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Xbox 360 Ready To Overtake Lifetime Wii Sales In The UK


Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console is ready to overtake lifetime sales of the Wii in the United Kingdom. The Xbox 360 is less than 200,000 total UK unit sales behind the current-gen leader, the Wii, and is apparently catching up fast. The Nintendo DS is currently the best-selling console of all-time in the United Kingdom, followed by the PlayStation 2. The Wii is currently in third, and is ready to be overtaken by the Xbox 360 which is currently in fourth.

“Xbox 360 sold over four times its Nintendo counterpart in 2012. Video games console sales dipped by a third last year, but Microsoft’s console outsold its rivals by a “significant margin”

– GFK ChartTrack

126 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Ready To Overtake Lifetime Wii Sales In The UK”

    1. As long as Nintendo loses, I do not care if the unmanly 360 takes the top spot. The pos still has a better library than the kiddie Wii toy.
      ~THE REAL Bill~

      1. Wait, would you mind explaining what console is ‘Manly’? obviously it isnt sony. they just steal everything and dont do anything innvative. Cough, Playstation all stars, Playstation move? lol.

          1. Yes, Because those were EVERY single thing they’ve ever stolen. totes. Seriously, you have to be strange to not realise how cheap they are. Apparently a touch pad on the PS4, Dont even get me started on the PS vita, and the original playstation was originally created by nintendo, which left the project, playstation finished it and released it. So, its always been a rip, and always will be.

      2. I’ve got news for you, Bill. The Xbox 360 is just as much of a toy as the Wii is in many people’s eyes. Video games in general are toys to many people.

        1. I completely agree, and don’t worry with bill, he’s just a nintendo fanboy disguising him/herself as some dilusional microsoft or sony fanboy. There is no way any fanboy can truly be that stupid and spend that much time on a nintendo site if he didn’t truly have a secondREAL profile.

    1. Well that’s funny because I’ve had my Wii since launch and it hasn’t broken on me yet but I had over 4 Xbox 360s and all of them broke in some way, I made sure they were kept clean and free from smoke but nope the consoles broke one by one.

      So really, those sales are most likely going up because of the amounts of broken Xbox 360s since the system is poorly made and is doing really badly in Japan.

      Have fun playing Angry Birds 2 on the Next Xbox.

    2. but if you count for the rest of europe, the wii is still 10 million ahead. and then you look to the island nation on the other side of eurasia and they haven’t even sold 2 million.

      1. Yeah the UK by itself is a relativly small market. And with resent trends and economic happenings over there its easy to see the “dedicated” video games market is dwindling as a whole. Plus Nintendo said themselves that the Wii is done.

            1. No.. It’s because I want Iwata to recognize me wherever I am, so we can always have sex. I don’t want him blowing anybody else…

              -THE REAL Bill-

      1. Kinda, but the 720 isnt out(let alone announced) so it’s still important to some people as well as the company.

    1. I thought sales numbers don’t matter to MS fanboys.


      Well, it makes sense because the wii is on its last legs since the Wii U came out and MS has yet to announce anything yet. Remember, that 6 year old xbox 360 console is still their “flagship” console.

      1. Yup. People dont need to buy a wii when they can just get a Wii U, unless there on a budget. Nintendo also isnt releasing any more games for the wii so wii sales are not gonna be so high in all regions, unless nintendo releases a price drop. (which probably wont happen)

    2. Why would us xbox owners even care about the sales in japan lol. We know its not going to sell any notable amounts there when their country already makes TWO CONSOLES! XD

  1. wiiu fuk mii please

    irelivent wii and x360 are last gen wiiu is current gen wii has been replaced and xbox 360 has lost billion of dollars LOL @ CLAIMING THISVAS SOME KIND OF WIN

      1. 1 in 3 people bought 3 xboxes if one of my systems broke i wouldnt give throw more fucking money,fucking nerds, xbox lost the console wars, the end and the reality of the sales are probably 20 million less sales do to the same fucking nerd who buys more than 1 console some people go more than 5

        1. I agree with you but i mean you gotta cut me some slack. I got a 360 in 06 and that was the time xbox and wii were the “cool” systems and ps3 was the expensive one with no games. But my xbox RROD’d and i was excited for the new banjo kazooie game. So i got another xbox :)

        1. haha oh my god i remember being so exited, for that game, was 14 and was like fuck yea banjo is the best game ever pre ordered so got kazooie for free then played bolts, i couldnt accept it at first, and a month later im like fuck that piece of shit ahhhhhhh then the xbox broke and lost kazooie and couldnt get it back, ffuuucccckkkkkk i hate rare how could they ruin my childhood

  2. No one would want to pay for 300-350$ when they already have a console for this generation. Everyone is waiting for a price drop on that ridiculous price.

