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Nikki Sends Her Valentine’s Day Swapnote Message Early

nikki_swapnoteNikki has already sent out her Valentine’s Day Swapnote message, via SpotPass on the Nintendo 3DS, even though Valentine’s Day is this Thursday, on February 14th. After reading her message for the first time, you receive a new stationary that features a heart-themed design, which you can then select to write your own messages on. Although you’ve sent the message five days earlier than expected, it’s OK, Nikki, I forgive you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today I baked some special Valentine’s Day cookies.

I love giving yummy, hand-made gifts to my friends.

-Nikki, via SpotPass, on February 9th

57 thoughts on “Nikki Sends Her Valentine’s Day Swapnote Message Early”

    1. And after all that time and effort she put in making you that Valentine Swapnote, all for nothing. . Tsk tsk Jellybean :P

        1. Maybe she actually is your ex and this is all a huge plan for her to contact you :o Haha bet that scares you :P

          1. Lol. I have enough trouble with my own exes. I don’t need Jellybean’s exes filling my swap note box with hate and discontent.

    1. What region do you live in? Some swap notes are only sent to certain regions. It should arrive if you live in NA at least or you could use spot pass delivery check.

    1. IKR. I have seen people begging for people to message on swap note, so I added them and they won’t send any. lol. Probably one of the more underutilized features, in my experience, so far.

    1. A girl from Nintendo who keeps you updated on Swap Note for the 3DS and on Holidays she sends little messages. Her messages usually come on special “paper” you can download for free and use whenever you want.

    1. @TheDragon234,
      I was wondering that same thing when I first read this post. But then I just assumed it was the name of the girl it shows when you use Swapnote.

  1. nikki nobody will ever love you!!!!! when i first saw her i said why the fuck would i care what you think, i dont want to watch you write me a letter!!!! she still is writing this crap, i dont go on 3ds that much so i wouldnt know, nikki just go to the vita, so less people have to look at your fucking face!!! if the vita gets popular leave, so people dont have to look at you!! do you think this helped haha

  2. I hope Nikki is in Smash Bros… She can be an assist trophy that shoots a bunch of razor sharp letters out of her 3DS into people’s faces. Thats pretty much what she does now!

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