Richard George, the Executive Editor at IGN, has teased on Twitter that we should expect some very interesting Nintendo 3DS news coming over the next week or so. Sadly Rich wouldn’t give away any clues regarding what we should expect. What you like to see announced?

Some very interesting 3DS-related news coming over the next… week or so. Stay tuned for more. Sorry. I’m going to be that guy today. =)



  1. ANIMAL CROSSING NEW LEAF! OR MIIVERSE.Then again, why would they be the ones to reveal a first party game and not Nintendo themselves? If it means ACNL, zero shits will be given.


  2. Its cool that so much is going in with the 3ds, but it would be really great if there were some interesting Wii U news. i know its still a brand new console and everything, but I feel like it doesn’t have much excitement built up around it


  3. Im actually gonna take a big guess that its the addition of MiiVerse to the 3DS . I deduct so due to the fact that earlier this week Iwata mentioned how it as gonna come to the 3DS..


  4. My guess would be either animal crossing news, or miiverse news.
    Personally, Im hopping for a 3ds xl bundle here in the US. I’ve been craving that pikachu 3ds for a while now :)


  5. I’m thinking it’s an announcement about Miiverse or a release date for Animal Crossing: New Leaf or Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. I’m hoping that it’s the announcement that Project X Zone is getting localized but I highly doubt it.


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