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Nintendo Discusses Future Consoles


Nintendo has already begun planning its next generation consoles beyond the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U. The company hopes to be able to build an architecture that allows the firm to “make software assets more transferable” between their home console and their next handheld device. This will make it easier for Nintendo to reuse assets, and will avoid the software shortages the company has seen on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Development regarding the architecture for future Nintendo platforms began late last year.

“Last year we also started a project to integrate the architecture for our future platforms. What we mean by integrating platforms is not integrating handhelds devices and home consoles to make only one machine. What we are aiming at is to integrate the architecture to form a common basis for software development so that we can make software assets more transferrable, and operating systems and their build-in applications more portable, regardless of form factor or performance of each platform.”

“They will also work to avoid software line-up shortages or software development delays which tend to happen just after the launch of new hardware.”

“Some time ago it was technologically impossible to have the same architecture for handheld devices and home consoles and what we did was therefore reasonable.”

“Although it has not been long since we began to integrate the architecture and this will have no short-term result, we believe that it will provide a great benefit to our platform business in the long run.”

81 thoughts on “Nintendo Discusses Future Consoles”

      1. Is it just me, or does it seem that the Wii U won’t last as long as usual consoles? I’m thinking only about 4 years. Not because the console will fail, just because I think the Wii U is more of a short-term console more than a long-term console. I think the next Nintendo home console will likely come out in 2016/17.

        1. Companies are always preparing for their next generation.

          Even if the Wii U is a short term console it will last at least 5 years before the next gen takes over. Also it has yet to release it’s well known Nintendo games like: Smash Bros., Zelda, Mario, Mario Kart, Yoshi, Fire Emblem all which are in the works! We also have yet to hear about: Star Fox, Kirby, Pokemon and so-on. We also know Nintendo is working on having a closer relationship with other third party companies, so we might see more cross-over games like Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem.

          The Wii U may be struggling right now, but once more of Nintendo’s well known series make a debut on this new console, sales will most definitely be affected as well!

          Even after the release of the PS4 (which I’m looking forward to) and the X-Box 720, it’ll be like this past gen where parents and those wanting to save money will buy the more affordable hardware. This and Nintendo exclusive games will probably save Nintendo from having a failure generation, or so I believe!

          1. I agree. I think the Wii U will do pretty well. It’s very unlikely that it will touch the sales of the Wii, but I believe that it will sell 60-70M, which is still very good.

            1. We have heard that Nintendo is looking forward to get third-party support as soon as possible. For instance, they did very well with Platinum Games getting Bayonetta 2 and Traveller’s Tales getting Lego City: Undercover. However, on the other hand, we have been experiencing some PS3 and Xbox 360 good titles not coming to Wii U, and a lot of complaints of developers and publishers about the (weak?) Wii U hardware as well. Altogether, this wealth of facts does not prove that Wii U has a bad hardware at all, but shows that third-party support probably will be as lazy and uninterested as it was with Wii. Itself it might be a reasonable scenario to Nintendo decide to curtail Wii U life span.

              1. It’s very unreasonable to expect developers to get a Wii U developer kit (much) less than a year ago and port their game they have been working on for years, no doubt, on the PS3 and 360 at the same time they’re FINISHING development on the other platforms. It’s not reasonable, and it’s never happened before.

                Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of younger people who haven’t experienced a console launch outside the most recent ones who seem to think that everyone has limitless funds and can port games easily to other platforms while simultaneously working on another huge project.

                Wii U will no doubt be included in the multiplatform games from 2014 onward once people have been able to see how to develop for it. A lot of well respected and known developers have already said the Wii U is powerful.

                1. The problem Nintendo is having is that developers are being lazy and not wanting to do ports because it will involve modifying a lot so that the workload is transferred to the GPU instead of the CPU like it is on the PS3 and 360.

          2. I agree.

            I don’t agree that it’s struggling. I think the media is really trying to convince people it is for lack of gaming news on a brand new system. Yes sales are decreasing, but it already sold 3 million world wide. With all the announcements for new games, I’m sure people are waiting till they release to purchase, OR waiting till E3 to find out when these games will arrive to plan their purchase.

        1. No. 5 years before they start showing it off. 2017 is 4 years. This generation was 7 years which is frankly a little long.

          1. But thats what happens when they start selling 600$ hardware. Though trying to make a console with a large amount of processing capability and a touchpad controller, the bank will be broken. Selling a console for more than 400$ is a bad idea

    1. I see the Wii U lasting a good while. They have just got something up their sleeves just incase really. Even if it does not last 6 and becomes 3, Anything is goof for Nintendo now and recently games being mentioned for releases on Nintendo Direct will give them a high boost and once technology is more forward, They will hopefully have a high spec console and still be a reasonable price.

