Tomorrow Corporation, the developers behind the acclaimed Little Inferno, have announced that the Wii U eShop game is coming to the iPad on Thursday. The iPad version comes in English, Spanish, French, Dutch and German with Brazilian Portuguese and Italian coming soon. The game will also feature GameCentre achievements. Tomorrow Corporation says Little Inferno on iPad is 100 percent free of in app purchases. Pricing for the game has yet to be announced.



  1. Understandable, considering this is an indie game. Having it kept exclusive to one or two platforms (Steam and Wii U eShop) is not the best financial decision. I’m willing to buy it again to support the developers.


    • This^
      all their games go multi-plat to keep the cashflow coming.

      It won’t be as easy to control on iPad, but will make a good fit.
      I’m glad the devs gave it the first run in WiiU (And PC)

      World of Goo started on the Wii Shop, it also eventually went multiplatform.


  2. Meh, no worries. The game is a great fit for the platform, does not exploit people with IAPs and will make a bit more cash for a great dev. I’ll certainly pick it up, if only so I can burn things on the go.


        • There’s no real purpose. You just burn things, try to come up with combos. The story is that you are freezing to death and the only way to survive is to burn things. Personally I like the consept. It’s nice to just relax and have a simple enjoyment when you want to take a break from an intense story/battle. The problem you might have is when you get all of the combos, it will start loosing intrest. Although that’s kinda natural for a game. if you want a better look at the game without any spoilers, search “lets look at little inferno” on youtube. It’s really complicated to rate a game like this.
          Hope this helps.
          P.S this game is $9.99 untill feb.1 then it becomes $14.99 :)


  3. Considering one of the items you can burn in the game is a tablet this is pretty funny. Kind of sick of games being thrown onto “i” devices…Watch it be way cheaper than on the eShop…


  4. I get it. Devs want to expand the platforms their games on to make more money. However that said I would prefer if they put this on the Xbox 360 or PS3 if they wanted to expand. Dont support Ipad/phone games. Those $0.99 games need to die off. The Devs wont make to much money on the Ipad. When I make games in the future my games will be ALWAYS ONLY on Nintendo platforms (if I get lucky) and PC. No stupid Sony shit and no way I help out Greedysoft.


    • Each to there own. I’m developing a game for iOS/ANdroid as we speak, great way to make a quick buck. I’m hopefully going to expand to PC next then the major consoles.


    • I haven’t played it, but from what I understand, Little Inferno is completely touch based so it would make more sense to release it on something with a touch screen than to release it on PS3 or 360.

      I think you’re pretty narrow minded(especially for someone who wants to make games) to say games on tablets need to die off, I think tablets can be perfectly viable gaming platforms if the touch controls are implemented correctly.


      • People on this page preach alternative and unique ways for gaming. Tablets and Smartphones provide a unique way to play so I don’t see why they hate on it. I’m all for unique ways to game and absolutely love the platform being iOS and Android.


        • Agree, though the lack of physical buttons(yes I know there are gamepads but bluetooth drains my battery even more) annoy me sometimes in games like dead trigger. I still have fun slaying zombies despite that :).


        • Ok, here my view and you can try and argue it as much as you want. But the prices of the games condition people to want games for cheap or free, except for the most dedicated gamers. The problem is when games are sold on iOS and Android market, they are expect to fall into this cheap price (look up on the numerous articles of how greedy square is for charging more than $2). The problem is when you take 30% away for Apple/Google cut, you have to sell games in the millions as a company to make a profit, if you are anything larger than a small indie the profits look pretty lean and the push to make every game count becomes much more crucial. The problem is becoming greater as two things are happening, one being that expectation of games should be that cheap on Vita and 3DS for example should be that cheap. And stock investors think every company should make mobile games even though it would be bad for the profits of a company cause they only really look at the short term.

          This is very similar to what happened to the early Commdore 64 and Atari 2600 hundred days when everyone was a programmer and games were often just given out for free or very cheaply in Magazines. Shortly after the industry collapse in on itself, well until Nintendo figured out away to force everyone who wanted to makes games to fall in line and make the industry profitable.

          People who want good, deep, high production games don’t want to see them go away, but with the many studios closing things are looking like the 80s again. Also, in regards to Apple specifically whether it is publishing, music, movie or games, they could give a crap less about the health or profitability industry they are making a profit off of. They have said as much in presentation to people in the industry behind closed doors.

          Hope that helps understand the generally resentment from people who care what happens to video games. Its not that there isn’t good unique games on the mobile platform, but there is so much junk (ie poorly made games, rip-offs of big budget games for a dollar, etc.) which negatively impacts the gaming industry, which again is what lead to the industry crash in the 80s.


  5. Not news related, but I’m really surprised spammers and people who try to be trolls haven’t been fucking up the comment section lately.


  6. saw this coming tbh and expect more games in the future that use the touch screen to do the same and jump but hopefully the wii u gets games from tablets to its eshop too


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