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Nintendo Bringing Approximately 10 Key Nintendo 3DS Games Overseas This Year

nintendo_3ds_red_blueIn a third quarter financial results briefing, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said the company will bring approximately 10 key Nintendo 3DS titles overseas in 2013. Some of the titles Iwata was referring to include Fire Emblem Awakening, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Brain Age: Concentration Training and LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins – all of which are exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and will be released in the first half of this year. The first installments in the sixth generation of the main series of Pokémon games, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, are also launching this year, but they are nine months away from making their worldwide debuts on the Nintendo 3DS.

We have already announced that “Fire Emblem Awakening,” “Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity,” “Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon,” “Brain Age: Concentration Training” and “LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins” will be released in the first half of this year. For the overseas Nintendo 3DS markets, this year will be a good harvest time of what we have developed for these two years. We plan to intensively and actively sell approximately 10 key titles on our own in order to change the Nintendo 3DS system from a handheld device just to play the Mario series to the one to enjoy a variety of games. Naturally, we will keep the momentum of already-released titles with much sales potential by, for example, having them digitally distributed.

86 thoughts on “Nintendo Bringing Approximately 10 Key Nintendo 3DS Games Overseas This Year”

  1. Another thing that would bring quite a bit of revenue and maybe even old time customers back are high ranking GBA, SNES, GBC games for the 3DS Virtual Console. How hard can it be to offer these? I know hackers have done this illegally for the DS and PSP and whatnot. I want to choose from a large library of VC games legally and pay for them. Why is Nintendo not cashing in ??? This is so frustrating !

      1. This is what I want. My favourite game of all time is Pokemon Emerald and was hoping it would be part of the Ambassador’s program.

          1. I remember owning it, but I can’t recall much about it anymore.
            What made it so good for you?
            I kinda stopped playing after Pearl and never went back to older versions like Emerald….

            1. the best ones were first and then play second gen the next games were horrible they changed the pokemon style to so shitty dark pallets, emerald was even shittier adding that fat guy and those stupid brain frontiers.

              god then after that they release gen 4… gen 5… god.

              1. genwunner alert! You need to relax, most pokemon games are the same as those before but with some extra content, that’s it. I played yellow and then jumped to Diamond, and felt it was just fine, not too different but with improved details and graphics.

      2. I’m pretty sure that won’t ever happen. Pokemon Games are about trading with other players, which probably wouldn’t be possible in a VC game (they’d probably have to rewrite the entire communication system.. think about it, back then we used link cables….)…

    1. Not really. It has a very nice line up this year. You seen the new trailer for Killzone Mercenary? My jaw seriously dropped. The Vita probably won’t do as well as 3DS, because you know, pokemon itself will dramatically boost the 3DS sales, but it will start to gain some life.

      1. I hope so.
        Much as I personally dislike the Vita, it’s always sad to see something that COULD be successful, with the right games behind it to help it along, fade away into obscurity.
        The gaming community can use as much help as it can get.

        1. Plus if it starts to become a real competitor, it will force Nintendo to start going all out even more :D The beauty of competition :D

      2. Meh. Thats generally my problem with the Vita, Sony selling it off as “oh look the graphics”. Yeah, i get it. More games please.

        I dont want watered down PS3 IP’s, i want original exclusive games, like Medievil, Jak and Daxter, anything.

        Nintendo has the privilege that it sticks to its roots, and it has classic styles of its main IP’s that only appear on their handhelds, im dying for a new 2D Metroid game.

        1. I haven’t played Jak Daxter in so god damn long, I want a new one :/

          You seen the trailer for a game called “tearaway”? That looks pretty sweet.

          1. Did they even have plans to go further after that one racing game and the few spin-offs?
            After all that’s happened, I had assumed the main line was done and over with for Jack&Daxter.
            Not that I disagree with you, though; that and Ratchet&Clank are two of my favorite adventure series and I’d be thrilled to see Jack come back.

          2. THATS THE ONE!

            I remember seeing it from a PAX trailer but i couldn remember what it was called.
            Yeah, that game looks good, actual creative use of the back touch pad too

          3. Lets hope that new employee from rare that came to sony can work on it, he must has plenty of experience with 3d platformers especially with mini sidekicks haha

  2. Seriously nintendo im really craving some 3ds zelda, pokemon b and w 2 came out 5 months ago and i no where getting ww hd but cmon nintendo spririt tracks was 3 yrs ago, we need zelda, i dont count oot 3d tho it was a great game

    1. The only handheld Zelda that I really liked was Minish Cap and that sits as my third favourite Zelda. The DS ones didn’t really make me want to keep playing, but were still good games.

