Rune Factory 4 3DS Coming To US In Summer


XSEED has announced that Rune Factory 4 will be coming to the United States this Summer on Nintendo 3DS. Rune Factory 4 adds new romance options, the ability to select a male or female character at the game’s start, and has endless crafting, farming and cooking opportunities. The player becomes Selphia’s prince or princess and can manage the village, explore the countryside with townsfolk, or tame monsters in the wild to aid them in battle or help out in the fields.


    1. i rlly want this game too but im in eu so i must wait. . . why is eu always slow . . .

  1. A little thing inside of me is kinda sad that Natsume isn’t translating the game, but also happy. The thing I notice about this game compare to the other installments is, they are not adding A Fantasy Harvest Moon to the title of this game since Harvest Moon is a trademark of Natsume. I know Rune Factory: Frontier and Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny didn’t have A Fantasy Harvest Moon, but the Nintendo DS entries did. Anyways since I’m just rambling on I know this game is going to be great since they did a good job translating Rune Factory: Frontier.

  2. Let’s just hope the voice acting is better than 3, or maybe they’ll give us an option between languages

    1. At least 3 wasn’t as bad as 2. I wanted to punch Barrett in the face every time he said something.

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