  3. Just wait some minutes and Nintedward and Unation will appear to damage control with things like “obvious when people only play shooters”. Apparently the underpowered hardware didn’t get compensated by the gimmick.

    1. Yeah I understand what Jellybean was talking about when he said that he didn’t like Nintendo’s new approch. Having big limitations graphiclly and power wise and have a huge gimmick to compensate for them. You know I’ll be happy if the Xbox suceeds.

    2. Lets be honest, the only damage control needed is the 360s colossal failure rate during its first few years.

      It’s done remarkably well though even with that considered.

  4. Duh….With every diehard gamer buying one early, all broke down due to aging …Buying a new one is cheaper and has more etc..then repair…..

    Kiddin, nice fore microsoft :)

  5. COD. Thats why. Most gamers in the UK are COD whores. Every person I ever had on my Xbox 360 friends list that was from the UK has said the same thing. “Everyone over here goes crazy for COD”

      1. I do remember the damage control from the micro-camp when the Wii sold better than it. I can still hear it as the Wii is the best selling last-gen console.

  6. Yet the Wii is still Number one because it sold more within a year of its launch compared to the Xbox 360 which took it 6 WHOLE YEARS to get up to that level… now that is saying something.

    Also, I think those sales are going up because more and more idiots are buying the console every time their older xbox 360 broke.

    My Wii lasted me from launch day to the launch day of the Wii U and it still works yet my Xboxes… not so much

  7. the 7th gen is over the wii dominated the hd fags and now the u is smashing ps4box3 the wiimotechuck and gamepad are the best things that has ever happened to gaming

  8. How stupid humans can be by buying a Shitbox360 over and over again after they break.
    Even worse that you have to pay for online.
    Sorny is just pathetic by copying Nintendo, butnatleastntheir consoles aren’t cheap easy breaking pieces of crap like the Shitbox.
    Take all Shitbox sales globally and divide it by 3 and you should get the real amount if you don’t include tje amount of broken yankee shit.

    1. Well u can call me stupid all you want but i bought another xbox for Banjo Kazooie, and perfect dark both made by RARE.

  9. Once again I get the impression that England is “where it matters.” Even though there are over 100 other countries in the world. -__- Xbox beat Wii in The UK. BIG WHOOP! Call me when it outsells the Wii World Wide!….

    1. The controller is better than Halo, gears of war, and uncharted? Hell NO! How can you even begin to compare a controller to games you delusional fanboys make me sick! By your logic, the controller is better than every wii game too lol. Have fun fondling your controller.

      1. he means every ps360 game would of been better with the wiimotechuck period and i wouldn’t even pay seventy dollars for the wii ps360 graphical difference its so overrated

  10. Just by a PS3 or PC -.-

    Seriously, what do you even get on a 360?
    Halo, Kinect, online that slightly better and DLC that Microsoft had to pay to get early, and its generally just COD.

    Oh man, gotta rush out to get one of those /s

    1. Well you get Halo which is one of the best game series ever. You get kinect(no one likes it but oh well). You get better online for a price, its notably smoother and downloads are much faster than on PS3 you also get gears of war, alan wake, minecraft. And forza, and I guess fable is popuar, I never played it. Also almost every single multiplatform game will run and/or look better on the xbox 360. Also the controller is very comfortable except for that god-awful dpad which isn’t THAT bad but it can get annoying. Basically its just a preferance for what games you want and the quality of your service. The reason I got the 360 was simply for Halo, which I enjoy above all other games. I have so far been bored with my PS3, so can you tell me some must have titles please because I really need to enjoy this console. Any good first party besides killzone and god of war(I hate those games) and uncharted(what I already have).

