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Nintendo Confirms It Has No Current Plans For Wii U Price-Cut


In a presentation to industry analysts and reporters, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said a price-cut for the company’s latest video game home console, the Wii U, is not an option. According to Iwata, Nintendo is already selling the Wii U at below cost, and instead of slashing the its price, Nintendo will introduce more games that are unique to the new console and ones that completely take advantage of the hardware’s capabilities. Considering Nintendo sold over three million Wii U consoles to date, do you think the console’s price tag should display a smaller number?

237 thoughts on “Nintendo Confirms It Has No Current Plans For Wii U Price-Cut”

    1. While it continues to bomb harder than ever? I seriously question if you think this is wise pricing when next-gen consoles are speculated to cost anywhere between $399-$450 with options for contract pricing (at least Microsoft will likely go that route).

      Wii U is not priced for the mass market at all. It also offers nothing worthy of that price either.

      1. Guys please ignore this guy. You’re never going to win arguing with him and its just gonna clog up the article with 50 unnecessary comments. Just move on. Thank you in advance

      2. Well the wiiu all together cost 350 to manufactture so every one they make they lose 50 so if the xbox or ps has the specs it is rumoured to have and they sell it at 399 theyll both die slowly trying to drag nintendo with them, but nintendo has their 3ds to keep them a float and will watch ps and xbox slowly sink into the abyss of obscurity

        1. …Uhm the Wii U definitely does NOT cost $350 to “manufacture”. I’m not even sure where the hell you’re getting that from. How would Nintendo even be posting profits if they would lose hundreds at that point?

            1. Yes it is at a loss but I recall them saying just one game brought and they will already make a profit so actually really, they are making good profit from the console. I think it costs $350 to manufacture because nobody even knows what is inside it and the GamePad must cost atleast $150 of that while rest is done for the console. They said they would bring us games so gotta wait and be patient,

            2. WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WHAT I JUST SAID? I know it takes a loss, DUMBASS.

              He said it costs “350 to manufacture”, it FUCKING DOESN’T.

              Holy shit it’s like you’re literally STUPID and inept at READING.

        2. Stop being such a blind fanboy. I’m certain all three consoles will enjoy success next generation. Even if Microsoft and Sony were to fail, Nintendo would be taken down with them regardless of how well the 3DS is selling.

          1. I was being sarcastic, i just think that sony and micro should have something to back them up incase it would happen, it just makes me think what if the dreamcast succeeded or better yet what if nintendo never tried to make a cd add on, with sony, would the consoles that we love to day not be around?

        3. I know some of you will laugh but Nintendo’s Miiverse may have saved console gaming, as long MS and Sony follow suit console gaming will live on … until gen 9 anyways.

          1. I tried Miiverse the other day. I quite like it, there’s still a few things I’d personally add to it, but it looks pretty cool.

                1. Same.

                  The only thing i want them add is sort of like a use name game invite system, so say with Mario Kart you post saying “oh hey, having a mini tournement here, come join us”, then you join them from there. Other tha that, the new stuff theyre adding is enough for me

              1. I agree. Miiverse I found better and I noticed people you aint friends with can even like your posts so I feel I an communicating more with the world and just having an Xbox live account and I don’t get a single thing from anybody.

          2. Even though I don’t use it much, I’ve found Miiverse to be brilliant when I do. While it could use a few improvements, it’s a great addition and will hopefully be part of more games to come.

      3. Great, this retard again.

        And i suppose when the other consoles are $400, $450 that everyones going to be like “oh erm, i guess thats ok…”.


        When SOFTWARE starts coming to the system, it’ll sell. You see, unlike other companies, Nintendo ddnt make a stupidly expensive console that made them loose money till about 5 years into its life time.

        When the games show up, it’ll how people do you think are waiting for 1 specific game.
        I see people online, all the time, that are like “i’ll buy it when Metroid is out, or Zelda, or 3D Mario”. Heck, when Monoliths game was shown, i pretty much saw people online saying “well, tike to buy a WiiU”.

