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GameFly Lists Animal Crossing For Wii U


GameFly, the popular video game rental service, has listed Animal Crossing: New Leaf for release on the Wii U. The site already has the game listed for the Nintendo 3DS, which is the platform that Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been confirmed for. Clearly, it could be a simple error, but Nintendo has talked numerous times about cross-platform compatibility between the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U.

Thanks, Josh.

50 thoughts on “GameFly Lists Animal Crossing For Wii U”

      1. Yeah, I saw this a few weeks ago, but it’s obviously an error so I ignored it.

        They listed ‘Animal Crossing: New Leaf’ for Wii U and then just “Animal Crossing” for 3DS.

        It wouldn’t be the first time GameFly makes these errors.

  1. I’m really trying to have a wide variety of games that are not just Mario, this series looks great. Nintendo, don’t even think about it just do it. Do it now!…DO IT!

  2. This is a pathetic kiddie game. A Talking animal game is one of nintendo’s biggest draws it is sick that adults will buy this crap. What next a middle aged plumber pursuing an underage princess ohh wait ha ha hs

    1. why do you try your not even a troll your just unfunny take another swing at trolling when your as funny as aeolous

      1. Oh my god no, stop, stop asking for the same game over and over.
        “Oh do this game but remade”

        No, fuck that shit, just have a new game with new ideas, thats why we keep getting NSMB games.

        Everyone here complains about how unoriginal and copy and paste games like COD are, yet want remakes of fucking Gamecube and even Wii games

        1. Nintendo shouldnt remake it, they should make a sequel, Just imagine a super mario sunshine on wii u. OMG that would be AMAZiNG!!!

        2. yep, they need NEW fresh game ideas. Stop with the remakes, just play the Wii version of Animal Crossing. Why would u want Mario Sunshine when there was a bigger world for Mario Galaxy. I want a great lookin adventure game or some survival horror game.

  3. its not true. i doubt the ead team that creates the animal crossing games would have time to work on animal crossing wii u, animal crossing new leaf AND nintendo land simultaneously.

  4. Off topic-

    Do you guys think it will be too early to get a new paper mario, mario kart, or a new pokemon game for wii u? I mean, do you guys think they will at least announce it at E3? I would love a new mario kart wii u for Christmas or next year.

    1. Mario Kart is very likely to be announced this year. Even for a 2014 release. It’s a gargantuan System seller and has become one of Nintendo’s biggest priority’s.

      Mario kart for Wiiu is gunna be immense.

    2. Paper Mario, yeah too early, but after Sticker Star i dont know if i want another one, id rather just remember Thousand Year Door -.-

      Mario Kart isn’t unlikely, end of 2013 wouldn’t surprise me, depends what/if they have anything coming out round that time.

      Pokemon, i wouldn’t bet on anything other than a Colosseum/Stadium game

        1. I didnt even make sense, you cant turn lava to ice. If you’re going to add real world items at least make them work the was you’re supposed to. Not to mention about 80% if them are useless and you just get confused with which ones you actually need.

          On top of the oter problems -.-

  5. I am Error.

    But yeah, that would be cool though having cross play in AC, maybe trade items with 3DS/WiiU players that have exclusive items on either version

  6. Dear makers of Animal Crossing I would love to have a Wii U / 3DS game. It would be soooooo great to play at home and then bring it with me while I’m on the go. I would love to try this with Miiverse and the U’s online would kick ass!

  7. Dear makers of Animal Crossing I would love to have a Wii U / 3DS game. It would be soooooo great to play at home and then bring it with me while I’m on the go. I would love to try this with Miiverse and the U’s online would kick ass!

  8. That would be wonderful Nintendo thank-you. Oh and if we could transfer the saves between the two it would be even better, thank-you bye.

  9. I wouldn’t want New Leaf on the Wii U, anyways. I’d much rather have it portable, so I can take it with me wherever I go. But, I’m glad this is just a mistake. I hope.

  10. If this wasn’t a mistake, this would be the sweetest Wii U news there’s ever been. And I NEED some sweet Wii U news.

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  12. I would be so fucking pissed if the reason why Animal Crossing has been delayed for so long is because they’re switching the English version over to the Wii U. I know that’d probably wouldn’t happen, but ohhh… I would loose my shit.

    I just want this to be released already. I don’t understand why it’s taking so fucking long to translate. Ugh. Jesus Christ.

  13. it’s called Japanese shit is too japany. sometimes it’s hard to translate things you have no real English word for or example of…kinda like trying to explain bender from futurama to someone who has never seen the show. a great example would be earthbound. part of the reason some of the games never released in us was because it was too hard to try to make sense of things like why they chose mole crickets as an enemy…in japan mole crickets have a joke behind them…if you lift them up with your thumb and index finger, they swirl their hands around and then spread them. ppl would ask the mole cricket how big their stomach was and it would look like it shows you…see…kinda hard to explain.

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