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Renegade Kid Working On New First-Person Shooter For Nintendo eShop On 3DS

jools_watsham_nintendo_eshopMutant Mudds and Bomb Monkey developer Renegade Kid is working on a new first-person shooter, according to the first issue of Nintendo Force magazine. The game will be released in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS holiday 2013. Renegade Kid is also working on a title for the Nintendo eShop on Wii U – Mutant Mudds Deluxe, which is an upgraded version of the original Mutant Mudds, features additional levels and new enemies.

109 thoughts on “Renegade Kid Working On New First-Person Shooter For Nintendo eShop On 3DS”

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        1. we did have that “thumbs up/down” thing before but what happen is aeolus, ness, von scrutom and zetrom (i don’t care how you spell the trolls name) made multiple accounts just to thumbs down everyone minus those guys, so its useless.

          I remember the topic where the thumbs up/down was the “burger king rumor about wii u toys”.

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            1. It’s not because of the graphics. Look at Resi rev in FPS sight mode or SNake eater in FPS sight mode. They prove the 3DS can handle amazing realistic looking shooters. It’s the lack of a second circle pad which is putting people off. But there is work arounds.

      1. @revolution5268
        If you’re talking to me, I have a bad attitude towards digital gaming. I will never support it (anymore). The idea of every game possibly going digital-only some day makes me sick in my stomach. Because that’s the day I retire from being a gamer. Or at least, a modern gamer. I’ll have to stay retro forever. People supporting digital gaming is gonna cause this dreadful day to happen. And yes Jellybean, I know you love digital gaming. So no need to reply to this.

          1. @The Cow that Quacks
            I already explained in the other comment why I hated digital gaming. However, I didn’t mention the fact that I lost all Virtual Console and WiiWare games on my Wii because of the piece of crap going out on me, so that added a lot of fuel to my digital game hatred. I’m not gonna pay no $89.00 just to get my original Wii fixed (which is what Nintendo quoted. I already bought a new Wii before getting that quote. I wasn’t going to pay twice). ). I don’t want those games back THAT bad.

        1. Digital gaming works great for indie developers. They’re not rich and have lots of money behind them like major studies, and releasing their games in a digital form allows them to sell their games without paying the high costs to ship and manufacture catridges/discs, as well as sell it cheaper to reach an even larger audience.

          If you absolutely hate digital gaming, so be it. You’re not helping the gaming industry at all by doing so and may even be hurting its growth. If you hate digital formats of major titles from companies who can afford to ship their games, that’s more understandable.

        2. i see, i have to agree with you this digital gaming going to take over industry is bullshit. Its the same with smartphone games will destroy retail games, look at it right now nothing happen. Same with this.

          1. @revolution5268
            Yeah, it’s a sad and scary thought. I’m a collector, and the idea of some day never being able to buy retail copies of games is a devastating thing. I mean, think about if the toy industry did that with action figures. And the only way people could ever view action figures is by looking at them in some sort of digital way. Such as the trophies in Super Smash Bros games. Imagine if THAT was the action figures of the future, and stores never got any more physical figures in stock. It’s just as bad but in a different way. Heck, the same damn thing is happening to books. Going digital. Some day there won’t be any use for freakin’ libraries. Today’s generation is the worst.

            1. I respect that you’re a collector, but just because the world is advancing majorly in technology, it does not give you the right to say it is the worst generation. The world does not revolve around you.

              1. Everybody has a right to an opinion. Even if nobody agrees. Except for those freaks that keep calling everyone “Nintendorks” and Nintendrones”. and Bill, who keeps telling everyone to be a man. He thinks HE’S a man, calling everyone names like a little kid?

                I love technology, but I hate how the older things that I love and/or rely on become obsolete when something new comes out.
                My old complaint used to be online gaming (which is STILL a complaint). But now, digital gaming has become a bigger (or at least equal) complaint for me. I don’t care if small indie companies bring games to eShop. As long as they’re games I don’t care anbout. But if/when big name companies like Nintendo, Capcom, Tecmo/Team Ninja (whatever they call themselves now) does it, that burns my biscuits. However, I don’t mind as long as they bring out both digital AND retail copies.

                And even though I already spoke too much, the WORST type of digital download is when Nintendo pre-installs a game on a system itself, instead of packing the full game and case into the box. Like I heard they did with the Mario Kart 7 3DS bundle. Now that TRULY sucks! There, I’m finished.

          1. I like how before he says digital gamers aren’t true gamers, and now since the world doesn’t revolve around him, it is the worst. I think this guy needs to be explained the world does not care if he gives up gaming.

              1. I love everything there is about the cloud. It keeps me connected no matter where I am. And with gaming, e.g. I can send my Vita saves up to the cloud and back up lots of data from vita. Cloud is amazing! :D

  1. Do people seriously care about this developer? Like mutant mudds was an OK game, but these people just aren’t relevant enough for attention…

    1. It’s all about giving developers chances. Give them a project, see how they do. If its good, then applaud. If not, then…you know

      1. I understand the potential of indie developers, but I feel like they are being given a little bit more publicity than they currently deserve. Like I said, Mutant Mudds was an average game. When I start seeing them make some truly amazing games, then I will start caring about all their tiniest news updates. And in response to revolution, Rare’s situation, both current and past, is completely different from Renegade’s…..

    2. Renegade Kid is being a jack-of-all-trades in terms of genre right now. They’re indie developers and deserve a chance to find their specialty.

  2. gamerjjxl(aka you gotta thank me!)

    two days ago I contacted Renegadekid and told them to make a “moon” remake or just a fps for 3ds!… and two days later I see This!!!!!!!!!oh yea baby! you gotta thank me!!!!

  3. We do need more 3DS First Person Shooters, but Renegade Kid is not exactly my choice of developer for such a title. And releasing the game only on the eShop is basically dooming it to fail to some extent.

    Still, it’s a start I guess.

  4. Good, I feel the 3DS needs a few more genres to feel complete, I was hoping it would be a metroid prime game because the multiplayer is similar to Halo but oh well, I really hope that this game has online multiplayer and that it is a sci fi game, or retro inspired, I don’t want another world war2 or 3 game.

  5. Finally an FPS for 3DS! ^-^ Next we need MW4.
    Yes, I’m a Nintendo fan that likes CoD. You don’t have to choose between Zelda and Black Ops. You can like both.

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