        1. Well yeah, Ocarina of Time 3D was good, but I was thinking more along the lines of handheld only, not versions of console games. A 3DS Zelda game would be nice, and hopefully Nintendo will make it themselves (or partner with a good studio for it).

            1. I never really liked the Oracle games so much. Of course, they’re still pretty great games, as with almost all Zelda games in my opinion because TLoZ is probably my 2nd favourite game series after Pokemon.

  3. Look, I know he said it wont just be for mario games, but im hoping 2 of them at least will be mario. I love my mario fix. Obviously we’re getting luigi’s mansion, but how about Mario Party 3DS (and a wiiu one like, next year) that would be sweet.

  4. but killzone is a first party title were is the third party support ? playstation needs to come up with something as smash brothers 4 lugius manshion 2 monster hunter 3U and pokemon X&y are right around the corner nintendo is not macking the vita breath if sony was like sega like the dreamcast then the vita would of went backrupt a long time ago. if anyone agrees write this > ^_^

    1. You do realize there is a reply button right? The third party support is still stuck on the PSP. Sony need to just move it from there to the Vita and they’ll be fine. Also 3 of the 4 games you just listed are 1st party for the 3DS … not 3rd party …

      ” if anyone agrees write this > ^_^”

      Seriously? Just seriously?

    1. Seriously -_- There is a bloody reply button. Resident Evil is being ported to home consoles, They made a conduit 3DS? Already said Monster Hunter, Project X zone I’m pumped for, same with Bravery Default. Why are you continually going in this first place?

      1. I never really wanted it, but then my brother (bear jn mind hes about 13) was like “oh im playing Fire Emblem on the GBA. Crazy bastard’s playing it on Classic xD So i had a go and now i have to wait D:
        Could at least give us the demo :/

        1. Knowing our Region, we’ll get the demo after the game is released -_- Well that’s what’ll probably happen in Australia at least -_-

        2. Buy Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for the GC, and play it on the Wii (if you got GC controller + memcard). It’s one of my favorite GC games, and I’ve played through it over 10 times. I really recommend it.

  5. are you stupid residdnt evil (downfall) is a upcomming 3DS exclusive. so what if resident evil is getting ported to consoles thats great the 3DS cut scence to revekations was laggy on my experience with the ni tendo 3DS XL and yes conduit 3DS is beanige created but sega and high voltage software hasent said nothing about since the 3DS launch back in 2011 and yes there is footage.

    1. From what I’ve read, that’s just a rumor. And yes, I’m stupid for not believing a rumor. (Y) And seriously, THERE IS A GOD DAMN REPLY BUTTON.

        1. I know right. She’s like the only character that hasnt been ruined by a bad game, and if its like Revelations, that’ll be amazing

    2. please learn writing and spelling and grammar and all that stuff before spreading your bullshit on the internet. its not about being perfect, but this is just a pain in the ass to read. also: reply button.

    1. most of your errors are laziness, not lack of language skills… nobody is perfect but please, at least take your time to read what you are going to post before pressing the button, especially when its not your usual language.

  6. i would had no hope on capcom if downfall doesent come out as in mega man legends 3 was canceld. and down fall would come as nintendo theam selvs ask theam are you going to make anymore sequels and capcom said w cant we are but stay tune or someshit like that mix reviews. and fuck you and your bloody replay button

  7. so yea guys on febuary 11th am getting a wii u with call of duty black ops 2 and darksiders 2 with land bundeld was hoping who wants to do early friend request ??? opps all ready type it 4got the replay button oh whel not going back

    1. Bro, all I can say is that I get the feeling you’re going to love Darksiders, if you get into the end-game of making the ultimate Possessed weapons.
      It takes awhile but the payoff is so worth it, and being able to hot-swap gears via the game pad is a huge blessing.

        1. My goal is Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Health Steal, Wrath Steal, and Execution Chance up all in one.
          That way not only will I be stealing tons of health and wrath with every high-damage attack on top of crits, my attacks will also have a high chance of enabling an instant death on the enemy.
          Nothing will kill me. I’ll be using Wrath like it’s going out of style and regaining almost as much as I use.
          It will be GLORIOUS….

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