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Pachter Says Wii U Is ‘Simply Not High In Demand’


Industry analyst Michael Pachter has weighed in on a Eurogamer article which suggests that the Wii U is seriously struggling at retail outlets throughout the world. Pachter had a few choice words about the console, which he thought would fare better than it currently is. Pachter says that the Wii U simply isn’t in high enough demand around the world, and that this is a major issue for Nintendo. He also expected that more Nintendo fans would have supported the format, but concedes that they are probably low in number.

“The performance so far is below my expectations. In fairness, [Nintendo’s] forecast of 5.5 million global consoles shipped by 31st March was the reason my expectations were higher. The stock at retail suggests that they did ship around a million to the US [in time for Christmas], but they were not sold out. By way of comparison, they sold 1,090,000 Wiis in November and December 2006 in the US and were sold out.”

“This device is simply not as highly in demand, and although I didn’t expect it to be over the long run, I did expect Nintendo fanboys to support it in bigger numbers at launch. It really is amazing that there are so few true hardcore Nintendo fanboys in the US, but they make so much noise.”

214 thoughts on “Pachter Says Wii U Is ‘Simply Not High In Demand’”

    1. Are you fucking kidding me? Pachter is correct. There is nothing about the unmanly Wii U that would issue a demand. The Wii U has no third party support, no good games, shitty PS1 graphics, and a horrible controller. Pachter is also correct in that only retarded Nintendo fanboys would buy the console. I wish you Nintensheep would listen to logic and reasoning…
      ~THE REAL Bill~

          1. You’re adorable Bill… Any person who knows anything about gaming in general could rip you a new one, based only on that comment. But its the internet… There’s no need for it.

            1. You are such a retard. It is so laughable that you think people love the shitty unmanly Wii U. HAHAHAHAHA
              ~THE REAL Bill~

              1. Well… I got mine and not disappointed at all… playing ninja gaiden 3, CoD BO2 and Mario… but thats not good games of course.. you are sooo right…. but at the end.. if you dont like the Wii U, then get back to your XBOX 360 to only play Halo :D, because my shitty Wii U got the most selling and successful game franchises of all times :D, get back to your hole :)

              2. Well, you say this, then go and support the Playstation, which, lets face it, is terrible. in comparisent to nintendo anyway. ‘oooh, better graphics? the same controller but slightly altered everytime? every good game on it is also on other systems? gotta go buy that!’ the only franchise i ever liked were crash, and we saw that go out the window, and the only reason ive ever wanted a PS3 was for modnation racers. And besides, if nintendo was so bad, why would they copy them all the time? Touch pad is apparently on the PS4, and look at playstation move, and dont even get me started on playstation all stars. Please troll correctly if you wish to do so.

                1. Nintendo Drones = SCUM


                  You’re a certified retard. You are not a champion as your name suggest. You talk a lot of shit kid.

              3. I said nothing about people loving the Wii U. I said anyone who know anything about gaming… Just to clarify…. All the best.

              4. Black Ops II – 18+
                Ninja Guiden 3 – 18+
                Darksiders II – 16+
                Assassins Creed 3 – 18+
                ZombiU – 18+
                Monster Hunter 3U – 12+
                Batman – 16+
                Bayonetta 2 16/18+
                Mass Effect 3 – 18+
                Aliens – 18+
                10 games that target a mature audience. I Think this counts as mature.

                1. Port.
                  Hey look! One exclusive!
                  …lolwut? Also, port.
                  Oh another one, which hasn’t even released yet.

                  So looks like the majority of “mature games” on this console are multiplatform ports, which means mature gamers have no reason to buy this console if that’s what they’re looking for.

                  1. Port or not, the point was that those Mature games are on the Wii U as well instead of a purely watered down game like in the days of the Wii, thus making it more of an option for mature games as opposed to the Wii. Maybe not the definitive option, but an option nonetheless.

                    Next time, do analyze every aspect of a response before letting your superiority complex type for your lack of rationality (and before you poorly attempt to accuse me of doing the same, there was no one in this…asinine debacle saying anything along the lines of “Wii U is the best place for mature games,” just that WIi U is a legitimate alternative for new consumers since obviously most gamers probably own a PS3 and/or 360 by now given the consoles’ ages), but given your history, you probably won’t…which you will prove once again in 3…2…1…

                    1. You idiots do not seem to understand that I think the PS3 and Xbox 360 are also trash, just not as shitty as Nintendo’s hardware and software. I think PC gaming is very manly and has the best games ever made, retards.
                      ~THE REAL Bill~

                  2. So what if their a port? Moneter Hunter isn’t really a port as it is getting realesed on the 3DS on the same day and bayonetta is an exclusive.

                  3. PS3 library-
                    SHIT PORT


                    #Fuck multiplats. Third party exclusives and 1st and 2nd party exclusives are the ones that count. If you’re so anal about multiplats buy a PC so you can play the definitive versions.