        Guess what you stupid dick?
        It’s the same case with the Vita.
        You’re always like “Ohno the Vita’s perfectly priced, you’re just cheap faggots”. Wow, how mature.
        How about its got no fucking games worth getting it for?

        Dumbass fuck

        1. I think he created a new vocabulary.
          Aeolus-noun- A stubborn master troll whose IQ is low.
          In gaming a creature like this may or may not require grinding to beat, it depends how you approach the creature.

        2. And this counters what I said -how-? Are you inept at arguing any valid points? The software isn’t going to get any better. It’ll be the same played out IPs over AND OVER AGAIN. Third parties don’t give a shit about the Wii U, they will be focusing on the next-gen and that is what matters to them

          You guys have some serious hope in Nintendo, can’t wait until they go third party and stop offering shitty and overpriced garbage for hardware to play the latest Mario or Zelda reskin with 1-2 decent other titles. The Wii U offers absolutely NO value for the price over existing consoles and that is an observable fact. I don’t give a shit if it’s “new”, it’s NOT priced for the mass market and is definitely NOT priced at a competitive standpoint against existing platforms. That is exactly why it’s bombing, and no amount of stupid fucking Mario is going to change that when people are clearly getting over that series in English countries.

          The next gen is coming and Nintendo will lose miserably at their current rate. Watch.

        3. Nintendo Drones = SCUM


          “How about its got no fucking games worth getting it for?”

          Only a dumb fuck would make a retarded comment like that.

  1. They shouldn’t cut the price. Seriously, there is absolutely NO reason to. Considering this is only $300 at the least, and with all the stuff it can do and the quality of some of the games (released or planned), it’s a fair price.

        1. Oh…so an overglorified second screen that doesn’t add much of anything special is supposed to be the selling point.

          1. Well if they use it properly it could be great, but yeah, I haven’t really seen it used to its full potential yet. It would be good to see though.

            1. It’s just a DS dude. You know as well as I do nothing novel will be coming out of it from third parties.

              This isn’t a gaming changing selling point by any stretch of imagination, especially when current systems both offer similar functions one way or another, and even newer competitors like Nvidia is trying something similar with Project Shield. Effectively eliminating the main niche the GamePad ever had to offer as a second screen…streaming games to the device.

              1. Why don’t you just be fucking grateful for once. Yeah OK Nintendo like to have second screens that touch but so what? It is giving us amazing ways to play and we got 3DS to go out with if we don’t fancy a Wii U. Get over yourself and watch the latest Nintendo Direct…. 2 new Zelda games might shut up you.

                1. a shitty looking HD remake and an unseen title must be your idea of interesting

                  Zelda hasn’t been good since that very game they opted to remake. Rather play Skyrim, Dark Souls, or Okami.

              2. Oh but when Xbox steals ideas and rips gamers off all the time you have nothing to say huh? Man shut up! If negativity is what feeds your daily living, good luck to you and hope you find a girlfriend.

                  1. No he means he means that Microsoft rips off gamers by charging for online for example. Ge didn’t say rips off there competitors :P

                    1. I am a Nintendo fan forever, but in NO WAY is MS “ripping off” by charging for Xbox live. MS has the definitive online experience of the three consoles. Sony online is free, but there is a reason for that. Its crap.

      1. It does more to entertain me more than xbox which I had owned for a month before I traded it for a ps3which I had for 8 months and it died on me. soon after got a wii which I’ve had for 2 years and now have and constantly play n my wii u… So… That stuff may be pure entertainment not just hype and flashy violent sexualized video bs that ms and Sony hock.

    1. “Nintendo will deliver the best and most unique Wii U titles… Starting with Ubisoft’s Rayman Legends.”

      Since when is Ubisoft a subsidiary of Nintendo?

        1. He was saying that since you said that “Nintendo will deliver the best and most unique Wii U titles” and then you used Ubisoft’s game as an example.

        1. It’s about $380 here in Australia. Id like to see it go to $300 at the moment because I don’t think it’s worth nearly $400 AUD. If the game line up was better I’d buy one for that price (hence why Ill be waiting).

