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EA Blatantly Says Wii U Is Not A Next-Gen Console


EA has told investors that they simply don’t believe that the Wii U is a next generation video game console after working closely on the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox console. Speaking to investors they also said that you should never count Nintendo out despite them cutting their Wii U forecast from 5.5 million to 4 million. Here’s what EA told investors earlier today at an investor question and answer session.

Q: I know Nintendo came out today and was a little bit more cautious with their outlook for Wii U sales, doesn’t sound like this is a platform you guys are really pursuing aggressively on. What does this really say about the consumers’ willingness to adopt the next-gen consoles — we should have something new from Sony and Microsoft, so what does that say with Nintendo going through the early struggles on the Wii U?

A: So, couple of things. First, you never count Nintendo out. They’ve got some of the best IPs in the game industry, when their marquee titles show up, that’s when you usually see the bounce. I’m deeply respectful of the achievements they’ve had over the last several years, and so yeah, never really count them out.

Having said that, I wouldn’t say that we see much correlation between the results that Nintendo have just shown with the console debut of the Wii U and what we see coming. We see a pretty sharp distinction and unfortunately I’m unable to go any further than that.

Ours is an industry where a lot of devices come in and represent themselves as the next generation or the next generation after that. You know in many ways, we would argue that the gen— what we’re describing as “Gen 4”, is yet to come — and it’s that we’re excited about, and that’s what we’re investing in, and frankly we’ve been quite consistent with that for some time, recognising the frustration our inability to articulate precisely why, causes for you.

238 thoughts on “EA Blatantly Says Wii U Is Not A Next-Gen Console”

    1. Same. In fact, I don’t even think the discussion between EA and their investors was even remotely on that topic (at least from the quote above). O_o

      1. precisely here

        “You know in many ways, we would argue that the gen— what we’re describing as “Gen 4″, is yet to come”

        i don’t think they meant it quite as blatantly as this article states… however i’m fairly sure that EA is solely talking about raw processing power, which is actually a pretty weak argument when trying to define a next gen console since, you know, PCs had that kind of processing power years ago already
        i’d always argue that processing power that lacks a couple years behind comparable devices isn’t next gen by any standards
        what consoles have left is functionality, design concepts and fresh control schemes, perhaps even new and innovative genres that build on everything mentioned …and all of that fully integrated into a neat box, something the PC has always been disadvantaged with

        1. While it’s a reference to Nextbox/PS4 for sure, they could also mean that Wii U isn’t truly in its glory yet. They could also mean their own games, as in not being in their next gen phase yet.

      1. Well they don’t say it’s not next gen. They’re basically saying what they want to do lies with Xbox 720 and ps4. That doesn’t mean what other companies do with Wiiu can’t be considered next gen. I understand what they mean. They want the whole shooty , sports DLC thing on the next xbox and ps. And they won’t put as much effort into the WIiu as they will do with those platforms – was always expected.

        Just because EA feels that way doesn’t mean the Wiiu is not next-gen. It litteraly is next gen by the meaning of the word. But it may end up being a next gen system that is simply not as powerful as its competitors. And might end up in a similar situation as the Wii which is cool , they just need to build on what the Wii did and make it better this time round. The n64 and gamecube were no different. Barely any multiplats – but really excellent exclusives.

        I’m, gunna buy a ps4 or 720 dunno which one yet obviously. So i can play multiplats at the highest quality and or one that don’t get released on Wiiu. But the Wiiu will still be my ”main” console which provides games such as – Smash bros , 3D mario , Zelda’s , Monster Hunter etc etc etc etc.

        In short – The Wiiu is an 8th gen console regardless of whether it gets All , some or none of the multiplats the 720 and ps4 get.

        1. I know PC is the highest quality multiplats , but the pricing is a joke and they’re a ball ache.

          Just look at PS vita and 3DS they’re very different console with different types of games mostly. But they still in the same generation :/.

            1. Game looks amazing! I have my 12 year old little brother Vita in my possesion right now ^_^ And I’m in the process of buying it off him for £120 which is a fucking bargain With a 4GB memory card and Rayman origins.

              I think the Vita is now starting to blossom a bit , and I’m definitely interested in Persona 4 , PSO 2 , Soul sacrifice and Kilzone mercenaries. Not to mention a few games that I missed which are now cheap.

