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Pikmin 3 Details Shared During Nintendo Direct


Nintendo has announced that you can use the Wii U GamePad as a camera in Pikmin 3 to capture close-up photos of your climactic encounters – and share them in Miiverse. Nintendo has yet to announce a solid release date for the game in Japan, Europe and North America.

12 thoughts on “Pikmin 3 Details Shared During Nintendo Direct”

  1. Watching it now. Yoshi’s Epic Yarn, Nerw 3d Mario, New Mario Kart, ANOTHER ZELDA AND WIND WAKER REMAKE COMING THIS FALL! Even a cross over of Fire emblem and Shin ma…. something I don’t know it’s Japanese.

    1. Uhm, I think you are confused… Pikmin 3 in May or June…. Only Wind Waker is coming this fall.. maybe Yarn Yoshi… The new Zelda Wii U will probably take another few years or so, ALL new Zelda’s are a massive undertaking. 3D Mario and Mario Kart probably wont be out until early December, and Smash will probably next year.

    1. Olimar crashed on the planet, Pikmin helped him escape. Then he came back to the planet to collect “treasure” (giant bottle caps and such) to stop his business from dying. The second time he was helped by his dim-witted friend Louie and the company president.
      That’s the extent of the backstory.

  2. OMG! A camera for cool encounters?! Yes! I must utilize said feature for sharing with my fellow nintendo loves.

    1. The idea when I first read about how miiverse worked back in Oct/Nov, I said meh… But I find I use it for everything from Nintendoland, to Zombi U, etc.

      On paper, the idea seemed corny and silly, but in practice it absolutely brilliant…. I think Nintendo has the console to beat this year, and I don’t think graphics and speed alone is enough. Sony and Microsoft might be ahead of Nintendo in terms of OS features (media center and all that), but Nintendo’s social network miiverse is incredible, off TV-Play is absolutely brilliant.,… I played OFF-TV all day Sunday with a hangover (not wanting to get out of bed).

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