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SEGA: Great Sonic Stuff Coming This Year

sonic_the_hedgehog_3_fan_artSonic the Hedgehog 3 was released 19 years ago, February 2nd, 1994, in the U.S. Because the game was released on that particular day, its publisher, Sega, says the second of February is “Hedgehog Day.” Via its official blog, Sega yesterday said that, although it’s not ready to go into any specifics, great Sonic ‘stuff’ are coming this year. Although this is just a rumor for now, sources who claim to be close to Sega said that a new Sonic game for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS will be revealed this month.

On February 2nd in 1994, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was released in the US, and it was dubbed “Hedgehog Day”. For the past few years, we’ve revived this day as a holiday for all Sonic fans. We’ve got some great stuff coming up this year, but we’re not ready to talk about it just yet.

78 thoughts on “SEGA: Great Sonic Stuff Coming This Year”

  1. Sonic 3 and Knuckles is my favorite platformer of all time!
    I have faith in SEGA
    Generations and Colors were pretty damn awesome

    1. SEGA's sorry ass is not in the top 100 developers...HAHA HOW FITTING!

      Wow, you have low standards when it comes to good platformers. Sonic 3 has aged.
      You Sonic fans aren’t covered in wool, you LIVE in it!

      I can’t wait to see what Nintendo idea SEGAss steals next! I mean it’s been happening since the Genesis vs Super Nintendo era!

  2. Sonic 3 & Knuckles. One of Sega’s best games of all time. This sounds interesting since I’ve been a fan of the char since his genesis days

    1. knuckles was my first old sonic game it was so cheap on the xbox market place and it was like 2$ and i was like this game is probably the worst sonic game, nope the best and then 3

        1. SEGA's sorry ass is not in the top 100 developers...HAHA HOW FITTING!

          In response to Aeolus-

          Sonic games generally sell better on Nintendo consoles (ironically), so this is great to hear that Sonic’s over rated ass won’t have anymore Nintendo exclusive games. We don’t want the bastard anymore! Fuckers!

    1. Yea i forgot sega deleted from history all the exclusive sonic games they have done on Nintendo consoles and handhelds.

      1. I think he was talking about in the future, but either way he’s wrong. SEGA has always given Nintendo console quality exclusives, I don’t see why that tradition would end with Wii U.

        1. Exclusives like…Oh, Colors and those low budget storybook games. Safe to say after Generations they don’t see much point in that anymore.

      1. So? That’s 2010. Before Sega’s shift in focus. Wii never got Generations and that’s fact. 3DS on the other hand got a cruddy 2.5D version from Dimps (LOL) that was made in 6 months.


        1. Except the 3DS version was the Generations of the Handheld Sonic. So you’re incorrect in that department. Besides Dimps made the Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush games which were very great games.

          1. The fact is, it was watered down crud that only existed because Nintendo fans kept bitching, the plot was identical and the game sucked.

  3. A game that uses the mechanics of Sonic 3 and Knuckles I assume. Be nice to hunt down both the chaos and super emeralds again

  4. Guy lets not celebrateor have good opinions about this cause,aeolus, adarazz and jellybean will start saying there is all lies (even though they are rummors) but you guys know how they are trying to down play everything Nintendo.

    1. sonic games suck now, colors was the best new one and it wasnt that good, to much like mario for a sonic game, make a good one like how you used too or one like adventure 2 , i think nintendo should make a sonic game and sega should make a mario game just to change things up

      1. HOW have recent Sonic games been SIMILAR to Mario?

        Are you telling me that any platformer game will be too much like Mario?

        1. SEGA's sorry ass is not in the top 100 developers...HAHA HOW FITTING!

          Look fucker. it only takes a covered in wool fanboy to think Colors is original. A developer said himself that Colors was designed to play like a Mario game…if it wasn’t obvious already!

          1. yes, seriously, colors, not anything else, just that game, it didnt feel like a sonic game to me and felt like mario, what was annoying, when did i say newer sonic games, and even the developers said it, so im not wrong

          2. Quote him.

            …that’s what I thought, dumb***

            If you actually did your research, Colors got its inspiration from the day time levels of Unleashed. Stop being such a dick to people.

            1. And I’m replying to SEGA’s sorry aka SEGA troll.

              Also, if you hadn’t noticed, your name is flawed. SEGA is a company, not a developer. They publish their games and oversee development.

              So try harder, 11 year old troll who cannot admit the fact that Sonic was once popular than Mario back in his “glory days”. Grow up.

              1. fucking shut up fanboy old sonic games are awsome, fag, sega is garbage now episode 1 and 2 are you kidding me, i didnt know there was such thing as a sega fanboy now, get over it i really do hope that sega can pull off a great new sonic game, generations was just old levels wasnt it mostly, i played a demo and thought that was awsome and felt like a great sonic game and just because im on anintendo sight doesnt mean i like mario dip shit fuck you nintendo is the same with its mario games really, when you look at the new series get rid of it there not different enough i thought the sega nintendo hate was over but i was wrong, get over it,

    2. First I would like to say that paragraph is an absolute disaster. I know English isn’t your first language, but if you want to be taken seriously you’re going to have to have much better spelling and grammar (this is not intended to be racist, please don’t perceive that way).

