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Nintendo: We Are Trying To Work Hard On A Future Where Dedicated Gaming Consoles Are Not Gone

lakitu_real_worldWhile there are video game developers that claim that the future of the video game industry is gaming on demand, the world’s largest video game company, Nintendo, doesn’t think cloud gaming is the future, according to its president, Satoru Iwata. Iwata acknowledges that there are things you can do with cloud gaming; however, he said gaming on demand doesn’t offer everything. Iwata also said Nintendo is trying to work on building a future in which dedicated home and handheld video game consoles still exist.

Cloud gaming is becomming popular. What about a unified platform?

Satoru Iwata: There are things you can do with cloud gaming and there are things you cant do. We don’t agree that cloud gaming is the future and we are trying to work hard on a future where gaming only consoles are not gone. Unified platforms are for us not platforms that are one but rather platforms that have the same development architecture. This also means that there could be more platforms.

259 thoughts on “Nintendo: We Are Trying To Work Hard On A Future Where Dedicated Gaming Consoles Are Not Gone”

    1. Exactly. That scenario could only happen in a dream. As much as I enjoy console gaming, I fear they only have a generation or two before they become obsolete.

      1. Why? Consoles sold about 250 million systems the last generation and its still going. Just because a bunch of people play 99 cent games on their phone does not mean consoles are going anywhere.

        Casual gamers don’t buy core games. Core gamers will never settle for a phone or tablet.

        Consoles are not going anywhere nor is physical media.

    2. I would like to see a unified platform where it didn’t matter which peace of hardware I had, I would not be exempt from playing a game. I have all the consoles, a pc, a android tablet and phone, and an ipad. All of that just to not be exempt. It would be nice to be able to choose hardware based on performance and not exclusive titles.

    1. They only took advantage of a suddenly-vacant market with a killer title. Part of that success was based on timing. It’s just like what Nintendo’s name means: “Work hard, but in the end, it’s in heaven’s hands.” Nintendo’s domination in the late 80s is highly indicative of that maxim. They made a great game, but their success was majorly based on other factors beyond their control. You know, like “heaven’s hands” for example.

    1. Really? It seems like only yesterday when people were claiming Nintendo WAS following a trend by using a controller that looked like a tablet…

        1. Tablets, like the iPad, were in development LONG before 2009. iPad was originally conceived as began preduction on even before the iPhone. The iPhone was a RESULT of scaling down the iPad. The fact that they didn’t release the iPad first was a marketing strategy, not because they hadn’t thought of it yet.

              1. Are you in stupid mode again? Did i say that or did i say that Nintendo started doingthe wiiu before tablets became popular? Turn of the retard mode it dosnt suit you.

                1. You of all people calling someone retarded? :P

                  My 9 year old nephew can spell better than you. And he has brain damage for christ sake.

              2. Who cares? Everyone has a tablet. Sony, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung all make tablets. Saying the Wii U is somehow “following a trend” because it puts a touch screen on a controller is bullshit.

                If anything it is expanding the idea of DUAL SCREEN to home consoles. Hello Nintendo DS

          1. WiiU = console DS, with extra functions and less restrictions.
            Not tablet. Just because it can go on the internet doesnt make it a tablet or “competing” with them

            1. im glad the tablet gaming happened, now nintendo can be nintendo again, and everyone that made them have horrible horrible games are gone now, why do you think since 2010 nintendo bean seeing real games, tablet gaming saved nintendo if anything

    1. So you want gaming consoles to disappear? You want to physical copies of your games that can be sold back to buy new games to disappear? Because thats what happens if cloud gaming takes over.. You don’t have to like Nintendo, but damn, there is noting wrong with Nintendo trying to do something called ‘self preservation’.

      1. ^Corporate sheep.

        Gaming will remain gaming regardless of what happens to the method of playing them in the future, the world evolves bit by bit every day, so you either adapt or get the fuck out.

        Why people seem to think consoles are a necessary thing that must stay forever, is far beyond my comprehension. Eventually, they will be reduced to a niche market or outright evolve back into PCs, which are slowly becoming more and more accessible to the general audience.

          1. ^what the fuck does this load of horseshit even supposed mean

            How the fuck is this a “HORRIBLE MANNER”? Good job insulting dedicated PC gamers too, cuntfuck.

            1. Im not insulting them im insulting you. Pc gamer are the first that are against cloud gaming and always connected games.

                1. Who is this pc gamer you talk about? And because you like fact whit your milk bottle here is 1 ubisoft had to remove the allways connected feature for his incoming pc games cause of the bad support gamers where giving them, you can look it up is everywhere on the internet.

                    1. So now i am an idiot for telling the truth? I knew yo where an ass but not how big, why dont you let real gamers and have a talk and you go back to count frames in a digital foundry video.

              1. I happen to like Steam and it’s plethora of features that are much better than any proprietary box can give me yet. The only thing PC is missing is Mario and Zelda, and lord knows they ain’t coming, so we make due with a neat little thing called ‘Dolphin’.

                1. Don’t ask why, but looking at all these stupid comment chain arguments is kinda funny while listening to the “Screwing around” song used in Sponge-bob (I don’t think it has a title)

                  1. As infrastructure improves, cloud gaming will probably come in more and more. I know if they try to put it in Australia it won’t work well because our infrastructure is absolute shit.

                  2. I love the idea of cloud gaming, and I’m a PC gamer.

                    Coincidentally though my home internet went down this weekend and it’s really pissed me off not being able to play my Steam games, never experienced such an annoying denial of gaming pleasure before, knowing the game code is all there on my PC but being unable to play because I can’t authenticate with the servers.