      1. The Wiiu IS DEFINITELY 100000000% going to last as long as wii. Even if it flops like the gamecube compared to its rivals . That won’t be the case though , I see the Wiiu selling 50-70M in its lifetime of 6 years.

        All they are saying is they have the drawing board out for their next gen systems. I’m sure Nintendo is ecstatic with their 3DS and Wiiu platforms. And IT IS NOT failing. It sold 3.06M by December 31st. It’s probably on 3.5M+ worldiwde by now and they should get close to their 5.5M Estimation by March 31st. Especially with Lego city , Rayman and Monster Hunter on the way.

        Don’t underesitmate Nintendo ever. Everyone did it with 3DS. Articles such as ”3D is a mistake” and ”3DS the end of Nintendo ?” all those people are now eating their words and they will ave to do the same with the Wiiu.

    2. I don’t think we have to worry about the Wii U… It sounds like they’re addressing problems that the Wii U and the 3DS had when they came out and they are trying to find a way to avoid that next time… And working on things and planning the next console out 5 years ahead of time is what Nintendo literally always does.

    1. You might be right. But, for me, it is a bad sign. I would prefer to listen that Nintendo people are looking for ways to improve and optimize the current systems.

    2. Agreed.
      R&D does not go on “Summer Vacation” after the launch of a new console.
      Initially, a high percentage of resources will be allocated to making the WiiU more sophisticated, while a smaller percentage will continue to trudge forward to develop the Next Gen.

      Overtime, that allocation will flip-flop.

  1. What if they’ve planned to launch something alongside PS4 & 720? Perhaps Wii U was a transition? Probably not, but if Sony & Microsoft keep postponing their next console, is it possible?

  2. Nintendo started making the Wii U not even a year after the Wii came out. This isnt a surprise. Nintendo is always on the move. Wii U may last 1 year shorter then normal but it really isnt a big deal. Wii U will be around for 5-6 years like normal.

  3. it has NOTHING TO DO WITH WIIU they say this after every new console releaee EVERY GEN…

    nintendo is one sly bitch they will beat sony and ms with wiiu then reveal there next plan further disrupting the competition

    wiiu isnt competing with sony and ms nintendo will start with wiiu then drop a bomb again wen ps4 and xbox next are already struggling and not profiting

    nintendo has the industry in the palm of her hand playing eith it like a cat with a injured bird pawing at it like a creepy serial killer

    the next system could be a handheld with a chip set that docks into a dock at home so it matches up to a gpgpu in the docking unit and hanhheld games and home games can merg into one

    or keep it seperate and have a more powerful version of the handheld chip set in the console nintendo will innovates again as well as intergrate the development of games 3ds and wiiu already doing this it will be much bigger next gen thats gen 8 NOT GEN 4 EA LOL

    1. Nintendo sucks coward tactics reduce price and other crap once myamoto dies i lol btw nintendopower died lol suck it bitch

      You sound like a corporate tool faggot fuck nintendo thats why wii u sucks sell like shit so coward reduce price and release rehase rushjobs like pokemon

    2. Learn proper English. second, Nintendo is a game company, not some crazy corporate villain. Where did you get this information? Nintendo is falling behind yes, but not intentionally. It would make sense to drop a bomb on sony and ms when sales are bad but that’s going to take a while. Microsoft is an extremely rich company and sony, well I only know sony made the ps2 which is the best selling console of the early 2000’s. What about sega? I know they got thrown out of the competition but I think it would be nice to play Mario with an astropad. I know it won`t happen but who thinks it would be cool if Sega started making consoles again? Just the other day I saw a wireless version of the genesis at cosco.

  4. This is beautiful, apart from integration Nintendo should start experimeting with more IPs, they can interplay between the next handheld and the next home console. With the power of the Gameboy generations they have a WINNER HERE!

  5. Call me stupid but I don’t really understand a lot of what was said, can someone explain it in smaller words? Like seriously, it sounds interesting but I don’t fully understand.
    I get that they’re working on next gen already which is totally cool, but I don’t understand the connection between the handheld and home consoles.

    1. simply intergrate development so handheld game assets and code can be blouted into more powerful home console code

      take a handheld mario and apply him to a home console its just making things easier cheaper and more intergrated

      i wonder if they will continue with ibm as home chip and arm as handheld or intergrate chips for matching everything up

    2. You know how you have to run a damn emulator everytime you want to run shit not designed for that consol?
      Wii had an emulator.
      DS had an Emulator
      3DS has an emulator
      WiiU has an emulator.

      My guess, is if they are going to keep sellinggames across systems, they want said games to run more organically, without all the emulator shit slowing things down or mucking things up.