          1. hey im in Australia too, oh yeah If u go Big W theyre selling the basic for 320.00 and deluxe at 380.00, u should buy it theyre it also comes bundled with a gamepad case, i got mine from there, eb games is a complete ripoff…

            1. Ugh I know right, and people actually defend EB Games is what annoys me. Apparently they’re happy to pay so much because they get good customer service … I never knew one had to pay to get good customer service >_>

              1. YEAH Customer Service my *ss, when i got super mario galaxy at opening day it was 110 dollars nd when i plopped it in… the disc was blank, so i took it back and no i couldnt have a new one, not even a refund, i was so bummed that day, and from that dayon i never buy from eb, i did buy from the shop called game but they sadly closed down along with gametraders it so sad and annoying so many great games stores are closing in australia

          2. Is that for the Deluxe or Basic? Cause I got my Basic on day 1 and it was $350. I’m pretty sure some places like Big W are selling it for $320 now though.

              1. Yeah $420 at the EB near mine. I should’ve got a family member to send me one from England, cause it would’ve been cheaper, even if not much.

                      1. That’s pretty good. I didn’t know if I was going to even be in Australia for the launch, so I just preordered from EB Games to make sure I would get one.

          3. Yeah, really…it doesn’t offer anything worth dropping $350 for.

            It fails to do things even existing consoles can do (I’m looking at you DVD/Blu-ray playback), and at much less. While the games are just late ports of existing games and at full price.

            1. We get it, asshole. You hate Wii U ports and refuse to acknowledge any improvements made to said ports, deeming them insignificant because you hate the system itself.
              Just like every other brainless hater.

              Cry some more; it’s not a valid reason for saying the system has a bad library.

              And DvD/Blu-Ray playback? Are you fucking kidding me?
              Only a retard considers THAT a valid reason to consider one console inferior to the others, especially when blue ray players are so damned cheap nowadays.

              Hater logic isn’t going to help you anymore. Hate what you want, but you’ll never be able to prove that the system is not worth $350 with your half-assed hater logic.
              If anything, you’re just an embarrassment to the rest of the community.
              You make the hard-core fan-base look horrible. You’re bad, and you should FEEL bad.
              Do the REAL gamers a favor and STFU.

              1. Wow, is this what happens when someone say’s a legitimate opinion that doesn’t attack at all? I agree with him, at this stage I don’t believe it is worth dropping that much money, hence why I am waiting for a better game line up.

                1. There’s a difference, though, Jell.
                  You just aren’t interested in the games.
                  You don’t go out of your way to openly bash the entire line-up as worthless ports, when the term worthless isn’t true at all.
                  You’re reasonable enough to see the good points of the ports, even when the ports as wholes don’t interest you enough to get the system.
                  Basically, you express your opinions in a generally non-biased way, from what I’ve seen of you lately.
                  MPG was being a bit too harsh in the way he voiced his opinion[kind of an asshole himself, really, but I digress], but he wasn’t wrong in calling out Aeolus for hating Wii U ports without acknowledging any of their good points. He’s done it before.

                  1. Yep, Jellybean you don’t fall for blind fanboyism, and will call them out with unsubstantiated claims, but you aren’t perpetually negative and oblivious to any good points as a default position.

                2. It’s Eric posting on his alt. A bitter little queer who backs himself up anonymously as to avoid exposing how much of a little bitch he is. :P

                    1. It is the same person. They use the exact same posting style and petty attempts at insults that commonly have “elitist” “hater” or “crying” in the comment.

                      He makes it very obviously in the last few lines.

                      1. I think it’s funny how you try to drudge up old grudges against me with new people, then use “oh, same post style” as an excuse.
                        I don’t know which one of my past posts got stuck so far and hard up your ass that it pains you to this very day, but you need to pull it out and let go, troll.
                        Your bullshit is backed so far up your ass that it’s coming out of your mouth, and everyone with any lick of sense can smell it.

                      2. Only a basement dweller like Eric would back himself up with an alt, because he has no friends.

                        Truly a pathetic specimen.