                2. Trolls and their masculinity bullshit. What on gods green earth does manliness have to do with gaming? Exactly not a damn thing. People like bill I’m starting to think aren’t even a real person just a not that spans the same general message over and over again. As for Aeolus doesn’t matter which Aeolus they are all the mucus of the gaming industry. Every thing in like has the top people and the low people. Aeolus is the stuff you find scraping the bottom of the barrel.

              5. “Unmanly”… has it ever occured to you that there are alsi girls who game? Not to mention, what deems a game manly? Why must a game/system be manly to be good? Answer these legitimately please.

                1. Guys guys “manly” consoles like ps3 and 360 should be definately let to manly people which is why so many kids are on those consoles.. Those two consoles are soooooooooooo mannnllyyyyy its unreal.

            1. Resident Evil: Revelations is not exclusive, r-tard. Learn the fucking facts before you spout your mouth.
              ~THE REAL Bill~

              1. “Are you fucking kidding me? Pachter is correct. There is nothing about the unmanly Wii U that would issue a demand. The Wii U has no third party support, no good games, shitty PS1 graphics, and a horrible controller. Pachter is also correct in that only retarded Nintendo fanboys would buy the console. I wish you Nintensheep would listen to logic and reasoning…
                ~THE REAL Bill~”

                “RayMan Legends, ZombiU, Monster Hunter 3, Xenoblade 2, Resident Evil Relevations, want more?”

                I was unaware that we were discussing exclusives, and I forgot to mention Bayonetta 2 as well. You ought to put on a pair of glasses, pal.

          2. We’re not arguing because it’s too stupid to argue with you. In this case the problem is you being ignorant. Get off this site and leave!

            The Wii U just had a poor start and will take some time to blossom unlike the other systems on the market that are in full bloom.

        1. Dude, bill is right. The Wii U doesn’t have high demand. If it did, they would be seeling a lot more.

          some of you kids really need to grow up and stop ling to yourself, and Bill….
          go to bed before I tell your mommy your still awake.

          1. well, it has sold at least 2 million units thus far, putting it slightly lower then nintendos prediction, but still well on it’s way none the less. the 360 has only in the last couple years picked up a large portion of its sales cause its at a great price point now and ms has mostly figured out system failures. i have been a pc gamer for many years, building and modifying my pc to play the next couple big games to hit it, but recently the pc game market has been flooded by garbage mmo’s that essentially are all the same. i find myself going back to some of the better games through the years on pc and ignoring a lot of the new ones cause of a lack of interest. i have to admit though, for me playing on a console is a better experience then on the pc, mostly because it’s easier to get groups together for multiplayer games within the same room, then you can see reactions and enjoy the company in person.

            as for a manly system? really??? who cares, females make nearly 50 percent of the market now. nobody would want to segregate those kinds of numbers it would be a very bad operational move for a marketing team within a company.

            as far as exclusives… well, there of course is the mario games with the new 3d one being worked on, as well as re-releasing zelda wind waker updated and in hd along with the completely new zelda game being worked on, picmin and many others being developed by nintendo and some third party companies. of course there are ports! it would be dumb not to have multiplats and ports! the number 1 selling game in the world right now is multiplat/port. cod bo2/blops 2. a choice not to support that would be misguided and deluded. even if the cod series is over rated and over done now :p, but yeah, i still picked it up.

            rebuttles fire away!

      1. I wish idiots like you would listen to logic and reasoning (two words I’m surprised that you even know), but you can’t have everything.

      2. Anyone who uses the term “fanboy” in journalism is a complete douche in spite of facts that everyone and their mom already knows, like the fact that the Wii U is having a hard time because almost no games.

      3. LOL, you don’t know anything about the Wii U do you.
        -Darksiders, Black Ops II, Assasins Creed 3, BAYONETTA 2!! etc. etc.
        -Nintendo titles are the best. Ever played a S ash Bros game? Oh yeah, you’ve played the Playstation knock-off. How sad :/
        -I don’t know what glasses you’re wearing, but Wii U graphics is on par with today’s graphics… It probably even has better lighting and contrast than other systems…
        -Lord pray for this child if he’s talking about the Gamepad… Lets see what you say when PS4 rips off the controller. And if you’re talkin about the Pro Controller, they were specially made for ports and that’s all.

        1. But on a more agreeable note, yes Nintendo isn’t shipping as many consoles as they should be. But it’s enough to get by in my opinion.

    2. I believe Patcher this time, even though I agree with you that most of the time he is an idiot and makes no video game sense. He sounds like my mother!

      Fact is I consider myself a hardcore nintendo fan and have no desire to buy a system that is not truly connected to the internet. With all the money Nintendo has, nintendo should hire a passionate team and make desirable hardware that matches the software….because i will buy it (even though nintendo doesn’t think hardcore nintendo fans will buy it). USB 2.0 in 2013? Kill me please! Nintendo has let me down over and over starting from the gamecube and now it has come to a point where I will not buy any more of your systems including the 3DS. Im filled with dissappointment and betrayal! I know most may say that it’s not about hardware and nintendo is about software but, for me it is, and yes, I consider myself a true nintendo fan starting back from the NES golden cartridge zelda days.