      Should be easier to sell us the Next-Next Gen version of OoT as well. Lol, Kidding! (but it’s true! And I’ll buy it.)

    3. They want to make it easier to port games between the next console and handheld. They will probably create a common set of software development tools so that you can program games more similarly on both systems. They’re basically going to create a Nintendo Operating System that works very similarly on both the portables and consoles, kind of like how you can run Windows (and Windows games) on both PCs and tablets (but you have to turn down the graphics on tablets). They’ll also consider putting similar processors into both devices so that the hardware is even more similar. The 3DS uses an ARM processor, while the Wii U uses an IBM PowerPC processor. In the future both systems will probably use processors from the same family. All of these changes will make it much easier to run similar games and applications like MiiVerse or eShop on both systems.

  6. It sounds like they want to make their next-gen handheld as powerful as their console.
    Or maybe just a smidge less powerful.
    I bet it’s gonna have PS Vita graphics-or better.
    Think about it:
    PSP > DS
    3DS > PSP
    PS Vita > 3DS
    So it’ll be: Nintendo’s “NGP” > PS Vita

    1. It should be dramatically more powerfull than the Vita , Like the 3DS is dramatically more powerfull than PSP. And people will soon see the Wiiu is much more capable than ps3 and 360 when DEVS actualy take advantage of the system. Games Like Bayonetta 2 and Pikmin 3 will get the ball rolling graphically for Wiiu. And then games after that will look better and better.

      1. Can’t argue with that.
        I predict their NGP will cost $250 at launch, but will come fully equipped and ready to go.
        I just hope their next console doesn’t have the word “Wii” anywhere near it.
        Just so people don’t think it’s an add-on or whatever.

        1. lol. But seriously don’t think Negatively about the WIiu yet :/. It’s only just launched. You will have to wait till Christmas this year to see how the console is doing. If it’s on 8M by then (whch is highly likely) then it’s selling at xbox 360 pace worldwide….

          People are writing doom WIiu articles to get hits. They know the think will turn out to be fucking successfull. That’s just the sensationalism of the internet. Same happened with 3DS. There was nothing but doom articles for 6 months. Then Mario kart and mario 3D land launched and everybody had to STFU and eat their own words.

          1. Oh no, I know the Wii U will do fine. People write off new consoles way too quick. It’s absurd.
            Look at the Vita. Yeah, it’s selling pretty awful but it’s still relatively new, it’ll get better.
            Also, never underestimate Nintendo. They ALWAYS have something under their sleeve.

  7. The Nintendo Reviewer

    I’ve thought about their next machines too. Nintendo’s 9th gen home console should be called the Nintendo GameSphere. Much more appropriate for a gaming console than the Wii name. Sounds stronger and cooler and could embody the concept of a powerful console that has something for everyone. Games of all ratings and genres. Games for “casual” gamers and “hardcore” gamers. And their 9th gen handheld should be the Nintendo HDS. With two built in circle pads, high res graphics and the addition of two ZR and ZL triggers. Please steal my ideas Nintendo. I won’t sue. In fact I’ll throw my money at you in happiness 8)

      1. I can already see the Sonytards flaming about Nintendo’ graphics being from the 80s if they name another system ‘NES’

    1. No, again i been saying this for months, Nintendo is not that stupid to get rid of their brand. thats like sony and M$ naming their next gen console grand400 and X track (pulling random names out of my ass). people will be confuse weather is a console brand from PlayStation or xbox. Nintendo HDS sound like a retarded gimmick, in the same time you want to get rid of the wii brand but not the DS? am i missing something here?

      1. The Nintendo Reviewer

        Brands have changed before with Nintendo so they can again. GameCube to Wii was a name change. But Wii is a weak name that doesn’t work for a gaming system. Why would people get confused with a different name? If anything people are more confused now because they think the Wii U is an add on for the Wii. Many are used to different names as long as Nintendo is still in the front of the name. The Wii name isn’t permanently stamped onto Nintendo so they have every right to give a different name to their 9th generation console. Then Nintendo can keep the GameSphere brand for consoles beyond the 9th generation. As for HDS it’s name would have the exact same purpose as the 3DS name. Or add Super in front of 3DS. Super Nintendo 3DS or something similar. Something to show that it is the next level of Nintendo dual screen hand held. Point being with the next handheld the improvements I listed like 2 circle pads and high def graphics.

  8. We shall have the best console games this generation on the Wii U. I am playing AC3 and it is wonderful. Why you guys didn’t tell me it’s better than the previous ones and on par with AC brotherhood beats me? And way Monster hunter 3 Ultimate is enough to keep a gamer hooked for one 2 whole years and more. Once you get past the great Gaggi there is nothing but pure bliss. This and news of the next nintendo handheld plus home console being technologically intertwined should make us happy.

