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Rockstar Would Like To Make A Sci-Fi Game


Rockstar boss Dan Houser has expressed his interest in pursuing a science fiction based game, if they have a good reason to do so. Houser said that the team at Rockstar have no interest in going into science fiction for the sake of flying cars and laser guns. He then went on to elaborate that the best science fiction stories are those that speak about the human condition. Here’s what Houser had to say.

“We will do it the very second we have an idea. One of our strengths is the consistency of the game world. We’re not necessarily the best writers in the world, but we how to write a video game.

“When we decided to make a Western, it was because we knew we had something to say,” he went on. “We have no interest in going into science fiction for the sake of flying cars and laser guns. The best science fiction stories are those that speak about the human condition. So while this idea is very tempting and, by definition, anything’s possible in a videogame, we lack the essential thing for the moment: a good reason.”

44 thoughts on “Rockstar Would Like To Make A Sci-Fi Game”

    1. There ara many R* games on Nintendo platforms (chinatown wars, bully, manhunt, body harvest, lemmings 2, uniracers, GTA 1, …. plus, GTA V is still not confirmed for PC and WIi U…. its under “consideration”.

      DMA Design was renamed to Rocsktar North….

      THATS WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Time will tell, but I think they could do a pretty good job on this. I guess they’re bored with the same GTA. Well, with story its hard to be original anymore, especially in Sci-Fi.

    Anyone know why the Sci Fi channel changed to ‘SyFy’? I call it ‘siffy’, it looks ridiculous.

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      1. We do and we’re getting some , Rayman Legends , Lego City undercover , Wonderfull 101 , Bayonetta 2 , Aliens colonial marines Monster Hunter Ultimate and so forth.

        I would rather get third party exclusives than shit multiplats.

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  6. I guess all the trolls have so much time on their hands coming here talking absolut nonsense most of the time cause they are all bored with their ancient systems and software, whereas we have something new and exciting worth talking about.

  7. Is it me, or is was my brain thinking of the exact same idea years ago that Rockstar is thinking of right now? o_o i had an idea for a futuristic dystopian sci-fi story, but this is just nuts. (still has idea)

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