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ATV Wild Ride 3D Trailer

ATV Wild Ride 3D is an upcoming racing game from Mutant Mudds developer Renegade Kid. The game supports local and online multiplayer for up to four people. Featured in the game is an online ranking to show who’s the best “Wild Rider” in the world. ATV Wild Ride 3D will probably launch in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS this March, according to Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham.


  1. Ok. So, this is an easy buy for me! I have played a ton of racing games, but I always found ATV games to be fun. It looks limited graphically, but a great time killer.

    1. Considering there’s full retail games in the eShop, I doubt the file size limit (and therefore graphical limitations) is low. Even Unchained Blades, a retail game in Japan, is sold as a download-only here in the states, so the “download-only” titles can be on par with retail games.

      I think this game has DS graphics simply because it’s indie.

  2. I assume it’s been stylised to look like the Arcade racing games. Because if not, those graphics are shocking. Like, nowadays you really have to TRY to come out with graphics that low quality.

  3. It should be noted that this game was a retail ds game. And renegade kid is most likely pretting up that game somewhat for the eshop release. This game isn’t a sequel or a full on remake but a 3ds version of the original

  4. That’s not how physics works.
    And why is everyone pulling the graphics card? Did you all forget where you are?

  5. The game could end up being very fun, but those totally unfiltered textures remind me of the PS1.

    1. What’s wrong with them?? dude this looks like a ps1 era game…..even for an eshop title this sucks!

      1. I understand that they dont look TOO good, but this was a DS game at least, i mean, at least it has a reason. Its ok for DS standards anyway. It might just be because i dont really care about graphics though, so they dont really stand out to me.

  6. I swear, probably 70% of game announcements are eShop games it seems. But this one can STAY on eShop.

  7. Geez is there any genre Renegade Kid won’t cover? Platformer – Mutant Mudds Puzzle – Bomb Monkey Racing – This And now a announced FPS for this holiday season!?

    1. They’re an indie dev. They are exploring what they’re good at. They’re already good at platforming genre

      1. Saying you’re an “indie dev” is not an excuse to start jumping around and making shitty games. I’ve worked on a game project before and believe me, to most people it’s not about being successful, it’s about what you can make money off of. If you ask me, a dev should know EXACTLY what they want out of a game before they start developing.

      2. +1

        I’m working on a game now myself (For iOS platforms) and I couldn’t agree more with what you just said :D

      3. Finally someone with some sense around here! Throwbacks are one thing, but this is just awful. Like okay, minecraft obviously not all that great in the graphics department, but it makes some great gameplay innovation. This on the other hand makes no advances in gaming at all. Just another racing game.

  8. Boy,lets just ignore the fact that this is one of the first eShop games with Online Multiplayer and lets focus on the graphics that are somewhat sub-par

  9. I swear its due to idiots like you why the video game industry in the US is failing.. who the hell cares bases game’s of there graphics.. & then you guys complain about them not importing games. Idiots….

    1. I base my mine off gameplay and graphics, If you want to play a game that looks like vomit, go ahead :) Also please explain how the video game industry is failing in the US?

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