  9. So they are saying that the next gen handheld and their next gen console after the Wii U will both have the same power?

    Nintendo… that just blow my mind! I hope they go for an Nvidia Chip set for the next gen handheld and console but for now I’m fine with my Wii U and 3DS ^^

    1. wonder how much will a PlayStation 4 an new Xbox will cost also how much will the game for 2 system will cost us are we ready to pay $80 and $95 or probably $100 bucks per game I will just leave this question to you guys ..I think PC and wii u will the the only to entertainment 4 our generation. And if you got money ps4 and xbox3 you.are lucky my friends

    1. Hey look guys Michael Patchers kid. He is a comedian. Serious All the Sony drones are in for a rude awakening when the PS4 gets ripped open and its revealed to not be an immense powerhouse.

      1. The reported specs of early kits already suggest it’s well powerful; much more than Wii U. Not much else is know, but it will be significantly more powerful than Wii U.

        How try UTILIZE it, however, is the important thing. Wii U would be capable of so much more if it weren’t for the second screen which, so far, has been proven to be more of a hindrance than anything else. Playing ZombiU is a pain in the arse with all the “hold the controller up to look around” and “look down now” BS they’ve done with it.

        Not that it isn’t capable of being useful, but so far in my experience it’s just a waste of raw power.

        If both Sony & MS go for a more traditional approach again, and focus more on multimedia and perhaps add an OPTIONAL tablet controller functionality, they will easily out-class Wii U in terms of power (and thus, graphics, physics, resolution, frame rate, environment detail & interactivity, game size, etc., all of which are just as important to creating a good game as gameplay is these days).

        It’s already been confirmed that the next XBOX will run DX11, as well as the next Unreal Engine, which already makes it more versatile in terms of development.

        These things may not seem important to most gamers but trust me, as a developer myself: they make a HUGE difference in gaming these days.

      1. In my honest opinion I think Xbox will hurt themselfs in the 8th gen.

        Besides going up to 1080p 60fps lets look at the ideas/rumors here.

        A Gamepad like controller…tsk tsk.

        Wont play Used games…stupid as fuck.

        Kinect 2.0…nobody gave a damn about the first one so nobody will care about 2.0.

        Without Halo 5 being a launch title game it wont have to great of a launch (not saying it will fail or be a bad launch just not a great launch)

        Smartglass…pff again who cares.

        Indie Devs making games for the 720 marketplace? I dont think alot will continue to put their games on the XBL Market Place. Most Indie Devs will go to Wii U since Nintendo doesnt charge them $50,000 for a single patch like Microsoft does. Seriously Nintendo wants Independant Devs to thrive. You can’t ask a small almost unknown dev team to pay up $50,000.

        The supposed having to pay $100 for a 3 year contract of XBL while thats $80 cheaper then before being locked into a contract and HAVING to give them your credit card number I say NO THANKS.

        Anyway just my opinions. I think Microsoft will slightly forget about their “HardCoreZ” and try and fail to get Nintendos “Casuals” with Kinect 2.0. Plus if we get another rushed Red Ring Of Death situation at launch lol…

        Only reason I will get the Xbox 720 is for Halo 5 and 6.

          1. Not if the latest leaked marketing brochure is any indication (which it is). It’s rumoured to be around $299, base price. And with cloud storage being pretty big these days, I’m sure they’ll be a “budget” version like the XBOX 360 has where there is minimal internal storage, driving the price down quite a bit.

            I realize you’re a Nintendo fanboy and all, but you’re exaggerating things just to make yourself feel better about owning a Wii. Microsoft isn’t stupid; they’ve had 2 really popular consoles consecutively, and we’re still in recession recovery… you really think they’ll risk losing their enormous fan base by making it ridiculously expensive? That worked last time, BARELY, but they’re not idiots (despite the fact that you don’t like them).

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  11. I think the Wii U is an excellent system it just needs 1st and 3rd party games that really supports the connection between the gamepad and the television. I’m a Nintendo fanboy who owns a Wii U but it needs a lot of software updates and the 3rd party games are more complicated than fun to play (Zombie U, Assassin’s creed 3).

  12. Haha, Im not meaning around now, but how sick would it be if say like, in 30 years, they was a console that you put a helmet on, and you go IN the game? how sick would that be? Being in a Kart of in Mario World, or even doing pokemon battles. I know this would be hard, but hey, at the rate electronics are moving, i’d say we’ll be getting something like this eventually. Game was THE system just 12 years ago. Now look at the 3DS. N64 – WiiU. we are evolving so much .How SICK would this technology be? haha :P

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