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Wii U Continues To Struggle In The United Kingdom


Chart Track has released the top 40 entertainment software for the week ending, 19th January 2013. Once again the sales data shows that the Wii U is seriously struggling in the United Kingdom without an exclusive game anywhere in the top forty. However, the Nintendo 3DS seems to be doing well with a number of Mario related titles sitting comfortably within the UK individual formats charts. You can view the chart right here.

89 thoughts on “Wii U Continues To Struggle In The United Kingdom”

    1. It’s just one region and considering that the system is only a couple months old with a limited library in comparison to other systems with large install bases – it’s not that big of a deal.

      1. The UK market is on life support. Its been losing ground for years. Last year the loses increased compared to 2011 and you had GAME and HMV going through some serious financial troubles due to the fact that the retail market in the UK is just in the dumps.

        Its like the new DmC game selling only a 3rd of what DMC4 sold in that market. Despite the hate, DmC is actually a good game. But the dive into irrelevance that the UK market is presently going through, turn said title into a #1 bomba.

    2. No ENGLAND needs to step it up lol! Plus, it is really NBD. The Wii U launch is still more successful than Xbox 360 and PS3 regardless of England. I have high hopes for it’s future as well. It will only be uphill from now! :D

    3. Nintendo? What can they do in a dying market such as the one in the UK?

      The videogame retail market in the UK has been taking a nose-dive since 2008. Last year things only got worse. You got that the most iconic retail stores, GAME and HMV are going through hell and have become irrelevant as the UK market itself.

      With the failure of the Wii U and a perfectly good game such as DmC, the running joke about the UK market is that everything bombs there unless it has FIFA on the title.

      So there is nothing that Nintendo can do. But to pull out from that toxic market and instead focus all their efforts on the market where it actually matters: the US market.

      I would worry more about what the January NPD numbers say about the Wii U.

      1. Yeah but all the English gamers already bought their CoD for their Xbox… they don’t need a Wii U yet until Pikmin, Mariokart and Bayonetta come out…

  1. Sales wont kick in for a while yet, economy is shit, so nobody is rushing to start next gen.
    The games too arent yet the ones it needs or what people want.

    And yes, everyone just seems to play COD and FIFA -.-

  2. Yes it’s not good, but at least they didn’t mess up the launch like the N64 in the UK, that was sooo late and came out after Christmas when everybody was still skint.

    1. For once I have to agree. If the N64 used CD-ROM media instead of carts, the playstation brand would have suffered a premature death. N64 cartridges are great for collections though, I love mine.

        1. Exactly. I was really hoping before the Wii U came out they would go back to cartridges lol. It would have been quite a shock lol.

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    1. Hey “a”, I hear ya. IDK why anyone gives a stink over the country. Never liked it before I started playing videogames, why should I like it now? Especially considering their lack of support for Nintendo.

  3. Yeah, here in the UK no one I know seems to quiet get the WiiU idea, we’ve it two in our house and we absolutely love them, picked up Ninja Gaiden 3 last week, pretty solid game ^_^


    1. Sorry for the typos here is a corrected one ^^


    2. while there is nothing wrong with porn… I HIGHLY doubt that is the problem. I can guarentee that most gamers on the PC don’t watch porn and play videogames at the same time… -__-

  5. i dont see why you people are angry about some country’s sense of taste in video games if youre not a stockholder, gamers nowadays are terrible and mostly consist of fanboys, its a sad day for the video game industries everywhere :(

  6. The problem with the UK (I work for GAME in Derby) is that 85% of sales are for chavvi CoD or FIFA games and 99% of the staff claim ‘the only real game console’ is 360 (even claiming the ps3 is just a glorified bluray player) and ACTUALLY tell the customers that. It’s hardly surprizing wii U sales are down when morons like that have any influence. I personally believe that the UK sales mean less than nothing when game store staff are so biased.

    1. What can I say? The English are just stupid :P Well at least the majority who claim the Xbox 360 is the best console…

      1. At least you added that last part in, otherwise I’d have started a rant on you.

        P.S. There’s a difference between ‘The English’ and ‘The United Kingdom’.

  7. Aren’t all consoles like this when they come out? Its only a matter of time till wii u games come out like rayman and aliens and monster hunter ultimate and such. Besides.3ds exists too. UK is probubly smart n waiting for games.

    1. No, Nintendo consoles are always like this in THE UK!! Check any other country and I bet you it is selling pretty decently.

