EA Sports Reveals The Release Date For The Next Madden NFL Game

madden_25_headerEA Sports has revealed that the next Madden NFL game, which will be the successor to Madden NFL 13, will be released on August 27th. This year is the 25th anniversary of the franchise, and, therefore, based on the publisher’s official website, the next installment may be called Madden 25, instead of ‘Madden NFL 14.’ EA Sports says more details regarding Madden 25 are coming soon.



  1. EA/Tiburon NEEDS to take full advantage of the Wii U hardware in order to release Madden NFL 14. Their debut, Madden 13, was a fumble (with the exception of good play control on GamePad, Pro controller and Wii controller + nunchuk), but they need to best step correct and score a touchdown.


  2. Give us a proper FIFA14, NBA14 and NHL14, that is all I ask madden. Football( handball) is boring in real life. Atleast football, basketball and hockey every one gets credit for a win and a loss.


  3. I’d rather pick my turds out of the toilet and juggle them than to EVER play football games. I’ll never understand the appeal of football. NEVER!


  4. Smart move EA
    What will you call the Madden game in 2024? Madden 25?
    Oh wait
    Well I honestly don’t give a shit about Madden because I don’t watch nor do I know anything about football


  5. LOL! Footbal is SO lame! Just an excuse for huge black guys to knock each other around. Why people even care is beyond me. Never once watched a single football game. Including the Super bowl. The half-time shows are interesting though. Loved Madonna last year!!


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