              2. I agree, but no reason to attack, that makes you him! Blu ray/DVD are going extinct. It will all go digital, I mean we see it right now! I know it would up the price but Nintendo needed to provide huge storage. And we have made storage cheap these days

                  1. They may still do that, all they would have to do is enable partitioning when formating, im sure they could find a video player to use, or even create one. I think they just don’t want to step on toes right now, like netflix and hulu etc.

              3. I’m going to enjoy tearing this piece of shit up.

                Improvements? To which ports? Oh Ninja Gaiden, a 3/10 game, got polished into a 5/10 game! Amazing! Now a turd is a POLISHED TURD. Which also costs more than the original, way to go, full price for what is still a SHITTY GAME. Anything else is a bunch of meaningless changes to games available to months, there is no reason to buy ME3 Wii U, especially with the collection present and I can go on with a host of other ports that had NO significant differences to warrant a purchase.

                “And DvD/Blu-Ray playback? Are you fucking kidding me?
                Only a retard considers THAT a valid reason to consider one console inferior to the others, especially when blue ray players are so damned cheap nowadays.”

                Not everyone is a retarded, 28 year old, basement dwelling VIRGIN like you who lives surrounded by PC parts dating back to the 80s and likes things cluttering absolutely everywhere and only plays VIDYA GAEMS ALL DAY ERR’DAY and is satisfied with the inconvenience bar set on maximum overdrive. The Wii U uses a Blu-ray based drive, and rather than pay the small fees for loyalties to enable playback, Nintendo cheaps out and relies on streaming apps the other consoles have to begin with. It is INFERIOR as a multimedia device, it isn’t opinion, it’s an objective fucking fact.

                Until you form a sound argument that isn’t fueled by Nintendo fanboy ASSHURT that can tell me why this is worth $100 more than a 360 that includes two very well received games and a 250GB HDD, among those very ports that this thing keeps shitting out, you’ll start making some goddamn sense.

                Otherwise, you can quit your bitching.
                quit your fucking whining.
                quit your COCK SUCKING.
                and accept that this console is just a shitty offshoot of the one Microsoft offers, and an even shittier attempt at a tablet-esque device.

                1. The way you attempt to get your point heard is immature and typical of a spoiled brat. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were the 28 year old virgin living in your parents basement to be honest. The WiiU has much better hardware then what you believe you understand to be fact…

                  1. “WiiU has much better hardware then what you believe you understand to be fact”

                    No it doesn’t. It’s a RV7xx ballpark GPU *that’s 2007 technology, by the way* and the CPU is basically a triple-core PowerPC 750 (G3) @1.24ghz (which is 1997 architecture). PS3’s Cell almost thoroughly outclasses that CPU.

                    cue GPGPU idiots pretending that’s supposed to be a good thing to compensate for the CPU, but in the end is just more workload for the GPU…which is actually making it a bad thing if it wants to show whatever GPU advantages it has over the current gen, not to mention the GamePad streaming….

                    funny how that works.

                    1. I take it you get all of your information from internet sites that appeal to your view of Nintendo as a whole. Also by stating it’s basically like “something else” means you have no idea what the actual specs are.

                      1. when grasping at straws goes horribly wrong, you get this particular guy desperate to find some sort of hole in what I just said, when all of this can be researched anyway.

                      2. Holes are left behind by fictional statements and are easily discovered. You are transparent Aeolus and have now been exposed as a “Google Genius”. It is time to start a new alias and start from scratch.

                      3. so, you’ve confirmed you’re unable to prove me wrong after all and now you’re trying to dodge what was said entirely

                        Wii U is a weak console, it’s a known fact. Nobody needed Google to tell you that.

                2. Did they ever provide a reasoning why they had such little HDD’s in the Wii U? I don’t understand why it wasn’t bigger :S

                  1. It isn’t a HDD…it’s literally flash storage, which is more expensive.

                    would have largely preferred a built-in, user upgrade-able HDD like the PS3.

                      1. Sure thing, when it starts becoming affordable then it can start talking. Which it isn’t.

                        And 32GB is absolutely nothing to talk about as far as flash storage goes


                        it still sucks.

                      2. Like you said, SSD’s are expensive. A larger HDD would add to the cost of the system, which didn’t fit their target price. The storage doesn’t suck it’s just small.