      Hear me Nintendo. I want a sexy system with speed and power that integrates into the internet hassle free. I also want a ONLINE Smash Bros and ONLINE mario party and ONLINE mario and zelda!


      1. A true fan would support the consoles that they make. You say your a fan and yet you haven’t supported them for the last 7+ years. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

      2. U obviously have opinions,
        have you played miiverse? No!
        Should you try sharing your opinions on it? Yes!
        Would you love it like everyone else who has ever tried it? Yes!
        Does xbox or playstation care about u sharing your opinions? HELL NO!

        1. Bottom line is that I want to see Nintendo succeed, but they just disappoint me system after system. And if you think posting notes on miiverse is the solution to internet connectivity, then we definitely do not envision games the same way that it should be. Nintendo owes us something extraordinary and high-end for all those crappy years that true fans of nintendo have been put through.

          Nintendo should fire Reggie and hire me. :)

          1. Have you played miiverse? if you have not then do not talk shit. Because if you have not then you have no clue what it is.

            1. I have tried miiverse on my younger cousin’s wii u. Now, how is posting notes on mii verse going to cleanse all those years of disappointment?

              1. there is a difference between trying miiverse and owning miiverse. It is all the content every single day that just keeps getting more and more interact. Let’s say I like ninja turtles, So i post on the boards, then I meet friends who also like ninja turtles. Now I can video chat and play ninja gaiden with my friends who like ninja turtles. The game is more unlimited than any other game ever designed.

          2. So what specific thing do you think is missing on Wii U? I really like Miiverse, and Wii U Chat is great for contacting friends.

      3. uhhh, just so you know, the wii u is ver much online and integrated, and very easy to set up to play online. essentially the same as the other systems.
        plug in start up, create your account, connect to your network and play. no more friend codes or anything like that stumble on the wii. full online eshop with the ability to buy most games purely online and downloaded to the system. also an online forum for each game integrated into the system.

        usb 2 is a make or break deal for you? why? the majority of hardware still only supports usb 2. plus this is a gaming console the majority of people wont even plug much of anything into their usb ports except maybe a fan or in the wii u’s case an external hard drive where usb 2 is more then sufficient for read and write speeds off a hard drive, as they are still the slowest component of a pc. yes, even sd hd’s.

        however, as for hardware you can’t beat a pc, but to stay current on a pc with good specs is an extremely expensive endeavor even if you find good deals. a new mid range video card will cost you roughly the equivelent as a wii u, this you will need to upgrade every two to four years, also the processor, mid range 200-400 dollars, similar time line for upgrading. ram and hd are more forgiving on price and length, then you have to add in cooling and the operating system, as well as all the other components like sound card and blu-ray player and of course mother board if you are starting from scratch. your average gaming system will cost a minimum of 1000 built at home, or nearly double that for a pre built one.

        i’ll take a console that is a third of the cost with a couple limitations in it because the games being made for it are designed to work on it, instead of buying the latest game and realizing you can only run it at lowest settings and have to get yet another new video card worth 300-400 just to have to game look and run decently.

        uhhhg, i have wasted soooooo much money through the years….

    3. He’s not an idiot. He’s right, and he actually called this long before the Wii U came out.

      You just don’t like him because you’re SO MUCH of a Nintendo-only fanboy that you can’t accept that they can do ANYTHING wrong.

      Well you’re in for a rude awakening, kiddo.

      1. Next-generation consoles are shaping up to be exactly what I painted them to be. While the Wii U finds itself in the same position as its predecessor once again.

        Which one (based on leaks) are you looking forward to the most

        1. If by finding itself in the same position you mean having the best exclusives, and selling more hardware and software than it’s competition.

            1. no cod game could even outsell just one of the wii fit games. What a joke. What else is a joke is that all 360 and ps3 games are like $7 at gamestop. yet metroid prime trilogy has gained value.

              1. no zelda game could even outsell just one of the wii fit games. What a joke. What else is a joke is that Wii titles are still like $30-50 at gamestop. for a bunch of glorified Gamecube games.

            2. I think that Skyward Sword, Xenoblade Chronicles, Mario Kart Wii, SSBB, Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and Mario Party 8 are one of the best exclusives I’ve played ever. Specially the first two listed. But that’s just my opinion I think others might agree with some of these exclusives as compared to some other platform exclusives.

        2. The PS4 out of the nextbox and that one. But the Wii U will be my main console because of all the awesome exclusives that Nintendo gives out. I will probably buy third party mainly on Wii U aswell to show Nintendo that they do not have anything to lose on giving in to third party.

