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BBC Says Majority Of Gamers Could Be Women By End Of Year


The BBC is reporting that the majority of people who play video games could be women by the end of the year in the United Kingdom. The news publication says whilst the hobby is currently a male dominated area, this could all change by the end of the year as a growing number of gaming enthusiasts are female. It seems more and more females are now using smartphones and tablets to play the latest video games.

111 thoughts on “BBC Says Majority Of Gamers Could Be Women By End Of Year”

    1. If tablet and smartphone gaming takes over console gaming, there is no more gaming for me! I mean, the Wii U is great, with touch and buttons, but touch only for a game like Zelda, Mario, Metroid, or other big franchises, would be terrible!

      1. Th new ‘lumpy tablets’ cud change it all round completly givin u buttons to use when gamin and smooth when using as a tablet – i hate to admit it but tech is movin towards a fully integrated system

        1. I still only refer to people who are connoisseurs who seek out quality products, gamers.Not someone who likes to play FPS Madden/Fifa and Grand theft auto

      1. Thank you! Finally someone with sense. Good grief, so much fanboy snobbery in the comment section. A gamer is a gamer. Don’t run off the people who could be helping the industry…

    2. Precisely. The Daily Mail did an article called something like “Watch out, boys! Women now make up almost 55% of all gamers!” and they classified Gaming as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope on their iPhones. I have nothing against those types of games as short distractions, but do not call those people “gamers”.

  1. > 5 to 10 minute gaming on an Android or Smartphone
    > Obviously not a gamer.

    It’s one thing to throw around other words carelessly, but less not throw around the word gamer so much to the point where even people who play board games are gamers.

    1. It isnt throwing around the word carelessly if you use it by its definition. Boardgames don’t count because they are not electronic! Now if your talking about Monopoly on my iPhone then thats a whole diferent story…

  2. Yeah and the dinosaurs will arise from the ground riding there rainicorns, not gonna happen since when was a tablet console/handheld worth,

    1. Dinosaurs might not be rising from the ground, but women seem to be taking up the videogame majority over the boys!! ;)

      1. I can dream… And I can wish for the destruction of tablets games with the power of the triforce,well at least the shovel ware ones…

    1. Electronic game on a computer(Farmville)=videogame. One who plays electronic videogame=gamer. So your point is invalid.

        1. Its on a PC which is an electronic device. Also, games are for any age. You would classify as a gamer playing “flash games” as a 6 year old. Truth Be Told!!!

  3. That would be good, but id never date a gurl who’d prefer to play Angry Birds or Cut the Rope instead of a session of Smash Bros or Bioshock

      1. “Limits my chances”

        As long as the girl wouldn’t have a problem with me gaming, like my ex did, then i don’t mind.
        I just don’t want to have one complain about when i do play a game when they play £1 app games

        1. Well I was responding to you saying “Id NEVER date a gurl who’d prefer to play Angry Birds or Cut the Rope instead of a session of Smash Bros or Bioshock” <Which is the majority(hence the "limit your chances" comment) I had no idea you'd change tunes and say "as long as they don't have a problem with me gaming."

    1. Amaya-Chan (

      I don’t blame you. I’m a girl who plays Smash Bros and Bioshock and I’m still just as girly as feminine as any other girl -_-;; So, yes, girls like that are out there! :P

  4. So, these people who play games aren’t counted as gamers? is that what you’re all saying?

    At what point do we become “gamers” then? When we play Mario? Call of Duty? Minecraft? Just what would you count as a “game”?

    I have to agree with the BBC here. Facebook and mobile based games are still games, and therefore those who play said games, are gamers.

    I cannot comprehend as to why everytime something positive about our industry comes to light,, true “gamers” are always the first people to argue against it just because these “casual gamers” haven’t played Skyrim for 400 hours.

    More people are playing games than ever before. I’d count this as a win, regardless of how many teenage boys are whinging that these “so called gamers” probably haven’t even gotten a platinum trophy on Uncharted yet.