        1. with PC being replaced little by little for tablets, i dont think so pal, im not saying tablet gaming is the future, but PC gaming is a “niche” now, so sorry if i prefer gaming with my friends in the same room, in the same fucking screen.

          1. “with PC being replaced little by little for tablets”

            they are not

            “but PC gaming is a “niche” now”

            it is not

            “so sorry if i prefer gaming with my friends in the same room, in the same fucking screen.”

            It’s called a larger monitor/display, dumbshit.

              1. I was not aware that shipments declining is the same thing as PC market “declining.”

                You know what else are “PCs”? Laptops, which tablets are threatening as far as portable use goes, not the traditional desktop.


                1. PERSONAL COMPUTER ASSSSHOOOOOOOOOOLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE LAPTOPS INCLUDED, Are you retarded or something?, no offense to actually retarded people.

                    1. the point is, pc sales are declining, the only ones that still buy pc are the ones that need them for their jobs or gaming, for the more casual users, a tablet will do, then if, of 1000 pc sold, 100 are for gaming, thats a fucking niche, of all my friends that are gamer, like 3 or 4 are pc gamers, while the other are console gamers, but still gamers.

                    2. “PC sales are declining”

                      i wonder if you ever thought why is that the reason. hmm. particular range of products now in decline

                      oh right, you need people who have a reason to buy one and don’t already own one!

                      You are literally fucking stupid.

                    3. oh yeah, if you are a pc gamer, it’s not like you need to upgrade your computer, you should be fine running games like crysis 3 with a 5 year old pc, yeah you should be fine, face it man, the majority of pc sales are for casual users, not gamers, so that’s a niche, we are talking about niche, remember that dude, and the pc gaming is now a niche, you want proof? year by year the pc exclusives are less and less, with indie games being the most exclusives ones, just because is more easy publish a game on steam that on xbox or ps3, and you know it, pc gaming is a niche, and yes pc are being replaced by tablets, because the casual users just wanna use facebook

                    4. okay, first you talk about pc sales in general declining, now you’re talking about “upgrades” which are literally just separate parts of a whole. virtually any PC can be “upgraded” one way or another nobody has to go out and continue to buy/build new ones from the ground up every x number of years.

                      and now you’re talking about “casual” pc users and calling pc gamers “niche gamers” (I’d like to see the statistics to prove this, because Steam -alone- will obliterate that notion) when the entire argument has been about gaming and the inevitable future of it when consoles reach a point when they are no longer deemed to be a necessary device, or simply just…evolve right back into PCs with all of the accessibility they’ve had prior.

                      you are literally all over the place and constantly moving goalposts. make up your fucking mind already and start making some kind–ANY kind of coherent point.

        2. “Why people seem to think consoles are a necessary thing that must stay forever, is far beyond my comprehension.”
          Because I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars a year for newer PC components that’ll be outdated a year later, and buying newer parts will be more frequent because of almost every developer trying to make the most beautifully advanced graphics because there aren’t any consoles/limitations to stop them, some gamers will just ultimately give up gaming, others will follow, soon the majority will be gone because nobody wanted to pay so much money just for expensive PC components and overpriced games that may produce better graphics than Pixars technology but turn out to be bad, glitchy, and give an overall shit gaming experience because nobody gave a damn about gameplay. Soon, the hardcore (hardcore meaning dedicated consoles and PC and casual meaning shitty phone games) gaming market will fall because nobody’s buying and devs will just stop developing and file for bankruptcy, they lost millions because of an overpriced game for graphic whores.

          1. “Because I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars a year for newer PC components that’ll be outdated a year later”

            Are you stupid? You don’t need to spend “hundreds” on a PC that could last several years and still make the games look /good enough/. Upgrading your existing desktop with like ~$200-300 of relevant parts is literally all you’d need. A decent GPU right now for entry level gamers is the HD6770 which is what…$130 or less right now? Why would you need to keep upgrading just because they’re “outdated”? Plenty of things get outdated in no time at all.


            1. That’s because you’re looking at thing from a perspective if consoles still exist, I’m looking in one where they don’t, greedy developers have more time and money to waste on the games graphics and some on gameplay because they don’t have to port it over to consoles. Games will look better by the year and graphics cards you buy now may not currently last as long as they would have because of no limits, better graphics cards will come out faster because of a demand and they will be more expensive by the year.

              1. The entire situation you described is absolutely NO different from what’s going on today, you really think console ports must have something to do with it.

                as for that ” graphics cards you buy now may not currently last as long as they would have because of no limits”

                what the fuck does this even mean

                Lastly, demand…by WHO? You really think this is a world where gamers are going to keep buying the latest shit AMD/Nvidia comes out with for every single iteration????

                Wake up and smell that robust brew, kiddo.

        3. Aeolus, dude, your a idiot. I usually don’t insult people at all. But, Nintendo wanted to keep their model the way it is normal. I like physical games, I want to sell my games back to a retailer or someone. Your a idiot if you think Cloud Gaming is better for gamers in the long run.

    2. And in one single post, you’ve demonstrated nothing more than unwarranted antagonism.
      Way to contribute intelligent commentary.

      If you hate them so much, then why don’t you do the smart thing and refrain from commenting?
      Or at the very least counter with something clever instead of more anti-Nintendo-fan rhetoric?
      It’d make you look more like a respectable person that people here actually take seriously, if you could steer away from making yourself out to be a Sony drone who’s only here to insult anyone that supports Nintendo.
      Or maybe you just don’t give a shit and only care about getting a rise out of people?
      If such is the case, then that’s really damned sad, and you should go play some games instead of posting on here.
      You aren’t contributing anything but negativity around here with commentary like that. Time to grow up.