  8. If the Ugay isnt smart enough to pick up a wii than theyre trippin. Think intelligently, the wii is a High Powered 3DS!!!!!!!!! Any game on Ds can be ported over to the wii in hd. GOLDEN SUN ,RESIDENT EVIL THE MERCENARIES, SONIC RUSH, ANYTHING ON DS:D :D SO HOW CAN IT FAIL IF THE DS IS TRIUMPHANT? ??????

  9. Could we maybe see the Wii U reports from France and Austrailia, Germany, etc. You know… places where it is probably selling WELL! We know it isnt selling great in the UK, big whoop! Stop making a stink over it.


      That link above will update with each European country charts as they come available.

      “places where it is probably selling WELL!”

      The key word there is “probably.” It’s wishful thinking that you want the Wii U to be selling well outside the UK. The fact is, the Wii U is selling poorly across ALL of Europe, not just the UK. So prepare yourself to not see any Wii U games in EU country charts.

    2. He does, ge get the whole, ‘Nintendo is Dominating the charts again’ for japan, and ‘even though the UK sales are lackluster, france is doing a lot better’ on a weekly basis.

      You just seem to focus solely on the negative post.

  10. People trying to write this off as just ‘launch period problems’ are deluding themselves. The UK games market is in a huge decline and so all consoles and their games are affected by this; not just Nintendo. However, when you consider that the UK charts take into account bundled games, and then you discover that no Wii U games are charting, you can see that the Wii U system is selling less than 1000 to 2000 units per week in the UK. Then look at the Wii U games chart and see the latest figures that Black Ops 2 sold 330 this week. Everything below BO2 sold LESS THAN 330 units on Wii U. It’s crazy.

    The fact is, the Wii U is appealing to almost nobody, and I can’t see games like Pikmin 3 and Bayo 2 saving it. Nintendo needs to do a lot more than that to get this thing shifting units. I’ve got a feeling this will be the Dreamcast all over again.

    1. a link to your claims will be nice but thinking that the next sony and microsoft consoles will not suffer the same will make you look like you just joined gaming

      1. I’m sorry, when did I say Sony & MS wouldn’t have the same problems?

        “The UK games market is in a huge decline and so all consoles and their games are affected by this; not just Nintendo.”

        PS3/360 games are not selling fantastic figures RIGHT NOW. Proof that the UK market is in a big decline. I have no doubt that Sony & MS’s next consoles will struggle to take off, just like Nintendo’s Wii U.

        But the fact remains that Wii U is doing unbelievable poor. Selling less or around 1000 systems a week? Games selling less than 300 units? Nintendo is in a really tight situation here in the UK & Europe right now. They have a lot of work to do. You can’t argue with that.

        And read this thread if you want facts and figures:

          1. It’s both.

            Economy is a big problem, which is why ALL games software on all consoles is down considerably. Not to mention it’s January and everyone is broke.

            However, the Wii U is doing the same numbers now as it did during the Xmas period. It’s simply not selling at all. When your system is selling less than 1000 units a week, that is a serious problem. You can’t blame it on the economy. The Wii U is not being marketed properly. Hell, the only Wii U UK TV advert had to be pulled off air because it was misleading consumers! That shows the level of poor marketing Nintendo UK has right now. Not to mention the console is expensive, as are its games.

            1. so if is is doing the same numbers they are doing during chrismas where do you get that the sistem is selling 1000 weekly?

                1. official numbers from chistmas put the wiiu moving 20000 during those weeks so i ask again where did you get the 1000 number?

                  1. The fact no Wii U games charted during Xmas weeks, apart from Nintendo Land, shows poor sales. Certainly in immediate weeks preceding Xmas week itself they went right back down. Of course it sold a good sum for Xmas itself, but it plummeted again afterwards, to what we are seeing now.

                  1. @TheOriginalUNation

                    “Lnk… here’s a word to the wise– Never believe what you read on the internet.”

                    What a stupid statement that is incorrectly worded and needs expanding. What your statement is implying is that: anything you read on the internet you should “NEVER” believe it.

    2. oh gosh, please stay. this site needs more sensible people like you. however, i don’t think it’ll be another dreamcast, as Nintendo seems to do pretty well in tight situations. i’m expecting some major reveals at E3 this year. at least, that’s what we gotta hope for.

