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Nintendo Wants To Collaborate With More Third-Party Developers For Wii U

bayonettaNintendo is working with third-party developers to bring exclusive games to the Wii U console. For example, Nintendo will be publishing upcoming action game Bayonetta 2, which is being developed by Platinum Games, a third-party developer. Nintendo is also working with third-party developer Atlus on another Wii U exclsuive title, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. However, the company confirmed today that it wants to work with more third-party developers to produce content for Wii U.

84 thoughts on “Nintendo Wants To Collaborate With More Third-Party Developers For Wii U”

    1. Tempted to do that myself, but not until I’ve wrung every last juicy drop of enjoyment that I can out of Darksiders II on the Wii U.
      Then I’ll bust out my PS3 for Bayonetta.

      1. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS (AND WII U!)

        NO STOP IT.

        You have to play it on the Xbox 360 or you won’t get the complete experience.

        1. DENIED!
          I’m not investing in a 360 when Bayonetta runs just fine on my PS3.
          I’m not some elitist who flinches like a little baby at the slightest slow-down in frame-rates or anything like that.
          The only way I’d buy Bayonetta 1 again is if they released an enhanced port of it to the Wii U or the upcoming PS4, which I plan on owning.

    2. I am too! Bayonetta is AMAZING! Never woulda known about it if Nintendo wasn’t coming out with the 2nd one exclusively for the Wii U!

    1. If something like this were to happen, I imagine there would be a few Capcom IPs is the next Smash. Perhaps some Nintendo characters in some Capcom fighting game?

  1. They should just start Bayonetta 3 right now as they are working on #2… save some time inbetween the two! ;) That’ll get some collaboration between 3rd parties going a little more!

      1. Sony doesn’t suck
        It’s my favorite company next to Nintendo
        The company that made the PS2 does not suck in my book

      2. Untrue. My PS3 has been a reliable, free-internet-gaming experience for a long time now, with lots of great games.
        I’ve never once had any technical problems with it outside of the once-in-a-blue-moon freeze up.

  2. I would really like to see a special edition Soul Calibur on the Wii U with some Nintendo swordfighters mixed in. Link, Gihrahim and Demise, Ganondorf, Marth, Roy, Ike, Metaknight? lol :P

  3. I would love to see a Sonic and All-Stars Racing game mixed with Mario Kart or even a Sega and Nintendo All-Stars racing game! With Sonic, Mario, Tails, Luigi, Knuckles, Toad, Eggman, Bowser, Ulala, Link, Beat, Samus, Amigo, Olimar, Donky Kong, Etc.. That would be fantastic!

    1. Sonic can ride his car or “run”, Mario can be in his Kart, DK can be in a minecart, Samus is in her ship, Link is on Epona or more realisticly a Loftwing, Olimar is in his ship, Knuckles on a motorbike, Tails in a helicopter, Eggman in an egg-mobile. I could totally see this working!!!

  4. I wonder if Platinum is also working on a third mystery title with nintendo. Maybe metroid? Strong female lead character, studio that has strong western sensibilities. Or maybe they have enough on their plate right now with bayonetta 2 and 101. Still, that would be interesting :)

  5. They already are apparently, Capcom is bound to be one of them.

    There’s always been rumours around too, there was one saying Epic Games were working with Nintendo on a game.

    It’s things like this and Nintendo’s overall gameplay with WiiU, with making larger games, and getting them out much faster and regularly, and working with 3rd parties that make me think, would a lack of “third party support” aka multiplats really natter that much?

    I mean, Rayman, Pikmin, Wonderful 101, LEGO City, Shin Megami X Fire Emblem, X, Yoshi’s Land, new Mario Kart, Bayonetta 2, Wind Waker HD, new Zelda, Mario Galaxy successor, plus Retro’s games and other unannounced games, plus all my 3DS titles…thats way more and way better than what i would hope for.

    1. Couldn’t agree more with your last paragraph. Those games are all on my “To-Buy” list and it is just the first YEAR this console is out. There are many more games to come and I’m worried my wallet won’t be able to keep up!!!

        1. I had to upgrade to the Giant wallet from Zelda lol. But buying that made me broke. Now I just need to go find rupees and fill up my wallet again for all the Nintendo goodness lol.

  6. A spin off Metroid game made by Gearbox where you play as a Galactic Federation marine. I’m curious to see how that kind of game could work. I chose Gearbox because Aliens looks amazing and the atmosphere of the game looks just as immersive as Metroid (not surprising since Alien is where Metroid got its inspiration).

    1. Yes! I have thought about this myself! It would be cool to kind of “go into war” like they did in Star Wars Battlefront II for PSP. Only you are a typical Federation soldier instead of Samus. You could do missions where Samus fights along side you and stuff. They could have online multiplayer and everything. Nintendo could totally jump into the 1st person shooter style of gameplay!

    2. YES PLEASE!!!!! Take my money Gearbox! I think it would be espicially awesome if Randy Pitchford lead the development and Gearbox collaborated with Retro.

    3. I think id prefer them making it a multiplayer, like Marines VS Space Pirates, and when you level up you unlock different armour, as well aa different “Hunter” species, like Rundas of the ones from MP Hunters, that are specific to both alliegences.

      1. I hate myself. I am soooooo stupid and sad. I am also impotent even viagra can’t awaken my limp noodle

        ~THE REAL Bill~

  7. Can Nintendo work something out with Mojang like whenever(if ever) their contract expires with Microsoft, to bring Minecraft to Wii U??? It is absolutely the most perfect game for the console. THINK OF THE GAMEPAD POSSIBILITIES!!! :D

    1. Keep Bathesda away from Nintendo. Nintendo wants talented people. Bathesda have the worst programmers out there. Every game they have made is filled with glitches.

  8. Mario X Sonic platformer! With the tech and the gamepad, it can be pulled off well. Not only is it a genre that the two are known for, but also a tribute to their rivalry back in the 90s! Please do it, the olympics game did not do the characters justice

  9. Trolls in da hood raping the nindendrones moms and dadsies cutting and smashing marios fat cock in ya face
    March my fellow trolls!!!!

    1. That reminds me… whatever happened to The Grinder? I remember being excited for that game and then it just going completely silent. Did it get canceled?

  10. Iwata did say in the last Nintendo Direct that a future Nintendo Direct would showcase the Wii U’s upcoming third party support. Here’s hoping it includes a lot more juicy exclusives.

  11. I think it would be cool to see Nintendo team up with either Square Enix (for after Kingdom Hearts III they start a new series in the Nintendo universe instead of Disney), Kojima Productions (nuff said), or Capcom.

  12. The Grinder I believe, got canceled. Is it just me or does Bayonetta have that little mole in the exact same spot that Samus does? Someone tell me!

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  14. Oh well THERE is a novel idea.

    Just sorting that out now after a handful of Johnny-Come-Lately third party re-releases that nobody really wants to pay full price for? Again? A year after it already came out?

    Good on ya, Nintendo. Way to continue to be behind the curve on everything except making controllers that make developers leery of making games for your console.

    Just a thought.

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