            1. Right, because placing yourself above people who like Nintendo by using such petty insults makes you people look sooooo superior and intelligent. /sarcasm
              By the way, the right word for that sentence is delusion, not delusional.

              As I told what’s-his-face, if you’re not trolling and want to be taken seriously, clean up your act.
              You’re making non-Nintendo fans look like a pack of ass-hats with chips on their shoulders whenever you guys post BS like that, and frankly, it’s embarrassing to watch.

              1. Whether not somebody takes me seriously or not, isn’t my problem.

                I certainly don’t give two shits if -you- don’t. Please continue vehement bitching about the content of my posts. It will change nothing. =P

                  1. The word Vehement can only be used to describe your own outbursts.
                    I’m perfectly calm, whereas you’re pissing and moaning like a petulant child.
                    I continue talking about your post style because your level of immaturity is easy to mess around with.
                    Not as easy to mess around with as your MOM, but easy enough.:P

                    1. perfectly calm

                      types walls of texts tailored to a particular poster that is no less than bitching and whining about them

                      clearly a denialfag

                      also samefag as he is yet another Eric Sellers alt, making this all the more funnier

                    1. The Voice of Reason.

                      Pick a random Anti-Nintendo naysayer that posts under a strange name, and I’d place bets that at least three out of every ten are from you.
                      To use your own words, that’s how “samefag” you sound compared to so many other trolls that come on here.

                      As to Eric, what’s your beef with him anyways?
                      That’s rhetorical, by the way, so don’t bother.
                      To take anyone who posts in a similar fashion to him as being a “samefag”, he must have pissed you off so badly that you consider anyone who shows even a sliver of similarity to him to be the same person.
                      It’s obvious that you’ve got a case of bruised pride. Quit being a pussy and face him directly instead of letting your ego carry your rage over into other conversations.
                      I also find it amusing that you would post a text wall directly after being the asshole who ridiculed me for doing precisely that.

                      If you can’t think of something better than virginity insults and use of the word fag at every turn – which, btw, showcase your own insecurity and bruised pride far better than anything else you’ve said so far – then you might as well give up trolling, because it’s making you look pathetic.

                      And with that, I’m done with you.
                      You’re obviously not intelligent enough to post anything objective or fair regarding anything or anyone Nintendo-related, let alone anything from the perspective of an objective multi-platform gamer.
                      That makes any time spent replying to you further a waste of time.
                      Enjoy typing up whatever juvenile response you like; I won’t be bothering with your antics further.
                      Hell, I’d rather speak with Cortz than with a panzy like you.
                      Have a nice life, child.

                    2. You are Eric Sellers, cease your bullshitting already because you are terrible at making alts.

                      Proven many times and I could go to “further” lengths if need be to confirm this to a T.

                      Save your embarrassment and confess your samefaggotry. For I have seen your kind and have been able to expose each and every last one.

                      Thank you.

                  2. Not a “samefag” nor a “denialfag”, though I find such accusations amusing, coming from The Man of a Thousand Alts himself.
                    Whereas you’re displaying outrage at being called out for what you are, and can’t show the intelligence needed to spend more than two or three sentences defending your obviously trollish behavior.
                    Nice going.

                    1. I have many alts?


                      Care to back this up by the way? How convenient you act EXACTLY like Eric, type EXACTLY like him, and show up EXACTLY when he comes in the SAME thread. Even if you’re separate people, both of you must be fuckbuddies who jerk each other off on here with the same asinine bitching and virgin WUSS behavior.

                      I’m leaning towards the former.

                      Samefag who’s been the samest fag as call of duty has been for a gaming franchise.

                    2. Here’s more:

                      Both in the same thread, conveniently not too far apart in timestamps range either.

                      Exposed, you can change your next alt to whatever faggotry for a “username” you so please. Fact remains that you back yourself up

                      What a foreveralone loser, lol talk to some girls and maybe they’ll actually help you instead of SELF SUPPORT.

              2. First of all. I’m not trolling, I’m just giving my opinion in an aggressive fashion. Secondly, you criticize me for placing myself above others when you’re the one parading around with the username “The Voice of Reason”.

                1. First off, an opinion that holds no objective or fair reasoning, or one that is less an opinion than it is an attempt at antagonizing someone, is merely raving.
                  Which is precisely what you’ve been doing lately; little more than raving, attempting to pull angered responses out of people for liking what you don’t like.
                  If I’m wrong, prove it through fair, critical future action, instead of avoiding the issue by downplaying it as merely an “aggressive fashion” of opinionated posting.

                  As for my name, it’s not an attempt to place myself above others.
                  In case you hadn’t noticed it, I’m not above an insult or two as well, if the situation calls for it.
                  But on the whole, my goal is to act in a far more reasonable fashion, more often than not, when dealing with any variety of drone.
                  That includes passing on how they can go about conducting themselves in a more appropriate manner.
                  Consider this post arrogant and pass it off as you wish, but it’s a fact that your recent posts aren’t conductive to reasonable conversation and can only be viewed as an attempt at trolling the less mentally-balanced Nintendo fans on this site.

                  Picking on the weak isn’t becoming of someone who so obviously believes themselves to be the better of others.

              3. You know, your comments aren’t exactly brimming with meaningful contribution either. You shouldn’t talk people down for the very reason you should be talking yourself down.

                1. why do you think theres a xbox because nobody wants to play on a pc, your in the minority fag, deal with it, microsoft knows it, or there would be know need for an xbox

                2. The only way to get through to some people is to go down to their level.
                  Outside of posts to things like that, I do plan to make meaningful contributions from this point forwards.
                  Though, I do admit that it was dumb of me to expect that any urging I could do would change trolls from being the trolls they are. Not even going down to their level helped, so I’m done with them. I haven’t even checked to see if there was another response yet, and I don’t plan to.
                  I won’t let them rent space in my head.