      Anyway, I don’t try to “down play everything Nintendo”. I may criticize for time to time when I truly believe they are making a mistake or bad decision Nintendo is not a perfect company by any means and just because people like yourself, Unation, and Rey Hardy are blind to that, doesn’t mean everyone else is as well.

      I know you will find this hard to believe but I actually like Nintendo. I bought a Wii U on launch day, that is more than you can claim to. Please realize just because I have a different opinion on Nintendo and the video game industry doesn’t make me wrong.

      1. Let them be blind, this is a site dedicated to the fanboys. Now we are all going to the super bowl and tell the 49 ers we they make a touch down they have to be quiet cause the visitors fans will be sad.

      2. I don’t think they’re blind to that except they just defend what they like; but who are you to tell them what not to like and force your ideas/opinions on them? Just like you can’t stop trolls from trolling. There’s a market for everything y’know even shit.

        1. The proven recist here is you now about his commemt tramar check on my phone is lock in spanish meaning that it only spell check in you dont critisice Nintendo from time to time you do it always and in each post, you also critisice unation for insults even though your first reply to every positive comment is are you stupid.

      1. it just didn’t feel like a sonic game to me POWER UPS, STOPPING TO DO PLATFORMS and i think nintendo sucks, from what they used to be, have any of you played the fucking super nintendo , and you cant say the wii sucked, and nintendo of america fucking sucks how am a fanboy, skyward sword sucked NSMB sucks and is fucking getting old, kirby is for kids, and im sorry for the spelling, im not checking and need keyboard practice, probably have dyslexia or something i know how to spell, sometimes i see i spelled the words wrong and like what the fuck i didnt type it in like that, or its because i dont go on the computer a lot, because its boring, more stuff to do and, im purposely making my sentences shorter we are not in school and i dont care, you fucking nerd, if you want me to use fucking complete sentences fine you fucking piece of shit, is everybody on here so annoying, is there anything else you want me to fix, do you want me to praise pc or something or how the grass is green, accusing somebody of not being in this country because the way they spell, i didnt think i spelled that bad or my grammar on here anyway

    3. Yeah man, I so want to downplay Nintendo, I must hate them. I mean, I’m buying a Wii U in 2 months and have 7 3DS games on pre order! JESUS CHRIST I MUST DESPISE NINTENDO OR SOMETHING!

      1. figured that out after looking at it more, but people on this sight just piss me off sometimes i just you hate nintendo you are a troll, you are a fanboy, just because your not a total suck up

        1. Was this in reply to this comment or my other one? But I agree, I mean it’s easy to tell who is a fanboy & troll, but some people go overboard in the labelling.

          1. Just because i defend Nintendo from people that should not be here im a fan? Yes Yes i am but of gaming i own each console and know the plus and negatives of each one and wen a idiot comedia here bashing Nintendo and i say what those negatives thing are im being a fan boy? So if you like so much sony and have the need to defend them why not go to the ign forums or other multyplat site?

    1. Generations was great and Colors was decent, in my opinion. Not sure what you consider a “good” Sonic game though.

    2. I think they’ve all lost their touch; needs to go back to the drawing board. I have to admit, some of Nintendo’s new releases haven’t been as expected either. Maybe they’ll recover though. It ain’t just N, the longer the franchise go, they lose touch. Think Silent Hill, RE, Tomb Raider, Twisted Metal, and so on.

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  6. If Sega ever made a great game, I’d be shocked. Though that’s not a fair thing to say, since I don’t hate them now like I used to. And some of their games do seem interesting (such as Super Monkey Ball). I’ve just never been a Sonic fan. I like the character of Sonic (and I like to collect Sonic figures etc.). I just don’t like Sonic GAMES. I always hated how fast he runs. I can’t control the damn guy. He runs all out of control and I get motion sick from it. Everything spins by too fast.

    I always thought SEGA was out of their minds in the past when they had those commercials comparing the Genesis to the Super NES, and they acted like the speed of Sonic games was what made them better than Super Mario World etc. The speed is what RUINED Sonic games for me! Well, I also hate the robotic themes and stage layouts (whatever you call it) in the games.

  7. All I want is a 3D Sonic game that is all about Sonic trying to beat Eggman/Robotnik no matter what machine he makes for himself, only more variations during the boss fights.
    No more stupid pokemon copycrap or human cities.

  8. When you say that it’s coming to Wii U and 3DS you mean that the Game is EXCLUSIVE? or multiplatform and the Wii U & 3DS are included?,

  9. I love how people are still on the “everything sonic related sucks” bandwagon that was broken ever since 2010. Anyway, Sonic 3 & Knuckles is definitely my favorite platformer of all time, and goes down in my Top 3 favorite games of all time. And I’m not even an overall big fan of Sonic.

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