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Activision Announces Skylanders SWAP Force

Publisher Activision has revealed the next entry in the popular Skylanders series, also known as the sequel to Skylanders Giants, which was released in Fall 2012. Skylanders SWAP Force features new characters, 250 new character combinations, and it is scheduled to launch in the Fall on multiple video game platforms. The HD versions – for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U – are being developed by Vicarious Visions, whereas developer Beenox is working on the Wii version, and n-Space is developing the Nintendo 3DS version.

36 thoughts on “Activision Announces Skylanders SWAP Force”

    1. CoD needs to be revamped. Add jetpacks , Paintball , DINOSAURS!!! just do something with it. It’s the same gloomy game every time.

  1. You know what I see? I see that Skylander’s far from perfect, but I also see none of you giving it a chance!

  2. Well, there goes the 3DS version. I mean, after n-Space’s performance with Heroes of Ruin (A good, albeit extremely flawed game), might as well just write it off now.

  3. The console that could and did, the little Wii just won’t go away. It’s getting a great game in the Fall of this year. This game is for our nieces and nephews :). Also real families.

  4. The Wii U is in a very good place. February is seeing some exciting e-shop releases, maybe even a shock game announcement for this month. March on the otherhand is wonderful.

  5. so… you don’t only put your toy on the platform – now you put another toy on top of your toy! what comes next? a toy on top of all that? :D

  6. This is actually An interesting concept to switch up the toy idea. I will like to see how the powers are implemented when u switch them. Does it only give u a power from each character or do they somehow mash together? it’s probably only going to be one power from each character

    1. Apparently the top determines how you fight (and i bet element) and the bottom how you move (but i think theres one attack) Bottom half, depending on the type (little symbol at front) can give you access to certain areas….

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