatform. Yeah, if a remake, or a spin off goes on a different or all platforms, fair enough, but you’d thin Sony would make Konami and Kojima keep the main series exclusively on the Playstation. Nope. It’s like if Nintendo just said, “Zelda is now multi platform”.

              Nice job Sony :|

          1. SEGA DOES give a damn, they clearly said they’re only shifting retail focus to four IPs in their efforts to patch up their issues, dumbshit.

            Why would they waste their time publishing a game which frankly, wasn’t a hot seller on both platforms combined? They’re going to focus on what they KNOW would take off when it comes to retail games.

            You’re not being realistic, you’re just being an IP begging cunt. I can assure you that Nintendo will never taste “ownership” of the Bayonetta IP.

              1. My kids love this game and play it constantly. There is so much to do and you never get bored with the same old thing like in half the games I own. I would rncemmeod this game to anyone with little kids or older kids alike. It really engages my son to problem solve, which he had a hard time doing before. Great game highly rncemmeoded!

              1. Oh, and just to make sure your stupidity doesn’t get the best of you, because we ALL know you’d believe if if no one told you otherwise, the whole report’s a joke. There isn’t any officially licensed Sonic Porn. The link above is to prove to you than an article about the incident exists since your dumb ass had obviously never heard of the story before now.

                1. 10 minutes later after you post that link and then you replied to yourself with this nonsense only leads me to believe you were just finding out that it was a bullshit article and only reinforced the comment you replied to as a warranted one.

                  Nice try, dumbshit. That’s right, you fucking dumbshit. Oh and do you have a Skype/VOIP program? So I can make fun of you on there as well. You’d probably sound like a tiny little pussy on mic too.

              2. No source in that link, and he’s calling me an idiot. You don’t even read your own sources.

                I stand by the belief that Nintendo fanboys are literally fucking retarded.

      1. Except the fact that A) Sega had turned down a Bayonetta sequel due to the company’s bankruptcy; and B) Nintendo publishes Bayonetta 2 so it’s both Nintendo and PlatinumGames’ co-ownership. The same goes to The Wonderful 101.

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  10. I hope that both Sega and Nintendo give it the go head and bring Bayonetta 1 to the Nintendo eShop for the Wii U. The first one was great on the X360 compared to the watered down and inferior one for the PS3.

    Although Sega is on the verge of going broke, Nintendo saves the Bayonetta franchise for PlatinumGames. Bayonetta from Sega and Bayonetta 2 from Nintendo. There’s no stopping the heroic witch or the U!

  11. Sega need to redeem themselves for dropping the ball on this great game. The PS3 version is ugly as hell even after the “fix”. Nintendo as publishers of the sequel should approach Sega to make this happen. It needs to be technically good though, with Off-TV-Play.

    Haha, that “American” has no life, look at his posting times, what a wonderfully sad ++++ lol

  12. Own it on PS3. Would consider buying again if they offered gamepad play. Some other gamepad features would be nice as well. Hopefully, they do this!

  13. Why would Nintendo have a say whether Bayonetta should be on the E-shop or not, they’re helping on bayo2 but Bayo1 is entirely Sega’s property.

  14. I already own it on the PS3, but having both the first and second games on the same system would give me even more reason to play my Wii U non-stop, so yeah, I’d grab the first one in a heart-beat if it hit the E-shop.
    Well worth the money. Platinum Games definitely deserves it.

  15. Now, Hideki Kamiya. Can you please hurry the hell up with Return to the Murasame Castle (Nazo no Murasame-jo reboot) and Star Fox Universe (Star Fox reboot)?

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  17. The first one was great on the X360 compared to the watered down and inferior one for the PS3.

    Bayonetta on the 360/PS3 are the same game genius, so how is Bayonetta on the PS3 watered down? you haven’t got a clue. Sega the geniuses that they are ported the PS3 version, and what a great job they did (not).

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