      1. Actually let me rephrase that, I don’t hate the hgames, I just prefer to not play them. I don’t know why I said that when I have barely even played them.

      2. Dude you’re exactly like me! I fixed an Xbox my friend gave me, bought Halo 4, a week after, it died, then I bought a Slim. Love it all! Nintendo’s systems will forever be the shit.

          1. Very true, xbox is awesome, but Nintendo has an excellent track record and an ocean of good games(1st party) wheras the other consoles only have a few hanfuls still notworthy hanfulls though….

      3. No it’s fucking not, Halo is overrated as fuck.
        1 was a BIG deal. 2 was like “oh well…ok, sure”. 3 added co-op, then they did FUCK ALL with the series, now its just a lazy series with nothing new, boring level design, same fucking weapons a game mechanics, and same enemies. Oh gee, GREAT.

        1. Ok well I don’t really care if you don’t like it. I love it more than just its gameplay, I love the story and the lore. I love the music a lot, I love the community and I love just about everything about it, including the memories of past games and the new memories to come. Its just my favorite game series, and I understand, you don’t have to like it. I don’t see legend of zelda to be as amazing as it is said to be. So I just don’t play it. If you are tired of Halo, stop playing it. Its not like they are the only ones reusing game mechanics. Cough cough every single developer this generation including nintendo cough cough.

          1. And maybe you read my comment wrong, I said it was ONE of the best series, not THE best. There are a LOT of games that can be considered some of the best. I’m not saying its one of the top 5 ever released in the history of videoe games, that’s impossible to decide due to conflicting opinions, like ours right now thedragon 234

        2. This is the more technical rundown of the changes. Halo CE: Great FPS on console with a great story. Multiplayer and LAN was epic. Seriously, this solidifies that playing with 16 players in one room is WAYYYYYYY better than playing with 16 people online. Also overall it was a great game for the time. And still great now. Halo 2: story was made deeper. Multiplayer was connected to Xbox live now allowing the community to expand and for people to play across the world. Also the physics were greatly improved, they also added a lot of realy interesting weopons to make the game more interesting, the community was actually watched by bungie and many community gametypes such as “infection” were aloud to be official gametypes.Halo 3. HUGE improvement over Halo 2 It added theater mode. Co op campaign online. Updated multiplayer anditems to use with it. All of the benefits of xbox live too. Also they added forge which changed the community forever and basicaly created many new machinemas and an infinite number of gametype possibilities and maps.and the fact that you can watch peoples fileshares was awesome, and download there homade maps was even more awesome considering you gould get race tracks that are very fun to play online with friends Yes the games became more of the same afterwards, only improving on minor things. I understand that, I agree In many ways Halo 4 was a step back. I still feel though that it was a satisfying game,the story was great although a little short, I enjoy the new forge maps, and I have enjoyed playing the forge community test online, the btb, ctf, and just even playing splitscreen with my friends and brothers. But 343 says thay have been listening to the complaints and plan to fix these in Halo 5. I am hopeful as they seemed to learn a lot after their first game. I believe they can do better, I have not lost faith in them yet. As these “failures” you see, I see as room for improvement. Which I believe will most certainly come!

  11. Look! In the sky! It’s the fuck I give slowly flying away, I never liked either of the consoles, the only good thing I liked was that Xenoblade came out, that is.

    1. You gotta be joking right? Seriously?

      Mario Galaxy 1 and 2? Metroid Prime 3? Donkey Kong Country Returns? Smash Bros? Twilight Princess? The Last Story? Pandoras Tower? Tatsunoko VS Capcom?

      Seems legit, whatever bro

      1. Right I forgot Smash Bros and Metroid. That’s my blonde moment for the day XD

        Eh, the other ones didn’t really appeal to me. And no, Just because I have different preferences to you Dragon, does not mean I am joking :)

  12. No real surprise, Nintendo has never been overly popular in the UK compared to the other countries. The fact that the Wii has been the best selling home console for all its life is quite surprising really.

  13. I seriously don’t understand how you npeople managed to break THAT MANY xbox 360s, I still have my original white xbox 360 and it hasn’t had any problems. None. Now our original elitebroke in 2007 and they repaired it for free(warranty I think) and it hasn’t broken down ever again. And these consoles are played on nearly a daily basis. Either some of you guys are lying or exaggerating. Or I am the luckiest xbox owner ever.. probably a little of both.