                  Anyways, I guess it did carry on too long, so if that annoyed you then I do apologize for my own part.
                  I shouldn’t have wasted my time, taking up post space on such a meaningless argument, when I could have been focusing on the more intelligent posts with my replies instead of responding to haters.
                  “Don’t feed the trolls”, as the saying goes.

  1. Just Wanted to let everyone know that the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Petition for Wii U had reached 501 signatures!!! Our next goal is to get 499 to make it 1000 and we will move on from there! I hope to see this through to the end with the results we are hoping for. Thanks for everyone’s support who has signed so far.

    1. I think you confused the things, Nintendo is talking more like a console that has movies has extras and not a DVD player that has games has extras.

  2. “We don’t believe cloud gaming is the future”

    Aaaaand there goes any credibility you had left at all. Just like when you believed HD TVs weren’t standardized enough for the previous console generation, right? Balls that one right up didn’t you? Or how you believed with the Nintendo 64 that CDs weren’t the way forward yet? Another failed prediction.

    Hey Nintendo, stop living in your own little dream world and get with the rest of the 21st century. Try getting out of the house once in a while!

    1. You damn radicals are whats wrong with the world. Change is not always a good thing. Why do you want to stop buying physical games? Its all part of a bs scheme to get you to pay 60 dollars for less. Cartrdiges are still better than cds in many ways but a major drawback is price.

      1. No, major drawback is storage space, price, size, materials, and so on. Do some research kid.

        Who said that all change is good? Nice, putting words into my mouth to make your point. Idiot.

        MY point was that Nintendo CONSTANTLY speaks out agains things and then gets bitch-slapped when they’re proven wrong:

        “An HD console is pointless as HDTVs are not standardized enough” Oh really? Seems XBOX 360, a console release A YEAR before the Wii, pretty much proved the complete opposite, as did PS3. YEARS later? Nintendo catches up.

        “CDs are not a viable solution to storage at this point in time.” O rly? The original PlayStation, release BEFORE Nintendo 64, proved to the contrary. Years later, Nintedo catches up.

        “Online gaming is not a primary concern these days.” Two words: XBOX Live. Fuck, it was immensely popular on the ORIGINAL XBOX, YEARS before the Wii! And they STILL half-asses online for the Wii! Not only that, they STILL haven’t really caught up to the sheer flexibility, ease, and quality of XBOX Live! It’s been almost 10 fucking years!

        This is Nintendo’s thing. They just constantly show up late to the party, and rely on new controllers to get them by; sometimes they work (I.e. analogue sticks), other times they’re just distractions for “casual” gamers (I.e. the WiiMote) that most real gamers couldn’t give a shit about.

        But for all the “copying” you fanboys accuse MS & Sony of doing, Nintendo is the one that quietly copies MS and Sony when they create a successful platform (as detailed above). It’s almost as if Nintendo is that kid in school who hates another kid because the other kid has a newer, cooler toy… and then goes out a week later and gets his parents to buy that same toy! It’s pathetic and sad. And worst part is: unlike Sony and MS, Nintendo is always 5+ years too late when trying to copy and catch up!

        1. Exactly. Nintendo has got to stop being such stubborn bastards and get with the times. Cloud gaming is the future whether they want to acknowledge it or not.

          1. Why does Nintendo have to follow trends? If they want to ignore what’s popular and do their own thing, I say power to them. You have to admit, it takes a lot of balls to say “We’re not going to give into the trend yet, not until we know for a fact that it would work. For now, we are going to do what we think works best for us.” Nintendo was never one to follow trends, and I say that’s a good thing. They want to make things that haven’t been seen before, not something that everyone else is doing. Where’s the uniqueness in that? Now if something becomes a standard, Nintendo would obviously be smart enough to do it, but that’s the thing “when it is a standard”, meaning you can’t create something in that market without it, just like how rumble became a standard in game controllers after Star Fox 64, or when dual analog became standard when Sony released the first dualshock.

            1. I’m not asking for Nintendo to blindly follow trends. I’m just sick of them shunning new and innovative ideas because they come from a company besides themselves.

        2. maybe in your fucking country where INTERNET and HD DISPLAYS are cheap MAYBE but nintendo see its maker a lot better, i got friends with xbox 360 and they don’t even have HD displays, not everybody has access to all the tecnology man, here in mexico i got the fastest internet that the biggest company offer and it is 6M/s, SIX FUCKING MEGABITS PER SECOND, at Eua The cheapest service of internet is around 15Mb/s, so screw you with you fucking “coming late to the party, nintendo get to the party when EVERYBODY can, fucker

          1. Solid state drives are allot like cart. So we went from carts to CDs to DVD and we will being going back to carts or SD cards (also carts). Cause you know they load faster.

        1. Except hes right?
          PSP used disks, now Vita used carts.
          When tech gets cheaper, carts will take over, they have their own internal memory, its all flash memory so its loads way faster, its less likely to break seeing as disks are easy to ruin, and if it does break, you could put it in the system, and the company could clean it up for you, or just give you a new one via download. And you could go as far as transfering the game on cart to the system.
          And from a cost perspective, they wouldnt need to format the game to a disk, digital and cart copies would be exactly the same. Packaging would be cheaper, due to it being smaller. And they can code every copy of the game to reduce piracy.

          If physical game copies stay, which im pretty sure they will if consumers want them, cartridges will be used, mark my words.

