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Nintendo Working On NFC Game For Release End Of Year


During Nintendo’s fiscal call Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told analysts that they are hard at work developing a game that will utilise Near Field Communication. There weren’t any hints regarding what the game might be, but it should be coming by the end of the year. A Pokemon title using figures and cards would sound like a safe bet. What would you like to see?

NFC on wiiu – said 1) can be used for games with figures/cards working with game, making preparations in that direction ,say by end of yr

– David Gibson, Senior Research Analyst

23 thoughts on “Nintendo Working On NFC Game For Release End Of Year”

  1. They could ad those chips to 3ds Pokémon games and wen you are near them they transfer your Pokémon data so you could use them in a stadium tipe game. Or make it like they did whit the advance version if Mario 3 but to the 3ds cards and every new game ads new caracters and levels though helping both devices.

  2. I really hope they come up with something outside of the Skylanders/Disney Infinity thing. Two games that pander to people to buy cheap plastic toys for their video game is enough. Here’s hoping Nintendo is thinking outside of the box

  3. Nintendo! If you are listening, we MUST have cross game communication with everyone in ones friends list. Then give me the option which ones to mute if need be. on another note….ANIMAL CROSSING U. I So very badly would love to invite all my friends to my town for this Christmas! Please don’t let me down like Santa does every year….just cause of that fucking list.

  4. Pokemon game would make too much sense plus they have given zero indication that a Pokemon game would be released on consoles.

    1. Or make sick promotions buy a Pokémon toy and get that Pokémon in game has a card or playable has a normal Pokémon in other games.

      1. considering how long it’s taken for new leaf to come out, idk if they would be coming out with AC for Wii U so soon though lol i dunno.

    1. That would be terrible. Yu-gi-oh has deteriorated over the years, and this is coming from someone who was a massive collector before.

  5. If they’re talking about something like Skylanders (where you have to buy all of those special little figures to add them to the game) then no thanks! I don’t like games that causes you to have to (or want to) spend more money for add-ons and extras.

    1. Although if it was an Animal Crossing game like that, I wouldn’t mind buying all of the little figures. In fact, I WANT THAT!

  6. A Yu-Gi-Oh! game would be perfect for this. You can use the NFC reader to read the actual cards if you have them. Leave luck to heaven.

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