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Wii Street U Coming Next Month To Japan, Plus New Trailer

Nintendo revealed that it has changed the name of the Google Street View application for Wii U, which was first announced in December 2012. The application will still be powered by Google, and its official name – in Japan, at least – is Wii Street U. The application allows users to tour the world from the comfort of their own homes. Wii Street U was initially scheduled to launch in Japan this month, but Nintendo confirmed that it will instead be released in the country in mid-February.

Thanks, Tilmen.

41 thoughts on “Wii Street U Coming Next Month To Japan, Plus New Trailer”

  1. Okay, that’s pretty damned cool.
    The part in the video showing the space center also made me think that this kind of thing would be great for schools looking to involve their students a bit more.
    It’d make book reports on certain areas a snap too, because you’d be able to visit specific areas related to the report without ever having to leave home to do so, to gain information about them.
    Plus, just being able to look around places like Paris from the comfort of your own couch, up close and personal like that, perhaps even with a streaming second by second view or something, well, that’s just really damned awesome.
    See, this is the kind of killer ideas that make the Wii U a great system to have.
    Sure it’s not game-related, but it’s still a grand idea that really pushes the boundaries of what we use consoles for.

    1. It would be cool if Nintendo allows us to tour the head quarters through the app and check it out. I always wanted to do that. Possibilities are limitless.

        1. That’s normal. Nintendo innovates, everyone else imitates.

          Nintendo did motion controls. Sony and Microsoft followed suit… although I’ll give Microsoft credit for going their own way. Sony on the other hand pulled a google and copied Nintendo’s idea, plank by plank. I’m glad the move was a giant flop.

    1. I’m not fluent, but from what I do understand, it just talks about a few things you can do like moving it 360 degrees, some places, etc. Plus it is kind of self explanatory for the most part.

    1. Lmao. Nintendo is great at making gimmick games that make you go “oooh, nifty” for about 10 minutes and then think, “alrighty, never going to touch THAT particular piece of stale turd ever again…”

      I realize they’re trying to show off possibilities, but it might be a good idea to, I dunno, not make a “game” simply because you can, just to show off a feature?

      NSMB U is simply a slightly prettier version of the NSMB Wii game with a wonky “tap here to make a block for a teammate to stand on, on the absolutely scarce chance you’re one of 12 people left in the world that doesn’t play video games online.”

      What rubbish. I had such hopes for Wii U. Until I started hearing specifics about it. Even less interested when I actually played a few of the launch games with their shoehorned-in “look what the tablet can do!” terrible “features” that developers insist on plaguing every game with every chance they get!

  2. Looks good, but Nintendo should stop with these silly names for their apps and games. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Nintendo fan, but this is getting silly.

    1. They should have dropped the “Nintendo” and “U” bits all together. What are they trying to do, be as annoying as Tyler Perry? Adding “Nintendo” before everything and “U” at the end? As if someone playing it will forget what console they’re playing, or who made it? I meant “Nintendo-only” fanboys are pretty stupid, but I’m sure even they don’t need to be reminded.

      This is like calling Halo “Microsoft Halo 360” or “Sony God of War PS3”. It’s absolutely stupid. Do they have NO more creativity in their games anymore? I know they beat Mario into every damn genre any chance they get, but this is just sad.

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  4. It seemed useless on paper, but it sure helps make the Wii U better. In the meantime, I will be Google Mapping on my Mac

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