      2. Have you tried miiverse yet? I think someone like you (no real friends) would like it. but instead of trying something and having fun you would rather complain about it.

      3. I own every console to date (except handhelds) and I will own next xbox and ps etc etc. The Wii U has sold more consoles in it’s first 2 months then both ps and xbox360 combined last gen in thier first 2 months.

      4. I am a Nintendo fan boy myself, and I am honest about what Nintendo should work on. N64 should’ve ditched cartridges. GameCube could’ve approached the quickly-growing online. Wii could’ve had better graphics, more third party support, and better online as well. Wii U fixed all of these IMO…. Not all but a lot more third party support (plus third party exclusives the other consoles dont have cough cough Monolith.), Miiverse, a service that is practically a Facebook for gamers! and the graphics are on par as of right now. All 3 companies have a fair share of mistakes. I, as a Nintendo gamer, feel like people are just picking on the Wii U without realizing its true power.

    1. “This device is simply not as highly in demand, and although I didn’t expect it to be over the long run”

      this guy is a tottal idiot, but you know, he’s kinda right wii u needs an exclusive IP soon :/

        1. “Exclusive IPs”

          By those exclusive IPs, do you mean the same predictable rubbish Nintendo keeps recycling every generation? Or you know, NEW IPs?

            1. Yes, two titles, one of which is a clusterfuck of elements from existing IPs, really does a lot to fix the situation on hand here.

                1. No, it isn’t.. They want them it to have as many new, great and exclusive games as the 360 and PS3 had when they came out…

                  …oh wait.

              1. Aeolus, when the PS3 was launched, Resistance was the only game that people cared about.
                My point is that the 360 and PS3 didn’t do so well at launch but now look at them, they have great exclusives and great Multiplats
                Maybe if you were patient and not judge so quickly…..
                The Wii U is getting Rayman Legends, Bayonetta 2, Wind Waker HD, The Wonderful 101, Monster Hunter 3 ultimate, Pikmin 3, and the new Smash Bros

    2. What baffles me the most is why is anyone actually paying him for that. Anyone can look at those sales and say that it’s ridiculous.

  1. How he uses the term “fanboy” even if not Nintendo really pisses me off. :\
    But in a way he’s right for the most part.

  2. LOLZ man, ya heard??? Pachter Be the nigg* in the drop! this motherf*cker, where we always takin the ride Just let me give you real street shit = WIi U, man, ya heard? if you don’t buy it, I’ll break ya neck! man, ya heard? Come along now (Let’s put it down nigg*!) And the way we do it for the people! man, ya heard? What’cha really wanna do? all my nigg*s better put they troops on! to defend Wii U against you! man, ya heard?

  3. it’s more in demand than he is. why do people still listen to his anti-nintendo rants?

    as soon as he used ‘fanboys’ his comments lost all validity

    1. I know, right? That always bugged me about his rants. Fanboy is not a professional word. It is an insult. What if I wrote an article about a show with a Mexican character on it, and I called the character a “beaner”? I would get in trouble, but not MS buttfucker Pachter!

    2. Negativity attracts attention more than positivity. Not just in gaming, though. In news, protests, proclamations, videos in general, negative information leads to more active (and unfortunately continuous) actions than positive, hence why companies like Nintendo are recently heard through negative means by “officials” like Micheal Patcher or Youtube users who enjoy exploiting negative means/conditions and guaranteeing themselves money from it.

      Is it low of them? Absolutely, as it is with any kind of consistent form of exploitation dating back to the fame of “Blackface,” but in the end of the day, they get the attention they want and that’s all that matters to them. Hence why I tend to stay away from the nonsense. In the case of the Wii U, I own one and I have no regrets, regardless of what others say, and that’s all that matters to me.

      1. this ^ , he is right.. at the end who cares if no one want a Wii U.. they will just miss everything that I will not… so I really dont care :D

  4. So then you realize someone who’s supposed to be a professional businessman is using the term fanboy. I miss the days when people who dealt with business were, I don’t know professional. Next he’ll be typing up reports saying things like “Lol, Lmao, n00b0rz” and the list goes on.

      1. Haha your probably some fatass just sitting their talking your shit in actuality you just some low life picking on Nintendo so it makes you feel better you are a pathetic fool just get out of this site do something real in the real world like for example having fun or hanging out with your friends ohhhhhhh wait you don’t got any to SOOON??!!!!! LOL hahah xD

  5. Sorry we can’t all be rich like you Pachter. Maybe we would all have the money if we got paid to make retarded statements and predictions like you. Can we have your job? It sure seems easy.

  6. Pachter knows knowing. All he does is look at the sales numbers and then gives his dum thoughts about why they are low. “Not on demand” Why doesn’t he realize that people might still be saving up like me. I’m getting one soon (with Pikmin 3) but he is too close minded and dum to realise it. How did he even become an industry analyst??