              I like the Vita and will officialy have all the newest consoles out when i buy it. The 3DS , Wiiu and Vita.

              Those Killzone screenshots look insane.

        2. only they are saying it
          “You know in many ways, we would argue that the gen— what we’re describing as “Gen 4″, is yet to come”

          to be honest looking at some of the past decisions of EA (and upcoming ones such as always online sim city) i couldn’t care less if any of their games make it to wii U

          sure they have some good games on offer but i wouldn’t buy any of those out of principle.. EA is not gonna get my money, not a cent of it

          1. I know , fuck EA. They are one of the worst Publishers going right now , they somehow manage to make Activision look like saints. I know…….

            What EA need to do is fucking embrace Nintendo fans. Give is more ”SSX Blur” (awesome game) and less late port. They should have a dedicated team who make Exclusive EA games for Nintendo like SSX Blur , Which i loved. What happened to the awesome days EA BIG and all that shit ?

            1. only these are made by EA and i definitely won’t support business decisions that spit on the customer with my hard earned money

    1. “I wouldn’t say that we see much correlation between the results that Nintendo have just shown with the console debut of the Wii U and what we see coming. We see a pretty sharp distinction and unfortunately I’m unable to go any further than that.” That correlation is where EA is just not too sure about the Wii U. Just because it came after the Wii doesn’t mean that it is a “next-gen” console.

        1. I’m not siding with EA on this on. I think that a “next gen” console is any console that brings forth a new leap in technology. I think the Wii U did that.

            1. Not necessarily, the Wii U brought the Game Pad. A leap in technology doesn’t always mean power. Nintendo does better by adding new ways to play the same games. Sony and Microsoft focus on power.

              1. Then Microsoft and Sony go on to ridicule Nintendo’s new “leap” in technology to then later on try and fail at imitating it.

                1. I wouldn’t say that this time. The Game Pad (in my eyes) is the same thing Sony is trying to do with the Vita. For MSFT, they have SmartGlass. So. I wouldn’t say that anything was copied this time.

          1. yet pc will always be ahead in the leap of tech meaning there truly is no such thing as a next gen console since pc players have had it for a year ect your comment does not make since if this was true there wouldn’t be next gen consles…

            1. PC will always be ahead becase consoles are not updated every year. PCs can be updated all the time, consoles are made and then limited to each generation. Besides a next gen console is not something that you compare to PC. They are two different groups. Console gens are compared to what came before. PCs are not a part of that comparasion.

      1. It dosnt need to be extrmely more powerfull than the competition to be next gen just by being better than his predecesor makes it next gen.

        1. By that logic all the “slim” versions of the PlayStation brand would be different gens. Each one was better than its predecesor. I’d rather see it as a leap in technology or addition. In another comment I wrote, I said that the Wii U does do that. I’m not siding with EA.

          1. My logic is perfect, was i talking about desing? Or hardware? GESS everyone needs to be taken by the hand this days.

              1. Maybe but was not the gameboy color next gen compared to his predesesor the gameboy instead of people saying it was not compared to the more powetfull gamegear and linx?

                    1. I realize that. What you were implying earlier is that a system needs to be only slightly better in any way than it’s predecessor to be considered next-gen.

    1. Indeed. But I don’t think they’re saying that Wii U isn’t next gen, they’re just saying the next-generation hasn’t come in all the way. Only a bit of its presence is here.

      1. Yes I think that’s exactly what they’re saying sir. And the headline of this article is a misinterpretation to say the least… Capcom said the same thing – ”The next gen doesn’t begin in earnest until the other consoles are out”. What that meant was The wiiu is a next gen console but the next gen hasn’t really started untill all three console are rolling. You could say the same about Xbox 360 when it launched.

  1. Damage control launch incoming in T-minus 4 months…jk
    Seriously though, they might mean that since all Gen 8 systems haven’t launched, it’s still Gen 7 for them (or Gen 4 for whatever they’re smoking). Once the HD Twins part 2 come out, then they’ll say Wii U, PS4, 720 are next gen

  2. These are the same guys who thought micro-transactions in Dead Space 3 were a good idea, so for me, they’ve lost all credibility

    1. When i heard about that, i lost all interest in Dead Space 3. The only non Nintendo game im even bothered about is Bioshock Infinte (which from what ive seen, seems like its more generic, which is shit), and The Last of Us, maybe.