                      3. “a larger HDD would add to the cost of the system”

                        in what significant way is it going to do that

                        You really are an idiot, dude. A 250GB 360 can be had for $250 and MS is selling that at a profit. There is little to no reason why Nintendo shouldn’t be able to offer the same. In fact, some are actually wondering how exactly are Nintendo even taking losses on hardware, because it sure as shit isn’t anything related to the power of the console.

                    1. Flash storage loads much faster than HDDs, which is nice for savefile loading/saving.
                      As for bigger storage, external HDDs are pretty cheap nowadays. I think Nintendo did the right choice.

                3. You done, troll?
                  Falling back on personal insults that don’t even apply properly to the person you’re talking to? Stating your opinions as if they were god-given facts and condemn the console to an early death while dissing everything about it, not giving it even half a chance?
                  Please. Spare us.
                  Your hate is as pathetic as your paper-thin justifications.

                  You’ve done precisely what I said you’d do; refuse to acknowledge any improvements made to said ports, deeming them insignificant because you hate the system itself.
                  Just like every other brainless hater.
                  Your Ninja Gaiden example only drives that point home.
                  You’re probably one of the piss-ant little fan-fags who threw a tantrum when the BETTER VERSION hit the Wii U and got back to the root of what loyal players of the series liked about it in the first place, and now you’re taking it out on people here because nobody else here but you sees these improvements as negatives, using gay-ass terms like “Polished turd” when you’d be praising the improved version up and down were it on any other system, and you know that you damn well would.
                  That’s fucking sad-sack shit right there.

                  Not as sad as calling the Wii U inferior because you can’t play your faggy little homo porn DVD’s on it like you do everything else, though.
                  The system’s main dedication is GAMING.
                  It doesn’t NEED to have blue ray DVD playback support to be an excellent GAMING SYSTEM, you fucking ignoramus.
                  Not that someone as obviously blinded by your dedication to sucking off Sony and Micro could ever see past the ball sacks dangling in front of their face long enough to figure the truth out anyways.

                  Until YOU can come up with something better than hate-rhetoric posts filled with little more than elitist motivations, sad little attempts at insult, and cases of obviously retarded mistaken identity moments, you don’t have the RIGHT to tell anyone jack shit.

                  1. The console is filled with shit ports and offers no mass-market or core gamer appeal, making it a total waste of money until you can prove otherwise. Which you can’t, because Nintendo’s dick is too far up your ass for you to have any sort of coherent point to make.

                    Wii U sucks; deal with it.

                  1. I will always read and consider an argument that doesn’t resort to cursing, male genitalia related slang, or homophobic based sexual orientation insults. I enjoy cock sucking, and I love being queer, so it’s painful to watch people bashing my two favourite things for no good reason when all I want is reasonable discussion about Nintendo news.

                  2. @Dark

                    “The moment you resort to insults and cursing is the moment you automatically lose the argument.”

                    You do not automatically lose an argument because you insulted your opponent. You can insult someone and put forth at the same time an argument that is logically sound and factually correct that holds up to scrutinization. On the other hand, if your opponent does not insult you or use any curse words, but their argument contains many logical fallacies, errors, absurdities, and lies ― you would win the argument even though you used insults and curse words. The person that used insults and curse words will only lose the argument when the other person puts forth a more logically sound and factually correct argument than they did.

            2. You are aware that having DVD/Blu-ray support would bump up the price significantly right? And then you would have said it’s way too expensive.

              Seriously, if Nintendo isn’t your cup of tea, then you shouldn’t really touch this site at all.

          4. November will come a price cut… To cut into next gen releases.. U.til than well not going to happen plus we will not see a 2013 from Sony maybe ms tho…

          5. god Cortz get a life honestly. You don’t make your own consoles and build the stuff so how the hell do you know? Rather have a loads of the wicked games coming out than a stupid price cut.

    1. Why sony and ms users keep assaulting wii u
      Price they forget what there systems release prices was? Alot higher than wii u,
      Nintendo needs get atleast one wicked exclusive fps tho, love my wii u but geting ansi for more shooters. And i find price reasonable.