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      Exactly. A bunch of people are waiting until March to buy one. Sales will be better when the games Nintendo just announced are actually released (Zelda HD, SSB4, Mario Kart, etc.).

  7. What fucking nob head. it’s on 3M , and with some great games on the way it can still hit 4.5M to 5.5M by the end of march globaly , no problem.

    And like all those Hardcore Sony fanboys who bought the Vita ? All 4 million of them in over a year ? Maybe some of the Hardcore Nintendo fans , scrap that , MOST of the Hardcore Nintendo fans are waiting for games Like Pikmin 3 , Rayman , Monster Hunter to be on the shelves before they buy the system.

    And another thing to note is mr wachter is that the FUCKING WIIU IN ITS FIRST 2 MONTHS HAS SOLD MORE THAN THE FUCKING XBOX 360 AND PS3 DID IN THEIR FIRST 2 MONTHS.

    Do you think the expensive PS4 and 720 are just going to magically fly off the shelves ? NOPE.

    And look at the 3DS sales Pachter they aren’t slowing down like you said are they. All the Hardcore Nintendo fans must not be interested in the 3DS after all.

    1. HAHAHA It is amazing how much of a hardcore Nintendo fanboy you are. Pachter is completely correct, and you seem very butthurt. By the way, anything Sony or Microsoft makes will dominate the market. Nintendo will be third party by the end of this generation.
      ~THE REAL Bill~

      1. ROFL!!! this comment.. hahaha… suuuuuuure, like they did with the PS3 and 360 over the Wii?? suuuuuuuuuure.. hehe I think that we have different concepts of “dominate the market” hahaha.. this guy… soo funny :)

      2. You are absolutely right. In fact, everyone I talk to on Skype are just complete idiots when it comes to buying this system. They only like it for the hidden glass features >:(

        Also, I don’t know if you’ve heard about the new PS4 that was leaked today, but if you wanna know more about it, just go to :)

      3. ” By the way, anything Sony or Microsoft makes will dominate the market.”


        Right, because everyone was ecstatic for the Xbox Smartglass and Sony Wonderbook over the Wii U, right?

        … right?

      4. even though there is only like 5 good games on the wii u, nintendo accounted for 60% of all consoles sold in the month of december. Also if graphics are by far the most important thing, that means that the psvita is far outselling the 3DS. O wait they have already shipped 30 million 3DS’s and only 4 million psvita’s. And that is without pokemon.

      5. Man, I love Nintendo but even I have to admit Patcher has a point. Sadly, though, it’s buried in his anti-Nintendo rhetoric. I actually hope for success when it comes to Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Is it so hard to admit that all of them have positives?

      6. Next time, instead of posting “Patcher is completely correct, and you seem very butthurt.” actually post valid reasons against all of the points he just made.

        Thank you and good day sir

      7. You probably did anal with Patcher and is now supporting him throughout his retarded remarks: After all, you said Nintendo “fanboys” are unmanly and can’t get laid. Patcher isn’t a Nintendo fanboy and is, by your definiton, “manly.”

      8. “anything Sony or Microsoft will dominate the market”
        The explain to me why the Vita hasn’t even been close to 3DS sales
        What about the Sony Xperia play?
        That sold well didn’t it…..oh wait, nobody cared about it

    2. Nintendo should have released the price earlier so people like could save for a wiiu. By the time they anouced the price i needed the money for something more important(3ds for my nephew).

      1. The wiiu will be fine. It will be considered successfull by Nintendo if it just sells 50M or half as much as the wii but still has strong software sales like Mario , smash bros etc.

        Obviously idiots like pachter will still cry murder.

  8. It’s not in high demand because only the deluxe is only really moving units, Basic just isn’t really thst worth it unless you just like the white colour, they should release a see-through Wii U and call it the Crystal Clear pack*
    *Console and Gamepad may not be made of Crystal or be as clear

    1. I would be so happy if Nintendo started releasing clear consoles again. And coloured clear ones like the N64s. Those things were beautiful.

      I’d like all electronics to come in transparent options to be honest.

  9. Nintendo’s advertising is an issue. But when these exclusives start coming, there’ll be a boost in sales. And… it couldn’t hurt to cut $50 off. That’s sucking up money that could be used buying another game!
    Pachter, again, not entirely wrong…

  10. If I had a job and saved up, I would have bought the Wii U by now. It’s called a fucking recession for a reason, dumbass Pachter. No one is going to guy buy a $350 system right away over buying food and paying rent. Maybe if you got your head out of your ass, you’d see there’s people hurting in the world because of this shit economy. Regardless, I’d still buy a Wii eventually. Wind Waker Reborn… HNNNNGGGG… Also sorry for the wall of text… My phone doesn’t like the enter key to seperate paragraphs.

    1. BTW, semantics I know, but a recession only last between 18-24 months.. This one has been going on 4 years now and the idiot president claimed he knew what was wrong and could fix it, but only managed to make the situation far far worse… something tells me he goals aren’t the economy.

