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Google Maps, TiVo And Netflix Integration For Wii U Delayed


Nintendo has informed Engadget that Google Maps, TiVo, and Netflix integration, have been delayed for Wii U. Both TiVo and Netflix were meant to arrive in December as part of the TVii application. Nintendo has told the publication that both are delayed beyond January to an unknown point in early 2013. Google Maps and Street View were meant to arrive in January, but it turns out, those are also delayed until first quarter 2013.

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54 thoughts on “Google Maps, TiVo And Netflix Integration For Wii U Delayed”

  1. I kinda want to be able to use Google Maps on the Wii U. Seems kinda useless on the surface, but it beats booting up a computer. However a cell-phone is easiest when on the go.

  2. I love my Wii U, but honestly I’m completely flabergasted with the idea of integrating google maps into it. This makes no sense at all to me and I’d rather their resources went to maximizing the systems OS efficiency / reliability…… Integrating Google Maps on the Wii U seems like a waste of resources for a feature few (maybe nobody….?) will really benefit from….. Just make the damn thing the best at doing what it is suppose to do and bring on the titles!

  3. Google maps does seem like a waste, but what if they somehow plan to integrate this into some gaming experiences? Can’t think of any other reason for them to do this, especially since it won’t be free. Also, Netflix should’ve been ready..

    1. I imagine a game of hide and search in wich it could be play using miiverse, you do a drawing and hide in 1 loacation the you give hints on miiverse on how to find it.

  4. Anybody annoyed by this should realize that it is a GAMES console first and all this social entertainment app business is NOT a priority and is only on consoles like the WiiU, 360 and PS3 etc. because most people only buy one of them and then use that ONE platform to do all this stuff whether it be a console, tablet or computer. The fact that it is everywhere already should be enough.

    1. The Wiiu will be used a lot in the future to Stream HD video content and Browse the net and use Miiverse etc. As for Googlemaps , maybe people will use it , but googlemaps seems to make a LOT more sense on a smartphone or a 3DS or Vita or laptop or whatever..

      1. Ooooops!! sorry bout the advetising guys , not allowed to be positive . On this site. The Wiiu sucks , Lego city sucks , etc. /s.

          1. Not good….. It’s a good concept but I was kinda joking aswell :) It would be funny if someone did do that.

            I think it’s perfectly plausible to take you wiiu the power pack and gamepad on long travels if you have a power supply though.

          1. I agree. Nintedward and Unation are overly sensitive. Anything negative said about them or Nintendo makes them go into a temper tantrum. I find it hard to believe they’re in their 20s.

            1. Go have a look at the Lego City Undercover article before, you’ll get a good laugh, Also, agreed, I still don’t understand why they can’t see that they do that, they act like 11 year old CoD Fans.

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                    Nobody is forcing you to read my comments.

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                1. dude, Nintendo isn’t everything, and they don’t need to be treated like your children,

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                  1. Oh shut up idiot. I will do or say what ever the fuck I want. Like I said , if you don’t like it DON’T READ IT OR RESPOND. If that’s too difficult for you then it seems you are the one who needs to go to school tomorrow.

                    Nintendo is not my children , I know *shhhhh he doesn’t mean those nasty words 3DS and Wiiu , don’t worry I will buy some new games for you tomorow’*

                      1. There was no way I could reply to that without looking BH. I knew that when responding , but went on to do so anyway. Good day to you Jelly :)

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              1. Waste of time & Resources. I have several other devices like my Vita and Tablet that can already do all that. I’m still annoyed they don’t have media playback options from external HDD’s -_- Seriously Nintendo, da fuck.

              2. Ok Netflix already came out when Wii U was released. And if you mean the UK then goddamn post “For UK” because mostly every Wii U news websites are from the British

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