      1. Ha, thanks. Sadly, I don’t often like to read the comments on this site because it really hurts my head. But, you can find me at a good little site called if you’re interested in joining our forums. You seem like a level-headed guy, so would be most welcome! It’s a Nintendo site mostly, but we have the odd review of other console games, too. Would be nice to have some new decent members there!

  11. I have to lol quite hard when these reports come out. Does the Wii stand on how many units it sold within the first couple of months of release? Not at all, no console or any technological gizmo does. AND, lets take into consideration that the world is still feeling the effects of Xmas nevermind the continuing financial crisis not exactly letting up.

    I’ll be honest, I got the WiiU premium pack last week…….quite reluctantly. I haven’t seen enough to make me want to go get it the way the Wii did when I first seen/played it and unfortunately I haven’t seen enough since getting it that i’ll play it a lot but in all honesty….it’s the price and limited UK services that puts me right off. (£50 for a Mario game? really?? And the way the government in this country works…..NTVii will NEVER happen) So far it’s a glorified Wii and I feel a lot of people see it that way too.

    To get back to the original point tho……I do think the WiiU will come good. It only needs a few releases to get it on top such as Mario Kart, Zelda, Metroid to mention a few…..I just hope 3rd party devs will come up with something so its not just a Nintendo machine with Nintendo only games….

  12. cBecause there is so much people commenting about wiiu failure i have taken upon me to invent a time machine and take such people whit me to the launch of the ps3 and 360.
    Take into account that anything dangerous to the traveler so no shoes lases and belts,no pencils, so the traveles cant suicide

  13. It is failing because nobody wants a kiddie console, but Nintendo even knows this. Otherwise the company would have thought a head and gave git mature games like dmc on their system. It’s not hard to understand if you launch a new Console you need games to help you compete with existing consoles. But Nintendo released a bunch or crap shovelware. They know they had a failure with the wiiu right out of thegate . It is under powered with a controller that ads nothing. You would have to be an idiot to buy it now.

    1. You said it in a much harsher way than I would have, but I agree with the majority of your points. So many things Nintendo could and should have done better, and they’ve only made it more difficult for themselves. It’s an odd one.

    2. @Amy

      Also don’t forget, Nintendo is no longer parenting children, but also parenting adults as well with the curfew they imposed on adult rated 18+ games in the eshop for European countries. Not being able to download adult rated 18+ games in the eshop, until after 11pm to 3am is fucking ridiculous. Also Miiverse is heavily moderated, and censored.

    1. People are missing the point about these charts. No one is expecting the Wii U to come out and be on top every week. But people are expecting to see some games in the chart. You need to take into consideration the numbers when looking at these charts. The bottom half of the chart’s games are selling in the one thousand-range. This means the Wii U system is selling around or less than 1000 for each week a Wii U game isn’t in the charts. This is what makes it so concerning. It’s the fact the charts show how the system as a whole is performing. To have a system selling less than 1000 in a country of 60million each week, and its games selling 300 or less in its own system chart, is not a good thing, regardless of what time of the year it is.

    1. Most of the UK probably doesn’t even know it exists, such is the terrible quality of promoting the system and its games over here. That, and the high prices don’t help.

  14. Let’s be honest the real reason the wiiu isn’t seelling is not because of the games, it’s because Nintendo are taking the piss thinking they can charge the English more than every other nation for the same product. I for one refuse to be fucked over again on price so until they at least lower the price to match the exchange rate then I don’t see sales improving. And these Americans are deluded they only feel love in America. Do some travelling and you’ll soon see the rest of the world don’t give a fuck. Canada is cool though.

    1. Learn how exchange rates work. It’s not Nintendo’s fault everything costs more in the UK. It’s the UK’s fault.

      1. It’s nintendo’s fault they choose to charge more for the same product in a different country. They chose to follow the trend, it wasn’t forced on them by the UK to put people off buying Nintendo products.

          1. It’s not about conversions because they don’t simply convert the price from yen to pounds. They pick a price for the uk and set it as pounds (as they do for the US with dollars). If they did convert straight from yen to pounds then it would be a lot cheaper so I think it’s you who needs to learn about the conversions, I wish they gave us even the same price point as the cheap ass Americans but they like to test the water at launch then lower it when not enough people bite and they feel like more sales.


  16. Again this is the UK. They care about their damn Soccer more then video games. Put an exclusive FIFA game on the Wii U then poof you get sales lol.

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