jools_watsham_nintendo_eshopMutant Mudds and Bomb Monkey developer Renegade Kid is working on a new first-person shooter, according to the first issue of Nintendo Force magazine. The game will be released in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS holiday 2013. Renegade Kid is also working on a title for the Nintendo eShop on Wii U – Mutant Mudds Deluxe, which is an upgraded version of the original Mutant Mudds, features additional levels and new enemies.



  1. Do people seriously care about this developer? Like mutant mudds was an OK game, but these people just aren’t relevant enough for attention…


  2. two days ago I contacted Renegadekid and told them to make a “moon” remake or just a fps for 3ds!… and two days later I see This!!!!!!!!!oh yea baby! you gotta thank me!!!!


  3. We do need more 3DS First Person Shooters, but Renegade Kid is not exactly my choice of developer for such a title. And releasing the game only on the eShop is basically dooming it to fail to some extent.

    Still, it’s a start I guess.


  4. Good, I feel the 3DS needs a few more genres to feel complete, I was hoping it would be a metroid prime game because the multiplayer is similar to Halo but oh well, I really hope that this game has online multiplayer and that it is a sci fi game, or retro inspired, I don’t want another world war2 or 3 game.


  5. Finally an FPS for 3DS! ^-^ Next we need MW4.
    Yes, I’m a Nintendo fan that likes CoD. You don’t have to choose between Zelda and Black Ops. You can like both.


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