          1. “carts will take over”

            they most certainly will not and handhelds are a completely different situation compared to consoles

            what’s worse is that was the only case of a major handheld ever using a disc based format, likely due to Sony’s obsession of trying to force new mediums onto the market and hoping they take off…UMDs were never truly Universal or offered anything particularly better than other disc formats and for that, they met a swift end.

            digital distribution will eventually take over completely (especially with both dedicated handhelds are doing this), disc based media is going absolutely nowhere in favor of cartridges, that is like going right back to VHS and only serves to needlessly increase costs for the very components “cartridges” are comprised of and the flash memory, as opposed to a goddamn high-capacity BD disc..the latter of which will be cheaper before such nonsense ever happens..and already is for that matter. With even 100GB ones already existing, you’d be hard pressed to convince any corporation to go back to clunky-ass cartridges for physical media. Now flash memory for storage space on the other, then yes, I will agree…since where will those digital games even go to begin with

            But you’re were not implying that, you’re implying cartridge game media will return.

            You really say some of the dumbest shit. I should fucking post this all over the place just for people to see how stupid Nintendrones are.

            seriously, no matter how many times I try to wonder if you’re serious or not, the more my head hurts.

            this guy thinks cartridges will return for game media for future hardware devices

            holy shit…………..

            1. Boooooriiiiing. Love how you purposely seek out what people say.
              1. Nobody gives a fuck.

              2. Why are still on this site, you seriously have no fucking life.

              3. You opinion on something is an opinion, much as my opinion is my opinion. Being a stupid cunt and trying to say other wise like you do makes you look nothing more than that, a stupid cunt.

              Go do whatever it is you do off the internet.

              1. No, I purposely “seek out” STUPID-AS-FUCK logic.

                1: You replied, you clearly did.
                2: Now, you’re mad as hell, because you’re so very stupid. :)
                3: YOU’RE AN IDIOT, LOL.

                Couldn’t even answer back with a relevant response, because you got EXPOSED, DUMBASS!

                1. Uh-huh, sure /s

                  Yet every time someone says, “why are you even on this site?” You avoid the question and insult people like called them a faggot. *clapclapclap* we get it, you dont have friends or life, although considering your social skills on the internet, im not surprised.

                  And like i said, matter of opinion, something you cannot grasp.

          2. Wow, I am not letting this stupidity slide:

            Hey guys! What do you think is the CHEAPEST?

            A) Manufacturing tons of “cartridges” comprised of plastics and silicon designed to last for years on end without ever failing as game media.

            B) Using the existing and already cheaper alternative of Optical Discs to do exactly that?! (albeit frailer, but clearly easier to “replace”).

            C) Final option! Digital distribution to a select hardware device with flash memory to store that data.

    2. They were right about the hd part because they said it’s not about the graphics but about the way you played the games. You can’t be right all the time though. Other companies do it also.

      1. No. They were wrong about HD. One of the main reasons Wii failed was the fact that it was underpowered and couldn’t even do 720p, much less 1080p or upscaled 1080p. It’s the major reason why developers skippe on the Wii. The controller was a hurdle, but not a big one; the fact that it couldn’t even handle original XBOX games in terms of power, definitely was a huge roadblock.

        1. In what world we live that the guys that is going in the least is the loser? The world should realy have Endesa in 2012.

    3. Nintendo simply doesn’t follow trends dude. They never were that type of company, and honestly I think he may be in the right this time (read my long ass post below).

      In regards to some of your comments, Nintendo heavily considered the CD format for both the SNES and N64, they even partnered with Sony, if you have any grasp on gaming history. They chose the cartridge for the N64 because they wanted to keep control on who developed games on their system, it’s the same tactic they used to revive the console market in the US after the gaming crash. They chose the cartridge for a simple reason, they feared a repeat of 1983. Once Sony proved that allowing a more open system with CDs wasn’t going to repeat those events, Nintendo accepted the format.

      As for HDTVs, no. They were not standard at the time of the Wiis launch, about 10% of the US population had HDTVs, it was still technically a gimmick. Nintendo simply chose not to follow the trend until they were certain it was standard, which was actually a smart move if you look at it from a business standpoint. The 360 and PS3 struggled out of the gate, while the Wii flew off shelves because it was more affordable. It was more affordable because it wasn’t HD. HD was pretty expensive back then.

      1. Wii flew off the shelves because it was a simple to use console, not because it wasn’t HD. Argument invalid.

        The CD debacle was them being pussies once Sony backed out. They’re too cowardly to take risks on things that gamers actually WANT.

        Nobody asked for a touchscreen controller, yet Nintendo pushes it on gamers as if it’s “the next best thing”. Their problem is they try to TELL us what is the next best thing, instead of listening AT ALL to what fans want.

        Sony and MS, despite what Nintendo-only fanboys might think, at least give their fans what they want. They also give DEVELOPERS what they want, which works out well for gamers because then THEY get what they want.

        Nintendo just goes, “NOPE, you don’t want that, you want THIS instead, and we’re going to do everything we can to convince you WHY you want this instead!” The result is “core” gamers ignoring them, and fanboys praising them for being “bold and innovative.”

        Like I said: sometimes, it works out (analogue sticks on the Nintendo 64 worked), but often it doesn’t. Nobody is saying they need to blindly follow trends, but actually PAYING ATTENTION to what has been HUGELY successful for other consoles should be a priority, especially if you’re saying you want to earn back those gamers’ trust (which Nintendo DID say). But they didn’t do that; in fact they came right out and said they actively do NOT pay attention to what other companies are doing… how fucking ignorant is that? The other companies are giving their gamer fans what they want, and Nintendo is saying, “nah, we’re not going to pay attention to any of that, WE will decide what’s best for them on our own!”