      1. I’m a Nintendo fan, but I think people don’t look at the wii u as blow you away specs. Like the ps3 was a the time. Is it a wrong way to look at it? Probably but that’s how people think

        1. Problem is console gamers look at raw number, when raw numbers dont realy mean a thing, when you cut silicon thinner and increas capacitor count 1ghz could be faster than a 2ghz whitch has fatter cut and less circuit pathways.

          1. Good example black ops 2,
            Look almost same on 360 and wii u, but 360 fans are at full throttle to prevent sytem from melting, where wii u doesnt break a sweat.

            1. I do agree that the WiiU is far more capable then current gen, I still think they should have added another ghz or two just to be safe.

                    1. Consoles are for game play if u want graphics play pc. Hanging for more console exclusives eg. Bayonetta. Just order ng3 (fan of series).

    2. Smart thinking. Quality software that takes advantage of Wii U’s capabilities will surely sell this beast. Ad marketing. Good marketing goes a long way for these kinds of things.

          1. I have not seen a single advertisement here in Australia. Great marketing right there (y)

            You think they’d want to market the crap out of a new console, but nope lol.

            1. I’ve seen a single ad once on TV for the Wii U. They marketed NSMB2 more than they did their new console. Now that’s bad marketing.

              1. It’s like with the Vita, the only ads I’ve seen for it has been for resistance & CoD. Why are they marketing the shit games!?

    3. I’m with most of the people here; a price drop isn’t needed, and I’m very glad that Nintendo isn’t taking fools like Patcher seriously.
      That guy is out to get Nintendo, for God-only-knows what reason. Most of his propositions would only do harm to the company.

      1. Games, that’s all that’s needed, more games. At the moment I wouldn’t buy a WIi U simply because there are none that interest me a great deal.

        1. See, that’s a fair enough opinion. You don’t see any games that interest you, but you don’t go out of your way to decry any of them as a reason why the system’s library sucks, as if it were a predetermined fact for all gamers and anyone who disagreed was not a gamer.
          Unlike one particular jerk.
          I don’t always agree with you, Jell, but I feel you’ve proven well enough that you’re not as much of a troll as some people claim you to be sometimes.

    4. If the games are good they won’t have to lower it. Mario Kart Wii’s game mechanics were disappointing and uncompetitive and the next Smash Bros needs to introduce something fresh or it won’t work again IMO.

      1. For SSB they should introduce level editors you can play online, a deeper subspace emissary you can play online with 4 people, and either much more characters or customizable characters.

      2. Why, because they took out snaking?
        Cheesing straightaways doesn’t show any competitive skill. Taking turns tighter and using weapons wisely are the key factors.
        The only thing that held back MKWii from being really competitive was the online connectivity/lag issues.

          1. A quick boost at the proper moment allows players to avoid it. Besides, it’s a good idea to make things harder for any one person to gain an overly-significant lead. Makes matches more exciting when the races are closer.

        1. I would say it was the hackers that ruined it, only so many times you can start a race being taken out repeatedly with blue shells.

          1. I’d actually have to agree, I don’t find it competitive at all, it’s just fun with friends, that’s all I see it as, more like a party game in my opinion, a good one at that.

            1. The closest thing to a “competitive MK” was easily the DS game. Only whiny little children will complain about snaking, which actually took skill to master and rendered the item reliant pricks helpless, since blue shells were easily avoided with the method in that game and everything else was basically. Skill based gameplay > luck based gameplay.

              Too bad about MK7 though…clearly nerfed that to appeal to their audience of five year olds.

              1. You’re crying over snaking being gone?
                Learn to race better, hugging corners, properly using power slides, and using obstacles to your advantage for stunt boosts, instead of relying upon using easily-mastered exploits like Snaking, and maybe you wouldn’t cry so much when you step away from MKDS.
                Or, better yet, quit playing the series altogether, if you can’t handle playing a game with even a single instant where you can’t guarantee a win with your “skill” alone.
                Only an infantile elitist kid would whine over snaking being gone and items preventing him from winning.
                If you can’t handle not having snaking, if you can’t handle a bit of luck to make the series more interesting than just another generic racing genre entry, you should never have pulled up to the starting line.