  14. I just bought one, and they’re actually pretty fun. Granted, I still do love my Nintendo systems, and play them whenever I get the chance. Microsoft and Nintendo are the ways to go. Still kinda upset over the lack of good exclusives on PS2 for me to let Sony into my heart.

    1. Buy Halo if you haven’t already for your xbox 360, Its hard to own an xbox and not own Halo! XD its like owning a wii without mario. Or a 3DS without kid icarus.

        1. Are you kidding? I bought my Xbox for Halo 4! Hitch a ride, man! The Halo 4 Campaign was short, sweet, and epic. The ending was actually really sad, especially from going immediately from Halo 1 to Halo 4. Tear jerking.

          1. Couldnt agree more. In fact the only reason I own an XBox 360 is basically for a halo playing machine. Bought it when Halo CE Anniversary came out and in anticipation of Halo 4 (I had previously played Halo 1-3, and Reach on my ex roomies consoles). Halo 4 is every bit as good as the original, as for the others they are all very close 2nd’s but I never did get into Halo Wars….. ODST’s canpaign was okay….

            Anyway can Halo be repetitive? Sure maybe, the sequals certainly arent anything original or as unique as the 1st one was at the time but I’m fine with that. Plowing forward pumping rounds into Covenant is a blast , the controller layout is intuitive and fun. i.e. It works, I wouldnt want them fucking with it – just keep giving me more of the same. (no different than the COD / Battlefield / Gears of War franchises – except that the three of those combined arent half the fun that Halo is , to me). 8-10 hr campaign? Also fine – I’m a working parent I simply dont have the time or patience for 30+ hrs to complete a game. Side quests and fetch / puzzle missions? Ain’t nobody got time for that either!

        2. Its still a great game, but i would start with Halo 3, anniversary, or reach. or just play the series in order. Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3:ODST, Halo Wars, Halo Reach, Halo 4

          1. if you’re only going to play 1, play Halo CE Anniversary for sure. Its an all around improvement thats necessary for HDTV’s and thats basically all that they changed.

            There are a couple areas in which all of the sequels leave a little to be desired shen compared to the first game..

            1)All of the covenant aliens were truly the best in the first game and it really makes the game for me. The art design of the different species/classes is great and even the personalities they were given during gameplay. From the grunts witty and humorous in-game commentary to the classic Elites Whop-whop whop whop! And who can forget the death cries/screams…..

            2)The sound track is also by far the best soundtrack for a Halo game (and as good as it gets for ANY game) it goes a long way in working with the gameplay to create a mood, emotion, feeling of the environment, etc.

            1. If you dont have an HDTV and have the option, then for sure play the original Halo CE – but it is best experienced with the original XBox (because of controller layout) and on an old CRT television.

  15. Is it really that surprising that a “current” console from a competing manufacturer would start to out sell a console that was just replaced with something new and as such won’t be receiving any more first party titles ? Not to mention third party releases will be increasingly fewer and farther between as it begins to be abandoned entitely in favor of developing for the newer Nintendo machine?

  16. Nintendo Troll Slayer

    What’s funny, is when there are articles like Xbox 360 outselling PS3 & Wii, there’s a swarm of angry fanboys who typically make claims like “OMG XBOX 360 IZ DA BEST!!!111 FUCK YO GAYSTATION PEE AND PII!! HAHAHAHHAHA COD IS BETTER DAN GAYLO AND MARIO!!! LOLOL!!!1111”.

    I bet Jack Tretton’s laughing his ass off that a POS system is outselling one of my favorite consoles, the PS3.

  17. My guess is that when the next XBox launches the Wii U will be selling more than the XBox 360, and at first, maybe even more than the new XBox.

    Why? a) by then Wii U will have many more solid titles b) people wont want to buy the XBox 360 cause something new is out c) while there will be early adopters (myself included if Halo 5 launches with it) a vast majority of people will hesitate due to price point and available titles.

  18. xbox needs a motion controller cuz its superior and a gamepad ps3 has the move needs the gpad then they have a chance the wii u just needs third party love

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