  3. Wow
    Of course Wii U is next gen
    It’s officially next gen
    Just like the 3DS and PSVITA
    (And bill, the Wii U has good graphics, not PS1 polygon graphics. Stop being a complete Nintendo hater on a freaking nintendo fan website)

        1. The publishers are money hungry. I can’t believe you are actually trying to argue PC does not have the best graphics. This is a new level of stupidity for you.

          1. Did i say that ? You went full retard there. Instead of finding words that where not there why dont you read what i tiped.

        2. because devs like EA over price there games pc will always be advance in everything even in controllers since you can buy 360 controllers and free games like ps2 dragonest ect just make pc more worth it pc and nintendo for life!

  4. I guess EA is still pissed about Nintendo not putting Origin on the Wii U? Seriously. EA has been obviously trying it’s best to NOT support the Wii U. You have to be a blind fanboy to not notice that.

    1. That was my first thought, too.
      If EA would come out and openly admit that their relationship with Nintendo has soured thanks to that then I could forgive them for turning away, at least a little, because they’d be showing some maturity in admitting the issue they have with Nintendo.
      But right now, they’re acting like a bunch of kids throwing a temper-tantrum because they couldn’t get their way, and are giving a silent treatment to Nintendo in retaliation.
      That verily smacks of distasteful conduct.

  5. Again this site uses a misleading title to feed trolls and fuel fanboys. I don’t blame them these posts generate lots of attention.

    1. Dude I know -_- .. Like if you look t all the other articles they only have like 40 comments and then wen they say something like “EA says Wii U isn’t next gen” and it gets over 100 comments in just an hour.. I lost hope for this website it’s honest trash.. There’s no patrolling of the trolls it’s like they like to feed them.. And get the fanboys mad.. Kiss My ASS NintendoNews!

  6. correct me if i’m wrong, but weren’t EA and Ubisoft the Wii U’s biggest supporters minus Nintendo when it was first revealed?

  7. I’ve always said it! Wii U is not a next-gen console! The Wii was like the GameCube and the Wii U is like a PS3/XBOX360. Period. Who will buy a Wii U?! It’s one complete generation behind!

            1. Well that’s what it is ( or I assume.) A small PC that is more user friendly to non Pc people. If it can be upgraded like a PC and easily then I think it’ll be great.

  8. Well, props to EA for stating their view respectfully to Nintendo.

    But that being said, if they’re saying the Wii U isn’t next gen in their opinion after working closely with the other 2 consoles, the other 2 must be a pretty big leap. EIther way though I’ll just wait for the announcements of the other 2 consoles :)

        1. im excited to see what nintendo do that takes foucus away from possible new console releases and what exactly ps and xbox have to show off.

            1. ah i hope its a sequel to xenoblade chronicles! it looks so epic thus far. also i wonder what the new mario will be? im hopping for a big openish worl like mario 64 :) oh and mario kart. so much to look forward for

                    1. It’s obviously one of the trolls trying to get under Unation’s skin. As we can clearly see, the troll got just the reaction he/she was looking for. Talk about going into a blind rage.

  9. EA, define next gen for us, the term “next gen” is just basically a filler statement because no one knows what is considered “next gen” I personally think Wii U, it’s more of a next gen leap than the Wii was for the 7th gen where it was mainly in its own little world. But point blank, this explains why EA gave the console somewhat crappy ports, they just exposed themselves pretty much.

    1. It’s just there opinion is all. Its like we reckon it is next gen. There just saying to the investors what they think, doesn’t make it fact :)

  10. we’re in GEN 8… sorry… I was born Before the year 2000… before 1990… iN ancient history we refer to it as the 80’s … when the first console generations happened

  11. EA is talking to there investors and that’s all it is. Talk. They are trying to use the question as a leveraging platform. It’s disgusting, and shows just how desperate EA truly is. I think they are going the way of THQ.

      1. I see square enix way closer to dissapear, now that i read it again i think EA was actualy saying good things about Nintendo to his investors, cause whats the deal to support a console that they think is old tech and say that they are going to support it?

  12. It’s going to be amusing watching the PS4 and Xbox720 release at some ridiculous price in the attempts of Sony and Microsoft to make a significant technological jump. They’ll probably tell the consumer that they have to buy the CPU separately, and a license for each controller, renewable on a yearly basis.