    1. They’re still gamers, but i don’t think i could sit in the same room as someone who’d be like “omg this game is boring” when i play a game on my wiiu or playstation, but will happily sit there on angry birds or farmville.

      Id rather have a girl who didnt play them at all, and possibly conform into a Nintendo/Playstation gamer mwahaha

    2. I’d say the line is drawn at how dedicated your platform is. While there are exceptions, I think that if you regularly play video games on a dedicated video games platform (whether it is a handheld or a console,) you are a “gamer.”

    3. To the majority of these virgins, if you dont play a game that they dont like or themself attribute as a game, then it isntt a game. I find it hilarious that any moron who apparently games feel they have the authority and right to deem or lable if a game is a “real” game or not.

      Hell am i the only one who remembers getting in trouble for visiting and playing these flash games like there was no tommorow? Now adays these same flash games are considered shit, and for casual players. I hate what most gamers are now adays.

        1. How can you read the comments on this post and tell me things havent changed?

          Every time Flashgames are turned into mobile games, or iOS/Android games are made, a huge part of gaming comunity shits on it, Angry Birds is still selling very well, but it gets shitted on cause apparently it isn’t a “real” game to the hardcore gamer.

          1. no it gets shitted on coz it wasn’t a big deal at all back when the game was in flash form..then Rovio stole that concept from an other developer and turned into a mobile app, and Voila..biggest revolution in the world of gaming..credits needs to be given where its due..

  5. Do these rainicorns speak Korean? On the subject, I think more women would be playing smartphone games rather console games. They don’t want to hurt their delicate fingers do they? ;)

    1. ? So I’m guessing you disagree with the BBC report(and this is just a shot in the dark) so I’ll make this short. Tablets and Face Book games etc… all the electronic gaming devices you think don’t count. DO count.

    2. Amaya-Chan (

      I’m a girl and I play console games! D: but lol I had to reply to you because of the Rainicorn thing :P Adventure Time FTW! :D

  6. Now then now then, guys and gals, I can fix it for you all to go to my little retreat deep in the Scottish Highlands and play some “games”…….

    1. Doesn’t count^ Your idea of games are not electronic. You are being a conniving pervert, so basically your point is… wrong(in sooo many ways).

  7. That’s like saying I’m a footballer because I play for the pub team. Utter rubbish. Still, that video that accompanied the report (of the real elderly gamer lady) was great. I’ve never seen an 84 year old play GTA 4 with such prowess.

    1. Of course you’re a footballer. You actively partake in football, therefore you’re a football player.

      This is like saying I’m not a gamer because I don’t play StarCraft 2 professionally and am sponsored to do so.

      But yea that old lady was amazing.

    2. Actually, though I have no clue what a “pub” is as I am from America, it sounds very much like you ARE a footballer and therefore just said these iPhone and Android gamers are infact gamers..

      1. How bloody ignorant of you to say. And you are arrogant. These folks are going to voice their opinion whether you like it or not, mate.

    1. Yes, they are very good gaming devices. They are being played by many gamers these days and LOOK ABOVE! BBC reports that women are taking over as the majority lf videogamers. What an odd, but interestingly amazing twist on the world! :D

      1. Well i’m not here to give a definition, i’m here to state that i don’t believe the findings of this report should be taken seriously…and besides, there’s nothing surprising about this report in the first place, if you actually do take the tube daily..

    1. :) You are one of 2 posts that actually supports the article… so sad. Most other posts say “tablet gaming etc.. doesnt count! mer her derpp derp!:&@”

  8. Being a “gaming enthusiast” when playing video games on smartphones and tablets? I won’t say tablet games aren’t “real” games but that statement sounds like a stretch.

      1. Anyone who plays games is classed as a gamer, yes. But if you only play tablet and smartphone games, you shouldn’t be considered as a gaming enthusiast. That’s like when Snake was the only game on a phone and you’d be called a moron if you classed yourself as a gamer for that.

  9. Is it in any way weird that I read the headline and my first thought was that consoles now attracted stray estrogen to turn their users into women? Yeah, I suppose it was.