  11. … I don’t want to know what this guy has to say. (Patcher) I just wish EVERY gaming website would stop reporting everything he says. He by no means deserves ANY of this publicity that all this is inevitably giving him.

  12. The Wii U is a MANLY CONSOLE!! The only thing unmanly is ME!! Also, I visit Nintendo blogs because they simply are the BEST!!

    1. Dafuq? How can reverse Bill be manly? Come on, if you are going to try to troll him in the most pathetic way atleast do it right >:(

  13. It makes sense:
    Like with the 3DS, Nintendo didn’t have an overwhelming presense of 1st party games for Wii U launch. That will keep 3rd parties on board because they actually got some attention. Now, at E3, Wii U can steal the show!
    They planned this REALLY well, and a brief lull in sales won’t change the fact that we have the next 2 Smash Bros, the next 2 Zelda games, Monolith’s epicness, Retro’s mystery project, 3D Mario and Mario Kart, and Yoshi coming. Yeah, I’m not worried.

  14. The problem is not hardcore Nintendo fans oh silly Patcherina.
    The problem is this shit you idiots call civilization, economic state and the fact that more and more people (especially young adults) can’t get a job or get a full-time job if they got one.
    So you see, we cannot buy things for fun paying with shit?
    Stupid krauts.

  15. So because Nintendo sold out the Wii at launch and made sure they wouldn’t with the Wii U, it means the console’s not in demand? That’s backwards logic.

  16. I can agree that the launch was a bit lack luster was due to the fact that only 3 games people can get on other systems without only what NSMBU garnering the most attention? That’s it.

    Normally I ignore what this man has to say but the fact that he’s completely disregarding the Nintendo Direct and his usage of a brazen term like “fanboy” sparks a bit of anger in me. You’re supposed to be a professional, why would you use that term? Next, are you completely daft; have you forgotten that this a new system that has barely any key games for it yet? For that matter did you not see the Nintendo Direct? We’ve got games coming out this year and next.

    1. It is because of nintendo direct that the entire video game media industry is picking on nintendo. game websites are losing so many hits from nintendo fans, so they are trying to shut them out. Pachter is paid by these websites to give his insight. If they don’t have the money to pay him that is a problem.

  17. It’s almost a shame that Pachter sucks on his own chode so hard in public spaces! So, only nintendo “fanboys” are allowed to purchase the console, or are supposed to be the driving force behind sales?! That’s the biggest load of garbage I’ve ever heard! I can analyze what pachter will say next when more exclusive Nintendo games and 3rd party titles announce their residence on the Wii U; “I always new that the Wii U would do fairly well once it found footing with the market.” He is an idiot! This same a-hole said similar, if not the same, stuff about the 3DS at it’s launch and into it’s 2nd quarter launch window… now look at the damn thing! It can’t be stopped!! I’m not saying that the Wii U is doing great as far as sales go, but GD ppl give the console more than 2 months to get rolling! When you first have a child do you expect it to be running marathons within two months of birth?! No. You want it to show you why you love and enjoy it and you want to learn that and for all that encounter it to learn that as well. Not every console is going to be a hit right out of the gate and 2 months is a drop in the bucket as far as time goes, in the life of a console! Last console generation was almost 7 years that’s 84 months in the current Gen’s life cycle… the Wii U has been out 2 Months, that’s only 1/40th of it’s life cycle (supposing that the “next-gen”, of which the Wii U is a part, lasts almost 7 years).
    Break it down and look at this logically, the Wii U is only in it’s infancy. Nintendo is still trying to realize the full potential of this hardware as well as get 3rd parties to do the same. If you look at the 360’s launch you will notice a severe drought of good games and the same goes for the PS3. When Nintendo speeds the OS and load times up and we finally see games like pikmin 3, SSB for Wii U/3DS, more Monolith soft and Platinum games software and who knows what else hiding up their sleeves, then you will see the sales pickup and possibly a price drop for the console, since nintendo has strategically placed themselves in front of the other 2 in this respect. If you think you will be able to pick up the PS4 or XB720 for less than US$400 you are mistaken and you will see this info popping up in the very near future!

  18. 1. Do not compare any console’s sales to Wii sales. The Wii was an anomaly.

    2. There is some truth that the Wii U as of right now is not high in demand. However, with the big hitters coming out this year and the next, I expect it to get plenty more sales between now and then. We all know how many people out there have said “I’ll buy a Wii U when [insert title] comes out”. Mario, Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Monolith’s game, Zelda. They’re being made, and when they hit, expect big things.

  19. I never thought I would agree with this guy, but I do. “Demand” is the key word. Ever since I saw it unveiled originally, I never felt there was a real demand from the masses for this system. I don’t understand why, but it was what I thought at the time. It’s like nobody, except Nintendo fans (and even a lot of those on the net were saying they were holding off on it), were even interested. I really don’t see it. It’s a great system with an awesome new way to play.