      1. 4k resolution TV. 25 thousand dollars. ps4? Easily 50 thousand dollars. Sony caters to the idiots that buy that crap, so the idiots will buy a 100 thousand dollar playstation 4 if they’re told it’ll make them cool.

    1. If you really believe that will happen, I feel sorry for you. You can’t fucking possibly believe that they would sell the next gen cnsoles for.a ridiculous price, and sell a cpu separately. You aren’t funny in the slightest

      1. Yeah, people in the comments arent even reading what they said, be they Nintendo fans or haters (because its cool to hate, apparently).
        Honestly, seeing as the WiiU is priced how it is, anything of a massive leap will not be taking money from my wallet for a long time. I just want a console that has good games, that run well, and new ideas instead of the same ps1 controller ive been using since i was about 5

    1. In fact the only thing they suggest with the other consoles is they have some EA game (woo?), or that the WiiU didnt sell as well as Nintendo hoped for its forst quarter, but they magically know the other consoles will, or one of them sold out and took the Origin deal (god forbid).

    2. I honestly would’nt be surprised if EA was butthurt about Wii U, because EA announced that they would refuse to support the Wii U if the console did not use their Origin service exclusively.

      1. Oh well, what exactly am i going to miss out on if i didnt buy a ps4?

        Dead Space? Boring and not what i want anymore.
        Mass Effect? Same as above
        NFS? Boring
        Crysis? LOL no.
        Shitty sports games? No.
        DLC and online passes? Hell no.

        1. Sony has good exclusives, I’ll give them that. If I’m going to buy a PS4 for anything, it would be for Jak 4. Of course there are other great IPs like Uncharted and God of War, but as far as multi-plats go, I made the switch to PC last year, so even if Wii U doesn’t get alot of multi-plats, I’m covered.

          1. Meh, Sony’s exclusives dont interest me anymore.
            The games i enjoyed the most this gen were Nintendo or a third party, like Dishonored, Metal Gear, Bioshock, Fallout ect.

          1. It depends.
            Since the rumour of Sony ditching the dualshock (FINALLY), ive had more faith but the exclusives dont really interest me anymore.
            Ratchet and Clank has turned shit, which is fucking bullshit, i love(d) that series. Metal Gear is multiplatform now. Infamous, meh, unless they change it alot. Uncharted, fuck off. Killzone, meh. God of War, meh. Any game by Quantic Dream, well, they dont make games so no.
            And if Naughty Dog make another IP thats got guns, then they can fuck off because im bored of seeing them in every damn game.

            So yeah, PC is a big possibility for me, but i mainly want one because i need a fast computer anyway to do editing, recording, ect as i want to start user reviews, and music production, which has only taken me 3 years to start xD

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  14. Technically it is a next-gen console. Next-gen, at least to me, means of a new era, a new lifespan of a system. In terms of graphics and power, some people say it is current gen. But that’s not the only thing that matters. In the article they said to never leave Nintendo out. Nintendo are not the best hardware makers, but they are great software makers.

    1. Technically next gen doesn’t exist… Next is what’s going to happen… And what in the future doesn’t exist yet… It’s current gen because it here in the now

  15. I don’t care if it’s 6th, 7th or 8th. Nintendo makes way too good games. I’ll just get Wii U for Nintendo games/ third party exclusives and PS4 or Xbox 720 for third party games if there are any good ones.

  16. EAare still loosing millions and millions and cannot break into a profit nintendo disrupted EA last gen there trying it on as they did with wii all last gen









    1. Industry is evil indeed man, but history does repeat itself. Judging by Sony’s financial trouble, and Microsoft charging for everything, and making a transition to what appears to be more Kinect than regular Xbox, I predict that Nintendo will be on top again just like in the days of NES/SNES.

  17. The bottom line is I don’t care about EA games anymore. I don’t care which system they support. I care about the games like Xenoblade and Wii Fit U etc which are coming out on the Wii U. I don’t care about rehashed sports ports and other lames attempts at games which has sadly come to embody EA for me.

    1. Yet fanboys that like these so called “hardcore” games critcizes Mario for being rehashed. Smh what kind of fucked up gaming community are we living in now?

  18. Screw EA -_-. Just wait until they make games that will shut them up. I hate it when they bully consoles just because they do not feel Next-Gen to them.

