Nintendo Reveals New Wii U Game In Wii Party Franchise

During today’s Wii U-focused Nintendo Direct online presentation, company president Satoru Iwata confirmed that a new installment in the Wii Party franchise is in development for the Wii U. According to Nintendo, the game features various play styles, a couple of which are shown in the video above. For example, one play style included in the game lets two players compete head-to-head using only the Wii U GamePad. The party game is scheduled to launch this summer.



    1. When I saw the screen shot above in Nintendo direct – I facepalmed and was Like ”is this all they’re gunna fucking show ?” then of course they announced about 8 Mega AAA Exclusives lol…


  1. I’m really excited about Wii Party for the Wii U, I’ve played hours and hours and hours of the original with friends at my place, it’s so addictive, especially the derby dash.


  2. Cool game for families- the foosball looks really fun!

    BTW, does it look like Link will be a guest star in that Monoliftsoft game?! Epic.


      1. I guess they thought it’d be good to mix it up gameplay wise. I’ve actually never played an mmo (this kinda looks like one), so I’m excited! Still gotta pick up Xenoblade, too…


      2. i never played an mmo before it either, but then really liked it, every thing about the game is prety much good tho, not many games get that, i played this game right after skyword sword, secret of mana, and chrono trigger, and this game was better than them, but around the same as secret of mana for me,


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