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Battlefield 4 Reveal Is Due ‘In Around 90 Days’


EA and Dice have teased that they will be revealing more about the forthcoming Battlefield 4 in about 90 days time. The development studio says they’re not in a position right now to talk about their development plans and their SKU plan long-term. EA has declined to reveal which platforms the eagerly anticipated game will arrive on, but it’s thought to be coming to current generation consoles and also next-generation consoles.

“We’ve already talked a little bit about that we have a Battlefield title coming next year, but we’re not in a position right now to talk about our development plans and our SKU plan long term,”

“That will come in about 90 days when we get to show you some Battlefield stuff.”

“We think Battlefield and FIFA are going to help us lead as we move into the next set of technology opportunities and platform opportunities, and continue to get bigger.”

– EA Labels president Frank Gibeau

66 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 Reveal Is Due ‘In Around 90 Days’”

  1. Unless this game doesn’t take place in an alien world or something instead of plain boring Middle-Eastern crap then count me out…
    And hopefully more twists to the gameplay itself


      1. I laugh at comments like these and the sheer ignorance…’not really radical?’ Let’s define ‘radical’: The choice to follow a religion whose dictates say that you must convert or kill anyone who doesn’t believe the same thing you do. But you’re right. They probably aren’t really that radical. They are just ok with saying they are part of a group of other radicals whilst also having no qualms with those who are ‘really radical’. And then somehow the USA is called ‘radical’. I’m guessing you are not from the US, so let me clear something up: While the government thinks(probably because they want to run everything and are driven by money) that it is ok to police the world, the better half of the country does not feel that way. I have no more control over my government in this day and age(though I should), then you people in the UK and Austrailia have over the game stores setting absurdly high prices for games and systems. So while you might be right about Saudi Arabia, please don’t generalize Americans. Its freaking aggravating.

        1. yet you generalize, muslim faith preaches piece even at your own death, those that practice other wise are not real muslims, before you flame i am christian. al quiada (spelling) are as muslim as the natzis where christian, just cause some one kills in name of god doesn’t mean they are messengers of god, just radical psychopaths.

    1. Battlefield is like a call of duty with a better story and game mechanics. It’s not just play online until new one comes out.

    1. 3 was pretty great. i really dont understand why people, like yourself, are avoiding games entirely because of origin. is it seriously THAT bad? i mean all it is is a thing to keep record of your ea game adn you can use it to launch the game IF YOU WANT. you dont even need to be logged into origin to play any of the games. i just find it kindof funny that you missed out on one of 2011’s best shooters because of a program that isn’t even bad and is entirely optional.

    2. 3 was ok. TBH though, it’s probably at the bottom of all the BF games for me. Had like half the content of 2.

      Anyways, 4 will be on origin. I can guarantee you that. It’s not really that bad to downlaod it. I mean, I’ve only used it for 3 and just forgot about it entirely.

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  3. I hope Nintendo or someone else other than Eternal Asses makes a good Conduit 3 or something new for Wii U instead.

  4. Another mindless FPS hmmmm. Talk about monotonous nonsense. Never did like FPS in the 2000, this just makes it worse. Even if it comes to the Wii U, guess who is skipping it.

    1. Looks shit ? There isn’t even any in-game footage out yet, you genius.
      Gotta love people who judge games without even having played it, let alone having SEEN it.

  5. Really looking forward to this, one of my most anticipated games of 2013.
    Battlefield 3 was a fantastic game, which I’m still having a lot of fun with btw, and I’m expecting this to be at least as good.

  6. EA stated they don’t think the Wii U is a next gen console. So they aren’t going to bother bringing this game over to it at all.

    1. Battlefield 4 is a current gen game. And considering EA announced battlefield 3 for wiiu and then canceled it due to launching too far away from the launch , I expect battlefield 4 on Wiiu.