  19. The reason EA could be saying this is because they’re getting pressure from investors about why haven’t they been producing more games for the Wii U? Also, unless Nintendo decided to make the Wii U a computer, anything they put in the Wii U, Sony and Microsoft would only make theirs more powerful since the Wii U came out first. What frightens me about gaming today, is that we have become so obsessed with graphics, soon publishers will just focus on art, instead of gameplay!

    1. In fact, they didn’t say anything bad about them at all. They gave props to Nintendo. Not sure why everyone’s jumping on their back about it.

      It was an honest reply. And I really don’t see them saying that the Wii U is NOT next-gen. It’s just that the full force of next-gen hasn’t arrived. It’s presence isn’t being truly felt yet.

      1. Wow, your so right. I guess the title was (very) misleading to a lot of them. Your one of the few people I respect the most on this site because you respect Nintendo and their competitions Simply G.

  20. Umm, MyNintendoNews is blowing this out of proportion. Nowhere did EA state they don’t think Wii U is next-gen, the title is very misleading.

    1. It’s all about getting a crap ton of views and a load of comments as a result of fanboys flaming each other :(

  21. If the NeXbox and PS4 have a huge leap in graphics over Wii U like their predecessors did over Wii, then expect them to be very expensive consoles. I’m a college student working for minimum wage part time and can hardly afford to shell out $350 for a console and nine games on it. This year is going to kill my wallet for Wii U games alone not too mention 3DS games. There is no way I’m going to spend $600+ on a NeXbox or PS4. When I finally get my degree and can get a decent paying job then of course I’ll consider buying more game consoles. Until then, the Wii U and 3DS are going to be the sole abusers of my wallet.

    1. Honestly, I’m not expecting them to be that expensive this time, but still up there in price. My prediction will be $400-500

      1. Even at that range, it is not as easily affordable as it was back when the 360/Wii/PS3 era started. People neglect the fact that the economy in most company is in tatters, or assume that this can be overcome by marketing. All I can say is….if the Wii U is having a bit of trouble with its current pricing, well….I think it doesn’t bode well for consoles that will surely be more expensive.

      2. Yeah but I forgot too mention that if Microsoft and Sony make 4K consoles than I will probably have to buy a 4K TV as well. That’s even more money on top of whatever the PS4 and NeXbox would cost. It’s been a tradition for me to buy Nintendo consoles day one so I bought a 3DS and Wii U day one and have not regretted it. I will wait for Microsoft and Sony’s consoles because that should give me enough time to earn a higher paying job and the prices of 4K TVs and consoles might come down.

    2. with gamepad and wii remote why would you boy kinect and dualshock THERE IRELEVENT TO GAMING THERE IDIOT COMPANYS







  22. i garantee nether system will have anything like a wii remote CASUAL AUTO AIM FPS FOR NON-GAMERS


    1. They never said it isn’t a next gen console, they more so praised Nintendo, did you even read the article? The title is extremely misleading.

  23. I notice when Nintendo direct dropped you couldnt buy a troll and now they’er everywhere. Now that’s sh*t funny to meeeeeee

  24. EA is CRAP! With CRAP games! Seriously, Mass Effect is nothing special. Who the hell plays sports games( go outside goddamnit!) and I dont even know what else they make cuz the suck ass… So who cares what they think. If this were Ubisoft saying this then it might be trouble, but it is just lame ass EA.

    1. I play sport games and I do go outside and play Cricket in a club. I enjoy the games EA makes. I care what many publishers have to think. It’s funny when the minority thinks they’re the majority.

        1. “Majority of people hate EA”

          So why are they successful then? huh? People still buy there games and they are still making millions, they are one of the biggest and most successful publishers of today, what is it with people on this site? They seem to pull a lot of “facts” from thin air.

  25. EA doesn’t need a next gen console to make their crap sports games. Ooh, we might get to see some football players crotches a little more detailed. How exciting. Seriously, they make SO much garbage games that I can’t even think of any GOOD games they’re responsible for.

    And besides, they never said that the Wii U wasn’t next gen. I don’t understand the title of this post.

    1. LOL had a post similar to yours and Jellybean came out of know where to defend this lame ass company… seriously!?!

        1. You live in the past
          You hate anything digital
          You think the world HAS to revolve around you

          Anything I say you won’t understand even if I make 100% complete sense …

  26. I think that they have made it clear that they want Nintendo to succeed, and there really aren’t any statements bashing the Wii u. They are just stating that the other next Gen consoles are different from the Wii u and that they are approaching them at a different level than that of which they are currently working on with the Wii u.