        It’s bollocks and that’s why many Nintendo fans of the NES/SNES/Nintendo 64 days jumped ship to PlayStation 2, XBOX, and XBOX 360: because those consolues continued to give those gamers what they wanted, instead of trying to push them into things they didn’t ask for and didn’t much CARE for. The result was the Wii only appealing to hardcore Nintendo fanboys, and casual fans that used it as a party gag.

          1. Seriously, do you EVER have any counter argument, or do you just get butthurt and hurl kindergarten insults?


            There… that more your language?

          2. You’re the reason why I am ashamed to be a Nintendo fan.

            Seriously, though, stop giving your species a bad name, OK UNation? Immature comebacks that a 5 year old could come up with won’t solve the problem.

        1. Not really, I didn’t care HD and the rest of 100 million people who play games on the Wii don’t give crap either. It wasn’t a deciding factor on any system I have ever bought. But then now they have it (HD) as a feature since its really came into its own and even now its like ehh if the game looks good enough to get me into the then I am good.

          I skipped the PS1 cause I couldn’t sit through load times, CDs were bad for soooo long, felt like a Commodore 64 with a tape drive. :( :( :( It took a long time before Optical discs became worth it and its looks like solid state (and SD cards) is where we are going next.

          Nintendo never been way off base with their decisions.

    4. Why would anyone want a gaming future with no consoles, no game ownership and no ability to play anything offline?

      Sounds pretty bad to me. You fuck tards who support stupid shit like this to be a little hipster are morons.

    1. Do you realize what you just said? You want thousands and thousands of people to lose their jobs and lose their homes? How would you like it if that happened to you, and trolls were just laughing at you for it? I don’t care what your opinion on Nintendo is, to wish for them to go bankrupt is just evil.

          1. “Don’t even start.”

            What the hell is that supposed to mean?

            From what I’ve seen, you’ve done nothing but feed the trolls under the delusion you’re “killing” them.

            1. So you’re thinking i’m getting carried away of being Jeff the Killer? No, i’m not. And i’m not trying to be him either.

              As for the “Don’t even start” part, i don’t want you to mistake me for a fanboy.

  3. Iwata has a point, in a way. He’s basically saying that dedicated consoles should never outright disappear entirely, because there are great things that can be done with them that can’t be done with cloud gaming. In order for cloud gaming to work, all games would have to follow certain guidelines to ensure that no game is inaccessible to anyone in any way. For example, let’s say cloud gaming takes over, and Steam was the primary game streaming giant, physical games and any form of downloading them has become obsolete. Nintendo wants to release an HD remastered version of Skyward Sword on Steams streaming service. Sounds great right? Except there’s a problem. How many people subscribed to Steams service own a Wiimote Plus that works with their service? Do you see the problem here? The problem is restriction on innovation. Nintendo is able to create games like Skyward Sword because they have that creative freedom of being a console publisher, they can make whatever they want, and develop their hardware for said creative freedom. Take that away, and it hurts the freedom they have, which limits the quality of the developers work.

    Steam works because all games developed on PC are able to be controlled with a keyboard and mouse by default, with 360 controllers being optional. The catch is all games must meet the criteria of the platform, aka it must have a keyboard and mouse option to ensure people don’t buy it, only to find out they can’t play it. Even if the developer puts out a warning, people will ignore it. So if Nintendo were to release Skyward Sword on Steams streaming service, they would need to optimize the game to be controlled by keyboard and mouse. And considering the type of game Skyward is, how on Earth would they do that with a game built from ground up for motion controls exclusively? It wouldn’t work. As said, Nintendo can make games like this because of the creative freedom they have to be innovative. Most developers don’t have that kind of freedom, and it’s a kind of freedom that most wish they had, and it’s what makes Nintendo such a quality company. Why would anyone want that freedom to go away, just limit what they are able to do? It’s foolish to wish such a thing. At that point, basically nobody would have that creative freedom anymore, and it only encourages the possibility of a repeat of 1983, and I don’t care who you are. You don’t want that to happen.

    Yes, Iwata was wrong about online gaming, we get that. Heck, anyone with half a brain knew he was wrong the moment he said it. But this is a different animal that I need to agree with Iwata. I support digital distribution all the way, I think it’s great, Nintendo apparently thinks so too, I mean look at the eShop. But for consoles to disappear and cloud gaming to take over? In my honest opinion, the day that happens is the day gaming will be on the road to death. Developers need creative freedom, and cloud gaming puts way too many limitations on developers to allow it.

    1. I don’t really disagree with the online gaming. I still rarely play games online and the only times I actually go online is either for downloadable content or to see how much I’ve improved. I 100% prefer single-player, but I’m one of the minority nowadays.
      15 years ago, gamers didn’t care about playing against people. They cared about the longer single-player modes.

  4. FAIL. Android is the future. ppl want compatibility and ease of use. smartphones are becoming the new pc and steam will take over home gaming. you can get a android pc on a usb stick with hdmi. Nintendo only future is in software and gaming accessories not consoles as bady as nintendos japanese corporate fascist don’t want that

    1. Android isn’t the future as long as their OS lags over the years. I have an Android and it’s unbearably slow after 1 year of use, it also restarts by it self frequently.

        1. TheUnoriginalDronation

          How did that glass taste, Meg? Next you have to eat your Wii U. Head’s up, it will probably taste like shit.

            1. You of all people should not be calling anyone retarded. Aeolus may be a douche, but at least he uses fact and logic to back up his opinions/statements.

                1. Comments like that are the reason you are not taken seriously. Try to comment with some intelligence and maturity. Stop the perverted insults, the name changing, and the blind fanboyism and you will be much be much more well liked and respected.