                1. Hmm? Sorry, I don’t speak scrub-lish. If your lack of intelligence translates this as complaining then I’d advise you to retake /English/.

                  There is nothing to Mario Kart that actually requires skill anymore. Not in any way that matters compared to existing racing franchises, like the recent SASRT.

                  Also, stop making alts. You’re predictable as hell, Eric.

                  Can’t even fucking hide the samefaggotry.

                  1. Accusations of a lack of intelligence coming from someone like you?
                    Someone who can’t tell posters apart, let alone testify to what qualifies as skill or not in a game like MK?
                    Thanks for the laugh, bitch.:P
                    Cry more, son. Cry more, hit reverse, and run back to Grand Turismo. You don’t belong in SASRT, or MK, or anything even remotely breaking the generic racer mold.
                    You whine too much to be a fun opponent.

                      1. Multiplatform gamer.

                        You obviously don’t speak gamer, either.
                        If you did, you wouldn’t be backing out like a little bitch.

                2. If only the blue shell hit all players instead of just the 1st that would make all the difference but no they had to make it a homing death missile.

                  1. It’s for the kids like “Multiplatform gamer.” to have any sort of a chance at anyone who actually knows how to play racers.

                    1. Cry more, kid. Your tears are delicious. I could easily whoop your ass up and down the track without need of items or snaking, but there’s no damned fun in that.
                      I use what’s most entertaining, and I have absolutely no shame in doing so.
                      If you can’t handle a blue shell up the tail pipe then you should stay off the track instead of crying about not being able to out-run it.

                1. My brother could do snaking and he was about 7 when it came out.

                  Mario Kart isnt “competative” in the same way NFS is, but its still fun online.
                  Do i think their item balance is out of place? Yeah, its bullshit, it needs to be balanced more, but the core gameplay is still fun.

                  1. “My brother could do snaking and he was about 7 when it came out.”

                    Right, so tell him to post his incredible lap records (with evidence) that he’s been setting then.

                    “could do snaking” =/= good at snaking.

      3. MK Wii’s mechanics were disappointing, but it was still one of the best selling games on the Wii and even if they don’t step it up for the Wii U, it’s still going to sell a truckload.

        Welcome to the world of Nintendo’s IPs.

          1. Yeah, MKDS was easily the most competitive in the series. The problem with big games like Mario Kart, is that the developers can get away with not putting in so much effort like MK7.

      1. It’s because the same people that have been bashing Nintendo really want a WiiU but they can’t buy one unless a price cut or they wouldn’t be able to justify it to thier fanboy friends, so then they can say to thier friends “Well it’s only $250 bucks, might as well get one” Other friend “ya im only getting one cause it’s cheap, I wont even play it…” After, they purchase one, they both create a secret user name to hide the fact they can’t stop playing on the WiiU. Friend 1 “Oh, i’ve been on vacation for the last 2 months, if you were wondering” Friend 2 “yeah me too, actually” @ the same time they say “my 360 won’t read disc’s anymore for some reason…”. Then they live happily ever after.

        1. Or because some think the line up of games so far is terrible? Bunch of old ports I’ve played and IP’s I’ve gotten bored with. I’m waiting till end of march before I get one.

          1. That wouldn’t be a valid reason for a price cut IMO. It worked for the 3ds since it was overpriced to begin with, the WiiU however has a great price tag. Im fine with the current lineup. I can understand the lack of “AAA” titles because it is only a couple months old.

            1. No as in, the reason not many people would want to buy a Wii U at the moment is because of the lack of big games, not because of just the price. That’s what I meant :P

              1. Oh ok, I can understand that. I just figure im going to use the WiiU as my main console this gen, I might as well build up my library for it.

        2. I agree, i hate fan boyism, ive owned ps2 still have psp, i buy what i like not
          What friends say i must buy.
          And these same people that say 350$ to much probaly pay $500 for a tablet and $800 for a phone.
          Thats why i dont find wii u expensive, i paid $500 for an ipad

          1. Well for what the Wii U offers me at the moment, I think it’s too expensive, very little interests me at the moment, I’m waiting till March for the big guns to come out before I buy one.