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  28. The title may be a little off…I think it is on the contrary actually, EA may be further on board with Nintendo then anyone and judging from the subtle answers he gave they have something big coming for the WiiU console, “Gen 4” i think he means the new way to interact with video games. Gen 1 = D pad. Gen 2 = analog, Gen 3 = motion control, Gen 4 = fully integrated 2nd screen with all the above. Man I wish I could be @ E3 this year.
    You’re welcome.

  29. Still dont know why people want even more realistic graphics, I dont want to slash someone in a game and be able to see all their organs. Cant devs dedicate more time to make better gameplay and story.

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  31. What is wrong with people. Next gen console… does it need to have anything particular, release within a time period. It’s a god damn new console with new features. OFC it’s a next gen console.

  32. Sikr, I think you misquoted him saying that, he meant that it was the 4th NINTENDO console to be in the 3D GEN. He didn’t say anything about it being last gen.

  33. Joke is on them. You can’t choose generation! It’s a chronological term not a “level of development or innovation” term.

    1. Riiiight. The fact that Sony has a fourth console coming out means he’s obviously a Sony fanboy.

      And what if he was? His opinion–someone who’s seen and experienced all the 3 major hardwares–is less valid than some Nintendo fanboy that hasn’t?

      Give me a break. You’re really reaching, and doing so out of pure hurt pride, as if it’s a personal insult to YOU that the Wii U may not be considered “next gen” by some people.

  34. Cue fanboy rage of “it has a different controller and it sometimes does 1080p! It’s SOOOOO next gen”, coming from people who just months earlier were playing Wii, not realizing that 1080p doesn’t define “next gen” any more than a new controller does.

    What more proof do you need that Nintendo is simply out of the loop? They’re stuck in this bizarro universe where people still gather in large groups locally to play multiplayer games, and where TV usage is a huge family issue (and thus, a console selling point) for most gamers?

    I’ve never had a problem with using the TV when someone else wanted to. I reckon anyone over the age of 14 likely hasn’t in quite some time either. And I can’t remember the last time I gathered with 2 or more friends to play a multiplayer game; Halo 1 LAN parties, maybe? Back in 2001/2002?

    And MiiVerse? Seriously? Using the same low-end, boring looking, outdated avatars on a quasi-Facebook service with more restrictions than felon on parole? Who. Fucking. Cares? Certainly not the vast majority of gamers, judging by the hard numbers…

    When PS4 and NextBox come out, the “I can only own 1 console and it MUST be Nintendos, therefore all other consoles are shite” fanboys will hurl their insults and say the consoles are crap and Nintendo rules and blah blah blah. But secretly, they’ll know that Nintendos only accomplishment with Wii U was that they got a 1-year head start with a console that BARELY surpasses the current gen in terms of features AND power.

    I mean really: you think a touchscreen is something only Nintendo can do? Even if MS and Sony DIDN’T incorporate some sort of touchscreen in their next consoles, you think that the touchscreen in the Wii U is going to make up for the fact that it’s severly dwarfed in power compared to the other consoles? That it’s online services are a spec on the overall market of online gaming that is soundly dominated by MS and Sony right now?

    Nintendo is going to need a lot, LOT, *LOT* more than a slightly beefier XBOX 360 with a touchscreen to go up against consoles that are likely not only far more powerful (better graphics, physics, sound, larger worlds, smoother frame rates, more detail and interactive environments, etc.), but will also likely have an equivalent or better “prized feature” such as a touchscreen controller or something even more impressive.

    I loved Nintendo; I really did. SNES and Nintendo 64 were great consoles. But it’s been diminishing returns ever since. Each new console ballsed something up again or failed to keep up with modern trends. The mere fact alone of them just NOW offering SOME kind of unified online gaming service is a huge sign that Nintendo marches a little too much to the beat of their own drum. And the problem is: only the frantically devoted are even listening to it anymore.

  35. So, yeah. I don’t give a crap what GEN it is or what PLATFORM I’m playing on. I just wanna play good games, then move on with my life. Arguing over stuff like this is useless. You gotta live your life while you can!

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