                    1. No, adarazz actually has common sense. YOU need a ban before adarazz does. You’re stupidity in itself warrants a ban.

                    2. If you call common sence to insult everyone on each comment praising Nintendo well im happy i lack it.

  5. Personally, I’d rather play on a dedicated console since cloud gaming doesn’t make the cut for me, but some time, sooner or later, cloud gaming is going to be the new way to play and dedicated consoles will become obsolete. If it’s obsolete, there will be less sales and less profit because not many people want to buy an outdated console when they can get an entirely new way to play. In my opinion, Nintendo better watch out, because this move could be pretty risky.

  6. Now. You know a gaming company is fucking legit when they actually WANT other platforms to enter the market, INNOVATIVE ones that could very well give Nintendo a run for their money in an area where Nintendo is most skillful in. That would indeed be epic. I care for the future of gaming too, and don’t care for the 720 or PS4. Though, I would be lieing if I said that I weren’t interested in what they have to offer.

  7. I really hate Nintendo’s “we can do this by ourselves” attitude. It’s caused them so much unnecessary trouble and grief over the years.

    1. To be fair, it’s not as if they’ve had that much support recently.
      The moment they start getting into modern conventions, the snobbish faction of the community turns up their noses and just dismisses Nintendo’s efforts with comments like “Oh, they’re just playing catch-up” and “Too little too late”, amongst other, more insulting, phrases.
      You can’t really blame them for wanting to go it alone when there are so few companies giving them the benefit of a doubt.

      1. We only say “too little too late” because they are. They’re piping on about having “HD visuals”, but they’re years late to that party, and their first-party games don’t even do full-HD like they promised! It’s 2013: there is NO reason why ANY new console shouldn’t do 1080p for EVER SINGLE GAME at at LEAST 30fps.

        On top of that, they’re releasing shoddy games like New Super Mario Bros. U, which is just a basic upgrade from the Wii game of 2009/20010 or whenever it was, instead of a full-blown, brand new Mario game like they did with Nintendo 64 (which was BRILLIANT by the way).

        And on top of even that, they finally release an HD console, but then they sacrifice the majority of it’s moderate power to use a touchscreen controller that, while in theory sounds great, doesn’t warrant using as much console power as it does. I have yet to play a single Wii U game where I thought, “Wow, this game would be NOTHING without this touchscreen”. And that stands as a testament to how bad of a choice the controller was.

        As an accessory, I’d see that as being very successful, because then the only time a game would use it is when the developer saw a genuine, efficient use for it (i.e. Zelda, for the inventory/map), rather than developers feeling like they have to shoehorn in features just because it’s there.

        Nintendo waits far too long to jump on bandwagons that everyone is in favor of, and then when they do, they do it fairly averagely at best. Where as Microsoft and Sony, while they may take huge risks with pricey hardware, are always trying to take things that fans love and give it to them even better, or give them all new things that fans clearly want, whether it’s more graphically impressive games, better audio, more multimedia features, more online multiplayer support, etc.

        I don’t hate Nintendo, I just think they forfeit all of their potential for the sake of “doing their own thing” blindly without any regard for what is currently in demand/working anywhere else. It’s a a pride thing, and we all know what damage pride can do…

        1. I agree. Nintendo needs to stop being stubborn and ignorant. I applaud them for being original, but they really need to get with the times.

          1. Yea lets jump to the times that players pay more and recive less, lets jump to the times that games are played only wen the servers are working or not doing fixes for 4 days.happy gaming days are coming do not trade in your old consoles.

              1. O right a game thats in 2d it has atleast 10 hours of main gameplay plus 10 more whit the challenge mode for 60 or the uncharted vita game that gives 5 hours of gameplay in the first play?

        2. All of these things are comments that people parroted during the Wii’s life-time, too, though, yet look how successful it became.
          Also, saying “too little too late” makes it seem like you’d rather they not try at all.
          They could have done WORSE, you know?

          As to the controller, since when did the majority of games on the Wii U NEED to have an absolutely innovative and fresh way of using the controller before the controller is considered to NOT be a failure?
          Just simple things like constant item access for hot-swapping and easily-navigated mini-maps are great reasons to use the controller. It frees room on the top screen for other indicators or even just for more player view.
          Nintendo is giving out things that gamers would like, if more gamers would quit looking at it with complete cynicism and give it a fair chance.

          The Mario game is a subjective thing; your mileage will vary, but from all reports, it’s the best entry in the New series so far, not just a simple rehash.

          Also, not all games on any of the systems run at 1080P with 30 FPS.
          Expecting Nintendo to hold up a standard that nobody is consistent with, isn’t fair.

          Their multimedia features are improving, as are their options for online multiplayer, and it’s time that people stopped toting graphical superiority as something that should be a priority, especially when PC’s have consoles beat in that field by many years.
          I’m sure you’ve heard it enough to be sick of it by now, but it really is true that Game Play is what will define the future of the genre in the near future, not tons of expensive power or shiny visuals.
          Nice looking cutscenes won’t keep a player playing as long as a fleshed-out core experience will, and all three systems should make that their priority going forward.
          Right now, even a mere 720P at a smooth 60 FPS is good enough to satisfy most console gamers. It’s what the gameplay does to hook them that matters most.

  8. Good, because i dont want cloud gaming, its a retarded idea. Digital is as far as it should go.

    In the end, Nintendo makes a console based around the ideas they have for games, i don want a unified console of Nintendo and Sony, i want a Nintendo console to play Nintendo games, thats how they always work, and that’s why their first party games are the best.

    1. I prefer full digital than cloud gaming at least i can play wen the servers are down or the internet is not working.

      1. Exactly. Cloud gaming is just fucking retarded. How many times have you ever been disconnected from the internet, for no reason, when it connects back straight away anyway.
        For me? All the fucking time. And we’re supposed stream games like this? No thanks, i want OWN the game i buy, digital is still ownin it, its on the harddrive, i dont need to be online, i still own a digital copy, even if i cant hold it.

