Grab A Yoshi Cleaning Cloth From Club Nintendo


You can now claim a Yoshi Cleaning Cloth from Club Nintendo in North America which will set you back 400 coins. There’s only a limited quantity of these going so if you want one, then you had better get in there quick. Here’s the description: Mario’s green friend usually loves cleaning up anything he can get his tongue on. Now he can help you keep your consoles, computer, and tablets shiny and smudge-free with this high quality cleaning cloth. Show your Nintendo fandom wherever you go with this super soft and easily portable gadget accessory.


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    1. In Europe we got a Zelda statute once…
      But it cost 15000Stars… You got 200for each game… I almost was able to afford a second one but at the time I had enough it was removed (Four days after I had enough!… But well… I have one and should be happy)
      But except that we don’t have anything good.

  3. although 400 coins for this is a total rip… I got it anyways cause its limited edition, hopefully it actually is

      1. Okay they don’t force you to use up all your coins but they do force you to use it so that it’ll be below 1000. You can’t stack it up, eventually you’ll have to use it.

  4. A YOSHI CLEANING CLOTH?! You mean it’s a cleaning cloth with Yoshi on it? OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG… LOL. I think I will save my 400 coins for the new hip for my Mom.

  5. Anyway. Club nintendo is the worst reward system ever….. I got my account deleted because I had over 1000 coins.. so they put it under investigation thinking that more than 1 person is using it.. lost 1175 coins and the platinum status for this year :S so guess what…they can stick the coins and reward up to their *@#&#*&$

    Att: ex-nintendo fanboy….

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