  20. I like how he says fanboys instead of fans. Patcher is the biggest Sony Micro dick sucking fanboy in the industry

    1. Amen. He’s always hating on Nintendo fans which makes it difficult to give him any credibility when he actually makes a good point. It’s always buried in anger.

      1. This “Patcher” guy apparently has stock in Sony and Microsoft, and stock goes down when sales are slow.
        I would know, I have made multiple investments in Microsoft as well.
        However, I am quite the Nintendo fan. I support Nintendo and Microsoft equally.
        I believe by trying to make the WiiU look bad, he thinks he’s stopping people from buying it…
        Which is stupid. Who even cares what this loser has to say?

  21. Once again Patcher just goes to show that he knows nothing about the gaming industry.

    Wii U is doing just fine. He’s very stupid to think the opposite.

  22. He’s always wrong.
    Like when he said a downloadable game would never win GOTY just before VGA.
    Then The Walking Dead won.

  23. Uk-wise I’m pretty sure sales will pick up in time, its just the price. I mean I bought a 3ds at launch and that got a price drop but since they said it won’t have one I’m just going to have to save up along with a lot of other people.

  24. Skynet, in an attempt to further bring suffering on mankind, compiled trolling and nintendo-hate comments from around the world, and integrated them into a new terror,

    The T-45 model was inferior as a terminator, however was excellent at spewing worthless information. Rather than retire the T-45, they uploaded all the Nintendo-hate data and renamed the unit to be more socially accepted by humans.

    Skynet called the harbinger of doom, Patcher.

    If you love innovation and fun IP’s, you are the Resistance. You are not alone.

    1. God, yes! I’ve always thought so. Possible reasons for Patcher’s anger:
      -Mommy issues
      -tiny penis
      -bullied as kid by several Nintendo fans
      -accidentally sat on a fork in 1992 and it’s been lodged in his butt ever since
      Just my thoughts.

  25. There is still Wii Us in stores for 2 reasons. 1st Nintendo came prepared with more Wii Us then the Wii. 2nd A lot of people are waiting till March-April for Pikmin 3 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Wonderful 101 to get a Wii U.

  26. i can’t stand the man, a progetion is goal not a confermd number to sell that is what hey wont to sell. i think it is doing well for how bad the market has been

  27. Or, y’know, the economy is still crap and people need to but more important things first. Of course, since he gets paid to just say random crap and that somehow constitutes as a job, he probably doesn’t know.

  28. To be honest most of the time, I disagree with the guy but this time he got a point. Don’t let me start about why the Wii U do not sell well (see my previous comments on previous post). You hate the guy but don’t let the hatred cloud your judgement and analysis of the situation.

    1. The problem, is once you lose your credibility in te digital marketplace with a specific audience, you don’t (or rarely) win it back.

    2. He does have a point, but as usual he’s trying to stir up Nintendo fan anger with the way he’s quoted. His analysis is correct, but like a lot of commentators he just comes off as angry and anti-Nintendo. There is a way to present his thoughts in a manner that isn’t repeatedly hitting the big N over the head with a hammer.

  29. He’ll eat his words once SSB Universive (as I think it will be called) gets a release date. Then the system will take off.

    1. Agreed. I really don’t like the way he talks about Nintendo fans. He just seems to angry. All the time. Maybe he’s just a really unhappy man with a small ding dong.

  30. Unfortunately, I agree with Pachter this time. I myself don’t have any desire for the Wii U. And that’s the first time that ever happened with a Nintendo console. However, I blame it on the fact that there’s aren’t any games I currently care about. Still waiting for Pikmin 3. I also blame it on the fact that I always hated the Wii remotes, but you still have to use them on the Wii U. And I’ve never been very crazy about the concept of the game pad.

    1. No worries, I agree with him a lot of the time, too, I just don’t like the way he presents his thoughts. He’s very negative. Maybe he was bullied by a Nintendo fan when he was a kid.
      I, too, was not very excited this time around. Truth is I only pre-ordered one because when I failed to do so with the original Wii it took me almost a year to find one on a store shelf. I was afraid if I didn’t nab one early there’d be a new Zelda or something that I wouldn’t be able to play.
      I wasn’t a big fan of the Wii remotes myself. I think they’re great for Wii remote specific titles but are very uncomfortable when used with VC titles or games like New Super Mario Bros Wii. The classic controller was so much more comfy.
      I think what’s really hurting the Wii U launch is it’s opening lineup. There are some really great games in there for sure but nothing that really appeals to the diehard Nintendo fan, the folks like myself who check out Nintendo news sites such as this one every day. Surprisingly enough it was Nintendoland that I really wound up having a lot of fun with because of its retro touches but New Super Mario Bros U is just boring. It’s pretty, but it’s the same darn game they’ve been releasing for years. At least Super Mario Land 3D had the guts to change art styles and background music.

