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IGN Tease Interesting Nintendo 3DS-Releated News Coming Soon


Richard George, the Executive Editor at IGN, has teased on Twitter that we should expect some very interesting Nintendo 3DS news coming over the next week or so. Sadly Rich wouldn’t give away any clues regarding what we should expect. What you like to see announced?

Some very interesting 3DS-related news coming over the next… week or so. Stay tuned for more. Sorry. I’m going to be that guy today. =)

106 thoughts on “IGN Tease Interesting Nintendo 3DS-Releated News Coming Soon”

        1. He isn’t even a gamer. Fanboys aren’t gamers. True gamers are polite and generous people. They treat games with respect and appreciate the hardworking that goes into making art (Video games). This Bill clown is just a thug who needs to insult people just to get a smile on his face.

    1. I have to say, “First Guy,” I needed you today, to tell me what date this article was posted on, because the incompetent webmaster/ article writer/ whoever the fuck’s job it was to decide on this page’s layout was too incompetent to include a date in the article

      1. Clearly you’re either illiterate or a dumbass. Underneath the post, it says “This entry was posted in 3DS, Nintendo and tagged ign, news, Nintendo, nintendo 3ds on January 16, 2013 by sickr.”

  1. ANIMAL CROSSING NEW LEAF! OR MIIVERSE.Then again, why would they be the ones to reveal a first party game and not Nintendo themselves? If it means ACNL, zero shits will be given.

    1. I really thought by now a release date would have been announced for next month or early march but I lost hope. Maybe a may release

  2. Its cool that so much is going in with the 3ds, but it would be really great if there were some interesting Wii U news. i know its still a brand new console and everything, but I feel like it doesn’t have much excitement built up around it

    1. Nintendo is waiting for his early big hitters like monster hunter and rayman to come out then the news will flow depending on how they fare.

      1. U mad bro? You’re the delusional one who thinks Wii U annihilates PS3/Xbox! Such Gaytendo fanboyism will not be tolerated here! ANYMORE OF THAT CRAP I WILL BURN YOUR WII U! BURN IT I TELL YA!



    Ha, not really. It’s gonna be some dumb Mario #789679231612789 shit or some gimmicky Nintendo game or something.

        1. Ya, there should be something where if a person gets enough votes, they will get banned. That would be awesome. (1 vote per person)

        2. I second that notion. I love this site so much but have lately considered switching over to another one since this site gets bogged down with too many ridiculous trolls. I know they have the right to freedom of speech but I believe they have take that right too far to where they are infringing in on the rights of others by defamation and disturbing the public.

    1. I’m down with that. I can never get too much Mario. All they need is new stages and power ups and it’s a new game

      1. This ^ . You can call his games rehashes all you want , but boy are they a heck of a lot of fun! I loved 3D land. *insert over critical D-bag finding none existent faults in an excellent portable 3D mario game* :

      2. Yeah exactly. Nintendo babies are happy with getting the same rehashed crap fed to them over and over again! BURN FANBOY BURN!

        1. Halo series. Ratchet and Clank series. Call of duty series.

          And you say we like Re-hashes? Mmmkay Microsoft/Sony fanboy.

          And how do you know we only play Nintendo consoles? I play Nintendo games and I have an Xbox 360 and a PSP which I use as much as my Nintendo consoles.

          Just sayin’ fag.

      1. Take out your anus pain somewhere else. Your “superior” consoles can’t be all that great if you’d rather sit here and troll a nintendo website.

          1. Yeah I’m such a fanboy I own a ps3, an xbox AND a wiiu, and I love them all. Btw you’re the only fanboy on here hypocrite. Reply back. Your anus pain is delicious. :3

          2. PS4 and Xbox720 specs were leaked today…there basically the same as the wii u…i sent this to SICKR but he never posted it

                1. Project Shied will bomb. You need a certain Nvidia graphics cards in your computer in order to run any Steam games on Shield, and you can only play them in your house. Might as well use your PC and a more comfortable controller since you’re there anyway. Apart from that its all Android casual games, which most people already have a smartphone for. Plus, the tech inside will put it above $250, possibly even $300, which no one would ever pay for.

  4. Im actually gonna take a big guess that its the addition of MiiVerse to the 3DS . I deduct so due to the fact that earlier this week Iwata mentioned how it as gonna come to the 3DS..

  5. My guess would be either animal crossing news, or miiverse news.
    Personally, Im hopping for a 3ds xl bundle here in the US. I’ve been craving that pikachu 3ds for a while now :)

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  7. I’m thinking it’s an announcement about Miiverse or a release date for Animal Crossing: New Leaf or Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. I’m hoping that it’s the announcement that Project X Zone is getting localized but I highly doubt it.

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