  7. It could quite possibly be ‘Battlefield: Bad Company 3’ All the EA guy said was “a Battlefield title” he never said ‘Battlefield 4’, and I think it would be too early for Battlefield 4….but we’ll have to wait and see.

    1. or could be battle front 3, which is still battle field but star wars based, lucas back in june hinted at a wii u mmo.

  8. I really wish we could go back to spy shooters in late 90’s and early 2000’s. I am tired of all the generic military shooters.

  9. Ok…
    CoD, Modern Warfare, Battlefield?
    Are these different companies?
    Is one better, or is it all CoD formula?

      1. true what happened to war shooters real tactical clean fps play whats the point in quake 3 with us marines in it

    1. Activision (CoD) vs EA (BF). Those are the publishers. The developers are DICE (BF) and Infinity Ward (CoD).

      Yes, the games are different. CoD resembles more of a straight up shooter and BF is more along the lines of team-based objectives. I prefer BF because of the objectives and their use of land, sea and air vehicles and weapons.

      I wish BF 4 will be ported to the Wii U not only because I like the series, but also because a major title like that will open the doors for more 3rd party support this generation. I realize that some fans turn their noses up at the idea, but honestly having more ports means people get to see more variety and also negates the need to own another console.

      1. it will be excuse after excuse and EA will comtinue to loose money and then after not supportingbthe lesd console THEY WILL BLAME NINTENDO FOR THERE LOSS

  10. If you’re a member of Club Nintendo (Europe) then you’d better check your accounts because stars are expiring at the end of this month (today) 4400 of mine are expiring :(

  11. EA and dice are a joke generic crap gamed with aimed at 11 year old american plebs campaign modes and generic AUTO-AIM online play

    wii remote and gamepad can revolutionize such games this industry is a sad joke EA just burn ffs

  12. Oh look, a realistic fps, like we haven’t seen those before
    I’m tired of these generic military fps
    Why not have it take place on a different planet?
    Or be fantasy
    I love Bioshock for that reason, it’s a non-realistic game but it is fun as hell
    same with Borderlands
    Or hell, even Halo

  13. I guess 90 days is how long they expect before both the next Xbox and Playstation are revealed. Following the PS4 date teaser we should be hearing something from Microsoft soon.

    1. Yep. It has been long rumoured that we will have the next XBOX revealed around end of March at a special Microsoft-held event, so as to get maximum exposure/attention, rather than having to compete with Sony at E3.

      Makes sense. And I dearly hope it’s true. I know Kinect 2.0 will most likely inevitably play a significant role in the console, but we don’t know what Kinect 2.0 will actually be. It may be a huge leap forward from just waving hands and jumping around & such, who knows.

      What I’m most excited about is 1) What will the storage officially be? 2) The fact that ALL the games, first party and otherwise, will be 1080p native with AT LEAST 30 frames per second (MS isn’t going to half ass it like Nintendo did; they already have Halo 4 running beautifully and gorgeously at 720p native on the 360), and 3) The games. You HAVE to know they’re going to have a Halo game in the launch window, despite Halo 4 coming out end of last year. I suspect a Halo 2 HD remake like they did with Halo 1. They just likely will not release a new XBOX without Halo. They never have and I’m sure they’ll continue that tradition. It’s like a new Nintendo console launching without a Mario or Zelda title.

      1. Not sure about the 1080p. I think most devs would pick better graphics on upscaled 720p over worse graphics on 1080p. Some games will do it, but unless they’ve come up with a way to make those extra pixels computationally cheap I doubt most games will.

  14. Considering that EA just earlier said that (basically) Wii U is not really “next gen”, and considering one of Battlefield’s main draws is the environments/graphics/realism, and considering how much more powerful PS4 and XBOX 720 are likely to be…

    …I’d say Wii U will be left out of this one. Either that, or it’ll be like Wii’s Call of Duty games all over again: an utter embarrassment of a game (both graphically and playability) compared to the other console versions.

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