          2. Exactly, I still love my ps2 as well, I havnt played it much over the last year or so. I never got into handhelds, I might pick up a 3ds though for luigis mansion. I still play Battlefront on my xbox sometimes though, such a great game, why oh why do they refuse to make another one!

    5. See I was right and Pachter was wrong (or rather I will be) so I think I should have his job. On a serious note, I hope Nintendo dedicates all this year to delivering the best of software from it’s internal developers, 3rd party developers, and deliver the best online content such as indie games, apps, and other unique features (yes I know that it has a great selection of indie games and Wii Streets U, TiVo, Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Video, Hulu Plus, etc.). If they focus on quality content then the system will surely sell better.

    6. The Wii U needs some really good games like yesterday. Zombie U did not perform as well as some expected or hoped. It is obvious there are two good games, NSMB Wii U and Nintendo Land. Wii U needs a Wii U Sports. Also, a Metroid HD collection with Metroid Zero Mission, Metroid 2 Samus Return totally upgraded, Metroid 3 Super Metroid Metroid other m and Metroid Fusion, to hold us over until new Metroid. The same thing with Super Mario HD collection.

      1. > Says Metroid HD
        > Doesn’t include the price Trilogy but says Metroid 2 on the ganeboy and Other M

        Oh my god *facepalm*

    7. If Nintendo isn’t going for a price drop now (which they don’t have to anyway), that means they’re coming out with something(s) that is worthy of the $300+ price tag. Before the last Nintendo Direct, I would never have said this, because there wasn’t any foreshadowing hints given like that Nintendo Direct did. Now we have a general idea of what to expect this year for Nintendo, and I know the games they listed during the Direct aren’t the only things to expect this year.

      1. You also have to factor in what they offer. Take me for example, at the very moment I’m interested in very little games on the system. I’m not going to go out and pay $350 to play all of 2-3 games.(But I’m looking to purchase one at end of March when more games are released). But there are plenty of people who like what it has to offer and will go out and spend that much. Really I don’t believe it is expensive in the general term. More on a person to person term. One person could believe it is, the next one could find the price just right.

    8. Nintendo will probably have one SKU (essentially the Deluxe unit) for $299 with or without NintendoLand this fall.

    9. The Basic unit is kinda useless…I think they should manufacture the Deluxe one more…maybe that’s one of the reasons to why it didn’t sell as good as they intended to…

      1. Same.
        I mean there just isnt much desirable about jt.
        The harddrive size of the Deluxe isnt big, but i can 1-4 games on there, depending on the size, and i can jus transfer them from and to my external HDD, or just delete them like i do with my ps3

    10. Good, just release software and people will buy it.
      I’ve been fine with the price, i paid about £50 less for my ps3, and that was 3 years into its life.
      When Pikmin 3 is released, if don’t own one, i might as well be torturing myself.

    11. I just had a wank thinking about Jennifer Lawrence

      It seems cut here in uk. I wish I waited, haven’t played it much yet. That will change when some key titles come out.

    12. And more colours…during this year…Always Black and White…why not some new colours…or mixture…like Twilight or Ocean or whatever…

    13. Why should they cut the price? Cause Pacther said so? The Wii U is selling well. There’s no need for a price cut yet. More software is the key and will come soon. Leave luck to heaven.

    14. I don’t care if the price goes up or down as far as I am concerned. I am still playing on it and still want try the Rabbids Land and Miiverse personally is better cause it is nice to feel apart of a community and sometimes you get your post liked by people you don’t even know, Since when does Xbox live does that? Not had one message on that in a long time and I have like 50 friends on it. I will laugh my arse off when Wii U sales go crazy because we all want the Smash Bros and Zelda games.

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    16. I’m not surprised. They usualy wait until after I already spent full price, just to make me complain. They also wait until after I already buy a console to bring out new colors, which REALLY makes me MAD!

    17. Of course, it doesn’t need one right now. When a parent wants to buy a console for their kid, do you think that they will get a $250-$300 Wii U or a $400-$500 720/PS4

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