Two System Updates Coming Spring And Summer, Spring Includes Virtual Console


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has announced during today Nintendo Direct that the Wii U will receive two system updates to speed up the OS. One of these updates will be coming to the spring, along with the Wii U Virtual Console. The second will be coming in the summer. The Virtual Console will include NES and Super NES games. Save states, GamePad play, Miiverse integration. GBA games are coming.


    1. They didn’t mention N64 either, which the original Wii had.

      More platforms will be added. Don’t worry…yet…

      1. Oh Wow, phew, didnt notice that. Cheers. I was SUPER worried for a sec. But seriously, if i dont have gamecube by the end of the year, i’ll be slightly disapointed.

    2. He did say that games wouldnt be available straight away.
      Besides, i think Wind Waker HD surficed :p

  1. Please tell me this will bring my old Wii VC games out of the Wii menu. It sucks having to go back to the old Wii to get my classic Zelda fix.

    1. xD
      I’m guessing it’ll an intergrated release.
      I mean they’ve already prgrammed GBA games for the 3DS that Ambassadors got.

  2. Seems like the 3DS should be the one getting all of the handheld games. The Ambassador games already include GBA games.

  3. Yea…I definitely think they should stick GBA games on the 3DS, and get the ball rolling on GC games for the Wii U…I’d rather play handheld games on my handheld…

    1. Very good point. The only games i want for GBA on my console, would just be the Mario Advanced series.

  4. when the next nintendo console comes out, they will make you pay AGAIN for your VC games. i own 5 different tetris’s. how many more times do i have to buy it?!?!

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