  31. welcome people to the untamed wilderness known as, this forest is one of the last remaining homes for an incredible and magnificent rare species of creatures known as the trolls,……..Camera man quick come here…..* whispers* as you can see this is one right here at approximately 10 posts above….is a unique sub-species of trolls that only eats its own feces, its scientific name is Aelousbutthurtious sonyfanboisaurus…its an incredibly unique troll………..cameraman focus on that troll next to that tree……..It is incredible to see another troll for the likes of this species roaming around the woods during the winter season, as it is commonly known just to hibernate in its den….zoologist named this animal Bill…aka Billous phedophilious provinghismanlinessaurous bypostingnintendosucksballousaurus………..oh my god run cameraman!!!…it spotted us we need to climb that tree……*climbs tree*….phew……join me next time as we venture deep in to the wilderness to find and try to capture these incredible trolls……THIS IS TROLLS IN THE WILD!!!!!

  32. Sometimes he makes points but does he have to be such a jerk about it? He’s like listening the to AM radio hosts talk about video games instead of politics, the info CAN be conveyed in a better way but he chooses words and phrases that really do little more than incite anger in people.
    And sometimes it works.
    I like my Wii U, but I often go weeks at a time without booting it up because the software lineup isn’t strong enough for me yet. I have two games and have rented about five others. I like what I’ve played but there’s no Zelda or StarFox or Smash Bros. or Metroid to get me pumped. Yet =)

  33. He must have forgotten about the people who are waiting until more games come out before buying the Wii U. Don’t underestimate demand for a console.

  34. “It really is amazing that there are so few true hardcore Nintendo fanboys in the US, but they make so much noise.”
    as much as you all hate Patcher, this statement couldn’t be more true. we’re all freaking out about the Wii U, but only a small fraction of us actually see it as a necessity, let alone have the budget to get one.

  35. I would have gotten a Wii U by now if not for the fact I have 0 dollars and 0 cents
    Well…that could be said for the Xbox 360 also

  36. Pingback: This time he is spot on unfortunately.

  37. I know i want some new info every time i check this site, but i prefer no news to patcher news….
    Please. :3

  38. I can kinda agree with Patcher (apparently not agreeing with him seems like a necessity here)
    but the Wii U has sold more at its launch than the Xbox360 and PS3. I don’t get why Patcher expectations are so high.

    1. He seems to always make doom&gloom predictions about Nintendo stuff.
      He made a bunch of BS conclusions like that about the 3DS as well.
      IIRC, he may have done the same for the Wii and DS.

  39. Patcher articles always bring out the trolls, and it’s always with the same bland flame points.
    “Ports suck, specs suck, casuals suck, Nintendo sucks, anything below a T rating sucks if it’s on a Nintendo system, you’re all fan-boys so none of you have legit points,” blah-de-blah-blah-blah.
    Same immature drivel over and over.
    Won’t change the fact that the Wii U will get up to speed in its own time, and there’s nothing their brainless trolling can do about it.

    1. I think Pachter is nothing special, he is just another Analyst, I believe the only reason he gets articles about him so much is because the stuff he says is sure fire way for the media to get hits on there site. It attracts trolls and Hardcore fans. That’s my theory on the whole thing.

  40. Ok Bill, shut the #### up. I am a fellow troll, but do you have to go hating on a new console when your and my xbox are seven
    Years old, if you hate technology do much go live with the Amish so we don’t have to hear Tue sorry ass attempt at trolling.thank you have a nice day

  41. Pachter or whatever his name is, isn’t a good gamer, isn’t a good lawyer, he’s just a man who inserts his foot in his mouth. So what, he likes Xbox more. Just stop acting unbiased. Even if Wii U out sold the Wii, they would make something up, we already know Wii U out grossed the Wii, which means it made more money because it cost more so even though it sold less units, it outperformed the Wii in what matter, making money. Also, the Wii U will get Wind Waker Reborn this summer which will increase sales. But the biggest system seller will be the next Super Mario 3D, but they really need to make a new Wii U Sports. Also, while we wait for next Super Mario, remake Super Mario 64 HD and Super Mario Sunshine HD on one disc! Why stop there, remake Super Mario Bros 1-3 HD and Super Mario World HD on the same disc as Super Mario 64 HD and Super Mario Sunshine HD, people would flip out!

  42. I Think the really issue in here, it’s because the Wii U is so expensive; I mean, I live in Panama and it is 450.00$; the economy in our country is not that bad, but; I mean those are 450 bucks that, allow me you know, eat, dress and live, I want the Wii U, but I am not really sure in spend so much money, and I think it twice because of, the graphics arent as they showed at E3 2011 and there is not a lot of games to play right now.
    I think it is very ridiculous to spend so much money, I will think it, if it costs 150 or 200 bucks, I waited until Wii low down the price to 180 in Panama, Im sure I can wait until Wii U lows the price.

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