  10. My old co-worker used to play pool on her computer at work. She’s 55. Does that make her a gamer? I dunno man, I don’t think so.

  11. Casual gamers will kill megaman and everything and these sluts will want angry birds and homo transexual interacial love type games ugh bitch get in da kitchen and make aryan babies


  12. If gaming ever gets replaced by cheap phone, or touchscreen only games, then it shows how Media would have ruin the great gaming culture of what made gaming so great in the first place.

    Of course, phone or touchscreen gaming are great on the side. :P

      1. Yeah I’m sure they are not forcing but it’s still some sort of effect probably, but of course, I’m not against people playing those type of games or any other interest it’s self. :P I like it as a addition.

        I just hope it doesn’t make a lot of people think that consoles and PC games are no more, like cause of replacing. xD

    1. Define Gamer: Someone who plays games.

      That’s the only definition I’ve ever used for “Gamer”. You and many others though believe “Gamer” definition should be what Hardcore gamer definition is, which it isn’t.

  13. Oh dear God, smart phone and tablet play is not “gaming”… It would be half a thing if they were playing some of the ports from actual VG franchises like Final Fantasy, GTA, etc. but I have a strong hunch it’s a load of that Angry Birds and Temple Run garbage

    1. So playing games don’t make you a gamer? Oh and isn’t Angrybirds on 3DS too? ;) I’m playing the Walking Dead (GOTY might I add) on my iPad right now, because Nintendo fans don’t call it gaming, I mustn’t be a gamer :(

  14. “smartphones and tablets to play the latest video games”… the latest cheap diversions are on smartphones and tablets, video games they are not. Gamers use a controller to play a title with depth on a home console. Ugh.

  15. I don’t care how many people say it:I will never consider people who only play games on smartphones ”gaming enthusiasts”.

  16. Good for women, but I’m having a difficult time agreeing with their definition of a gamer. By their rules, anyone who plays a game is a gamer from daily crossword puzzles to board games to Angry Birds to Mario.

    What I think would be more fair and relevant to distinguish someone as a gamer is one who goes out of their way to play games such as that person who downloads a few games on Facebook and invests in it or purchases a game for their device.

    A game provided to someone as an after thought in a product doesn’t make them a gamer. It’s not like all of those women went “Oh I must buy this newspaper, tablet, PC or cellphone because they have the game(s) I love on them!”. Majority bought those products for the sole purpose of doing tasks other than playing games.

    I’ve played the little snake game and Tetris on my old cellphone years ago for 2 minutes at a time and I by no means consider myself a gamer because of it. I consider myself a gamer because I purposely search for means to play games whether I’m on the PC, Wii U or DS. If these women search for more games to play as a hobby, I’ll call them gamers.

    1. Exactly, it is like, i would read a magazine on the train if i have nothing else to do, but i wouldnt call myself a reader..

  17. Ah come on! Tablet gaming is not gaming! It’s like eating a lunchables and saying that you ate at a five star restaurant!

  18. Noun
    A person who plays a game or games, typically a participant in a computer or role-playing game.
    That is the definition Apps fall into this definition. The end.

    1. noun
      A song whose parts are sung in succession; a round.

      This is a definition of troll. Is this what you would consider a troll? Didn’t think so.
      I don’t consider someone who only plays tablet and smartphone games to pass time a gamer.

  19. Amaya-Chan (

    Thats just super casual gaming (if even gaming at all… I mean yeah, theyre games, but theyre not in-dept gaming experiences like you would have on a console) -__- I’m a female gamer, and I have been since…. hmmm…. 1993?…yeah, 1993 lol

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  21. Maybe they can be FTP gamers and we can have millions of sub genres for every different game type and then they can release a magazine so we can stay up to date on how to classify gamers cuz it really matter…she says sarcastically

  22. And…. How many times have u heard ps3 and xb360 owners claim that wii players arent real gamers. I worked at a gamestore and have heard it all. Even board gamers can be gamers if they want too. Its games and they are fun and i never wanna stop playing all of them

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