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Resident Evil Revelations Wii U Isn’t Just A Port Of 3DS Game


Resident Evil Revelations producer Masachika Kawata has assured Now Gamer that Resident Evil: Revelations Unveiled Edition for Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, isn’t a direct port of the Nintendo 3DS game that came out in January 2012. Kawata says that they have not only improved the visuals, but they have also designed it for 5.1 Surround Sound as well. He also said that they have fine tuned and retuned the gameplay. Kawata remains adamant that it’s not just a simple port.

“It’s definitely not just a direct port. Not only have we improved the graphics up to HD standard for home consoles and designed it for 5.1 Surround Sound as well but we’ve fine tuned and retuned the gameplay, made a lot of nips and tucks here and there, so it’s certainly an improved experience.”

117 thoughts on “Resident Evil Revelations Wii U Isn’t Just A Port Of 3DS Game”

    1. So what Capcom is saying is that the Wii U version will be a port of the PS3 version, which is a port of the XBOX 360 version, which will be an upgraded port of the 3DS version of Resident Evil: Revelations? Can’t Appreciate Producing Classics Over Money! Bingo!

  1. it’s still a port either way. That’s like saying Persona 4: Golden wasn’t a port, and it was a shit ton better than the original. Still had most of the same stuff and the same story, however.

      1. It’s just a glorified version of Resi rev. It might be interesting with some beefy sound effects. The sound effects on the 3DS game weren’t exactly perfect.

        1. Don’t listen to him,he probably hasn’t lost his virginity yet,gay or straight. That is why he dwindle’s in this site,shouting at users ever since.

    1. TheUnorginalDronation

      By the way, how did eating your Wii U turn out? I bet it tasted like shit cause that’s what Wii U is!!!

    1. For a pure survival horror experience, I definitely agree on Zombi U being better than RE6. That was what Resident Evil was all about in the past. And then it became more of an action oriented franchise. But I guess some people prefer that….

        1. They deserve it. Seriously, the gameplay and controls are worse than Operation Racoon City, im dead serious. Its like, if you’re going to fuck it up, at least make it playable….

  2. IT’S STILL THE SAME GAME… I mean if they waited a few years down the line and made it a hd remake or whatever then sure… And maybe it would sell better (keeping in mind it hasn’t being released yet so who know) but its like a year or something

  3. Same game either way. But at least this way more ppl play it even tho I don’t think it should be priced as a full retail title

      1. Its good i guess, for people who refuse to play on a Nintendo system, like there’s no game good games or something /s, but its still Capcom being lazy shitlords as usual, pumping out anything from PS1 games to games released a year ago for £15-50.
        Absolute wankers.

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    1. I want a list of good things Capcom has even done this whole generation.

      Its about the size of a piece of paper you find in a fortune cookie.

    1. It feals great to have my ass untuched even whiping it whit toilet paper brings thears so i m very happy about it.

  5. idc what you guys say, but im definitely buying this again. i mean yeah i beat it on my 3ds, but the whole time i was wishing i was playing it on a tv rather than on a handheld. one thing though, i can’t really picture playing it without the second screen, i mean they used it to solve a lot of the puzzles and as the map and inventory. so yeah i’ll probably stick with the wii u version on this one.

  6. Everyone complains that 3DS gets ports from other systems, yet they are happy when they get a port from the 3DS. lol

  7. I’m excited for this game for the Wii U! I’m sure they have something special for the Wii U version. I hope the sales for it somehow make them make a Resident Evil 6 Gold Edition for the Wii U

  8. “Resident Evil Revelations Wii U Isn’t Just A Port Of 3DS Game”

    I wonder why they even bothered to say that… If its even close to the graphics.. then then whole effort could end up “gay”.. Its unconsiderable to think of porting portable games into a desktop console, considered next gen.. they shouldnt even do it at all.

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  10. This is definitely Capcom’s last chance with Resident Evil, seeing how 6 sold poorly. I have yet to get this on the 3DS, but I may forgo the 3DS version in favor of the WiiU/360/PS3 version.

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