        1. Its like saying, “iTunes is shutting down, now all your music is on youtube to stream” No fucking thank you.

          1. All gamers are against it and aeloser dare say that pc gamer are happy whit it? They where the first against it, thanks god there are developers who develop for old consoles cause im going retroif cloud gaming only happens.

                1. Im not against all digital but not owning a game not even on a hdd and still pay the same price has a physical copy is cause of concern.

                    1. None of those are steam services and if connection fails at least steam has offline play dont know the others cause i dont have those services.

  9. Thank You Nintendo for making great entertainment experiences. I don’t know why there is so many Nintendo haters. Nintendo actually cares about their customers and making quality video games.

    1. They have been brain washed, people have to be a bit crayse to have every single xbox 360 app like netflix be only usable whit gold supscription.

  10. I was kind of hoping that Nintendo would do something with cloud based gaming because Hideo Kojima said that cloud based gaming is what he wants from the next-gen (after Wii U). Oh well, I trust Nintendo will make a great next-gen console and handheld in the future that will innovate not only the gaming industry but the tech industry in general.

  11. Fine by me, just for the love of “heaven’s hands” bring out an awesome game. And I’m talking about sometime in the next two or three months, not like END OF THE YEAR.

            1. I like how you try to defend the haters that have the same opinion has you and you dare call your self a true gamer, hipocrit.

              1. LMFAO! Adarazz is not a hater, he/she just hates your stupidity. I don’t call myself a true gamer, or any other label. I just play games, that’s it. Also, why wouldn’t I defend the people who have the same opinion as me? No wonder Adarazz hates you so much, sheesh.

              1. I dont want to, every one heres havethere stupid comments whit out explaining why so i will do the same even if it sounds retarded or is misspelled.

  12. Nintendo should make a 3DS XXL. It would have a 7 inch upper screen and a 6.25 inch lower touchscreen. The 3DS XXL would have two circle pads and triggers as well, it could function as a second Wii U Gamepad. It would have the awesome Internet browser that the Wii U has, and Hulu +, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and MiiVerse, and Nintendo VideoChat, it would be able to download Kindle ebooks. It would cost around $250, and be very light weight. Also, Nintendo needs to make a Wii U Sports if it wants Wii U to be successful. Lots of people liked Wii U Sports and Wii U Sports Resort.

      1. there next new hand held will be two screens better graphics better touch screen and two analog sticks on it and better internet on it there not going to make a 3ds XXL, what a waste

        1. You guys are idiots. Millions of people are gaming on IPad because the screens are bigger. Nintendo’s handheld needs to become a media consumption device with a larger screen to compete with iPad and kindle fire. You are fucking dumbasses.

    1. that’d alienate the original 3ds/XL owners…sides leave all that stuff to its next gen portable, which im very excited for since it seems it’ll be closer to the console experience…but portable…imagine xenoblade in hd on the go….i’d take vacations to random spots JUST to play with my handheld xD

  13. Whether or not dedicated consoles stick around or not, well, who knows. A future without consoles may not be horrible.

    But cloud gaming is horrible. I don’t care about how convenient it may or may not be in the future, it’s bad. You won’t own anything. You’ll be persistently renting your games. If anything goes wrong on their end, you’re screwed. If they just decide to stop supporting a game, you’re screwed. If they go out of business, you’re screwed. If you’re internet goes down, you can’t even play a singleplayer game. I don’t care if it lowers prices, I don’t care if it gives you high end PC quality games on weak hardware. It’s not a good future for consumers.

  14. Respect them for standing up for there companies beliefs. But as technology advances, and we progress into the future, unless they change, they won’t fair well in my opinion.

      1. I couldn’t care if it is equal or not. If companies don’t get with the times, they’ll slowly die off and should die off, otherwise they’re holding everyone back. A camera company decided to not get with the times, and guess what? They’re flat broke now. Gone.

        1. One thing is fallow the times and another is to use it has a scuse to steal from us, cloud gaming is the latest scam. Microsoft have already stated that people should not think in owning there games for more than five years and that cloud gaming should be the future, practicaly saying that anything you own is for there desition to say how long we have it.

  15. I just want my Nintendo IP’s on Nintendo Hardware. As stated before, part of Nintendo’s secret sauce is that they create hardware to support their software.

    We lose Nintendo hardware, then Nintendo has to create software for whatever machine people are using to game with.

    Keep at it Nintendo. If you keep developing, I’ll keep buying. Nintendo is my style of gaming, just as I have preferred styles of music. If Nintendo vanishes, I’ll pick up a new hobby.

  16. I see cloud gaming as an option. It should not be a standard in the future. Cloud gaming may help in storage situations, but I would not only rely on it for playing games. Not everyone has internet or stable connections.

  17. I think PC gaming is like a console sort of, and I like consoles too. I think we should not create of war of them both and leave them both growing. I think PCs and consoles are both great gaming systems.

    As for Cloud gaming, phone, not sure. There basically great as a addition, never a replacement.

  18. in reality the only way cloud gaming will work (efficiently) is that if internet connection in your place is stable and fast. unfortunately, in most places internet connection is either slow (or not as fast — or expensive when you want faster connection) or unstable.

  19. I can’t believe people still want to go on this website. There are trolls, fanboys, and drones everywhere. Good bye My shit news

  20. Nintendo will always be able to make a profit selling their consoles and their games.

    Unlike Sony and Microsoft who lost billions in Gen 7 and will make the same mistakes again trying to be the most powerful graphics box in Gen 8.

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