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HMV To Close 66 Stores


Troubled music, video games, and DVD retailer, HMV, has announced that it’s due to close sixty-six stores throughout England and Scotland. The sixty-six stores will close in order to help save the company, which has been struggling to keep up with a changing market. Sadly, 930 members of staff at HMV will lose their jobs. The first closures are expected in a month’s time. Other stores could remain open longer.

“This step has been taken in order to enhance the prospects of securing the business’ future as a going concern.”

“We continue to receive strong support from staff and are extremely grateful to them for their commitment during an understandably difficult period.”

– Administrator Nick Edwards

10 thoughts on “HMV To Close 66 Stores”

  1. It’s hardly surprising.

    Every single copy of an item they have usually has a difference price on the sticker.

    Only a couple of weeks ago, I saw Far Cry 3 for £39.99 brand new on 360, and next to it a preowned copy for £43.99.

    And thats an incredibly mild case of this problem. It’s fairly common to see at least 4 or 5 different prices for the same product. With larger gaps in the prices.

    HMV really had no idea what the hell they were doing.

    A great shame about the people losing their jobs though.

  2. It is a shame, but I went to hmv to see if there was any GOOD sales and well basically there wasn’t. For example last night I looked for Beyoncé’s album 4 deluxe version and it’s on amazon for £7. It was £15 at hmv today with the blue cross on it, so 25% off means it would be £11.25 which is still high for an album that’s been out a while! (even if it is deluxe)

  3. I heard a report on radio 2 about a lady who asked a store supervisior about finding something she couldn’t find, instead of the clerk going to look for it in the back he answered rudely:
    “If it ain’t here, we ain’t got it!”
    and the lady said, “I’m not coming here again.”

  4. I just went to HMV now to buy a pro controller for my Wii U. I figured if their pricing was ok I would buy it from there to support them a little. Unfortunately they have them for £39.99 whereas Game in Meadowhall has them for £29.99. I think they need to re-evaluate their pricing.

  5. Too bad. There are HMV stores in Canada but I don’t think they are the same company anymore. The HMV’s here stopped selling video games about a year ago and now just focus on music/movies.

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